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Please help bring Majora's Mask to 3DS!!!

Stupid and proud of it since 1994. Template:Murphyshane

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Welcome to my page, now that you're here, I'd just like to say...


">thumb|300px|right|OK, so we can all agree that in Burst Limit, the 9000 scene was crap. But this makes it slightly better Stbk shadow001 I am Lancelot Knight of the SNN Table

Warning! As a knight I can NOT and will NOT tollerate vandals!

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Super Shadow, Super Silver and Super Sonic are about to destroy anyone who apposes this wiki.</center>

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I've never seen a stranger person than this guy


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  1. Wario (I was unreigstered, but I can provide proof)
  2. Egg Vacuum
  3. Jet Booster
  4. Espio the Chameleon/Artwork Gallery
  5. Blue Falcon
  6. Chaos Boost
  7. Emerald Shards
  8. Night Babylon
  9. Gimme Shelter
  10. Wave the Swallow (Archie)
  11. Sunset Hill
  12. Ocean Base
  13. Toy Kingdom
  14. Cannon's Core
  15. Time Break
  16. Speed Break
  17. Heavy Dog
  18. Gail Meteor
  19. Cosmic Wall
  20. Pirate Storm
  21. Magic Lamp
  22. Mad Space
  23. Deep Core
  24. Shield of Light
  25. Battle Highway
  26. Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted
  27. Chaos Nightmare
  28. Hyper Flash
  29. Triangle Dive
  30. Levitate
  31. Fire Dunk
  32. Invisibility
  33. Climb
  34. Healing


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NOTE: To date, this box is still incomplete, it also doesn't contain EVERY comic I've ever made as some were deleted and others are just too early and not good enough to show. Also, please don't copy my idea of using this template unless I give you special permission. Please? I hate when people copy my original ideas.

Mother 3 Parody?

So basically, I'm considering doing a Mother 3 parody after my EarthBound parody is complete. I'm considering the name "Mother 3 Knows Best". It sounds kinda funny, if you can think of other names, I'm open to hear them.

Here's some info on Mother 3

Mother 3 parody?

The poll was created at 18:38 on October 19, 2012, and so far 25 people voted.


  • Lev (for teaching me)
  • Micha/Fario
  • Gardow
  • Xeric
  • Fox Omega
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  • Clyent Nite
  • Ryuki TH
  • Zig Sonar
  • Smithy GCN
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  • Shyguy Kingdom
  • Spirit Database
  • Frario
  • Zeox
  • Andyvader
  • MC Katanga
  • Shadow Tails
  • Nate the Hedgehog
  • Midochaoshedgehog
  • Rudolphtheechidna
  • Grim
  • Shadow91
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  • N-Finity
  • JonathanExplorer
  • Apocalypse the Hedgehog
  • Solink
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  • CyberShadow
  • Hypero-Blade
  • Jackster (SPECIAL THANKS for the Earthbound texts)

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