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December 1, 2010
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is SCP FOUR Broadcaster
  • I am Awesome

Shadow Riding A Motorcycle

My Desktop And First Picture Contribution To The SNN.

About Me

I'm a huge Shadow the Hedgehog fan and enjoy playing any Sonic game I can get my hands on. I have an interest in the Arthurian Legends and that made Sonic and the Black Knight tons of fun for me. I am somewhat of an artist and a voice actor. I love Sonic music and have over an entire day's worth of it. I listen to them all the time! I also do walkthroughs for Sonic games. My favorite color is red, more specifically crimson like Shadow's stripes. I proudly co-founded the W.C.O., but it has been unfortunately discontinued. I am a very friendly guy so feel free to ask me any questions you have and I will become friends with almost anyone. Also, if you leave me a message, I will almost always respond ASAP. I can rarely be found on the Knuckles the Echidna Wiki. I am always checking up on the site every day to see how things are going and I'm constantly working to make this an even more awesome and amazing Wiki about all things Sonic.

Talk Bubble & Signatures

ShadowDragon135 – That's Just How I Roll!
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Hi there. This is my specially customized talk bubble made by me. I can make one for you too! Feel free to ask.

The following are my signatures. A special thanks to Bullet Francisco for making them for me.

ShadowDragon135 That's Just How I Roll!

Jake the Hedgehog The Ultimate Apprentice

Made these ones on my own:

★Jake the Hedgehog The Ultimate Apprentice★

★ShadowDragon135★☆That's Just How I Roll!☆

𝌁MOTHY𝌂 | ♪To Beyond A Duodecillion♫

My Latest And Greatest: ◢What I Am... ☾ ☽ Is Who I Become!◣


I Am: Unsure

Best Friends

FreeSmudger (I live inside his head ^_^)

CC DarkFuture


Bullet Francisco










Admiral Levithan






Syber The Hedgehog

Gaming Information

Favorite Main Series Console Game: Shadow the Hedgehog

Favorite Spinoff Console Game: Sonic And The Black Knight

Favorite Handheld Game: Sonic Colors

First Console Game: Sonic Heroes

First Handlheld Game: Sonic Advance 2

(Sadly was lost many years ago... I still mourn for it occasionally)

Recently Bought Console Game: Sonic Generations

Recently Bought Handheld Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II (On iPhone)

Favorite Character: Shadow The Hedgehog

Favorite Villain: Black Doom

Most Despised Character: Chris Thorndike

Most Despised Villain: Babylon Guardian

User Boxes

Userbox- Male Userbox- Sonic Userbox- Hedgehogs

Userbox-SC16B Sonic Userbox-SC16B Amy Userbox- Eggman

Userbox-Green Eyes Userbox- Sonic the Werehog Userbox- Metal Sonic

Userbox- Shadow Userbox- Shadow Android Userbox- Rouge

Userbox- Omega Tribute Userbox- E102 HalfReadMessages

Userbox- Vector Userbox- Espio Userbox- Charmy

Userbox-SC16B Knuckles Userbox- Knux Userbox- Cream

Userbox- Tails Userbox-SC16B Tails Userbox-Damn 4th Chaos Emerald

Userbox- HuggyHuggy Userbox- Friend Userbox- Chaos

Userbox- Silver Future Userbox- Blaze Userbox-not-brony

Userbox- Kill You Userbox- Support SonAmy Userbox- Support ShadOuge

Userbox- Support KnuxSu Userbox- Support KhanallyUserbox- Support Buntoine

Userbox- Fan-Char Userbox- Super Userbox- Super Form

Userbox- Wikiknight Fixed Userbox- wco Userbox- Defying-Earth

UserboxSCP Userbox-Idiot Soldier Userbox- Live In America

Userbox- YouTube Userbox- Wii Userbox- xbox360

Userbox-God Userbox- Needs Userbox Userbox-Boring

Userbox- 1 Edit Userbox- 250 Edits Userbox- 500 Edits

Userbox- 1,000 Edits Userbox-2,000 Edits Userbox- 3,000 Edits

Userbox- 4,000 Edits Userbox- 5,000 Edits Userbox-6,000 Edits

Userbox- 7,000 Edits Userbox- 8,000 Edits Userbox- OVER 9,000!


Knuckles' Ruby EmeraldSonic's Topaz EmeraldShadow's Emerald EmeraldBlaze's Turquoise EmeraldSilver's Saphire EmeraldAlter's Amethyst EmeraldTails' Diamond Emerald

Shoop Da WhoopLazer


You Can't Explain That


Can you find all 128 characters from the tournament?

    //    ||       ||             _____             _____       __________

  //      ||       ||            //   \\            ||  \\      ||      ||  \\                 //\\                //

//        ||       ||           //_____\\           ||    \\    ||      ||    \\             //    \\            //

 \\       ||=======||          //_______\\          ||     }}   ||      ||      \\         //        \\        //

   \\     ||=======||         //         \\         ||    //    ||      ||        \\     //            \\    //

   //     ||       ||        //           \\        ||  //      ||      ||          \\ //               \\ //

 //       ||       ||       //             \\       ||//        ==========            \/                  \/

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