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Holly the Fox is a fox/hedgehog hybrid. She is a vibrant you girl, although she can sometimes act a little spoiled. When she was young, she was rescued by a G.U.N. agent, and has traveled to the city in order to find this person.


When Holly was young, she lived in a small village in a heavily forested area. This village while small, was peaceful, until a band of rogues came to town. Realizing that the protection and law was minimal, the rogues took over the village with ease. With the village under their control, the rogues harrassed the people (particularly the women), stole whatever they wanted, and assaulted anyone who stood up to them. Despite this, Holly's parents would stand up to the rogues, and started to rouse the other villages. Wanting to avoid their authority being challenged, the rogues set fire to Holly's house. While her parents were able to get out, Holly was trapped within, and was sure she was going to die, until all of a sudden, a green blur broke through a nearby wall and rescued Holly, getting her out of the house before it fell in on itself. As the mysterious figure put Holly down, her parents embraced her tearfully. The other villagers, having seen the house burn down, were furious with the rogues, and decided to finally revolt. However, the rogues' numbers were great, and it seemed hopeless. Despite the numbers, the mysterious figure easily dispatched every single one of the rogues, and forced them to leave the village forever. As the villagers cheered, Holly ran up to the figure and thanked, also asking his name. After a pause, the figure merely stated that he was "a G.U.N. agent doing his job", patted Holly on the head, and walked away. Ever since, Holly has been determined to find the person who saved her village, which brought her to the big city...


Holly is a vibrant and life-loving young girl. She greatly enjoys running through forests and jumping through trees. Coming from a small village, Holly is often amazed (if not frightened) by the hustle and bustle of the big city. Stereotypical of young girls, Holly absolutely loves going shopping, often wandering off to look at clothes or toys. Like most characters, Holly dislikes Eggman but unlike most characters, Holly doesn't like the idea of fighting Eggman, preferring to leave it to others. Holly is also somewhat spoiled, pouting and huffing when being told what to do, and throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is one of the people closest to Holly. Sonic often finds him as the one who has to watch over Holly, who ends up causing Sonic a lot of trouble. With her personality and habit of running off, Holly is not only one of the few people who can annoy Sonic, she is also the only person who can actually drive Sonic to the point of yelling.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Holly gets along very well with Tails, as they both have great knowledge in the mechanics of flight vehicles. It has been hinted that Holly may have a crush on Tails.

Amy Rose

Holly looks up to Amy like an older sister. Amy and Holly will often go to malls and go on shopping excursions together. When not shopping, Amy and Holly will often have "girl talks", which usually involve talking about their crushes.

Statyx the Hedgehog

Statyx is in fact the one who saved Holly and her village so many years ago. However, Statyx left the village before Holly could learn his name or properly thank him. Because of this, Holly set out to find Statyx, despite not knowing his name and only vaguely remembering his appearance, years later. Despite knowing little to nothing about him personally, Holly looks up to and admires Statyx, to the point of being considered a "fan-girl". However, Holly has yet to meet Statyx face-to-face, or discover his identity as the one who saved her village so long ago. A running gag is that Holly and Statyx usually come within moments of meeting each other, or sometimes bumping into each other when in a rush, but circumstances often prevent this or cause Holly to fail to recognize Statyx. It is unknown if Statyx recognizes Holly or not.

Theme Songs

  • Paparazzi by Lady Gaga


  • Holly the Fox was originally a character under the owner ship of Sonicrox14. In her original incarnation, she was going to be the future daughter of Shelly the Hedgehog and Tails.

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