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Hello, I am Imsosuperswell1. I am happy to be a member of the Sonic News Network! I love the Sonic the Hedgehog series and grew up with it. Below is my fan character Kylix the Hedgehog. Please join and contribute to my Sonic Wiki, Blue Blur Central.

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My fan character, Kylix the Hedgehog

Kylix the Hedgehog is a 14 male electrokenitic hedgehog who made his debut in Sonic Acceleration. He is can run as fast as lightning and loves adventure.Template:Infobox

Early Life

Kylix the Hedgehog was born in a family of electrokenitic hedgehogs. At age 12, Eggman and his army invaded his hometown and his family fled. But before they fled, Kylix flipped out away at the speed of lightning. Eggman furiously sent his army after Kylix and ever since Eggman and ran away. Eggman saw him and Kyle stunned his Egg Mobile with Stun Surge. Kyle then ran wants to capture Kylix.

Acceleration with Speedy the Bee

In Sonic Acceleration, he starts out his story by attacking Eggman's base underwater, the Underwater Utopia. After he beats Eggman in his Egg Raptor he goes to the jail area and finds Speedy the Bee. He releases him and take the Cyan Chaos Emerald from Eggman's base. Since Speedy can't swim unlike Kylix who can use lightning to travel through water, they must find an alternative way out of the base. They steal a Egg Submarine and flee the base. Back at Kylix's underground hideout he made, Speedy the Bee uses his mechanical skills to dismantle the Egg Submarine and build a plane out of the parts. Speedy calls it the Swift Ace and Kylix agrees with the name. The 2 continue to fly around fighting and finding out more about Eggman's plans while meeting and becoming friends with Sonic and friends along the way. The find about Eggman's plans which involve building a Egg Planet out of ripping areas out of Earth. Before Eggman uses the Egg Ripper to take parts from Earth, Kylix and Speedy arrive at the Egg Sky Fortress and battle Eggman and his new mech, the Egg Giant. When they get close to destroying the Egg Giant, the Egg Giant unleashes a super powerful barrage of its weapons to defeat Kylix and Speedy. Kylix says "If you think its over, well its not because you don't know about my secret power!!!!!" and takes off his Electro Rings on his arms and a huge amount of electric energy is released. Kylix fininshes off the Egg Giant and he and Speedy hi-five eachother. They malfunction the defense system and leave and agree that later they will blow the thing up, but they need rest.


Kylix is cool and arrogant and is always ready to fight. He is very friendly but will crush evil. He never backs down from a challenge and is serious when things are dangerous.


Kylix is electrokenetic, which means he can control electricity. He has all of sonic's basic abilities like homing attack and spin dash, and can turn into Super Kylix with the 7 Chaos Emeralds.


As fast as Kylix is, a powerful opponent with a lot of raw power can take little damage from Kylix's attacks and can hurt him badly. Plus he has pitiful vision in fog or a sandstorm. He also have little defense and can take a lot of damage from a powerful attack.


Kylix the Hedgehog is currently dating Kaylia the Cat, who both like eachother. Kylix gets really mad when Kaylia is under attack and will destroy the attacker at quick as possible.


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