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Quotation1 Nothing is unpredictable. Everything can be calculated for. I calculate for everything. Because of that, I, could never be defeated by the likes of you! Quotation2
Wolfe the Hunter

Wolfe the Hunter (Urufu za Karyuudo) is a wolf, former elite GUN agent, and proffessional mercenary. He was also Statyx's former mentor and teammate, and is the team leader of his mercenary team, 'Team Wolfe', with members Valdez Vulture and Fiona Fox being his teammates and subordinates. Cold and calculating, Wolfe is a master of his proffession.


G.U.N. Agent

While it is unknown how or when Wolfe was recruited, he was a GUN agent long enough to be considered an elite, with him and his team being very well known. When Statyx's stasis pod was opened prematurely, it was decided that he and his teammates would train the hedgehog to be a GUN agent. While training Statyx, Wolfe eventually learned both his true purpose, and that GUN wanted to use him as a living weapon. However, Wolfe had other ideas...

Betrayal of GUN

After explaining what he had found out to Fiona and Valdez, they all agreed that they would do something. The three decided to betray GUN in order to bring out what Statyx could really do. They did this under the guise of sabatoging GUN databanks, and attempted to retreat, until Statyx interfered. Wolfe offered to let Statyx join them, but, just as Wolfe calculated, Statyx refused. However, Wolfe hadn't calculated that Statyx would actually fight them. Fortunately, the three of them easily defeated the inexperienced hedgehog, and Wolfe left Statyx with words that would affect him for years...


Team Wolfe spent years as mercenaries, their reputation growing until they became some of the most wanted fugitives of GUN. Soon enough, they would find themselves under the employment of a mad scientist, meeting an old face and new ones, and Wolfe would learn he had miscalculated for a second time...

History in Fanon

It would later be revealed that Wolfe and Valdez had survived their last encounter with Statyx the Hedgehog, as they later returned under the orders of a new benefactor, with a new target: Echo the Hedgehog.


Cold and calculating, Wolfe is able to complete almost any mission with efficiency. He doesn't care what it takes to complete a mission, he simply wants it done at any cost. He maintains a cool demeanor, able to keep his calm under almost any condition. He is utterly proffesional as a mercenary, never taking a job unless the client can pay full price, with only one exception to date.

However, this changes entirely under a full moon. During this time, Wolfe remains a calculating tactitian, but that is the only thing that remains the same. He becomes a sadistic and merciless psychopath, taking every chance to cause to cause terror and pain. He can't rest until he has a true battle, and even then, will continue with the fight until he can't move a single part of his body.

Despite all of this, Wolfe is still a loyal and trustworthy leader, who his team has absolute faith in. He also dislikes seeing defenseless people hurt (a trait he passed on to Statyx). However, instead of protecting people, he believes that they should either learn to protect themselves, or they deserve any possible consequences.


Despite being the Power-Type of Team Wolfe, Wolfe is shockingly fast, able to keep up with Speed-Type characters like Statyx and Sonic. His strength is surprising too, able to rival even Knuckles, able to hold up massive boulders with one hand. As a former elite GUN agent, Wolfe is highly trained in advanced combat abilities and weapons use. His most notable ability however is to 'control the shadows'. He is able to concentrate and control 'Shadow energy' and use it in numerous ways. He typically does this by launching waves of energy from his claws in a slashing motion. He can also do this with his feet in a kicking motion, giving him great versatility with this ability. However, he can use this power in numerous other ways, such as camoflouge within Shadows, or solidify it, allowing him to create pathways and footholds.

During a full moon, Wolfe's body is mutated. His body almost doubles in height and muscular mass. This gives him greatly amplified strength, speed and endurance.

His Shadow abilities and furousity are also greatly increased, making him an even more dangerous opponent than normal.


Despite all of his great abilities, Wolfe has weaknesses as well. He is a meticulous planner, and while his plans rarely go off track, he will lose some of his composure when they do, becoming hot-headed and impatient. This can be used against him during a battle. His Shadow powers can be counteracted as well, shown when Statyx did just that with his electric powers.

During the full moon when he is most powerful, he is also at his most vulnerable. His normally cool and calm demeanor is replaced by a rash and aggressive mindset. This allows someone to play mindgames on the Wolf, getting him to burn up his own energy, leaving him weakened and easy to beat.


Overall, Wolfe has a very intimidating appearence. He has mostly steely Silver fur which covers his arms, legs, and body. His muzzle is a chestnut color, and his eyes are a sharp golden-yellow in color. He wears unique black gloves that reveal his fingers and claws. His head fur forms three pointed spines, looking very similiar to Espio's. He has white fur on his stomach, with a tuft of white fur on his chest (like Shadow's). His tail is also large, looking similiar to one of Tails' tails.


Statyx the Hedgehog

Wolfe has a complicated relationship with Statyx. While Wolfe shows respect to his former teammate and student, he will attack Statyx full-force in order to complete his objective. However, Wolfe is interested to see Statyx's full potential, and in order to do so, betrayed him, in order to give him something to work towards. Statyx is more than happy to show Wolfe what he's made of, but numerous moments have kept them from their fight.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Wolfe sees Sonic as an interesting individual. While Wolfe believes that everything can be planned for, Sonic's determination and personality have proven him wrong, making Sonic a foil to Wolfe. Because of this, Wolfe has made it one of his top priorities to take down this 'wild card', before he can interfere with Wolfe's plans.

Valdez Vulture

Valdez is one of Wolfe's closest teammates. Valdez is one of the few people that Wolfe trusts completely, sending him on various missions. Despite this mutual trust, the two are not especially close, due to Wolfe's personality. What's more, Wolfe's faith in Valdez's abilities has been brought into question, with Wolfe planning several back-up plans should Valdez run into any trouble.

Fiona Fox

Fiona is another one of Wolfe's teammates. Wolfe has a teacher-student relationship with her, giving her advice, but also pointing out her short-comings, if only to get her to improve on them. Despite this, Wolfe and Fiona's relationship is almost completely proffesional, once again because of Wolfe's cold personality.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Wolfe has a fairly anagonistic relationship with Shadow. Wolfe often tries to mess with Statyx mentally, which in turn earns Wolfe Shadow's wrath. Because Shadow tries to keep Wolfe away from Statyx, the two have clashed more than once.

Dr. Eggman

Wolfe's relation to the doctor is strictly proffesional. While the doctor did hire them as subordinates, Wolfe refuses to take any lip from the doctor, reminding him that Team Wolfe serves them solely out of their own benefit.

Fan Character Relationships

Echo the Hedgehog

As Wolfe's latest target, Wolfe feels nothing except a need to nuetralize the target. Despite this, Wolfe feels that he and Echo are very similiar, much to Echo's disgust. Wolfe feels that, despite his boss' orders to take her seriously, Echo is not much of a threat, as his shadow powers are able to counteract her sound powers.

Isoka Wolfhound

Wolfe feels that, while Isoka could make an excellent mercenary, she simply doesn't have what it takes. This is because, as he sees it, she serves her masters out of desperation and approval, rather than out of pure proffession. Nonetheless, Wolfe realises that she does indeed have the instinct to kill, and will occasionally give her pointers, much to Isoka's delight.


  • Team Wolfe
    • Valdez Vulture
    • Fiona Fox
  • Any benefactor
  • Statyx the Hedgehog (former)


  • Statyx the Hedgehog (nemesis and Arch-Rival)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (foil)
  • Fou the Phoenix
  • G.U.N.
  • Benefactor's enemies
  • Echo the Hedgehog (fan made)

Memorable Quotes



  • Wolfe has a few things in common with Silver the Hedgehog:
  1. Their fur is both colored silver
  2. They both have yellow eyes
  3. They are both determined to complete their goals
  4. They are both rivals of Statyx the Hedgehog
  • Wolfe's Shadow powers seem to work alot like Chaos Powers. However, they have no relation to Chaos Energy whatsoever.
  • Wolfe's transformation during a full moon is an obvious reference to werewolf legends.


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