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Quotation1 Do you remember when your farther told you not to mess with things you don't understand? He was talking about me. Don't mess with me. Quotation2 -- SHIFT intoducing himself.

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At first glance, SHIFT would apear to be a gangly robot with a malfunctioning proccessor. SHIFT does little to discredit this view of himself. In fact, he encorages it, as the true version of himself is much more bizare. Beneath the robotic shell SHIFT is actualy an electrical organism. The nature of his being alows him to 'possess' different macines, controlling them from within. It is unclear if this is just his natural condition or if this the result of an experiment. No-one knows if even SHIFT is clear about his origens.

He arrived mysteriosly in Dr. Eggman's base with no explanation as to how he got there. He insisted that he was Eggmans first liutenant and most trusted soldier. Eggman dismised him as a malfunctioning robot and ignored him. SHIFT kept trying to prove his worth to the doctor by destroying defective egg-bots and presenting the destroyed bodies to his 'master.'

SHIFT eventualy managed to gain Eggman's confidence when he quelled an uprising against him, staged by Metal Sonic. Though this gained him a place at Eggman's right hand, it also gained him a bitter rivaly with the mechanical hedgehog.


SHIFT's personality is unpredictable at the best of times. At one moment he can be a silent enforcer to Eggman's will, the next a cackling mad man, filling the air with plasma and rockets. He also has a tendacy to be very over-dramatic and can behave very eraticaly. This can cause his foes not to take him seriously, which he exploits to the full.

His fighting style reflects his instability. He seemingly teleports randomly around the area, firing various projectiles as he does, ocaisonaly coming in close to slash at a foe. His savage ferocity in battle can be a weaknes, as he can often lose his focus in the heat of battle. A cunning foe can use this to thier advantage.

His greatest strength, and weakness, is his tenacity, never giving up, even if the odds are stacked sevearly against him. He has been known to take on upto six foes at once. This could be because of his fanatic loyalty to the doctor, a corrupted sence of honour, or he could be suffering from delusions of immortality. He has been heard saying "Not even death himself can take me!" His brute force aproach to situations, coupled with his unpredictable ferocity, make him an opponenet to be wary of.


SHIFT is a master of Chaos Control. He can teleport at will without the aid of a choas emerald, open portals and, when given access to a large enough power supply, teleport vast amounts of objects. As well as his mastery of chaos control, SHIFT is able to perform 'mechanical possession'. Due to his strange biology, he can enter the processor of a robot, over ride it's conciousness and take control of the unfortunate mechanoid. The robot retains little to no memory after the possession.


Dr. Eggman

SHIFT follows his master without question and wihout hesitation. If the doctor gives him an order he will follow it to the letter, even if it costs him his life. He 'knows' that eventualy Eggman will conquer the world, and he will do all in his power to prove his loyalty to be at his right hand when he does. This being said, he still enjoys working independanly when the oppertunity arises.

Shadow the Hedgehog

SHIFT hates Shadow with a passion. He dispises him and all of the ultimate life forms for unknown reasons, vowing to destroy them all.

Shelly the Hedgehog

SHIFT admires Shelly's power and combat prowess, but dosn't understand why she defected. He belives that he can convert "E- 16 Sigma" back to the Eggman Empire given enough time, but SHIFT also recognises that she seems to have an iron will. If his conversion of the hedgehog fails, SHIFT would have no problem presenting her 'deactivated' body to his master.

Emerl the Gizoid

SHIFT holds an even more extreme hatred of the Gizoid, Emerl. Eggman suspects that this is because of Emerl's defection, but the truth is far stranger...

Miles "Tails" Prower

SHIFT seems to veiw Tails as the ultimate threat to the Eggman Empire. Regognising his prowess with machines, he fears that someday he will out invent Eggman. SHIFT feels it is his duty to neuralise the fox by any means necessary. Dispite this, he views Tails' abilities with great respect and even admiration.

E- 123 Omega

SHIFT views Omega as a defective unit that must be either reprogramed or destroyed, prefering the latter. He views him as weak because of his siding with Shadow and Rouge.

Knuckles the Echidna

SHIFT holds a deep respect for Knuckles as the 'last' of his clan, but will not hesitate to destroy him if he interferes with Eggman's plans.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Dispite Dr. Egman's hatred of Sonic, SHIFT seems fairly indifferent towards him, even ignoring him. He acknowledges that he is a threat to the Eggman Empire and his plans, but shows now intrest in him besides keeping him out of Eggman's way.

Noname the Hero

SHIFT enjoys taunting no name when ever possible with overdramatic threats . Intrigued by Noname's unknown heritage, he hopes to one day perfom a biopsy or, better yet, a dissection to catalogue what spicies he truly is.

Never the Dove

SHIFT dispises Never continuously calling her powers magic. He views it as 'chaos manipulation,' and has threatened to destroy her if she dosn't correct herself.

Jezz the Hedgehog

SHIFT dislikes Jezz for causing so much havoc with the multiverse, even more havoc than Sonic. He also claims that he and Jezz have an intertwined past, though Jezz cares little about the mechanical mad-man's claims.

Milo the Echidna

SHIFT and Milo have a fierce rivalry, even though they have only clased once as of yet. Because of Milo's Nocturne hratage, that he spotted instantly, SHIFT has a deep hatred for Milo, and Milo hates SHIFT for his apparent murdering of many of his anccestors (though SHIFT has claimed to have killed many noctunes, inculding some of the Domascus family, none of it can be proved either way). Dispite this rivalry, however, SHIFT has respect for the young echidna's power, though he thinks that Milo has yet to achive his full potential. If Milo unlocks his latent abbilities, SHIFT belives that he could become a devastating force to be recconed with. Unless he stops him now...

Character themes

"What have you done" - Within Temptation
"Eggman's Theme" - Sonic 06 (shared with Eggman)

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I am currently working as a voice actor for Sonic Heroes 2 as the diabolical Doctor Eggman, and as his side-kick, the sinister SHIFT. This is going to be the most awsome fan-game ever ^_^ I sugest you check it out.

I'm also writing a storyboards/scripts for the official prequel comic. You can see the un-eddited first 6 issues here.

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