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Quotation1 I worry about their mental health sometimes. Quotation2
Susie the Chipmunk (Volume 8, Issue 6)
When Wacky Worlds Collide is a
When Wacky Worlds Collide Title Screen
drawn comic series made by MetalShadow272, created on May 6, 2012. The entire comic series stars MetalShadow272's Sonic fan character Lightning the Hedgehog, along with MetalShadow272's original character Kippy the Chipmunk. In this series, it will show what the two characters do during their free time, and what crazy and wacky antics and adventures they get into, all shown in a hilarious way.

The comic has been a computer-drawn comic since it was first released on May 6, 2012. As of February 5, 2013, however, the comic has officially become a hand-drawn comic. 

STATUS: Cancelled


Though this is unexplained in the comic (so far), before the events of this entire comic series began, there was a mysterious, powerful, universal being that started to combine universes, merging them into one universe. The first two universes to be tested on were the Fanon Universe, where everything that a fan of a series comes up with comes to life, and the Universe of Things to Come, where the ideas of people who plan to use them for future purposes live out their own lives.

These universes are very different from one another. The main differences were that the residents of the Fanon Universe weren't going to be used for anything in particular, but for the joy and amusement of their creators, and to show off the creator's creativity. The residents that reside in this universe are called "fan characters."

The Universe of Things to Come, however, has residents that hold future potential for incredible things. The residents of this universe aren't created as fan characters for a certain series; they're created for their own series. However, they will reside there until their creator makes their ideas come true. Once they accomplish this, their characters move from this universe to their own universe. If their creator doesn't accomplish this by the end of their lifetime, their characters and their ideas disappear forever, never to be seen again. The residents of this universe are called "original characters."

These two universes were the first to be combined, and right when these universes collided, it caused a fateful meeting between two people that would change their lives forever: Lightning the Hedgehog, fan character, and Kippy the Chipmunk's, original character, first encounter.

Ever since that fateful day, the two have become best friends, and have made many new friends, allies, and enemies ever since then. And the longer they've stayed together, the more universes have combined into one, most notably the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.


Main Characters

  • Lightning the Hedgehog - A super speedy hedgehog with the ability to use numerous electricity-based powers, and the main protagonist of the comic series. He met Kippy unexpectedly during one of his runs, and the two have become best friends ever since. While Lightning can tend to be a bit comical at numerous occasions, he sometimes provides a serious attitude and an often-ignored voice of reason to the antics of Kippy. But other than his sometimes serious attitude, he has been shown to be almost exactly like Kippy.
  • Kippy the Chipmunk - "The Fat Chipmunk" himself, Kippy is the deuteragonist of the comic series. He's a fat chipmunk who's only goal in life is to be happy and have fun, which usually makes him pull numerous pranks to everyone (sometimes they backfire on him). While Kippy may not look like it, he has numerous abilities you wouldn't expect from a person of his size, shape, and weight, and he is far more intelligent than it seems. He mostly serves as comic relief in the series. And if there's one super ability that Kippy has in his arsenal, it's his unpredictability. In the future, MetalShadow272 plans to use Kippy for a future cartoon series that he hopes will be one of the greatest modern cartoons ever, and the only person that can make this future happen is Kippy himself, so MetalShadow272 would greatly appreciate if no one would steal Kippy and characters from his series.
  • George the Chao - A chao who has a nack for making the impossible possible, he serves at the tritagonist of the series. First appearing in Volume 2, George has become a close friend to Lightning and Kippy and a resident in their home. To people who first meet him, George appears to be a lunatic, but as you get to know him, you wouldn't want George any other way. And George himself feels the same way. George values his differences, and views being unique compared to others as the greatest gift of all time. While George may not have any noticeable physical features on him to separate him from the rest of his species, you know it's George when he makes a face. No face can compare to George's.

Supporting Characters

These are characters who have appeared and have had some kind of role in the comic.

  • Destiny "Maim" Anna the Hedgehog: A red/pink hedgehog with a twisted past and a jet pack which can reveal hundreds of useful weapons and tools for any type of situation. She first met Lightning when she was kidnapped by Eggman's robots so they could take her jet pack, which is a unique piece of technology. She has since become Lightning's girlfriend and one of his best friends. She is extremely smart for her age, and she is a weapons expert and an expert when it comes to a fight, which makes her one though woman you don't want to mess with. In the comic series, she usually appears when there's a situation going on, or just to visit the three main characters.
  • Susie the Chipmunk: A former princess who once lived in a far away kingdom, which is presumed to be destroyed after an attack of a rogue life form Eggman created. She met Lightning, Kippy, and George when they turned into super heroes, and she gave them a welcome that was less than warm. But after being with Kippy for a night, she learned to lighten up to the wacky trio, and she currently lives with the three along with Kippy's dog, Barf. She currently holds the title as Kippy's first girlfriend. Susie is a very sweet and friendly by nature, but she has a sort temper and can become quite aggressive rather quickly. She is very speculative, and won't trust someone she meets immediately. Also, despite being a spoiled princess whose never been outside her castle, Susie is a very strong young woman. Lightning and Kippy try to make sure they don't get on her bad side. She belongs to Kippy's future cartoon series (The Fat Chipmunk), and is therefore property of MetalShadow272. 
  • Trinity the Chao - A female chao who is the only daughter of Chao Yoda. Not much is known about her at the moment besides the fact that she is George's first love interest, and the two share a close friendship and a friendly rivalry.
  • Skip the Spant - An original character that's property of MetalShadow272, and belongs to the series that Kippy will be a part of (The Fat Chipmunk). Skip is a half-spider, half-ant, and an overgrown one at that. He is Kippy's best friend, and is one of the smartest characters in the series. Kippy often goes to Skip when he has an idea, or a prank. Skip, like Lightning, tries to provide an often-ignored voice of reason and tried to get out of these, but when you're the best friend of Kippy the Chipmunk, it can be pretty hard to refuse that kind of offer. Skip also enjoys having a good time, and accepts any chance to have fun. Despite being a smart guy who thinks everything he says is right, Skip is one of the most adventurous and daring friends Kippy has, going to the extreme to do the things even Kippy isn't willing to do. Without Skip, Kippy wouldn't be the guy that he is today.
  • Barf the Dog - An original character that's property of MetalShadow272, and belongs to the series that Kippy, Skip, and R-WIN will be a part of (The Fat Chipmunk). Barf is Kippy's pet dog, and a mean one at that. He has an ax that can appear out of nowhere. He can be very mature, even more mature than his owner, and is extremely strong and tough. He communicates by random sounds that dogs make, but he can understand English perfectly. Being one of the more mature characters in the series, it's Barf's job to make sure his owner and his owner's friends don't get into a situation that they can't get out of. But Barf can be very aggressive at times, and even more aggressive when he has his ax. One of his comical abilities is chopping people's heads off, and they won't have any injuries. Despite his seriousness, aggressiveness, and maturity, Barf secretly enjoys having a good time, especially with his canine companions. He’s also has plenty of heart, as he will take in stray animals and care for them when his owner isn’t looking.
  • Claws the Lion - A powerful lion who was Lightning's first friend in the present timeline, and is also Lightning's best friend (when Kippy's not around). Claws is a very brave lion, who's quick on his feet and has strong fists that can break through stone, but he's also a big scaredy cat, only becoming brave when he needs to be. He's also not as bright as most of his friends. Along with his abilities, such as a huge roar, powerful punches, high jumping abilities, powerful jaws, and others, Claws can also extend his claws, to the point where they're extremely long. He can use them to attack enemies from far away, block enemy attacks, and slash through things with incredible force. Claws is mainly a loner (probably because he lived most of his life alone), but he does visit his friends occasionally, but not that often.
  • R-WIN - An orignal character that's property of MetalShadow272, and belongs to the series that Kippy and Skip will be a part of (The Fat Chipmunk). R-WIN is a robot created by Kippy, who used random household appliances to build him. He used blow driers for rockets in R-WIN's back, metal boxes for R-WIN's head and body, toy binoculars for R-WIN's eyes, toy robotic claws for R-WIN's arms, etc. R-WIN has a similar appearance to Kippy, and shares some of his personality. And while Kippy has the ability of unpredictability, R-WIN can take that to the extreme very much. He views the Tooth Fairy as the source of all evil, and goes on various hunts to find her. He can poke out multiple weapons and objects out of his arm, and even things can come out of his eyes and head. He also has a square at the bottom of his body that has a yellow face, and can show what emotions R-WIN is feeling. He comes up with the most ridiculous plans ever, going from super dangerous to super stupid. But no matter how many times people refuse to go with R-WIN in his plans, he literally drags people into them. R-WIN is also a unique robot, with abilities like going to the bathroom, eating and drinking things, crying, etc, making him more human than an actual robot.

Sonic News Network Fan/Original Characters

Along with my own fan characters and original characters, there have been many times where I have used fan characters and original characters with the permission of the Sonic News Network users. There is a major difference between fan characters and original characters: Fan characters are characters that are used in the fan fiction of a certain franchise, while original characters have no relation to any franchise, but is a character created from a user's own imagination. In order for your fan character (like Lightning) and/or your original character to have a part in a comic, whether it be major role or simple cameo, you must discuss it with MetalShadow272. Characters that have appeared are as listed:

Sonic the Hedgehog Characters

Along with fan characters and original characters from across the Sonic News Network, there have been several Sonic characters seen throughout the comics. Here are the ones.


You can't have a great story without an antagonist! When Wacky Worlds Collide is full of them, some being the ones you least expect them to be. These inlcude:

  • Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Classic and Modern)
  • Lightning's Pants
  • The Egg Monstrosity
  • Cheese
  • Orbot
  • Cubot
  • Chao Yoda (fake)
  • Hattswell (Hattswell & Purcy and all related characters © SplashTheHedgehog)
  • Big the Cat
  • Destiny "Maim" Anna the Hedgehog - While legitimately one of the heroes, Maim has been seen going against what the main protagonists are trying to do, making it difficult for them to succeed. This is because Maim is doing the right thing, while the protagonists think they are. She's not a villain, but has antagonized the heroes on more than one occasion, giving her a minor "antagonist" role.

Pop Culture References

As stated in the Story section of this article, throughout the comic series, many different universes have been slowly combining into one. This has caused many references to different franchises to be in this comic, sometimes even having characters from different franchises make appearances. The most common references you can find are from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and from cartoon-related media. But there have been many other references to pop culture, so keep your eyes peeled!


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