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Fang the Werewolf is a powerful werewolf. He is a free spirit who is not bound by the social norm, and always repays his debts. After being saved from near-death by Otome, Fang performed the Soulbind, which bound him to her until she reached her greatest desire.


Specifics of Fang's childhood are unknown, though it is known that he had a fairly good childhood. However, this changed when the War of Monsters began, seeing horrid bloodshed from both clans. Fang and other werewolf children, to the sadness of the clan, had to be trained at a young age to use their abilities. Unfortunately, it became clear that Fang's strength was not as great as an average werewolf's, but had an uncanny ability in the knowledge and use of Dark Magic.

However, Fang left the werewolf clan at some point. While his reasons for leaving aren't entirely known, it is known that he left under good terms with the rest of the clan.


As a werewolf, Fang is naturally very powerful. Unlike stereotypical werewolves, Fang can transform from his usual form at any time. Fang uses these forms in stunning conjunction, switching between them to best use their abilities and cover weaknesses. Fang has 3 basic forms, and 2 more advanced forms.

While Fang can transform into his basic forms at almost any time, Fang is strongest during the night, specifically under a full moon. In the apex of a full moon, Fang takes on a fourth, extremely powerful form. In said form, Fang takes on the look of a normal werewolf, and gains all of the speed and power his forms grant, amplified. However, this form only lasts 5 minutes, and under a full moon.


Balance Form (Basic)

His default form, this is the form Fang takes most often. In this form, Fang's speed and power are average, but he is able to extend his limbs, but with much less strength and speed than his Strength Form. However, he is skilled enough in fighting to be able to take on an average opponent.

Strength Form (Basic)

In this form, Fang's form becomes similiar to that of WereSonic. He is extremely strong in this form, able to easily crush stone. Like the Werehog, he is able to stretch his limbs, but he is much more adept in using this ability, able to stretch them at high speeds and coil them around opponents limbs. Because of this, Fang is quite adept with submission moves in this form, squeezing and/or crushing his opponent until they either give in, black out, or die. His claws and fangs are also extremely sharp, allowing him to slash and bite his opponents.

Speed Form (Basic)

In this form, Fang looks like a normal wolf, though he is large enough to carry multiple people. He is stated as "able to travel over any terrain", which has proven quite true so far, being able to run over vertical surfaces and water at high speeds. Due to walking on all fours, Fang loses the ability to extend his limbs, making this form preferable for travel and escape rather than combat.

Fourth Form (Advanced)

His most powerful form, Fang can only take this form during a 5 minute period of a full moon, when the moon is at the highest pint in the sky. In this form, Fang looks like his Balance Form, though his arms look like those of his Strength Form, his eyes glow red, and he is a bit larger in terms of size and muscle. While Fang loses the ability to stretch his limbs, he gains all of the speed and strength of his other forms, amplified several times over.

Frenzy Form (Advanced)

Fang takes this form only when he sees someone steal or ruin meat, during which he goes bezerk. When he takes this form, his fur becomes bright red with black fur on his wrists and ankles, and his irises disappear. His body becomes similiar to his strength form, but his upper body becomes much more muscular. In this form, he is insanely strong, able to lift up something the size of a building and throw it.

Other Abilities

Like all monsters, Fang is capable of performing the "soulbind". When a monster is near-death, but rescued by someone, they are given the choice to bind their soul to their rescuer's, or die. After the soulbind is complete, the monster is bound to their rescuer, to serve as their rescuer's protector until they gain their greatest desire. Ever since performing this technique, Fang is able to sense wherever Otome is at anytime, and know what she is truly feeling.

Surprisingly, Fang is apparently able to breath purple fire. However, the effectiveness of these flames seem to vary, from "cold fire" to almost instant incineration, the level apparently being controlled by Fang himself (though at times it seems to be random). However, Fang rarely uses this ability, preferring direct combat.

Fang also has extremely good senses, able to smell and hear anything within several miles of his location. Fang is also capable of night-vision, able to see clearly in the night.


Unlike stereotypical werewolves, Fang has no weakness towards silver or wolfsbane. However, Fang's abilities are completely nullified by new moons and lunar eclipses.

Due to the soulbind, Fang's soul is linked to Otome's. Because of this link, Fang feels any physical injury that Otome suffers, and if Otome died, so would he.

Fang's senses can also be used against him, through powerful smelling substances or powerful soundwaves.


Fang is a happy-go-lucky free spirit, preferring to simply go with what life deals him. However, Fang always repays his debts, no matter how small they may be. In battle, Fang reatains his usual demeanor, though he will become quite serious if the stakes are high enough. Fang is extremely loyal, especially to those he owes a debt, and will do everything he can to help them, even at the risk of his own life. Fang also has a strong sense of morals, though he isn't without a mischevious side.

Fang can also be rather oblivious, his trusting nature making it easy to take advantage of him. Of course, when this happens, Fang will make sure the one who took advantage of him regrets it. One thing that Fang never jokes about is his meat. Fang will bite at anyone who tries to even touch his meat, and in extreme cases when his meat is stolen, or good meat is ruined in any way, Fang will go into his Frenzy Form.


Otome the Kitsune


Werewolf Clan


Vampire Clan



  • Fang is actually very similiar to Chopper form One Piece, in having 3 basic forms, and another extremely powerful form.
  • A running gag is that, unlike most characters, Fang barely even knows Sonic, and only remembers him as "the first werehog".
  • Surprisingly, Fang is not as powerful as other werewolves, though he is supposedly a natural in the knowledge and use of dark magic.

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