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Team Storm is a Sonic Heroes series team, comprised of Statyx, Fou, and Chaos. Their playstyle, while still high-speed, is slightly more combat-based, with more enemies that have to be taken down. Statyx is the clear leader of the team. Their Extra Missions involve defeating a certain number of enemies within a certain amount of time.

  • Speed: Statyx the Hedgehog
  • Flight: Fou the Phoenix
  • Power: Chaos

Team Move: Storm Driver: Fou uses his Flame Driver move and flies high into the air. Chaos then liquifies and covers Statyx's arms, magnifying Statyx's electric power. Statyx grabs Fou with an enhanced Lightning Whip, adding electricity to the Flame Driver, and slams Fou to the ground, causing a typhoon of fire and electricity to erupt. After using this move, each character get an "element boost" to their attacks, increasing damage.

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