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December 15, 2009
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Hyper sonic

Check out my webcomic. Updates are Mon-Fri...I mean, whenever I actually feel like it.

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Quotation1 Y'know I used to be just like you! An elitist snob who looks down on everyone around him! Well I've changed! Now I'm a snob who only looks down on some people! ...Anyway, there's a lesson in there! I'm just not sure where... Quotation2
Quotation1 They say "life is a nightmare". Normally, when you open your eyes, the nightmare ends. Open your eyes fool, you don't have it that bad. Quotation2

It's a rainy day...

Welcome to my page, now that you're here, I'd just like to say...
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I've never seen a stranger person than this guy



Yeah, I grow flowers.

Strife a quiet, shy and desperately lonely person. People call him an emo, something he wouldn't necessarily disagree with. He makes sprite comics and play video games due to a lack of activities, and logs onto SNN out of the crushing hopelessness of solitude. He likes to go running to stay fit, something he picked up as a kid, playing Sonic games. He is an extremely vain person, thinking highly of my own appearance "Well, when ya look like me, you would too", according to Strife himself. Emotional, yet reserved, he is a rather unusual person, in terms of social compatibility. He laughs quietly, in a "Heh heh heh" tone. Strife is vengeful, cold and unforgiving; if one achieves the difficult task of making him angry, the conflict is unlikely to end anytime soon. He is stereotyped as a knife-loving sadist who is attracted to blood, listens to metal music, wears black, and hates life. This is not 100% true though. He is just misunderstood.
He's also a ladies man, don't judge.

N is a stupid letter


Funny thing about Strife. He wears the same clothes day-in, day-out.

It rips off both 'M'and 'Z'

..This needed its own section 'cause I said it did!

Let's not forget, the lowercase 'n' rips off 'u' ... No, none if this is the other way around.


NOTE: To date, this list is still incomplete, it also doesn't contain EVERY comic I've ever made as some were deleted and others are just too early and not good enough to show.

My Earlier Stuff

These are comics that I made while starting off. There of lower quality due to my lack of experience, but I thought I'd keep them for the hell of it.

My Return

These are from when I returned to SNN after a long hiatus. I shortly went back to comic-making and rediscovered a love for it.

Veteran Series

After finishing MobiusBound, I pretty much became a self-proclaimed veteran. This is everything that came after MobiusBound.


Comics made just for an lol.

* = Not made by me


  • Lev (for teaching me)
  • Micha/Fario
  • Gardow
  • Xeric
  • Fox Omega
  • Charity
  • Clyent Nite
  • Ryuki TH
  • Zig Sonar
  • Smithy GCN
  • Deekman
  • Daniel Sydney
  • Shyguy Kingdom
  • Spirit Database
  • Frario
  • Zeox
  • Andyvader
  • MC Katanga
  • Shadow Tails
  • Nate the Hedgehog
  • Midochaoshedgehog
  • Rudolphtheechidna
  • Grim
  • Shadow91
  • Joe T.E.
  • DBurraki
  • FroggyMudd
  • Cylent Nite
  • Gozinzolo
  • N-Finity
  • JonathanExplorer
  • Apocalypse the Hedgehog
  • Solink
  • Vortex Gamer
  • CyberShadow
  • Hypero-Blade
  • CraigTH
  • Kharana
  • Silverknuckles78
  • Master
  • Zach "Zin" Furr
  • Ryu
  • Damien
  • ShadowBot
  • SupaChao
  • SilverBot
  • Skylights
  • ?UNKOWN?
  • Drshnaps
  • Rob-fox
  • Angelglory
  • SmithyGCN
  • E79
  • Jackster (SPECIAL THANKS for the Earthbound texts)

And that's the lot

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