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Metal Sonic NG, more often referred to as "Metal", is the latest model of Metal Sonic created by Dr. Eggman. This model was created with all of the data the previous version gathered. While this data was intended to give it far greater fighting capabilities, it also gave this model the sentience the last version gained in the last moments of it's life.



Sometime after the events of Sonic Rivals 2, Eggman managed to obtain the data that the previous Metal Sonic had gathered, and implemented it into his latest model, intending to give it capabilities far greater than previous models. After finishing his creation, Eggman ran several tests with this new model. While it's abilities far exceeded expectations, it proved to be, "erratic"...

Gaining Sentience and Choosing Sides

To be revealed in Statyx the Hedgehog: Metal Fury.


Metal Sonic NG has all of the abilities of previous versions of himself, plus more. Like previous versions, Metal Sonic can move at speeds rivaling Sonic, as well as copy any and all of Sonic's moves and perform them perfectly. However, this version is also capable of copying the moves of other fighters, though he is not capable of copying certain abilities (i.e. unique abilities like psychokinesis and weapons used by other robots).

However, what seperates this version from previous ones is its unique fighting style. Installed within the arms and legs of this model are unique engines. These engines are able to absorb the air, and then pressurize and supercharge the air. Afterwards, Metal Sonic is able to release this supercharged air in numerous ways, typically in a powerful blast via punches and kicks. By sweeping his arms or legs quickly, Metal Sonic is also able to release these blasts as dangerous and large slices of air.

This combat system can also be used in close combat. Upon hitting the opponent, Metal Sonic can release these blasts to signifigantly increase the power and damage of these blows. By charging the engines in his legs, Metal Sonic is also able increase his speed with a quick burst. Finally, Metal Sonic is able to charge the main engine in his chest full of energy, and release it in a powerful blast of energy.

Metal Sonic is also capable of teleportation. However, the distance he can travel is directly relevant to the amount of energy used, so he usually travels only short distances. Long-distance and interdimensional travel can severely drain Metal Sonic's energy, leaving him unable to fight.


Despite being a robot, Metal Sonic shows a wide range of emotion and a unique personality. Despite being created as a metallic version of Sonic, Metal's personality is much closer to that of Shadow's. Metal is depicted as being serious and a loner, preferring to be left alone in his free time. However, if a fight is occuring, Metal will be the first one to join in, wether to help someone he knows, or simply to prove his prowess.

Metal rarely shows any compassion or kindness, nor does he show any real friendliness to people he knows, usually focusing on simply getting things done. Metal can can be a bit of a smart-alec, which annoys others around him. However, Metal will, on rare occasions, show kindness or sympathy to others, and on a select few occasions, even show mercy in a battle.

Metal Sonic, being a robot, is often confused when others show great amounts of emotion around him, bewildering him. However, Metal will also show these same emotions, to a lesser-or even greater-amount on some occasions. One such occasion is when Metal is called a copy of Sonic. While technically this is true, Metal despises this notion, as he prefers to be seen as an individual, with his own abilities and weaknesses, rather than as Sonic's copy.


  • It's My Life by Bon Jovi[1] - This song decribes Metal Sonic's gaining sentience and wishing to be seen as his own person, rather than a copy of Sonic.


  • The "NG" in this version's name means either "Next-Gen", "Next Generation", or "New Generation".

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