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April 24, 2011
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Quotation1 When the goin' gets tough, ya gotta Wang Chung tonight. Quotation2

About Me

I'm Batman.


Metal Shadow: The Ultimate Robot - This signature was made by DarkFuture for me. Thanks, man!

Lightning the Hedgehog: The Electricity Master - This is another signature made by DarkFuture for me. Thanks again!

Lightning the Hedgehog - New signature made by Bullet Francisco.

MetalMickey272 - Another awesome signature made by Bullet Francisco. Thanks again!

The Ultimate Goal in My Life That If I Don't Succeed At My Life Will be Meaningless and stuff.

Beating Minesweeper.



NOTE: I'm very shy, so if you want to be my friend, I may not ask, so you can ask me instead. I practically accept every friend request. ANOTHER NOTE: Unlike most people, who either put a list of their best friends, I most likely won't. This is because I see all my friends as great and awesome friends. That, and it's difficult to decide who are my best friends, because I don't want any of my friends feelings hurt if they're not one of my best friends.

Anyway, this is a list of users who are my friends, acquaintances, allies, and the like.


  • Everyone here and an egg.


Fan Characters

I own quite a number of Sonic fan characters, though I've only made articles for two of those characters. Here is Lightning the Hedgehog's article and Maim the Hedgehog's article.

Comic Series

I also own a comic series on the SNN. Since most comics that are found on here are sprite comics, I decided to bring a unique drawn comic series on the wiki. It's called When Wacky Worlds Collide, and you can find the page about it here. Also, on that page, you can find links to the that the comic series has produced so far.

Metal Metal

My robot form, Metal Metal:
Metal Metal

Metal Metal!!111!!!!1!!

Chat Events

My Meme: Double Epic Mickey

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