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Michelle the Porcupine is a porcupine, G.U.N. agent, and probation officer/boduguard of Kowa the Hedgehog. She tries to act proffessional, but has developed romantic feelings for Kowa.


Little to nothing of Michelle's backstory is known, except that she has been a G.U.N. operative for a while now, and had an as of yet unknown proffession before then.


Michelle is often a very proffessional character, cold and stern to most people. She has little tolerance for jokes during a mission, comically hitting anyone on the head when they make a joke. Despite her stern demeanor, Michelle does have a nurturing side, showing kindess and comfort to young characters, especially when those young ones are under stress.


Michelle is a slender girl, having a figure similiar to Blaze's. Michelle has red fur and long spines that are tipped with a darker shade of red, which she holds up in a ponytail. Michelle's eyes are a steely greay, and has markings around her eyes that are another shade of red. When not in battle, Michelle wears a greay uniform similiar to a secretary's suit. However, under this she wears a black bulletproof vest, black pants, black combat boots, and a holster for her hand-gun. Michelle also wears a pair of small eyeglasses, like the ones Kowa wears.


Unlike other characters, Michelle has no special abilities. However, she is highly-trained in hand-to-hand combat, and has excellent reflexes. Unlike most other characters, one of Michelle's main tactic of fighting is use of a firearm, usually a handgun that she carries on her person.


Kowa the Hedgehog

Kowa and Michelle have a complicated love-hate relationship. Michell often criticizes Kowa for his actions and personality. Despite this, Michelle does care about Kowa and his well-being, often attempting to protect him when he is in danger. Several characters have noticed that Michelle and Kowa may have romantic feelings for each other.

Statyx the Hedgehog

Michelle has the upmost respect for Statyx, who is apparently her superior. Michelle acts with the upmost proffessionalism, though often quite nervous when Statyx is around, scared of embarrassing herself. Despite this, Michelle will sometimes ask Statyx for advice about her feelings for Kowa, which, due to her job as Kowa's guard and monitering officer, cause great emotional conflict for her.

Theme Songs

  • Genie In A Bottle

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