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March 8, 2009

"Impossible Feat, ultimate ninja power"

"What you see is what you get, just a guy who loves adventures"

Me and other Wiki's

I am mostly active on the FF wiki beacuse there more sophisticated and beacuse the games are far better. I came here beacuse I saw how much the wiki was failing so I took the liberty of creating a account and try to improve this place

About Me

Hey..sup..... MasterTheif here as I am also called by this name on the FFwiki. Besides Sonic I play games such as Zelda Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. I also find drawing a hobby for me since I do it whenever im bored (which is basically a hobby right?).

While im very fond of the sonic games, the truth is that I think the whole franchise has become an empty shell of its former self, it once had great games, 2 great cartoons (not including undergrond), and relatively cool fanbase. It has now become a franchise of average to medicore games, a terrible fanbase, an awful anime, sh**ty fan recolors, and awful gimmicks.

Here was my faithful fan beggining with the blue hedgehog.

Well my first experience playing a sonic game was when my cousin bought sonic 2 on her genesis, I dont really recall this experience since I was extremely young at the time, the only distnct feature I can recall was the music,it kicked a**!!!

My first real experience with the series was with Sonic Adventure and of course I loved it, I mostly played as sonic since he whad the fastest and best gameplay, Tails second since he was similar to sonic, then Knuckles beacuse I found his treasure hunting stages interesting, and the rest I didnt give two sh*ts about, Gamma was boring to me, Amy sucked, and dare I mention Big the Cat?

Then came Sonic Adventure 2 which can be described in one word "awesome" . Amy,Gamma,and Big (thank god) were taken out, Sonic was made even faster and given a new dark rival Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles also had a new seductive rival named Rouge the Bat, an for the first time you got to take control of Doctor Eggman. I thought the story was friggin epic, and the final battle was I mean there were parts that just made your heart stop, like when sonic was sent in that capsule hurtling toward the planet, and everybody thought he had died, or when Super Sonic and Super Shadow stopped the ARK and shadow had sacrificed his life in the process, that was what made you

Sonic Heroes was next for me, and it wihtout a doubt is my favorite 3D Sonic game of all time, why? Beacuse it sticks to its roots more than another 3D Sonic game before or after it. Think about it, in the next game their holding guns, then he saving princesses, then hes turning into a werehog, and now hes holding a sword. Sonic heroes gives you that rush of nostalga, you know checkered hills,springs,loops,boxes, and not to mention this game marks the return of four character classics from the good ol days, Espio,Charmy,Vector, and Metal Sonic. The three team gameplay was fun and innovative and the levels were large and diverse.

Next was Shadow the Hedgehog and while everyone hated it I thought it was ok, yea the guns and cursing was out of place but hell the spped was still there and there were plenty of levels to explore some have helper charcters to give you advice around the stages , people like Sonic,Eggman,Amy,Tails,Rouge,Omega,the Chaotix,and even Maria. The music of great (what can you expect from Crush 40), and the FMMVs were great. But the sh**ty voices, inconsistent levels,slippery controls, and confusing story didnt help the game. Its just average in my opinion.


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Sonic Heroes Review *Finally completed*

Stories from the Special Zone Archive

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Genesis) *April Fools Joke*

The Evolution and Deevolution of the Sonic Fanbase Under Construction

Favorite Characters

Espio: Beacuse he is a ninja and ninjas are awesome

Knuckles: Because I am inspired by his sense of duty to the Master Emerald, well at least I was, Sega has completly ruined knuckles. He went from sonic's greatest rival and spiritual gaurdian of the master emerald, to Sonic's dumb muscle and dosent give to sh*ts about his duty anymore.

Tikal: Though she hasnt apeared in many games theres just something I like about her, shes kind, caring, has a tragic story, could be a replacement for knuckles as a love intrest, that way Rouge gets Shadow and everyone is happy. And come on how else is the Echidna race supposed to survive (heh).

Metal Sonic: Beacuse hes a badass underappreciated villian that only got into the spotlight two times, everything about him is just awesome,the way he looks, his powers and abilites,his voice,his adittude and intentions, and his overall badassery, my personal favorite villian of Sonic

Sonic: Main character, duh.

Major Contributions

Creating the Sonic Dash Quiz article.

Stories From the Special Zone (6/18/10)

Ah, E3 the most joyful time of the year, where gamers young and old can congreate to look at the lastest games that will make you cry, jump for joy, or wet your pants.

Here I will talk the about the showings at E3 that has caught my eye.


My first attempt to make a userbox

Sonic Running This user can run faster than the speed of sound

Other Aliases

Crysore (TSSZ News)

Soniman32 (Youtube)

Mastertheif43 (FFWiki)

When talking to me

  • Please dont tell me about your Fan Character that probably took 5 minitues to make on MS paint, beacuse I really dont care.
  • Try to use full sentences none of that "i have smomething 4 u" crap, I hate it and tells me you need to finish grammar school.

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