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Kowa the Hedgehog (pronounced Koh-wah) is a lazy beach-bum, but also a genius and an expert fighter, though he would rather sleep and surf rather than build and fight.


Little to none of Kowa's history is known, but what is known is that he once did something that earned him a top spot on G.U.N.'s list of people to watch, a monitoring band, and a personal guard to watch him. He also seems to have a less than friendly history with Statyx, though he at least acts very friendly to the green bolt.


Kowa is, as Statyx puts it, "the new deffinition of beach bum." Kowa is extremely lazy, almost lethargic, spending virtually all of his 24-hour day either sleeping or looking at the sky, though he will occasionally surf or go into deep thought for no apparent reason. He is rather friendly to almost everyone he meets, treating them noncholantly, no matter how evil or aggressive they are.

What makes Kowa most dangerous is his apparent lack of ethics. While not one to conduct extremely dangerous or inhumane experiments, Kowa will make virtually anything for anyone, so long as he doesn't see them as a threat. However, this doesn't help, as stated by Statyx "He considers Dark Gaia a minor problem". However, if he does deem someone a threat, good or bad, he will readily refuse any request, and even fight if neccessary.

Kowa is usually quite calm and collected, until he gets in a fight. When Kowa is in a fight, he is still calm and collected, but becomes no-nonsense and serious, not making any cracks or taking jokes. He is also a bit of a flirt, hitting on several girls when he first meets them, though he simply compliments them in a way that makes them blush, rather than directly hitting on them.


Kowa, while being lazy, is actually super-intelligent, having an IQ that rivals Tails and Eggman. His IQ allows him to build and create virtually any machine, even copying an invention exactly.

Along with his immense knowledge, Kowa is also an exellent fighter. By combining his knowledge of equilibrium, gravity, and balance with a variation of what seems to be judo, Kowa is able to reflect, deflect, and disarm an opponent with incredible efficiency. Because of this combination, Kowa is able to topple even Eggman's largest robots single-handedly with almost no effort.

Unlike most hedgehogs, Kowa is also an excellent swimmer and surfer.



Kowa has a complicated relationship with GUN. Because of past deeds, he is high up on the list of people GUN watches, putting a monitering bracelet on him and assigning Michelle to watch him. However, Kowa will occasionally give GUN info on some of his clients, though he is just as often the cause of some of GUNS's troubles.

Statyx the Hedgehog

Statyx is easily annoyed by Kowa, mostly because of their very different personalities. While Statyx is incredibly loyal and has a strong code of ethics, Kowa will work for anyone, and has almost no ethics other than those of a scientist. Despite this, Kowa will usually act very friendly and respectful to the Green Bolt, often telling him to just relax and go with the flow, though this just further agrivates Statyx. Ironically, Statyx is usually the one sent to get information out of Kowa, and while Kowa will easily offer up his clients, Kowa will occasionally believe that G.U.N. is in the wrong, leading to fights between the two.

Michelle the Porcupine

Kowa and Michelle's relationship is complicated, to say the least. Michelle is a G.U.N. operative who's mission is to keep an eye on Kowa. However, Kowa often treats Michelle as a friend and flirts with her, often getting a subtle reaction. Statyx, naturally, has picked up on this underlying romance between the two, but says nothing about it. Of course, several others have noticed, often making subtle comments about it.

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