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September 5, 2010

Hi I am a big fan of Sonic, I like Blaze the best, but I do most of my work on Warriors wiki, but SONIC IS STILL THE BEST!

A link to Warriors wiki (mypage)

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I have an idea for SEGA, like a sonic idea, well i am going to write a book about it.

Jeez I dont go on this wiki much cuz no one talks to me (so watever) and nothing for me to do, I do more on Warriors wiki making chararts. And well i am a girl so I dont like my friends knowing that I like Sonic =P.

Somes are miss spelled, i am to lazy to fix them.

About Me

Yes my name is Melodie, I love music, I like Three days grace, pillar, nightwish, linkin park and sometimes Evanscence. I love the warriors book, I also love the color purple and black. I am known as nice, an artist =D and a loner. I love rock music and NOTHING will change that =D, I love sonic stuff, i used to read about it all day, but I got into Warriors a bit more.

Personal Info

  • Username: Melodie இಌஇ Lucero / Blazeheart (I log in with facebook =P)
  • Real Name: Melodie _________ (Lucero is my last name, to much info?)
  • Gender: Female (duh)
  • Age: 12-14 My b-day is coming
  • Birthday: May 21th
  • Location: Somewhere on earth XD (Canada, BC)
  • Hobbies: Reading, art, writeing books, hockey, soccer, video games (heh heh...), and drawing,


  • Season: Winter or Spring.
  • Colours: Purple, Black, blue, black (goth chick XD)
  • Books: Warriors (duh), The chronicles of Narina, Holes, other (etc.).
  • Food: Pizza
  • TV: DN Angel
  • What I like: Sonic stuff (Loved it since I was 5 XD), pokemon =D, Warriors, and MUSIC <3

Warriors (some books I write)

Blazeheart's beginning, Nightmist's story. Original Series (YAY!)

Earth and Leaf,Secret of the lake,First leader,Route to shadow,Shadows route,Eternal Origin,Battle in the stars (no proof of copyright).

New beginning

Blue time,Purple space,Black planet,White stars,Fiery sun,Silver moon,Gold heart.

Journey to the end

Sunbreak,Nightfall,Moonshine,Return of the snow,Winters biss,Demolish fact,Nightmare.

Guides: Heavens gate (When cats go to Starclan),Stars in the sky (Secrets of the clans), Dawn in the camp (Clan territories and camps), Known furball (Cats of the clans and info)

"battle in the stars", will it be a new book?, if not, can i have the name?

Thoughts on Other Users

  • Blazefrost: Awesome friend, she is nice and loves the same band as me, but she always needs charart :)
  • Stongaze:Awesome dude, we dont talk much but good guy you know? XD
  • Wildheart7: First person I met on wiki, she is nice, and made me a siggie and a charart, well cause mine needs a better look XD
  • Frostheart: Annoying but nice, she cant go on wiki that much... oh well
  • Myself: Had a torn up life and ended up like this...
Fav mottos
[1] It is a fate that forces me to live with my curse... my flames... because of my powers I have always been alone... it's also why I must do this alone... it is my responsibility! [2]
Games I finshed
Sonic pinball
Sonic heros
Sonic Adventure
Sonic 3
Sonic rush
Sonic battle
Sonic Adventure DX (finshed it 357 times!)
Sonic Riders
Sonic and the black knight
Sonic and the secret rings
Sonic 2006
Sonic 2
Sonic 1
Sonic 3D blast
Sonic and Mario at the olypimc games



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