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Quotation1 I was taught that one gains power only when they close their hearts, when they can do the darkest things without regret...but I've learned that when a person puts their heart into the battle, when one's resolve is tested, when one must risk everything to protect what they care about, then and only then, does one gain true power!! Quotation2
Statyx the Hedgehog

??? "Statyx" the Hedgehog (Hyuuzu za Hejjihoggu) is an artificial lifeform created to be "The Ultimate Guardian" around 35+ years ago. He is a G.U.N. agent, and half-brother of Shadow the Hedgehog. He is extremely potent in both his electrokinesis powers and using Chaos Energy, which makes up about 75% of his body.



About 5 years after Shadow's creation, an unnamed pupil of Gerald Robotnik stumbled upon his mentors data files regarding Shadow and his [Shadow's] purpose. Wanting to protect his masters work, and someday restore his reputation, the scientist resolved to create the "Ultimate Guardian".

The scientist spent 2 years attempting to artificially recreate Shadow's complete DNA (made up of Gerald's work and Black Doom's blood). He succeeded, but could only recreate enough to make up 50% of his new creation. This scientist spent four years looking for another component, when a plane accident caused him to land on Angel Island. The man, stranded on the Island, was found near-death by a young Echidna, (Knuckles' father) who took him to his home and nursed him back to health, with the help of a childhood friend (who would become Knuckles' mother). The scientist told the echidnas of his 'mission', and the male echidna (the then Guardian of the Master Emerald), sympathizing with the man, allowed him to study the Master Emerald. While the man could not do anything with the Emerald (it was too hard to break, and the Guardian wouldn't let him even if he could've), he found that it let out a vapor with similiar energies, and was able to capture the vapor within a container. The man eventually left the Island, thanking the two echidnas, with his reslve strengthened by the Guardians determination to protect the Master Emerald no matter what. He later converted the vapor (part of Chaos) to water, and then convert it into part of his creation.

3 years later, the scientist traveled to Soleanna, and discovered that the Fame of Hope could be used as the final component. He was able to convince the duke (with the help of the dutchess) to allow him to take part of the flame to use in his creation. The Duke would remember this, deciding to attempt to use the same flame to revive the Dutchess, but before he could succeed (or fail), the flame was mysteriously extinguished....

Birth and Stasis

1 year after his visit to Soleanna, the scientist succeeded in creating his "Ultimate Guardian". However, his creation was somewhat unstable, letting out dangerous amounts of energy. The scientist decided to use a pair of ancient bracelets, which he had modified, to stabilize his creation. He then put "Statyx" in a stasis tube, so that he would awake when it was time to fulfill his mission: protect Shadow, his half-brother, until he could defeat Black Doom, or, should Shadow decide to work with the Black Arms, to kill Shadow and take on his mission. However, G.U.N. agents found his secret lab, and raided it while he was in the middle of leaving a video documentary to his creation. While the scientists fate is unknown, G.U.N. officials decided to preserve the "weapon" until neccessary.

Awakening and G.U.N. Agent

Unfortunately, Statyx would not be able to carry out his mission. G.U.N. scientists studied and experimented on the tube, causing it to malfunction. The stasis tube opened prematurely, causing Statyx to awaken with amnesia. It was decided that the G.U.N. team "Team Wolfe", consisting of Wolfe the Hunter, Fiona Fox, and Valdez the Vulture, would train the new agent.. While he quickly learned how to master his superspeed, he could not master his electrokinesis or 'mysterious power' (Chaos Power). This flaw would prove his downfall in a future betrayal....


A few years after his awakening, Statyx was alerted of sabatoge in G.U.N. Base. Statyx found the sabatuers, but was shocked to find that they were his teammates. They had decided to leave G.U.N. to become mercenaries. They attempted to recruit Statyx, but his loyalty prevented this, and he attempted to use his electrokinesis to stop them. Sadly, he was easily outmatched, with Wolfe able to land the deathblow, but he didn't. He instead growled into his former students ear, "Remember, Statyx, I could have killed you, but I didn't, because I still have a heart. Howver, you have too much heart, which is why you lost. Unless you become a cold-hearted agent, you won't even be able to beat Valdez, much less me." before walking out the xit with Fiona and Valdez. Furious at his inability to stop them, and the betrayal of his trust, Statyx took Wolfe's words to heart, which he was determined to close.

Prior to meeting Sonic and his friends, Statyx eventually took on a cold demeanor, rarely showing much emotion. This changed slightly when he witnessed the birth of Fou the Phoenix. He was chosen to take the young bird under his tutelage, which he did. He later took a liking to the Phoenix, showing a softer side around him. This would be seen more often during his interactions with Sonic.

Meeting Sonic and Change of Heart


History in Fanon

Growing Circle of Friends


Worst Case Scenario

Statyx makes an appearence in Sonic Quest as one of the main characters. His story begins with him and Blaze on a date, which is interrupted by Sonic and Jezz, causing Statyx and Blaze to go after them. When they catch up, Statyx and Jezz (who is worried about Shelly's safety) quickly get into a dispute. Afterwards, Blaze is captured by Eggman, who uses her, along with an already captured Fou and Cream, as ransom for Statyx to bring him both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds. As Eggman escapes, Statyx gives chase, only to be stopped by Silver, looking for a fight. Enraged, Statyx quickly defeats his rival. After learning of the situation, Silver decides to help, and the two (grudgingly) agree to work together to save Blaze, Fou, and Cream.

Helping a Friend

Statyx appears in Sonic: Equalized as main a character in the game. MORE COMING SOON!!

Other Appearences

Statyx appears in the manga Sonic Nihongo as one of the side characters. MORE COMING SOON!!


During Statyx's early as an apprentice to Team Wolfe, he was a naive yet eager trainee, who hated not being taken seriously. Statyx would train endlessly, even pushing himself to sickness from over-exhertion if it meant getting the slightest bit of praise from Team Wolfe, especially from Wolfe himself. Statyx greatly admired each team-member; he found Valdez to be hilarious and someone who could always lift his mood, Fiona a figure of great beauty and support as well as the object of his crush, and looked at Wolfe like he was the greatest warrior in the world, striving to be just like him.

However, Team Wolfe's betrayal of G.U.N. and Statyx's brutal defeat at their hands forced Statyx to "grow up". Embittered by their betrayal and Wolfe's words ringing in his ears, Statyx vowed to become strong enough to never be defeated again, and to close his heart off so as to never feel the pain of betrayal again. Statyx became a cold, ruthless soldier, training endlessly and expecting perfection from both himself and those around him. Statyx rarely showed emotion, and those he did show were only anger, disappointment, and smug arrogance. Statyx had a very cynical view of the world and everyone around him, believing that no-one in the world is selfless, and that the world itself is just an endless chain of people leeching off of each other. He believed that a mission came above all else, even an operative's own morals, and that those who abandoned a mission were traitors, regardless of any possible justification. He did, however, respect those who acted on their morality when they were civilians or off-duty officers. Statyx was constantly frustrated by the increasing weakness in his electrokinetic powers, training even harder and seperating himself from others even more, believing that weakness and the influence of others were the reason his powers were weakening.

When Fou came under his care, Statyx softened up ever so slightly, keeping an even temper regardless of the young phoenix's actions and immaturity. However, he retained a cold demeanor and always kept Fou at arm's distance, refusing to let anyone get as close as Team Wolfe did. Statyx pushed Fou to his very limits, having great expectations of the little firebird, but always came to his aid and defense when Fou was over his head.

Years after Team Wolfe betrayed him, Statyx met Sonic and his friends, and found all of his views being challenged and contradicted. Despite many of these people acting like what Statyx viewed as immature and childish, hot-headed and foolish, and even short-fused and psychotic, these same people had speed andstrength beyond not only what he had believed one could gain through shutting everyone else out, but possibly beyond even that of his former team. In addition, these same characters did not seem to gain anything of profit for themselves for affiliating with one another. This stark contrast to the beliefs he had had for so long confused and frustrated Statyx, resulting in a short-tempered attitude towards the others; especially Sonic, who not only Statyx couldn't figure out, but was also the biggest and greatest contradiction to Statyx's views of people and the world. If that weren't enough, these same characters continued to assist, support, and even protect him, despite his vehement protests and cold attitude towards them, further confusing the hedgehog.

Eventually, Statyx found himself opening up to Sonic and co., and his true personality came about. Some of his previous traits remained, but were watered down or balanced out. Statyx could come off as rude and annoying at times, often making witty remarks or jokes at the expense of others. His jocular bragging and willingness to take on a challenge could also be viewed as arrogance and overconfidence. However, Statyx's loyal nature not only remained but was magnified, as he became fully willing to support and assist his newfound friends, even at his own expense. Having always had a (what he believed to be strange) fascination with love and romance, Statyx discovered himself to be a natural and adept romantic, easily picking up on romantic hints from others. While occasionally teasing others for said feelings, Statyx will also offer a hand in helping those same people with their romantic troubles, out of either friendship, pride in his abilities, or somehow benefitting from assisting them.

Statyx's cynical views of the world were toned down to a realistic and worldly view; while now knowing that there are good people out in the world, he knows that many are not like that, and is slow to trust or put faith in strangers, more often than not coming up with strategies to use should that person not be who they say they are. This attitude also comes with insecurities concerning betrayal and deception on the part of trusted friends and allies; he takes such actions very personally, and will become enraged if that person does not have justification for their actions. Regardless of the subject of betrayal, Statyx is still quite prideful, somewhat hot-headed, and emotional, which can often lead to mistakes on his part. Despite this, Statyx is strangely capable of controlling himself when dealing with other short-tempered characters, even able to turn their temper against them. When a situation calls for it, Statyx is fully capable of being focused, serious, and tactical.

Like Sonic, Statyx is adventurous, free-spirited, and a bit of a daredevil. However, Statyx also enjoys taking things slow and relaxing occasionally, rather than the full-speed lifestyle Sonic lives. Statyx remains a loyal G.U.N. operative, and will even go against his friends if he believes G.U.N. is in the right. However, if things are not what they seem or his friends have just cause, Statyx will gladly attempt to help them, even going so far as to go AWOL to do so. This often brings him into conflict with his superiors, but his previous record, status as a powerful agent, and usually justifiable reasons for doing so have kept him from facing serious punishment so far. However, Statyx himself notes a strained relationship between him and his superiors, saying that due to his past actions, minor infractions could get him into big trouble.

Statyx's biggest and most notable trait is his compulsive habit to share his honest opinion; whenever asked for it he'll akways give a 100% completely honest opinion, regardless of consequences or risk to himself. As a running gag this often gets him into trouble with Amy. Statyx has also adopted a strong code of ethics; he refuses to attack someone incapable of defending themselves, and will do everything he can to defend them. In addition, Statyx is a gentleman with full hormonal control; under normal conditions a woman is incapable of seducing him. However, he can be flustered when in an unexpectedly amourous situation. However despite his ethic code Statyx is fully capable, and if the situation calls for it, completely willing to kill an enemy, though he has learned as of late to restrain lethal force unless necessary.

Due to his past experiences, Statyx knows very well the pain caused by one's past. As such, when a friend is troubled by their past Statyx can't help but relate and want to help. However, at the same time Statyx believes that one's past shouldn't consume them, and doesn't justify violent and/or extreme actions against innocent people. As a guardian and surrogate brother, Statyx is very defensive of those he cares about, especially family and loved ones; a threat against them earns a death threat from Statyx, which he is fully willing and capable of carrying out if he has to. He is particularly defensive of young children, with abuse of any kind earning a vicious response from Statyx. Putting a great amount of stress and great expectations also earns Statyx's scorn, as he believes that regardless of power or ability, everyone deserves the innocence and freedom offered by childhood. However, he also understands that some children (such as Fou) have to be given unique treatment, so as to prepare them for the future.

Statyx can be described as and is self-admittedly eccentric and has his own set of quirks, which include his beforementioned habit of making jokes at the expense of others, including friends. Statyx has described himself as "a bit of a psychopath"; this stems from the fact that, since his emotions have a direct link to his electrical powers, he tends to release emotional stress while battling enemies, particularly rage or anger. Agitating him during a fight such as this can push Statyx to the breaking point, either sending him into a savage rage, or even into his Soulless form.

Statyx puts a great deal of importance in uniqueness and individuality, so much so that he dislikes using his Chaos Powers in favor of his "unique" electric powers. He believes that anyone and everyone has something unique about them, even clones, because as he believes, a person's life shapes who they are, and no-one can live the exact same life as another person. Conversely, Statyx looks down on those who attempt to surpass someone by being the same as that person, because they lack the heart, soul, and identity of the person they are attempting to mimic, making them- in his eyes- nothing more than pathetic little copies.

While confident in himself and his abilities to the point of cockiness or arrogance, Statyx is fully capable of admitting when someone (he likes) surpasses him in any aspect, blatantly and freely praising that person(s) and their abilities, particularly when he's praised for the same aspect that a person has surpassed him in. An example of this is Sonic the Hedgehog himself, who Statyx himself admits beats him not only in speed, but overal fighting ability and several other areas. However, when someone Statyx dislikes boasts that they are better than Statyx in any aspect, Statyx will immediately focus on proving that person wrong, and taking them down.


The first and foremost aspect of Statyx's wide arsenal of abilities is his physical capabilities. His genetic makeup designed to rival those of the Ultimate Lifeform, combined with years of intense and arduous combat and survival training has resulted in the green hedgehog wielding strength and endurance far beyond that of average people. In addition to this, Statyx's training has allowed him to become very perceptive, capable of detecting small details in his surroundings that most people wouldn't notice or pay attention to. However, Statyx's most noted physical ability is his super speed. The artificial hedgehog is capable of moving at supersonic speeds rivalling the speed of Shadow's own Jet Shoes, while narrowly being outdone by Sonic's own speed. With this incredible speed and hedgehog body, Statyx has most of the same physical abilities at his disposal as both Sonic and Shadow. This list includes the Homing Attack, Spin Dash, Lightspeed Dash, Wall Run, Triangle Jump, and much more. Like Sonic and Shadow, Statyx has reflexes that match his running speed. This allows Statyx to react to split-second circumstances, and combine his reflexes with his training for intense high-speed combat.


The Axe Kick, while a signature move of Sonic, is a favorite move of Statyx and one of his most used attacks.

However, Statyx's physical capabilities aren't what make him. Rather, Statyx's niche is his own trademark electrokinesis. Through an unknown method, Statyx's body generates an infinite amount of excess electricity throughout his being, which Statyx is capable of controlling and manipulating with a high degree of mastery. This allows Statyx to generate a full range of electrical effects, from something as minor as static cling to releasing a searing bolt of raw electricity. While most often focusing the electricity to his hands or feet, Statyx is capable of drawing out the electricity through any part of his body with varying levels of profficiency. Statyx most often uses this electrical energy by combining it with his physical abilities for added power and effect, or by manipulating the electricity to use it for his own unique arsenal of techniques. The list of Statyx's electric attacks is largely made up of:

  • Static Bolt: Statyx's default electric attack. A small ball of concentrated electricity that Statyx holds in the palm of his hand. Statyx throws this ball of electricity much like a baseball player would throw a baseball, even going so far as to throw it in ways such a curveball, fastball, and so on. However, this small electric ball has surprising explosive power. Against normal organic foes the resulting explosion can knock back enemies with the force of the explosion and leave them with painful burns from the heat of the electricity. This technique is much more effective against mechanical foes however; the electricity overloads and/or short-circuits machinery, resulting in the unfortunate robotic target exploading.
  • Blade Electron: Concentrating electrical energy around his hand, Statyx forms a conical blade of raw electricity. This technique gets its name for a reason, as Statyx uses it in close combat to slice and slash through enemies. In addition to incredible raw cutting power, the high temperature of the electricity gives the attack the effect of a superheated blade, searing through metal and leaving burned slash marks on enemies. Statyx is capable of lengthening the blade by infusing more electricity into it. However, the blade's cutting power reduces the farther the section of the blade is from his hand.
  • Thunder Beam: Statyx's self-admitted favorite move. Statyx focuses a large amount of energy into his hands, then thrusts it foward, releasing the electricity in a concentrated beam. Said beam can blast through several enemies at one time, and moving his arms in a sweeping motion allows Statyx to cause even more destruction. Compared to his other techniques, this one is much simpler when it comes to its method of attacking and its effect. However, it is nonetheless powerful and dangerous.
  • Lightning Whip: Very literal in name, the technique is formed by electricity formed in a long whip of lightning from Statyx's hand. Statyx mainly uses this technique to grab objects at a distance, both to pull them close or to use said object as a point to swing off of. However, the whip can also be used to grab enemies and toss them about into other enemies. The whip numbs the part of the body it's wrapped around in the case of organic opponents, making it difficult to escape the attack. The Lightning Whip is a crucial component to Statyx's "Neutron Strike" attack.
  • Thunder Shield: Using his electricity, Statyx stimulates the molecules in the air. The stimulated molecules vibrate at such a speed that they generate a vissible shield, which is capable of deflecting attacks from pretty much all sources. This includes projectiles, lasers, and physical attacks. Statyx can change the shape of the shield by controlling the electrical stimulation, and can enlarge or shrink the shield by extending the range of stimulation. By skillfully molding the electricity around targets, Statyx can create an orb around said targets to either protect, contain, or trap them.
  • Double Thunder Beam: Two Thunder Beams used at the same time, often in sweeping and criss-cross motions to eliminate as many enemies as possible at once.
  • Double Blade Electron: Blade Electrons used simultaneously, one in each hand. This attack is used to attack enemies quickly and efficiently, so as to cut down as many as possible in as little time as possible.
  • EM Field: Statyx releases a large amount of electricity from his entire body all at once in the form of a powerful electromagnetic pulse. The pulse temporarily shuts down all machinery caught in the vicinity, be it robots, cybernetic limbs, or weaponry. The electromagnetic push also diverts or outright stops incoming physical projectiles, and can even disrupt energy blasts, nullifying them.
  • Fist of Zeuss: Statyx's strongest electric attack. Statyx focuses a large amount of electricity around his entire forearm, then launches a punch. In close-combat situations, the impact releases a powerful electrical explosion, powerful enough to blast through metal and enemies, as well as scorch the site of the impact. At long range, the electricity is launched in the direction the punch is thrown, and upon impact releases a slightly weaker explosion of electric energy.

On top of these techniques, Statyx has several less used techniques, which are either weak, overly situational, or have severe flaws.

  • Bolt Gatling: Holding his fist out directly in front of him, Statyx coats his closed fist in electricity. From there Statyx fires smaller Static Bolts from his fist in a rapid-fire manner. While the technique fires off quickly and is very consistent in accuraccy and hit location, the attack is very weak. Even against weaker opponents it has substandard attack power, and is only useful in forcing stronger opponents back rather than actually injuring them.
  • Electric Wave: Quickly coating his hand in electricity, Statyx swings his hand and releases a crescent-shaped wave of electricity. The technique is wide enough that it can strike multiple enemies at one time. However, the attack is only mid-range at best. In addition, the attack puts speed above offense; normal defenses are usually enough to protect from the attack, and it's very difficult to do serious damage with this attack. As such, it's better off as a surprise attack or a way to cover tracks.
  • Lightning Roar: Focusing a large ball of electricity in his mouth, Statyx releases the electricity in the form of a beam, similar to energy beams fired by monsters. The beam itself is larger than a Thunder Beam, but is actually of about the same power. However, drawing out and focusing electricity is a very awkward and tricky process for Statyx, and messing up can cause Statyx some injury. As such, Statyx only uses this attack when he's up-close to the opponent and grappling with them, when both his and his opponent's hands are disabled.

Another one of Statyx's electric techniques is known as "Neutron Strike". Using his Lightning Whip attack, Statyx grabs two nearby firmly planted objects, making sure to maximize the tension of the Lightning Whips. Following up by charging a Spin Dash, Statyx releases his grip on the ground, launching himself at the target with incredible speed and equally destructive power. However, this attack requires two firm-standing materials like poles or trees, valuable time to reach proper tension, and even more time to charge a spin dash.

An additional aspect of Statyx's electrokinetic powers is that they are directly tied to his emotional and mental state. Simply put, the more emotionally charged Statyx is, the more powerful his electrokinesis becomes. Vice-versa, the more controlled and detached he is, the weaker and less effective his powers become. However, a more emotional state clouds Statyx's judgment and reduces his capability of rational thought. This forces Statyx to find a very narrow balance between emotion and focus, which he isn't always capable of doing. In addition to this, the amount of Chaos Energy in Statyx's body affects the electrical energy in his body, allowing it to interact with materials it would normally be incapable of interacting with, such as wood. This requires much more energy then metallic and other conductive materials however, and insulators require so much energy Statyx can only move them for short periods before becoming fatigued.

While Statyx is unable to come in contact with large bodies of water or continuous streams, rain is far from a drawback for him. Because the raindrops fall continuously and seperately, rain makes it easier for Statyx to draw out electricity, rather than forcefully drawing it out of his body. This allows Statyx to perform the same attacks with less energy, and likewise perform more powerful attacks with the same energy. In addition, each raindrop acts as a conductor for the electricity, further intensifying the power of the electricity. These factors combine to increase the power of his electric attacks by up to x10 the normal power.

Due to his years of instensive combat training, Statyx is profficient in numerous different fighting styles. Statyx often combines these fighting styles for his own unique form of combat, making him a dangerous fighter in hand-to-hand combat, even without his powers or abilities. In addition to his hand-to-hand training, Statyx has been trained in the proficient use of numerous different weapons, including swords, staffs, polearms, and more. Although Statyx has a distaste for them- in contrast to his half-brother Shadow- Statyx has also been drilled in the use of firearms. While Statyx does not make it a habit of using firearms, his training has nonetheless gifted him with frightening pinpoint accuraccy, which he uses to allow his attacks to deal the most amount of damage with each blow.

Statyx's most powerful ability in terms of combat however, are his Chaos Powers. Because his body is made up of 75% Chaos Energy, Statyx is far more "compatable" and adept with Chaos Powers then normal beings. This means Statyx is extremely profficient in the use of Chaos Powers, to the point that he has been described as "Having the greatest profficiency with Chaos Powers of any mortal being", even greater than Shadow's own power. Statyx is capable of using Shadow's full arsenal of Chaos Powers with equal or even ability than Shadow himself, most proven in the use of Chaos Control without any Chaos Emerald. Statyx's natural ability with Chaos energy allows him to tune into incoming Chaos attacks, allowing him to divert, reflect, and even disperse said attacks. However, Statyx prefers to not use his Chaos Powers, opting for his more "unique" electrokinetic powers unless facing threats he can't beat otherwise.

Nonetheless, Statyx's adeptibility with Chaos Energy has allowed him to create two Chaos Powers. The first of the two is "Chaos Dagger"; dispersing an incoming Chaos Attack, Statyx forms the energy into small sharp blades, then sends them flying at enemies. These numerous small blades then tear through the enemy. However, the individual blades cannot do a large amount of injury; a sufficient number of them are required to do sufficient damage.

The second of the two powers he created is "Chaos Shatter", which is his strongest technique. At the beginning the attack starts off as a Lightspeed Dash Attack. However, at the last moment Statyx uses Chaos Control; the incredible amount of speed combined with the temporal alteration of Chaos Control creates an influx, causing Statyx to seemingly disappear and all in the vicinity to be frozen. The influx actually sends Statyx to some form of alternate dimension full of Chaos Energy. Following this, a swirling orb-shaped mass of Chaos Energy forms directly infront of the target enemy. The orb explodes, releasing energy from this alternate dimension in a roaring tornado-like blast of Chaos Energy, while also serving as an exit for Statyx. The attack is absolutely devastating against enemies, capable of tearing through virtually any barrier, and can wipe out small armies with a single hit. This attack however, comes with numerous setbacks. The sheer exhertion of both physical and Chaos energy, taxing Statyx greatly. In addition, altering his course or slowing down for an instant can cause Statyx's body to be torn apart.

Despite his great power, Statyx is capable of going even farther. His arm braces serve numerous functions for the Ultimate Guardian; the three most prominent are as stabilizers, limiters, and containers. Statyx's genetic makeup is imperfect and unstable, and as such requires his arm braces to stabilize his physical being. This is done focusing the Chaos Energy in his body so that it can stabilize his body, regulating the genetic structure of his body. By removing his arm braces, the Chaos Energy flows regularly, not only allowing him to use this excess Chaos Power in battle, but also enhancing his physical and electrokinetic capabilities to great levels. The boosts are so great that Statyx is capable of holding ground against a super form. However, this comes at a great risk; without the bracers on, Statyx's body begans to lose stability. Within a few minutes the instability becomes too much strain for Statyx's body, leaving Statyx fatigued and with severe physical pain. If his arm bacers aren't returned within an hour, his body completely falls apart at a genetic level, killing him. Another side effect is that the limitation the arm braces instill allows Statyx to refine and control the form of his electricity as he desires; removing his arm braces gives him incredible power with the cost of limiting him to his more basic attacks.

However, there is much more to these braces than meets the eye. In reality, these seemingly high-tech braces are ancient artifacts that had been discovered by Statyx's creator, but were then put aside when the scientist first began Statyx's creation. These ancient artifacts were supposedly created when Earth and the Sol Dimension met previously millenia ago. The reason for their creation is unknown, but the scientist believed they were created as a means of somehow using the power of the Chaos and Sol Emeralds. This is due to the fact that when the arm braces come within close vicinity of either the Sol Emeralds or Chaos Emeralds, it absorbs a portion of their infinite energy. This energy is capable of enhancing Statyx's Chaos Powers as the Chaos Emeralds would, and energy from all seven allows Statyx to transform without the actual Emeralds. Doing so however costs Statyx the absorbed power. The braces also give Statyx an additional, very unique ability; with the energy of at least one Chaos or Sol Emerald, Statyx's Chaos Energy and electric energy interact with the arm braces. This allows Statyx to create portals to other dimensions by charging a conductive "entrance" such as a metal door, hoop, or arch.

Statyx also has numerous other abilities beyond direct combat. By the same unknown method that causes Statyx's body to generate electricity, Statyx can transform his body into pure electricity. This allows Statyx to travel through conductive materials, electronics, wires, and machinery, allowing him to wreak havoc in said machines and find information. Statyx is even capable of travelling through radio waves. This ability has combat uses as well; by timing it just right, Statyx can transform his and dispserse his body before impact, allowing him to avoid injury. However, this requires precise timing and a large amount of energy.

His electrokinesis has additional practical uses, such as manipulating objects and machinery for things such as domestic purposes. In addition, his specially made shoes can be charged with electricity to give them magnetic properties. This allows him to walk and stand on magnetic surfaces, or levitate by repelling himself from the planet's magnetic field.

His G.U.N. training has also gifted Statyx with more than just high-level combat. Statyx has been taught numerous things about other cultures, allowing him to be very knowledgeable about their customs, teachings, history, and other aspects of foreign locations. Statyx is also multilingual, knowing all languages except those of small islands and proper Japanese, which he is incapable of forming proper sentences with. This training allows Statyx to properly interact with natives and function even in foreign countries.

A significant domestic ability of Statyx's is his ability with the trumpet. Statyx is a very capable player of this instrument, capable of playing various genre of music with the trumpet. However, Statyx specializes in the Jazz genre, of which he usually plays traditional, rock, or blues.

Due to his 1/4 Black Arms DNA, Statyx is resistant to the toxins of the Black Arms, but lacks Shadow's own degree of resistance. Rather than being able to outright overcome the toxins, Statyx is capable of moving, but his movements are slowed down by quite a degree. On the other side however, Statyx has a greater immunity to the mind control powers of the Black Arms. Aside from these discrepencies, Statyx shares Shadow's ageless physical being and immunities to disease and sickness, even radiation poisoning. However, airborne toxins can still block his airways like for normal people, requiring him to have a respirator nonetheless.

This DNA has an additional effect on Statyx. His genetic programming combined with this DNA grants Statyx the instinctual ability to sense when someone who shares similar DNA (such as Shadow or the Black Arms) are in distress and need assistence, as well as their general direction. Statyx is unable to control this ability and is largely unaware of it, considering it mainly a "form of primal instinct."


Despite his powers, Statyx is far from being invulnerable. First and foremost, Statyx's electricity may be infinite, but his stamina is not. To draw out the energy needed for his combat abilities, Statyx must consciously draw out the electricity consciously, causing physical exhertion on Statyx's part. This electricity is also the main component in Statyx's second and most prevalent weakness; Statyx is unable to come in contact with bodies of water. Because water is a conductor, it draws out the electricity from Statyx's body forcefully, regardless of Statyx's will. If Statyx is submerged in water, electricity is forcefully and painfully drawn out from his body. The forceful extraction would not only electrocute all other living beings in the water, the extraction itself would put such a strain on his body that it would kill Statyx if not immediately rectified.

Statyx's body works against him in more ways than one. Statyx's genetic makeup is largely made up of Chaos Energy. Because of this, Chaos Syphoning machines or abilities are extremely dangerous for Statyx; without sufficient Chaos Energy, his body will not be able to sustain itself, causing Statyx's death. This also leaves Statyx at the mercy of those with an even higher level of capability with Chaos Energy than his own, as they would be able to manipulate or even destroy his body.

Another weakness of Statyx's is a much more humorous but no less dangerous one: his own bad luck. Statyx often ends up in a worst-case scenario for him on a regular basis. These scenarios can often become even worse for Statyx, either when he thinks he's made it out or when the situation couldn't get much worse. This bad luck puts Statyx in very dangerous, deadly situations, forcing Statyx to claw his way out of the situation, which often requires Statyx to exhert a good amount of energy and physical strain, which can undoubtedly cause additional problems for the Green Bolt. The bad luck can also be more subtle or indirect, but nonetheless cause trouble and headaches for Statyx.

One more humorous yet also dangerous weakness Statyx has is that hiss body is a natural lightningrod. Because of this, Statyx will often be the striking point of lightning during storms. While these strikes can be quite a surprise and leave his fur with surface-level burns, the initial shock of it is the most damage done. However, Statyx isn't as fortunate when it comes to incoming electricity-based attacks, because while the electricity itself will do nothing against him, the sheer force and impact of the attack can still do damage. This fact not only means that attacks will automatically divert to Statyx, but it also means that Statyx can't evade such attacks. This is especially dangerous in the case of electric-based attacks with something else added to it.

Super Form

Super Statyx

Super Statyx

Super Statyx, Statyx's first and most used Super Form

Like several other characters, Statyx has a super form. In this form, he becomes a slightly darker shade of gold than Sonic, and his stripes become a glowing white. His arm braces also revert to their original forms, which are gold wrist bands with intricate designs. In this form, Statyx gains all of the usual boosts; increased speed, power, and invincibilty. His power also evolves to a form of light, with several attacks named after characters in Sonic '06:

  • Flames of Iblis: Statyx lets loose a fiery beam of energy from his hand, very similiar to Thunder Beam, though much more powerful
  • Mephiles Blade: Statyx blasts a concentrated beam of energy from his index and middle finger in the style of a gun. the beam can then be used as a deadly sword.
  • Solaris Fist: Statyx's arm changes to look similiar to Solaris' and he then concentrates energy into it. He then swings his arm n a punching movement, releasing a massive amount of destructive energy.
  • Seven Lights: Statyx is also able to split his body into seven balls of light that can easily ram through most objects, though he can only do this for a limited time
  • Heaven's Judgement: Statyx sends two large orbs of Light into the sky, which, after Statyx chants the phrase for using Chaos Powers, fuse together and send down a giant beam of light. His strongest attack in this form, but it takes time.

Statyx Soulless

Statyx's dark Super Form set to debut. Very litte is known about this form, except that it can't be unleashed until Statyx is on the brink of defeat and full of rage. What is known is that this form has all of his power, but none of his soul...

Storm Statyx

Storm Statyx 2

Storm Statyx, fueled by the energy of the Sol Emeralds

Statyx's Third Super Form. Statyx can only use this form in via the energy of the Sol Emeralds. In this form, his quills almost double in length and slack, become more streamlined, his stripes become blue, and his hands and arm braces are covered with solid lightning. In this form his electric powers are greatly amplified, allowing him to literally create storms and conjure lightning. His speed is also amplified, turning him into lightning. He prefers to use his Super Statyx form though, as this form reduces his capability with Chaos Powers. However, his amplified powers certainly make up for this. Just a few attacks include:

  • Advanced Thunder Beam: Statyx releases a Thunder Beam almost twice the size of a normal Thunder Beam, with speed and power doubled as well.
  • Advanced Blade Thunder: Statyx creates a gaint blade of lightning that covers his hand in the shape of a broadsword. The size of this blade is gigantic, and a single swing releases a destructive thunder boom.
  • Storm Shield: Statyx conjures a storm in the shape of a shield around himself, protecting him from almost any attack.
  • Lightning Blast: Statyx calls down a bolt of lightning of enormous size and destructive power.
  • Judgement Storm: Statyx calls down giant blasts of lightning down to the earth, able to completely reform an entire battlefield.
  • Blackout Cannon: His most powerful move in this form. He focuses all of his electricity into his hands and lets loose a giant blast of electricity that splits into thousands of lightning bolts that concentrate on the target and pierces through them.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is a source of both inspiration and confusion for Statyx. Statyx couldn't stand the blue blur when they first met, due to the fact that Sonic's laid-back and happy-go-lucky personality so greatly contrasted Statyx's own personality. Statyx would also more than happily voice his lack of faith in Sonic's abilities, believing that Sonic's constant antics and "playing games" would never bare any constructive results beyond annoying the enemy. Sonic dealing Statyx a terrible defeat in battle only further fueled Statyx's scorn for the blue hedgehog, as it only emphasized his own weakening powers. This scorn and contempt would later turn to confusion and exhasperation as Sonic and his friends proved everything Statyx believed wrong, Sonic's generous and charismatic attitude towards his friends and life itself making Statyx begin to question the beliefs he had lived by for so long. At one point, Sonic explained the following to Statyx;

"Without people close to your heart, you've got nothing to really fight for. It's only when you've got the memories of those people in your thoughts that you can honestly go all-out. In other words, friends and attachments are what bring out a person's full power, not endless training and a heart closed off to the outside world."

It would be these words that eventually allowed Statyx to overcome his own past and regain his full power during his bout with Solaris. From that point on, Statyx's view of Sonic made a full 180, the Ultimate Guardian coming to have a great degree of repect and admiration for Sonic. Statyx will often playfully challenge Sonic to sparring matches since the two "are now on even ground." Despite these challenges, Statyx has a great amount of faith and respect for Sonic's ability, and will concede to Sonic's superior speed and overall ability, with Statyx even going so far to call Sonic "the one person who takes the impossible and makes it look easy." Despite his amount of faith and respect for Sonic, Statyx is still surprised by Sonic's sheer degree of optimism and faith in others, sometimes even questioning if Sonic is simply too good-hearted, or just downright naive.

Team Moves

Speed Slammer: Sonic spindashes, and Statyx grabs him with Lightning Whip. Statyx then spins around, adding to Sonic's gathered speed and momentum, then releases Sonic. The result is Sonic soaring through the air like a high-powered electrified projectile at the enemy, with enough power to barrel through a group of enemies.

Miles "Tails" Prower


Knuckles the Echidna

Statyx and Knuckles have a complicated relationship, to say the least. On one side, Statyx has a great deal of respect for Knuckles' parents, whom are partially responsible for Statyx's very existence. This respect passes over to Knuckles, who Statyx even considers somewhat of a relative. In addition, Statyx greatly respects Knuckles' undeniable and incredible strength; a respect he held even from the first time they met, as Knuckles' strength rivals or surpasses the power of Statyx's old mentor Wolfe. On the other hand, Knuckles' short-temper and gullibility have always been a point of contention between the two. In the beginning, Statyx found Knuckles' temper to be abhorrent and would repeatedly chastize Knuckles for his apparent lack of proper self-control, believing it to actually reduce Knuckles' fighting ability. Statyx was even harsher when it came to Knuckles' gullibility, believing that it was the reason Knuckles lost the Master Emerald so frequently and even going so far as to say that it caused Knuckles to be a failure as a Guardian. After his change of outlook, the Ultimate Guardian began to treat Knuckles with a more amiable and respectful attitude. Nonetheless, Statyx still plays on Knuckles' temper and gullibility for his own personal kicks, much to Knuckles' chagrin.

Amy Rose

Statyx has a somewhat antagonistic relationship with Amy. Due to always sharing his honest opinion, Statyx finds himself unintentionally insulting Amy, resulting in a severe beating for Statyx. This has gotten so bad that Statyx has said that, quote "I would go to hell and back, but if Amy's angry, I'm outta there" unquote. Despite this, Statyx will often try to talk Amy down before running away.

Rouge the Bat

In the beginning, Statyx and Rouge's relationship is fully- and surprisingly- mutually professional. The reason for this is due to the fact that Statyx never reacted to any of Rouge's flirtation or comments, she eventually simply gave up, citing that "a girl [like me] has no reason to keep flirting with a walking statue.", referring to his coldness to everyone around him. On Statyx's end, he respects Rouge's abilities and status as a fellow G.U.N. officer, but in the beginning despised her thievery and dealings with shady personel. Statyx would never waste a chance to put Rouge in her place and cite misconduct on her part in the hopes of either making her straighten up, or outright getting her fired. Statyx's personality change brought this to an end however, particularly with his own newfound habit of bending G.U.N. rules and pushing boundaries; a fact that Rouge will often tease him for by playfully acting like she's going to cite his behaviour. Statyx's far less formal attitude has also renewed Rouge's teasing and playful flirtation, much to Statyx's annoyance and exhasperation. Statyx will often retort these flirtations with mention of Knuckles and Rouge's tentative relationship with him, often amusing himself with Rouge's reactions. Statyx and Rouge apparently share a past as partners on several missions with varying results, which both often attempt to use to embarass the other.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Statyx has a strange but arguably close relationship with his half-brother Shadow. Prior to the influence of Sonic and his friends, Statyx believed Shadow to be one of the few "sane" people around, due to his gruff loner nature. The two found themselves to have rather similar natures. Unfortunately, this included their arrogance and pride in their abilities, causing the two of them to become stand-offish towards one another. Statyx's metamorphasis did little to actually imrpove this, as the two would still be divided over who was stronger. Despite this, Statyx and Shadow found there was an undeniable link between them, due to the fact they are capable of understanding and relating to one another. When it was discovered that Statyx was created as Shadow's half-brother and Guardian, Shadow became agressive and curt towards Statyx. However, it was not Statyx that Shadow was angry at, but rather the fact that someone else was created under similar circumstances as himself without his knowledge, and the fact that someone apparently didn't have enough faith in his ability that he required protection, nor enough faith in him that a contigency plan was created for his destruction. However, eventually both Statyx and Shadow came to terms with the circumstances of their respective creation, acknowledging that they were more than what they were created to be. Statyx and Shadow mutually acknowledge one another as relatives, but find the thought of buddying around to be rather silly. In addition, Statyx will often taunt and tease Shadow with the fact that since Statyx was created to defeat Shadow if necessary, he would likely be stronger than Shadow. Shadow often retorts these claims with great annoyance and frustration towards Statyx, particularly since as far as Shadow is concerned, Statyx has only proven himself to be more adept with Chaos Powers and to have an additional power in electrokinesis; not that he is the more powerful of the two outright. However, due to their blood-relation, Shadow is more tolerable of Statyx's attitude than he is of Sonic's similar cocky attitude. Others will often joke about the fact that the two have become so different, despite being related.

Team Moves

Ultimate Slammer: Shadow boosts Statyx into the air, then charges the opponent and uses them as a springboard, jumping into the air. Statyx then grabs Shadows hands, and they perform a team spindash at the opponent.

Blaze the Cat

From the moment he first met her, Statyx found Blaze to be strangely intriguing. He found himself often enjoying and wishing to be in her company, and thinking about her whenever he became lost in his own thoughts. However, Statyx's self-inclined detachment caused Statyx to become confused and frustrated with these thoughts, especially since they were all too similar to the thoughts he had had about Fiona, who along with the rest of Team Wolfe had betrayed and abandoned him. As such, Statyx was often surprisingly awkward around Blaze; while he did not want to insult Blaze in any way, he wanted to avoid becoming close to her and risk being betrayed once again. Likewise, Blaze found Statyx to be interesting as well, and was able to relate with his anti-social loner behaviour. Unfortunately, Blaze was still dealing with her own lack of social skills, leaving her with limited knowledge in how to get closer to Statyx. However, this changed as Statyx began to open up to the rest of the group, especially Blaze herself. And as the two became closer, their attraction to one another steadily grew. Despite this, it was not until Blaze was almost forced to leave her friends forever that Statyx was truly able to make his feelings for Blaze known. Soon after, Blaze confessed her own feelings for Statyx, and the two became an item.

Statyx and Blaze maintain a close and loving relationship, despite living in two different dimensions. Statyx is often a worry-wort when it comes to Blaze's safety due to her status as both royalty and protector of the Sol Emeralds, and often has to be reminded that Blaze is more than capable of handling herself. On Blaze's part, she enjoys the fact that Statyx is always willing to listen to her and be a confidante for her own insecurities and issues. Blaze also finds Statyx's jokes and eccentricities to be quite humorous, but is often exhasperated by his worrying about her safety. However, Blaze's personal insecurities cause her to be rather curt and defensive towards people who flirt with Statyx, which can escalate to downright agressive and threatening towards them if they decide to provoke her. This requires Statyx to attempt to calm down Blaze before the pyrokinetic feline is pushed too far.

Team Moves

Double Tornado: Blaze performs the Axel Spin, and Statyx performs his electric tornado. The two start rotating around each other, forming a powerful fire and electric tornado.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver and Statyx's relationship is very similiar to Zoro and Sanji's relationship from One Piece. The two will end up fighting almost any time they are together, usually ending up using their powers, which results in Sonic and Shadow having to pull the two apart. However, they are not above working together, during which they are nearly unbeatable. They both say that their rivalry is about their powers, but they will easily put their rivalry aside when Blaze is in danger, causing some to question what the rivalry is really about. However, one thing the two would never admit is that they are somewhat co-dependant, with the rivalry helping Silver get over his social awkwardness, and Statyx able to unload his anger and worries through their battles.

Team Moves

Storm Dragon: Statyx sends a Thunder Beam into the air, and then Silver uses his psychokinesis to concentrate it into a ball and bring it down between the two. They then use their combined powers to send the blast at the opponent in the form of a dragon, with increased speed and power.

Dr. Eggman

Like all of the other heroic characters, Statyx hates Eggman. However, Statyx does respect Eggman's intelligence, even admitting that, had he instead chosen to use intelligence for good, he could have contributed much to science. However, this does not stop Stayx from trying to attack Eggman with all he's got, should he be angered enough.



Team Moves

Conduction Slasher: Chaos takes the form of a blade weapon around Statyx's hand, and Statyx charges Chaos with electricity, allowing for great slashing and destructive power.

E-123 Omega

Statyx does not have a very good relationship with Omega, the main reason being that Statyx rebuilt Gamma, which Omega holds a grudge for, since he 'rebuilt' an "inferior model". However, Statyx does something that almost no one else can: He scares Omega. Because of Statyx's electrokinesis, Omega can easily be at the complete mercy of the Green Hedgehog. As Statyx has once said; "For every metal bolt, plate, and piece of ammunition in you, there is a way for me to destroy you, Omega. So back off, or else!". This does not stop Omega from trying to fight Gamma, with Statyx having to restrain the two.

E-102 Gamma



Before the flame that gave birth to him was extinguished, Solaris created a pocket dimension to survive outside of time. He drew Statyx into his dimension in order to use his body to escape. However, Solaris was severely weakened, and Statyx was able to defeat and absorb Solaris, deciding to burn out the gods enegy by using it himself. However, Statyx suffered an injury upon returning to the real world, causing him to forget the entire event, with Solaris imprisoned in Statyx, his power only coming out in small bursts.

Cosmo the Seedrian

In Sonic X fanon, Cosmo takes the place of Gamma, in that Statyx revives her. Statyx does this by drawing on the energy of the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald, using Chaos as a medium to restore Cosmo's body. At first, it was believed that it was a complete success, until it's discovered that Cosmo, much like Statyx, is now made of a large amount of Chaos energy. While this does not change her visibly or her abilities, it makes Chaos draining machines incredibly dangerous for her. Because of this, Statyx feels that he owes Cosmo, and will put his life on the line to protect his friend and Tails' love, even taking on Shadow and Silver at the same time.

Big the Cat

Statyx has a fair share of respect for Big. This is because Statyx respects how Big wishes to life his life simply and quietly, a refreshing change of pace from Sonic's high-speed lifestyle. Statyx will ocasionaly visit Big simply to relax and take a break. However, the main reason Statyx respects Big is because of his sheer strength, which Big hardly ever uses. Statyx also actually fears this strength of Bigs though, as he is the only one who has ever actually seen Big get angry, during which Big showed ferocious and frightening power. A running gag is that Statyx attempts to tell everyone how powerful Big really is, only for them to say something like "Aww come on! That big lug wouldn't hurt a fly!"

The Battle: Statyx vs Silver

Statyx and Silver have been rivals since virtually the moment they met. Their personalities are completely different, and they will fight about everything. The two can rarely be in the same area without getting into a fight. While these fights start off simple enough, they will often get out of control, with both using their powers to their fullest extent. When this happens, the fights often become dangerous and very destructive. However, their fights have never had a decisive winner, either ending in a draw or someone intervening before one of them can be seriously hurt.

The source of their rivalry is of much debate. While both say that their rivalry is purely to prove whose power is greater (electrokinesis or psychokinesis), the two will immediately stop fighting and work together when someone they both care about is in danger, particularly Blaze. These two working together can often be considered the worst nightmare of their common enemy. This is because not only do their powers complement each other, they also have almost expert teamwork. Both of them have said that the reason behind this expert teamwork is because they've fought so much that they've actually memorized each other's moveset completely. In fact, their teamwork has even saved the world once.

However, something that neither would admit is that they are somewhat co-dependant. While Silver unknowingly uses this rivalry to bypass his social awkardness, Statyx subconciously uses this same rivalry to release any frustration or anger. Because of this, their rivalry actually helps the two hedgehogs. The two of them also have a grudging respect for each other, though both of them will furiously deny that they have anything except distaste for each other.

Fan Character Relationships

Fou the Phoenix

Fou is Statyx's closest friend and sidekick. Statyx cares for Fou greatly, and will go to great lengths to protect him. If Fou is ever hurt at the hands of someone else, Statyx will attack that person full-force for payback, friend or foe. Despite this, Statyx knows that Fou has great potential, and will often push him to help Fou reach that potential. Of course, Statyx will immediately step in if it seems that Fou could get seriously hurt.

Team Moves

Gyro Bomber: Fou performs the Flame Driver, and Statyx grabs Fou with a lightning whip and hammer spins, slamming Fou into several opponents at once.

Wolfe the Hunter

Wolfe is probably Statyx's greatest enemy. While Statyx may heva gotten over Wolfe's betrayal years ago, Statyx would still like nothing more than to "put that old mutt down for good!". This is because Statyx often crosses paths with Wolfe, mostly because Wolfe's missions involve one of Statyx's friends. Because of that, Statyx will more than gladly get in Wolfe's way, both to protect his friends and to just plain get in Wolfe's way.

Sunny the Hedgehog

Statyx has a friendly relationship with his younger half-sister, and will often spar with her. However, due to his teasing her for not being able to hit him (due to his advanced combat training), the sparring will often turn explosive. Sadly, Statyx is conflicted by the fact that he knows she still has some feelings for Silver, and, being a romanticist, notices that Silver may still have feelings for Sunny. However, due to Silver being his arch-rival, Statyx withheld this information. At first he simply hoped nothing happened to make him regret his decision, but Sunny's recent break-up has caused Statyx to try and get Sunny and Silver to admit their feelings to each other. Unfortunately, his relationships with the two don't help, and whenever progress is about to be made, something happens that interferes.

Team Moves

Solar Burst: Statyx gives Sunny a boost into the air, and then stuns the opponent with electricity. Sunny then uses her jet skates to blast herself at the opponent.

Shelly the Hedgehog

Statyx and Shelly are fairly good friends. The two have a humorous friendship, often taunting each other. While they fight rather rarely, it can get rather violent when they do, and niether will apologize (due to both being a little stubborn), until convinced by another person. Despite all of this, Statyx is a loyal friend to her, and will do whatever it takes to help her (something he would do for any of his friends).

Team Moves

Lightning 360: Statyx takes the place of Sonic in Shelly's team move "The 360", but uses his lightning whip to increase the range, then throws her into the air, where she performs her Chaos Rain move.

Echo the Hedgehog

At first, Statyx and Echo didn't get along very well, with Echo's attitude often annoying Statyx, leading to fights. However, Statyx sympathizes with Echo, knowing full well the pain she's going through because of her past, and going to great lengths to help her get past that pain, because he once went through it himself. Despite not knowing the full story, Statyx trusts Echo, believing that anything bad she did was simply a mistake, and that as her friend, Statyx will do anything he can to help her make up for past mistakes.

Team Moves

Sound Breaker: Statyx launches himself into the air as Echo uses her sonic scream to keep the opponents in place as Statyx uses his Double Thunder Beam move to finish them off.

Tawny the Rabbit

Statyx is good friends with Tawny, though they don't always see eye-to-eye. While Tawny's personality sometimes gets on his nerves, he does find her amusing. However, he doesn't appreciate that she doesn't completely trust him, due to being a G.U.N. agent. This is often brought up in arguments by one of the two. However, Tawny will often ask Statyx to give Rouge "what she deserves". While Statyx would never say this to her face (he doesn't want the trouble), he often finds her requests annoying. However, he is willing to admit (to anyone except Tawny) that his relationship with Silver isn't much better. A running gag is that Tawny's bubble powers unnerve Statyx, and she will often use her powers to freak him out (usually by popping bubbles close to him).

Voltage Net

Tawny uses her bubble powers to create a "net" of bubbles around an opponent. Statyx then sends electricity throughout all of the bubbles, each one acting as a conductor. The two then use their powers to cause the "net" to compact and explode around the opponent.

Mystic Monkey

Statyx and Mystic have a good, if not at times seeminly strained, friendship. The two will often start a friendly fight almost spontainiously, sometimes annoying the others. However, these fights rarely get out of control, unlike when Statyx fights Silver, during which the opposite happens. Mystic will often try to diffuse arguments between Statyx and Silver, but it ends up turning into a three-way fight if one of them calls him a rat.

Jezz of Time

Despite meeting only recently, Statyx has a fairly strong rivalry with Jezz, due to both having immense Chaos Power. However, they can never test themselves to their full power, because of the risk it holds to themselves, their friends, and possibly the world. However, they are still friendly to each other, and are an extremely dangerous team. Of course, Jezz's constant worrying about Shelly can really get on Statyx's nerves (though he's not much better with Blaze), while Statyx's apparent lack of empathy irratates Jezz. These differences have led to fights more than once.

Silk the Jackal

Statyx has a friendly bond with the young jackal. He often finds himself embarrassed by how much Silk admires him, preferring to stay out of the spotlight. He is a bit more gentler with Silk when she speaks up for him, chalking it up to someone vouching for who they look up to, not starting a fight (like Fou seems to do). Unfortunately, when Silk does say something that could get Statyx into a fight, it often works much better then anything Fou says, causing the green bolt a good bit of trouble. Despite this, he rarely holds it against the young Jackal (though sometimes he could swear Silk and Fou are trying to get him killed).

Tigrio Chrono

Statyx respects Tigrio as a fellow swordsman. Statyx will sometimes fight Chrono in friendly duels which, unlike most of Statyx's friendly battles, usually stay friendly, with no serious injuries occurring. However, a stress point between the two is Statyx's opinion of Chrono's comedy, in that Statyx doesn't think he's all that funny. Statyx never hesitates to tell Chrono this, which often causes the tiger to become infuriated and try to attack Statyx (though never surprise attack), always with less than pleasant results for Chrono. Statyx is also one of the people who mistakes Chrono for a puma or other big cat, which is often a running gag.






  • Blaze the Cat (Crush and Girlfriend)
  • Fiona Fox (former crush)

Alternate Counterparts

Sir Bors

Quotation1 Fame, Glory, I require nor wish for such petty things. I shall vanquish you for my honour, for my kingdom!! Quotation2
Sir Bors
Sir Bors

Sir Bors is the Arthurian Counterpart of Statyx. Like Statyx, Sir Bors is a loyal companion and honorable fighter. Also like the Green Bolt, Bors has Electrokinesis, though he rarely uses it, preferring a steel blade to a static bolt. He also seems to show a slight interest in Sir Percival, Blaze the Cat's Arthurian counterpart.

On one occasion, Statyx and Sir Bors actually met, face-to-face. Because the two were identical, Statyx was believed to be using sorcery, and the two were made to duel. After a long and hard duel, Statyx won, but spared Sir Bors' life. Realizing that the two were not so different, and that Statyx was a friend of Sonic's, the knights allowed Statyx to leave, with Sir Bors pondering just how many different versions of Statyx there were, and what they were like.

Sonic X

The Sonic X incarnation of Statyx is largely the same as the original Statyx, as well as their backstories. In Sonic X, Statyx is a bit more comedic, and takes his romanticism a bit more seriously (though not nearly as seriously as Amy). He is also a bit of a conspiracy theorist, taking interest in various myths and legends he comes across. The reason for this is, as Statyx says, "since G.U.N. kept Shadow and I covered up, what's to say that other myths don't have a grain of salt to them?"


In the Archie continuity, Statyx's want for revenge against Team Wolfe is greatly reduced, in that he simply wants to know why. Statyx is also a deserter in this universe, having left GUN due to wanting to find Team Wolfe, while he believed GUN simply wanted him as a tool. Fou meets him in the midst of his departure, and blackmails him into letting Fou come with him. The two travel over several months searching for the Freedom Fighters, so they could both fight against Eggman, and find haven from G.U.N. After time, the two decide to split up to search. However, after not hearing from Fou for a long time, Statyx started searching for Sonic to help find Fou. During his search, he came across his former comrade Fiona. Despite his mistrust of her (which would later be proven founded), he asked her where he could find Sonic. Fiona used this to her advantage, and told him that they could find Sonic at the Cosmic Interstate Prison. While initially doubtful, Statyx goes along with it. After successfully sneaking in to the Prison, Fiona finds Scourge's cell, and tells Statyx to open it up. While again doubtful, Scourge is able to cinvince Statyx to open up the cell. After Statyx slices open the cell, Scourge and Fiona waste no time in double-crossing him and leaving him to face the forces of the Zone Cops.

However, Statyx managed to prove a match for the Zone Cops, their Control Collars proving ineffective against the electrokinetic. Eventually, Zonic decided to call for the Freedom Fighters, who quickly responded. The Freedom Fighters quickly defeated Statyx, and were about to take him in, until he commented on looking for Sonic, confusing everyone. After straightening everything out, Statyx pleaded for the Freedom Fighters to help him. They agreed to help the green hedgehog, under the condition that he help recapture Scourge.

Memorable Quotes

"I'm Statyx, Statyx the Hedgehog" Statyx introducing himself

"Hyello!" Statyx greeting someone

"What ze heck!?" Statyx surprised or shocked

"That was too easy!" Statyx getting an A Rank

"That was pretty easy" Statyx getting a B Rank

"Pretty good, I guess" Statyx getting a C Rank

"Good enough for now" Statyx getting a D Rank

"I hope no one saw that" Statyx getting a E Rank

"Psycho-Not/Psycho-Nut" Statyx insulting Silver

"I won't let you hurt her!" Statyx protecting Blaze

"C'mon, Bring it!" Statyx preparing for battle

"Get Ready for Me to Bolt right by ya!" Statyx before a race

"I'm gonna win. Pure and simple." Statyx before a race

"Hey, don't say I didn't warn ya." Statyx after winning a race

"Like I said, pure and simple." Statyx after winning a race

"So much for bolting." Statyx after losing a race

"Guess it's not that simple." Statyx after losing a race

"Get ready for a storm!" Statyx before a battle

"I told you to get ready." Statyx after winning a battle

"Guess I should've been prepared." Statyx after losing a battle

"Get ready, I'm going all out!" Statyx before a race in Sonic Riders series

"You're gonna have to do better!" Statyx passing someone in Sonic Riders series

"Gotta do better!" Statyx being passes by someone in Sonic Riders series

"Tough luck, maybe next time!" Statyx winning a race in Sonic Riders series

"Bring it" Statyx being selected in MASATOG/MASATOWG series

"What else did you expect?" Statyx getting 1st place in MASATOG/MASATOWG series

"Heh, that's what you get!" Statyx getting Olympic Record

"I'm the best!" Statyx getting a World Record

"Ya know Echo, you can really get on my nerves" Statyx speaking with Echo

"Whoa! Watch where you're throwing those Chaos Spears, Sunny! Ya almost took my head off!" Statyx while sparring with Sunny

"Hey there, Shelly! I haven't seen you in a while!" Statyx meeting up with Shelly

Extreme Gear

Surprisingly, Statyx's shoes, whose title is Green Storm, actually qualify as Skate-Type Gear, which gives him both Grind and Flight abilities. His shoes are specially designed to run on the near infinite amount of electricity in his body, allowing him to hover over surfaces (such as water), fly at high-speeds, though not as fast as his land speed, and walk on vertical surfaces through electromagnetism.


Speed: 3/4

Power: 2/4

Dash: 3/4

Curve: 3/4


Speed: 5

Power: 2.5

Stamina: 2.5

Skill: 4.5


  • It Doesn't Matter - This describes how, right or wrong, Statyx will fight for what he believes in. In Sonic Quest, Statyx shares this theme with Silver.
  • Dreams of an Absolution-Remix[1]
  • Sweet Victory by David Glen Eisley - This song describes Statyx's will to fight for his friends.
  • Bet on It by Zac Effron - This song shows how, despite his faults, Statyx will protect what he cares about.
  • Eye of the Tiger by Survivor - This song describes how Statyx was before he met Sonic & friends, and how he's gotten past Team Wolfe's betrayal.
  • Into the Night by Santana[2] - Statyx's relationship with Blaze and how it helped him are described by this song.
  • Kryptonite by Three Doors Down[3]
  • Someday by Nickelback[4] - This song describes Statyx's friendship with Echo and how he tries to help her. This is his main theme in Sonic: Equalized.


While not having a large audience, Statyx has had an almost entirly positive reception, well-like by almost all of the people who know of him. User:Schoolbus13 has said this about Statyx: "Seemingly, I find this character very impressive. There have been NO Sonic characters to date with any electrokinesis, and he is on par with Shadow when it comes to Chaos powers. This is the most powerful fan character I have seen here (other than my own). Basically, it was a nice work Kagimizu!" It is hoped that in the future Statyx will recieve a larger audience sometime in the future.

Statyx has also become somewhat well-known on the comedy circuit, seen often in the latest episodes of Tip of the Day and The Life and Times of Silver the Hedgehog series, and even having his own comedy series in Statyx Comedy Moments.


  • Statyx's real name is not actually 'Statyx'. However, his real name is well-kept secret that Statyx goes to great lengths to hide, even erasing it from G.U.N. Databanks. The only two other living people that know his real name is Fou the Phoenix, Statyx's best friend, and Blaze the Cat, his girlfriend.
  • The fact that he can't speak japanese properly is a joke on the fact that the main SEGA Branch is in Japan.
  • The reason Statyx weighs an extra 2 pounds is because his arm braces weigh 1lb. each.
  • Despite Statyx being shocked whenever he comes into contact with water, he can walk through snowy and icy terrain with ease.
  • Curiously, Statyx's Chaos Blast is blue, as opposed to Shadow's red.
  • A running gag is that Statyx is often "accused" (i.e. joked about) of reading romance novels. However, Statyx denies this, saying he is a "natural romanticist".
  • Despite Silver being Statyx's arch-rival, Statyx shares Dreams of an Absolution with him as a theme song. In fact, in Statyx the Hedgehog: Metal Fury, Dreams of an Absolution is revealed to be Statyx's ringtone.
  • Statyx's "Roar of Lightning" is very similiar to the Cero technique from the anime and manga series Bleach.
  • An experimental idea is that Statyx and Silver end up being related, with Statyx being Silver's ancestor. However, this idea has yet to be implemented, and whether or not it ever will be is unknown.


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