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Valdez Vulture is a former G.U.N. agent, member of Team Wolfe, and a loyal subordinate of Wolfe.



While nothing is known about his life before G.U.N., it is known that he is of Spanish descent, often making references to Spanish culture and phrases. During his time as a GUN agent, Valdez became very well known, eventually being placed in a team with Wolfe, Wolfe being the leader. Valdez detested this, and challenged Wolfe for leadership. Wolfe won after a hard battle, and Valdez became unbedingly loyal to Wolfe. When Fiona, and later Statyx, joined the team, Valdez treated them with great respect as both fellow agents and teammates. However, his loyalty to Wolfe would play a part in a betrayal that would shake G.U.N to its core, and emotionally scar a young agent...


Team Wolfe would later betray G.U.N. for unknown purposes. However, before they took their leave, they sabotoged the G.U.N database, which set off an alarm. Before they could reach the exit, they were intercepted by Statyx, who not only refused to join them, but also attempted to fight them (which surprised everyone). However, they easily beat the green hedgehog and left, Valdez's words to him being "Lo siento, amigo mío, quizás la próxima vez"!




Valdez is an exctremely capable flyer, able to perform the most dangerous and risky feats with ease. As a GUN agent, he is an extremely well trained fighter, able to take down opponents larger than himself. However, his greatest weapons are his feathers. He is able to sharpen his feathers to a razor edge and use them both as close-range blades and long-range projectiles. He also speaks fluent Spanish.


Valdez could be described as "eccentric". He is often loud, block-headed, and makes jokes at the worst times. However, this merely covers his true personality as a serious, strategic, and manipulative person. Rather fittingly, this vulture takes care of the business end of Team Wolfe, such as equipment, finances, and business agreements. However, Valdez is easily surprised and panicky, often yelling Spanish frantically when things seem to go wrong. Valdez also seems to be supersticious, often speaking of the Land of the Dead and various curses or tales of old. Valdez also seems to be rather friendly and gentlemanly, speaking to others, even enemies, with a rather friendly and kind demeanor.  


Wolfe the Hunter

Valdez loyally follows Wolfe and respects his power. They are an effective team, able to defeat most enemies with ease. However, the two are not very close on personal terms, mostly because of Wolfe's personality. Wolfe's faith in Valdez's abilities has also been called into question on a few occasions.

Statyx the Hedgehog

Despite Valdez and Statyx being enemies, Valdez will often call Statyx "amigo". Valdez has no real personal dislike towards Statyx, fighting him only when he gets in the way of aa assignment. Sadly for Valdez, Statyx is apparently much stronger than him, and often deals him a quick defeat when they fight.

Fou the Phoenix

Valdez and Fou have something of a rivalry. Fou hates Valdez for betraying Statyx, while Valdez is furious that Fou thinks they can fight at the same level. However, Fou has indeed proven capable of handling Valdez on his own. This has caused it to become a sore spot for Valdez, getting a comically angry reaction when anyone mentions Fou's abilities compared to his own.

Rouge the Bat

Valdez seems to have a slight infatuation with Rouge. He will often comment on her abilities, and will hit on her whenever he gets the chance. However, Rouge always rejects him, saying, "Sorry, I'm not interested in older guys." Of course, Valdez's feelings for Rouge may be more like impressed rather than romantic. This is because when Rouge tries to distract Valdez (the only way she knows how to), Valdez will often attempt to attack her, saying "Sorry seniorita, business before romance, and I am currently on business."

Knuckles the Echidna

Valdez to Knuckles is almost like a second Sonic: an annoyance. Valdez's flirtations with Rouge seem to bother Knuckles, as he can often be seen distracted by it and visibly angry. Valdez will often mention this when fighting Knuckles, getting a comically embarrassed reaction, causing Valdez to laugh hysterically at the echidna, which in turn causes Knuckles to furiously attack the vulture, with varying results.





Memorable Quotes

 "Lo siento, amigo de mío, quizá la próxima vez!" Valdez's words to Statyx upon Team Wolfe's betrayal of G.U.N.


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