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Ello! My name is KHGenesis651! But you can call me Nova (the Wolf). Or KH. Or Genesis. :D

Yeah. So...about me!

KHG's latest Obsessions...

  • The Grim Reaper
  • Saying the word "Jiiiiiii...."
  • Triple Baka! BAKA BAKA BAKA!

About Me!

Um, so, I am diverse when it comes to video game. (note: I'm pretty much using the same account I use for the Kingdom Heart wiki, you might see me there.) favorite character is Shadow, because I think he's awesome, and yes, I am a fangirl, but not the ones that claim Shadow theirs. Um... well, I don't have many Sonic Games, and to be truthful, I only have Sonic Unleashed and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the DS. I hope I can be of help anyway, though! Well...I would go through the entire "I have thhis system and that system" thing, but I'm way too lazy.

In real life I am 12 years old. When school reopens next year I'm gonna go to 8th. I go to Catholic School, but when I go to High School I'm going to a Public One. I have one older sibling in her first year of high school, she is 15. (Aerith Zack) She also hates Sonic, and like, wonders why I like it. (When you think about it it's really her fault...when SSBB came out, she went on the Wiki for it, and there was alink to this site. She clicked on it and was reading stuff. So then I started to come on this site. And then I got obsessed with it...and then, she didn't like it...XD)

Nova the Wolf (Personality)

Nova is similar to Shadow personality wise. She is stubborn and prefers to do things alone and in her own way. She tries her best to stay away from people in order to not become close to them. This is due to the fact that she does not want to suffer the loss of having a good friend but also carrying the risk of losing them at any random moment.

Despite this, Nova is somewhat tsundere. Tsundere is an anime/manga term which means that while a person may be somewhat violent and mean towards another, the eventually warm up to them and become somewhat affectionate towards them.

While Nova is supposedly similar to Shadow in the first paragraph, in order to drive away possible friend candidates, she behaves in an out of place, insane manner.

A conversation I just made up between Shadow and Nova that shows he "insanity..."

Shadow: Who are you?
Shadow:Excuse me?
Nova:You don't wear pants...
Nova:That's weird...
Shadow:But I'm a hedgehog... I don't ne-

Nova (History)

In space, there was another alien race that rivaled the Black Arms. They were called the Nacyl. At one point of time, the Nacyl leader, Noom Lluf, declared war against the Black Arms. After a couple years of battle, the clear winner was the Black Arms. Many Nacyl wer killed, including, Noom Lluf. Seeking revenge, Lluf’s daughter, Noom Wen (Wen) took her mother’s throne as leader. She went to the place in which Lluf’s remains were kept and extracted some of the leftover DNA.

Wen vowed that she would insert the DNA into a mortal organism to do her bidding, including the task of ridding the world of Black Arms and anything related to Black Arms. She also declared that she would do so in at least 1000 years. Well, 1001 years later, she found a candidate in a newborn wolf named Nova. During Nova’s time in her mother’s stomach, her mother was injected with Lluf’s DNA by Wen who was disguised as her doctor.

The effects of the alien DNA would force Nova into insanity during Full Moons, (which was a symbol of power for the Nacyl) granted her the ability to control darkness. She was also able to channel Chaos Energy through her body, though is not able to release it as powerfully as Shadow. As Nova turned 8, signs of Lluf’s destructive nature were already becoming evident within Nova. At one point of time, the Nacyls decided it was time to test Nova’s capabilities. They held a meeting for parents and children, though the only ones who showed up were Nova and her parents. The meeting was placed on a Full Moon night in order to see if Lluf had full influence over Nova. In order to provoke Nova to attack, they revealed their true alien forms and attacked her parents. But they overdid it. Nova, who was more calm then they had expected, was to afraid to defend her parents, and watched as they were killed by the Nacyl. (L) Once in human form again, they explained to Nova that the murderers would be found and punished, though in ruined Nova’s childhood.

As Nova became 15, she became much more serious, though she hid it so she wouldn’t have to endure harsh emotional pain as she did on her parents’ death day.

(It’s still long, but it’s better than what I had before. I made what I had before sound immature …)

Nova (Abilities)

Nova, as stated in her history, is able to control darkness. The Darkness appears as an eerie black substance that emits from her hands. Darkness can also take the form of various items, such as weapons, clones, etc.. In terms of weaponry, she uses a large scythe with a black handle and a red blade. The blade also has Nova's name engraved on it.

Reaper Nova is Nova's Super Form. Similarly to Super Sonic or Super Shadow, she becomes almost completely "invincible" during this period of time. Her fir turns white and her eyes become purple, and all forms of attire become black. (This design mirrors the Grim Reaper, which is a skeleton often seen with Black Robes. The purple eyes are to mirror that of the Nacyl, who are implied to have purple eyes.) She gains another scythe exactly the same in design when compared to the original. It is connected to the original by a black chain, presumably made of darkness. The chain breaks at any moment according to what Nova wants.


Melt- Nova melts into the ground as a shadow, allowing her to bypass enemies. Only works for a short time before shooting her back out to the surface, though.
Berserk- Floats and wildly swings her scythe without control.
Moon Rage - A more powerful form a berserk only available at night. Added on to the attack are shockwaves that appear on the ground as Nova smashes it.
Scythe Spin- Merely spins her scythe while making random movements.
Scythe Lazer- Nova stands still and spins her scythe once, and a darkness beam blasts in one straight line, the lazer covers the area of the scythe's spin.

Super form attacks

Eternal Punishment - The chain connecting Nova's scythes drastically lengthens. She then lets go of the scythes, and then fly around the enemy resulting in restraining the enemy. (I will add more whenever...)

Nova (Quotes)

"Don't say anything, I don't talk to losers." -Winning a race, getting an A on a mission.

"I...I lost!? No way! That's impossible...right?" -When osing a race or getting a low mission grade, obviously.


Don't expect me to make tons of edits. As I have previously stated, I only have two Sonic games. I use logic for what I don't know. And I won't use something on an article unless I know it's true.

I think I would be more useful for spelling mistakes...


  • It is unknown what the Nacyl's alien forms look like.
  • "Noom Lluf" is "Full Moon" spelled backwards. Likewise, "Noom Wen" is "New Moon" spelled backwards, and "Nacyl" is "Lycan" spelled backwards. "Lycan is short for Lycanthropy, which reflect the Nacyl's werewolf like nature.
  • It took me a VERY long time to figure out to write Nova's story in a well spelled, mature way, be glad it no longer looks like a bunch of trash that sounds childish...!
  • In real life, I am a Hindu. Though the Hindu religion requires that you be a vegetarian, my family eats chicken and turkey and fish.
  • I have a habit of going to bed late and then waking up early...
  • If I say "Jiiiiiii" (I don't know how many i's it has so the amount will be random) it's just because I like saying it. It apparently means "stare" in Japanese...

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