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This Seedling grew into a Seedrian that Cosmo left behind after she was destroyed. Cosmo named her Bloomia and She looks just like her Mother Cosmo but she has a Bloomed Flower on top of her head just like her grandmother Earthia, and she has a Sky Blue Amulet in the Center, The Color of her Dress is Light Blue and White and Her Hair is Sky Blue. Bloomia called Tails daddy and he is happy. 8 years later she was raise and grew up to 8 years old, she was very happy to be with her Father and help him with his work at his workshop and he was happy too . She is Good friend with Amy and Cream. Amy, Cream and Bloomia Talk a lot about Sonic, friends and do other stuff , and also be Good Friends with Sonic and the Others. she is a Kind and Gentle Character.


like her Mother, Cosmo, Bloomia can too jump high and gently float down with the aid of her skirt, Communicate with plants, and pick up a scent of any plant life and other Life Forms.


Like her Mother Cosmo, she too tends to get into trouble easliy. she also has trouble Carrying Heavy object but can use objects for defense. she also act a little clumsy. She dosen't want her father, Tails, or herself getting hurt.


She uses the Same ability as Cosmo along with attack abilities like Shadow.


Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is the only Father that raise Bloomia. he was so proud that she was able to help him in his Workshop.


Cosmo sacrface herself to save other by fusing herself with Dark Oaks planet. she told to trust her and fire now in order to released her Powers and so he and fire the Cannon living him with tears of Sorrow. Cosmo spread Her Seeds of Her Offsprings her own Seedrians Troughtout the Galaxy and they will find Places to Grow. Sonic Obtain one of Her Offsprings , Her own Seedrian living inside a Small seed and gave it to Tails.

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Bloomia makes her first apperance in Tails Adventure 2

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