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December 15, 2009
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Hyper sonic

Check out my webcomic. Updates are Mon-Fri...I mean, whenever I actually feel like it.

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Quotation1 Y'know I used to be just like you! An elitist snob who looks down on everyone around him! Well I've changed! Now I'm a snob who only looks down on some people! ...Anyway, there's a lesson in there! I'm just not sure where... Quotation2
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It's a rainy day...

Welcome to my page, now that you're here, I'd just like to say...

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I've never seen a stranger person than this guy


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Yeah, I grow flowers.

I am a quiet, shy and desperately lonely person. People call me an emo, and I suppose I wouldn't disagree with this. I make sprite comics and play video games because I have nothing better to do with my free time, and log onto SNN because I have no friends to talk to. I like to go running to stay fit, something I picked up as a kid, playing Sonic games. I'm a pretty vain person and think highly of my own appearance (well, when ya look like me, you would too). I laugh quietly, in a "Heh heh heh" tone. I'm vengeful, cold and unforgiving; if you achieve the difficult task of making me angry, don't believe that the conflict between us will end anytime soon. I'm stereotyped as a knife-loving sadist who is attracted to blood, listens to metal music, wears black, and hates life. This is not 100% true though. I'm just misunderstood.


I have 18,818 edits

I have 5,529 mainspace edits

Phrases I use/like

"One sword keeps another in sheath."
—Inspirational quote from MGR...okay, it's only here 'cause of the sword ref :/
"Beauty is temporary. Love is eternal."
—My thoughts on people who only like someone due to their looks.
"Memories are more than just sounds and pictures. They exist between the sounds, between the pictures."
—Took me a while to truly understand this one.
"What others think of you is of no regard. All that matters is what you think of yourself."
—We shouldn't always be obsessed with what everyone else's opinions are because at the end of the day, they don't matter.
"Define "insert word here"."
—I say this too much...
"The caged bird sings with a fearful shrill, of things unknown but longed for still."
—Inspirational quote from the poem "I know why the Caged Bird sings".
"Damn it Drones!"
—Whenever I'm feeling upset or disappointed with my best friend...
"If you choose your destiny, your altered destiny will never return to how it was."
—Trust me...I understand this you?

Pages I've created

  1. Wario (I was unreigstered, but I can provide proof)
  2. Egg Vacuum
  3. Jet Booster
  4. Espio the Chameleon/Artwork Gallery
  5. Blue Falcon
  6. Chaos Boost
  7. Emerald Shards
  8. Night Babylon
  9. Gimme Shelter
  10. Wave the Swallow (Archie)
  11. Sunset Hill
  12. Ocean Base
  13. Toy Kingdom
  14. Cannon's Core
  15. Time Break
  16. Speed Break
  17. Heavy Dog
  18. Gail Meteor
  19. Cosmic Wall
  20. Pirate Storm
  21. Magic Lamp
  22. Mad Space
  23. Deep Core
  24. Shield of Light
  25. Battle Highway
  26. Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted
  27. Chaos Nightmare
  28. Hyper Flash
  29. Triangle Dive
  30. Levitate
  31. Fire Dunk
  32. Invisibility
  33. Climb
  34. Healing
  35. Copycat
  36. Bomb Unit


  1. Template:Item


NOTE: To date, this list is still incomplete, it also doesn't contain EVERY comic I've ever made as some were deleted and others are just too early and not good enough to show.

My Earlier Stuff

These are comics that I made while starting off. There of lower quality due to my lack of experience, but I thought I'd keep them for the hell of it.

My Return

These are from when I returned to SNN after a long hiatus. I shortly went back to comic-making and rediscovered a love for it.

Veteran Series

After finishing MobiusBound, I pretty much became a self-proclaimed veteran. This is everything that came after MobiusBound.


Comics made just for an lol.

* = Not made by me


  • Lev (for teaching me)
  • Micha/Fario
  • Gardow
  • Xeric
  • Fox Omega
  • Charity
  • Clyent Nite
  • Ryuki TH
  • Zig Sonar
  • Smithy GCN
  • Deekman
  • Daniel Sydney
  • Shyguy Kingdom
  • Spirit Database
  • Frario
  • Zeox
  • Andyvader
  • MC Katanga
  • Shadow Tails
  • Nate the Hedgehog
  • Midochaoshedgehog
  • Rudolphtheechidna
  • Grim
  • Shadow91
  • Joe T.E.
  • DBurraki
  • FroggyMudd
  • Cylent Nite
  • Gozinzolo
  • N-Finity
  • JonathanExplorer
  • Apocalypse the Hedgehog
  • Solink
  • Vortex Gamer
  • CyberShadow
  • Hypero-Blade
  • CraigTH
  • Kharana
  • Silverknuckles78
  • Master
  • Zach "Zin" Furr
  • Ryu
  • Damien
  • ShadowBot
  • SupaChao
  • SilverBot
  • Skylights
  • ?UNKOWN?
  • Drshnaps
  • Rob-fox
  • Angelglory
  • SmithyGCN
  • E79
  • Jackster (SPECIAL THANKS for the Earthbound texts)

And that's the lot

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