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SonAmy is the name of the pairing of Sonic and Amy. It is one of the most popular pairings, though it is not without opposition from fans.

Amy Hints

Amy has had a crush on Sonic since her debut, and maybe even before then. She is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, and cares for him deeply.

Canon Information

Sonic Adventure

  • When amy met Chirpy and was chased by Zero, Sonic was the first person she went to, believing he could be their (Amy and Chirpy's) bodyguard.

Sonic Adventure 2

  • In Sonic Adventure 2, Amy goes with Tails to break Sonic out of Prison Island without a second thought, and even breaks Sonic out of his cell herself.
  • When Eggman launches Sonic into space, where he supposedly perishes, Amy is cries out Sonic's name, visibly heartbroken.

Sonic Battle

  • When Amy meets Emerl, she adopts the robot as her and Sonic's baby, believing it would be good practice. This shows that she indeed wishes to have a relationship, and maybe someday a family, with Sonic.

Sonic Unleashed

  • When Amy finds out that Sonic has been turned into a werehog, she tells Sonic that, werehog or not, she still loves him.

Non-Canon Information

Sonic '06

  • When Silver attempts to kill Sonic, Amy stops Silver, using herself to block Silver from Sonic. When Silver says that Sonic will be the reason the world is destroyed, Amy says that if she had to choose between the world or Sonic, she would choose Sonic.

Sonic Hints

Despite rarely showing any affection for Amy, Sonic has shown some evidence of interest in Amy.

Canon Information

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

  • In Sonic CD, Amy hugs Sonic as he runs by, and Sonic isn't too happy at this point even though he warms up to her later. When She is kidnapped by Metal Sonic, Sonic's mission becomes rescuing Amy, and stopping Eggman comes after, a point which is further reinforced by the good and bad endings, both of which he rescues Amy in, but Eggman is only defeated on one of them.

Sonic Adventure

  • In Sonic Adventure, when Amy surprises Sonic and comes to him looking for a bodyguard to protect her and the Flicky, while surprised, Sonic doesn't outright refuse.
  • When Amy is captured by Zero, Sonic makes it a priority to find Amy and rescue her.

Sonic Adventure 2

  • When Sonic is captured and imprisoned in Prison Island, only to have Amy break him out, he thanks her and seems to be impressed.

Sonic Unleashed

  • When Amy runs up and grabs Sonic, but later believes she made a mistake again and runs off, Sonic reaches out for a moment, then walks off, visibly depressed.
  • Later, when a crowd of people is possessed by Dark Gaia, Sonic fights off Dark Gaia's minions, then helps Amy up from behind. When she turns to look at him, he looks down, evidently embarassed of his Werehog form, then runs off, but Amy still recognizes him.

Sonic and the Black Knight

  • At the end of Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic tells Amy the story about what had happened. Amy then replies saying that it was an excuse for forgetting about a supposed date and attacks him with her hammer. This implies that they were supposed to go on a date together.

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