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Burn the Hedgehog is Claws the cat's best friends and leader of Team Fireball


Early Life

Born with the unfortunate name Norbet, Burn always dreamed of heroism. At the age of 9, Norbet began to follow Sonic's adventures and became an avid fan, though as he got older he realised his dreams would never be fulfilled he never stopped hoping.

Meeting Claws

At the age of 13, Norbet moved into an apartment in Central City with a cat named Claws. He and Claws got along well together and the two became friends. Burn never stopped dreaming of heroism, which annoyed Claws to an extent

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Burn has the ability of pyrokenesis and can use it in many different ways, such as covering his limbs in fire to perform various attacks. He can also shoot fireballs from his hands and create shields of flame to protect against most attacks. Burn can also cover short distances by covering his body in flames and launching in any direction dealing damage to anyone in his path.



  • Loise the Hedgehog (sister)



  • Doctor Eggman
  • Freeze the Hedgehog
  • Destructo the Dragon
  • Gizmo the Monkey
  • Blast the Wolf

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