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Quotation1 You took everything away from me. Now, I'm nothing more than a robotic slave! So now, I'm going to do the same to you!! I'm gonna take away everything you care about, Statyx the Hedgehog!!! Quotation2
Burst the Hedgehog

Burst the Hedgehog (Heki za Hejjihoggu) is a former G.U.N. agent, cyborg, and bitter enemy of Statyx the Hedgehog.


G.U.N. Agent

Very little is known about Bursts life in G.U.N. This is because, when he was supposedly killed, his files are almost completely wiped. However, one thing that is known is the mission he failed that, in the end, cost him his "life".

Burst was one of several agents assigned to take down an unnamed organization. During this tenure, Burst was assigned to gather data from one of the organizations bases. However, he found out that the organization had hostages and that the base was gonna be blown up. Knowing he could only save the hostages or gather the data, Burst ignored orders and saved the hostages. Unfortunately, this cost GUN the data Burst was supposed to gather, and let the organization know that GUN was on their tail. Because of this, Burst was deemed a renegade agent and set to be arrested. However, because Burst was such a powerful warrior, there was only one agent who could defeat him: GUN Elite 004...

Battle of the Elements

Agent GUN Elite 004, otherwise known as Statyx the Hedgehog, was sent after Burst to bring him in. Statyx tracked him down to an abondoned base. Unknown to Statyx, Burst had brought the villagers to the base for protection. Statyx made an explosive entrance, and Burst learned of his appearence. Burst confronted Statyx, who told him that he (Statyx) was sent to bring him in. Burst, feeling that the villagers needed him, tried to talk Statyx out of it. However, Statyx simply attacked the hedgehog. Fortunately, Burst was able to momentarily evade Statyx so he could get the villagers to an exit. However, Statyx had caused a lot of destruction trying to find Burst, and the base was coming down. Statyx found Burst, who, having the choice to run or protect the exit, chose to fight Statyx. However, Burst was soundly beaten. As the base came down around them, Burst begged Statyx to save him, and to see why Burst had done what he did. Unfortunately, Statyx simply turned away from Bust, leaving him to die. While Burst was buried under rubble and left near death, he did indeed survive...

Agent of Eggman

Dr. Eggman came across the ruined base, and found Burst unconcious and at the brink of death. Putting him in stasis, Eggman discovered Burst's unique powers, and decided to use this to his advantage. When Burst awoke, he found himself in an entirely robotic body. Eggman was nearby, and Burst demanded an explanation. Eggman explained that he had put Burst's brainwaves in a robot body, revealing that Burst's real body was still in stasis. Eggman stated that Burst would now serve him if he ever wanted his body back, or revenge. While the part about revenge intrigued him, Burst refused to serve Eggman. With a crooked grin, Eggman revealed that he had installed a self-destruct program within Burst's robotic body. With no other option, Burst pledged his loyalty to the mad Doctor.


In his normal body, Burst had no real exceptional abilities other than his G.U.N. training and pyrokinesis. However, his abilities in his robotic body are quite different. In his robot form, Burst can travel at speeds rivaling Statyx's speed and has immense strength. His pyrokinesis abilities are artifially imitated with flamethrowers installed in his arms and where his mouth would be. He is also able to analyze techniques and either copy them, or instantly devise a counter. While his main ability is his firepower, his robot body is also equipped with other weapons such as missile-loaded fingers, wrist-mounted lasers, and blades installed in his arms that can be set ablaze, further enhancing the effectiveness of his blades.


One obvious weakness is water, which completely nullifies his fire-based weaponry. As a robot, he can also be hacked, allowing one to affect his body in several ways. He is also, ironically, affected by extreme temperatures, heat melting his exterior armore, or extreme cold freezing up his circuits. He can also be affected by electrokinesis.


At first, Burst comes off as a silent fighter, completely loyal to Eggman. However, in reality, Burst is a kind person with a strong sense of justice. Unfortunately, the events leading to his robot body and his service to Eggman have shaken him. While at first simply seeming angry and vengeful, it is slowly revealed that Burst is not entirly right in the head, his sanity slightly unhinged.


Dr. Eggman

Burst at first glance, seems to serve Eggman loyally, doing whatever he orders. In reality, Burst serves Eggman purely to preserve his organic body and his life. He despizes the Doctor, and does whatever he can to impede his plans. Unfortunately, the only way he can do this is by holding back in fights, which even then he sometimes doesn't do.

Statyx the Hedgehog

Burst hates Statyx with every wire and circuit in his body for what he (Statyx) did to him. He is not convinced that Statyx has changed at all, and wishes nothing more than to do what Statyx did to him: Take away everything he had. However, Statyx has stopped him on every occasion, further angering the robot hedgehog. The two have clashed personally many times, every battle becoming very explosive.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Burst is one of the few characters to have no real relationship with the Blue Bur. However, Sonic is Eggman's Arch-enemy, so Burst has met Sonic before. While he will fight Sonic, he does respect him, and finds his carefree attitude "refreshing".

Fou the Phoenix

Burst feels that Fou is pathetic. The reason behind this is Fou greatly respects and admirers Statyx, the one Burst blames for his situation. Because of this, Burst has no problems harming the young phoenix. However, the young phoenix's words seem to have more impact on the robot then it would first seem...

Silver The Hedgehog

Despite the two having a strong dislike of the Green Bolt, the two are enemies. Silver feels that Burst is just a vengeful robot with a few screws loose that should simply be taken down. Burst, on the other hand, feels that Silver is simply a sad little hedgehog who's try to play with the big boys, and is no real threat. This is mostly because of how easy it is for Burst to counter Silver's psychokinetic abilities, and then give him a severe beating.



  • Statyx the Hedgehog
  • Fou the Phoenix
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog


  • Statyx the Hedgehog
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

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  • Compared to robots like Metal Sonic, Burst looks relatively life-like. However, it has been hinted that he has customized his robot body.
  • Despite being posted well after Statyx, Burst was actually created before Statyx, and the second real character ever made, the first being a purple hedgehog-echidna hyprid created from data on Sonic and Knuckles, with all of their speed and strength.


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