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This article contains fan fiction, which may or may not have been made up by a member of this Wiki. It may also contain information or images, that are not seen in any official Sonic continuity. STOP RIGHT NOW

Like i said on my User page, i'm writing a fan fic that features some sonic characters that haven't been heavily featured for awhile, as well as some new characters. I'm not the best at writing, but i started thinking and i just had to write it down, so here it is.

Part 1: Beginnings

Note: this part isn't very long, just think of it as a opening of sorts.

“Chao! Chao!”
“Cream! Don’t run inside!”
“Okay, Gemerl.” Replied the rabbit as she grinded to a halt after tearing through the house.
“Can you come and play with me outside?” Cream asked, her hands held tight in eagerness.
“Sorry I can’t, your mum told me to hover first.”
“Oh, okay. C’mon Cheese! Chocola!”
“Chao! Chao!” The two happy Chao replied, whilst Cream skipped through the door. Gemerl sighed, holding his metallic hand to his head, before approaching the vacuum to finish the chores left by Cream’s mother, Vanilla.

Gemerl had a pretty basic life, though he was never completely sure how he came to be, he was told by Mile ‘Tails’ Prower that his purpose was to help Vanilla the Rabbit look after her daughter Cream while she worked. He had no reason to doubt the two-tailed prodigy, yet he always believed he’d known Cream and the others in a pass life, yet robots don’t have pass lives. Or do they?

Suddenly, a loud scream echoed throughout the entire house. Gemerl instantly recognised the source.
“CREAM!” Gemerl rushed to the back garden. When he came outside, he saw two unusual figures wearing dark clothing and long, black coats. The smaller of the two, was a red cat with wild black hair, his arm wrapped around the little Chao, Chocola, whilst the other hand tried to pry Cheese from Cream’s little hands. “Let go! You’re hurting him!!” Cream cried, little beads dropping from her eyes.
“Dam it! She won’t let go!” The Cat shouted, completely ignoring Cream’s pleas.
“Then take her with you.” Gemerl turned his attention to the other one, a Grey Wolf, whose face was covered in scars along with one ear that had been partly bitten off. He stood there with his arms crossed watching his partner’s incompetence with a bored expression on his face.
“What? But we didn’t come here for-”
“If you can’t ditch the girl, then take her with you.” The Wolf said, his temper rising.
“Let her go!” Gemerl shouted, causing the two to turn around, finally noticing Gemerl’s entrance.
“Ah, here he is.” The Wolf said gleefully
“I’ll take care of him, seeing as you can’t be trusted with the simplest of tasks.” As soon as he finished these words, the Wolf drew out a previously concealed sword and quickly lunged towards Gemerl, giving him only seconds to block.
“Gemerl! No!” Wept Cream, who was worried for the robot’s safety, tears now quickly rolling down her face.
“Carful Brute, he’s no good if he’s damaged beyond repair”
“Shut up! Do you think I’m that stupid? I know the mission!” Brute continued to advance with ferocity, but Gemerl managed to block every strike.
“You’re fast! Yet you flinch. Why would someone give a robot fear?”
“Just leave Cream ALONE!” the robot grabbed the sword firmly, much to Brute’s surprise. He swung his one free arm and hit the wolf with such force that he was flung high into the air. Gemerl used his jetpack to match Brute’s height, his eyes and the gem on his head now glowing red with rage.
GRRRRRRRRAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” he roared as he delivered one final kick, sending injured wolf plummeting to the ground. “Forget this!” the Cat said trembling with fear for what he just witnessed.
“I’m outta here!” He then pulled out an unusual device, rectangular in shape with one red button. He pressed it, opening up a purple swirl. He proceeded to walk into the purple vortex, dragging the little rabbit behind.
CREAM!!” Gemerl rushed towards to the hole, trying to save Cream.
“Gemerl! Help me!” It was too late, as the cat disappeared into the rift.
“NO!” Gemerl stood there, his arm stretched out as if he still could still reach her. Brute saw his opportunity and pulled out a similar box. Pressing the button, he dragged his battered body into the swirl, escaping whilst Gemerl was preoccupied. Gemerl, distraught over failing his task, fell to his knees, his gem turned back to blue.

Part 2: The Hunt

The sun beamed down on emerald beach as Sonic was resting after another victory over his arch nemesis Dr. Eggman, the twisted egg-shaped scientist with dreams of dominating the world. Sonic laid on a lounger, soaking up the sun, his arms crossed behind his head.
“Argh. It’s nice to have some time off in the sun.” Suddenly, Sonic became comsumed in a shadow.
“Humph, just great.” Sonic sighed, but when he opened his eyes, he saw two figures looming over him dressed in dark clothing, a Mole wearing sunglasses and an Eagle.
“Aren’t you a little overdressed for the beach?” The Blue Blur asked, confused by their presence. Without reply, the Mole swung his arm towards Sonic, attacking with sharpened claws, Sonic quickly jumped into the air, did a back flip and landed on the pale yellow sand, his legs bent and his arms stretched out.
“So you wanna play?” Sonic said, Stretching his legs in preparation. The Mole spoke to the Eagle, seemingly ignoring Sonics’ question.
“This is just typical, giving us ‘The legendary Sonic the Hedgehog’”
“Would you rather have Horn’s mission? He has to deal with him.” The Hawk replied.
“Hey! Are you guys done yet?!” Sonic shouted, his arms crossed and his foot tapping.
“Shut up!” The Mole shouted aggressively, as he charged towards Sonic and swiped at him with his claws, Sonic easily dodged the attack and delivered a kick, knocking him back.
“Hey Talon! You can join in at any moment!” Yelled the beaten Mole. Talon then leapt into the air, spread his arms and began to fly. Whilst in the air, the Eagle swooped down and attacked Sonic, knocking him back.
“You’ll pay for that!” Sonic jumped, curled into a ball and homed straight into Talon, knocking him right out of the sky. Sonic landed back on the ground, one hand on his hip, whilst the other starched his head, when he realised something.
“Huh? Where’s the other guy?” Suddenly, the ground beneath Sonic’s feet erupted, the Mole emerged out of the ground and attacked Sonic, knocking him back in the process. Sonic felt a sharp pain in his arm, he realised that he’d been cut by the attack. Sonic hasty moved towards him at incredible speed, he swung his leg at the Mole, sending him flying off towards the sea. Whilst in the air, a mysterious purple vortex opened up, allowing the Mole to pass through, followed by Talon the Eagle who spoke as he retreated.
“This isn’t the last you’ve seen of us! Next time we meet! You’ll bow down to us!!!”
“Heh, you’re leaving already? C’mon, we haven’t even started yet!” the Blue Hedgehog responded.
“(Hmm, who were those guys? What do they what?)” Sonic pondered, but before he had time to find an answer, the sound of his name spread across the coast.

“Sonic!!! Sonic!!!”
“Urgh, what now?” Sonic turned around to see a yellow-crested robot hurtling towards him, the same robot that he had once found on the very sands he stood on.
“Sonic!!!” cried a distressed Gemerl.
“Whoa whoa whoa, calm down Gemerl, what happened?"
“They-they’ve taken Cream!”
“What? Who? Who took her?” the Blue Hog replied shocked from what he had heard.
“It-it was a red Cat and a wolf called Brute, they were wearing black coats. They took the Chao too!” Gemerl said, still shaken by what had happened.
“Black coats? Something strange is going-”
SSSSOOOOONNNNIIIICCCC!!!!” The two were suddenly interrupted.
“Argh! Amy!” The colour suddenly drained from Sonic's face.
“Oh no ya don’t, you’re getting away again!”
The two began to run circles around the black and yellow bot, filling him with anger.
“STOP!!!” The two froze and began to stare at Gemerl, shocked by his outburst.
“This is serious! Cream been kidnapped and-”
“CREAM’S BEEN KIDNAPPED!!?” Amy interrupted again.
“Who kidnapped her?! I’ll show ‘em!!” Amy began to swing her Piko piko Hammer wildly, almost hitting Sonic with it.
“Sigh. So much for vacation.” Sonic said, under his breath.
“Alright team!” Sonic spoke again, this time in a much more upbeat fashion.
“Let’s go to Tails’ workshop, we’ll need the Tornado to help find her.” Sonic zoomed off towards his destination, followed by Gemerl.
“Hey wait for me!” Amy shouted, who had not noticed the two run off.
“Come back! Sonicccc!!!”

A purple vortex opened up into a dark hallway, made of cold black metal. Brute, the Cat and Cream stepped out of the portal. Brute was clutching his right side.
“Grrr, stupid robot. I think he broke some of my ribs.”
“Serves you right, why did you think you could stop a machine with a sword?”
“Shut up! It’s the lab’s fault! They should’ve given us some kind of EMP grenade or something!”
“Sniff, sniff, where are we? Please let me go.” Cream pleaded terrified about what was happening.
“Hey Brute, what are we gonna do with the kid?” the Cat asked.
“Just throw her in a cell, and get that chao out her hands.” He replied.
“Leave Cheese alone!” Cream said, clutching the red-bowed Chao tight.
“Fine, I’ll just pry from your grasp!” Brute began to draw his sword.
“Brute! What are you doing!?” the Feline said, standing in front of Cream, shielding her.
“Where not supposed to kill innocent children!” Brute grabbed him by the next and pushed him up against the wall.
“Look here Scratch, you better start following orders or you’ll be on the wrong end of my blade. Don’t you want to make this world a better place?”
“Ye-yes I do, but there’s no need for unnecessary bloodshed. I’ll get the chao.” Brute released Scratch.
“Fine, put the girl in a cell and bring that chao back!” Brute snacked the brown Chao out of Scratch's hand and proceeded to walk through a nearby door. Scratch began to walk towards the cells, taking Cream with him. The cells were as dark as the hallway and kept the prisoners in with several metal poles. All cells were empty, except for one witch was filled with Chao, who held tightly onto the bars shouting Chao repeatedly, pleading to be let go. Scratch stopped at one cell and dung into his pockets, eventually pulling at a circular piece of metal adored with many identical-looking keys, Scratch searched through the many keys before picking the right one, Scratch then put the key into the lock and opened the large cell door with a rusted creak, Scratch then walked into the dim chamber, bringing the little rabbit in with him. Scratch then went down to his knees, to cream’s level and spoke calmly.
“Give me the Chao.”
“NO! Leave Cheese my alone” She screamed back, determined to keep Cheese from Scratch’s clutches.
“C’mon kid, you heard what he said, if you don't, he’s gonna-” Suddenly, Cheese broke through Cream’s grasp.
“Cheese, no! Come back!” Cheese moved into scratch’s arms. His loyalty to the rabbit meant that he couldn’t risk her life for his own. Scratch stood up and stretched his legs before leaving Cream’s cell.
“Thank you” Cream said, quietly. Scratch stopped and turned his head around.
“You’re thanking me?” He asked, puzzled by the bunny’s gratitude.
“You saved me from the wolf, he was gonna hurt me.” Scratch turned his head forward again.
“Don’t thank me kid. I’m the bad guy.”

Part 3: Taken

Shadow raced through the great Central City, the great capital of the United Federation. Skating effortlessly through the traffic and the masses of people, Shadow darted up a skyscraper with his immense speed and stood on the top, teetering on the edge on the colossal building, his arms crossed. The Black Blur looked out towards the vast metropolis, when unexpectedly, Shadow sensed something, in the back of his head, something telling him he was in danger. Shadow dashed quickly to the side, narrowly missing a small dart aimed at his head. The Ultimate Life Form turned to face his attacker, a Rhino, who was now slowly fading into a purple vortex, Shadow hurtled towards him.
“Who are you!?” Shadow roared, desperate to find answers. The Rhino, slowly fading away merely replied with an arrogant smirk.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Dam it! Get back here!” But it was too late. Suddenly, the communicator on Shadow's wrist began to beep. Shadow raised his wrist and talked into the communicator.
"Hello? This is Shadow."
"Shadow, this is HQ." The voice replied.
"What seems to be the problem?" Shadow asked.
"There's been a number of Chao disappearances recently and we want you to investigate."
"Hmpf, Chao-nappings?" Shadow said, disgruntled.
"Yes, reports say that they are being taken by an unknown group wearing dark coats."
"Dark coats?" Shadow perked up, believing the mysterious assailant to be connected to the case.
"Alright, I'll be there in a minute. Shadow out."

A loud screech echoed across emerald town as Sonic ground to a halt outside Tails' workshop. A look of shock on his face. Gemerl walked over to him, confused by Sonic’s sudden halt.
“Sonic, what’s wrong?” Sonic remained motionless, his eyes fixated on Tails’ workshop. Gemerl turned around to see what had caused Sonic to stop. Gemerl looked at the fox’s workshop and suddenly noticed what Sonic had.
“Sonic, the door. You don’t think-” Before Gemerl could finish his sentence, Sonic hurtled towards the workshop.
“Sonic! Wait!” Gemerl shouted, worried about Tails, before chasing the blue blur into the workshop. Sonic gazed at the mess inside, glass tubes shattered on the floor, cracked monitors, overturned tables, and there was no sign of the Two-tailed fox.
“Tails.” Sonic said quietly, looking at the mess that lay before him.
“Sonic, do you think they took Tails too?” the crested bot asked, saddened by Tails’ absence. Just then, Amy blurted into the workshop, huffing and blowing.
“You guys could’ve waited!” she said, whilst bent over, trying to catch her breath.
“So, where’s Tails?” Amy looked up, and was instantly taken back by what laid before her eyes.
“What-what happened here?” A bemused Amy asked.
“Did they take Tails too?”
“They’re going to pay for this, trying kidnap me, kidnapping my friends!” Sonic shouted.
“Sonic” Amy said, shocked by Sonic’s sudden change. Sonic turned around to his companions.
“Don’t worry, we’ll find them.”
“But who’s taken them, and why? And why did they want the Chao?” Gemerl responded. Amy’s ears pricked up.
“Chao? They took the Chao too?”
“Yes, they took both of them, tried to take me too. What do you ask?”
“Chao have been disappearing, it’s all over the news.” Amy replied.
“Chao have been disappearing?” Sonic began to ponder.
“Hmmm, I think we’re gonna need some help on this. Gemerl, you know how to fly the Tornado II, don’t you?”
“Correct, Tails built me with the ability to interface with the plane’s flight systems.”
“All right” Sonic replied “Let’s go pay an old friend a visit.”

Scratch walked down a long, dark corridor. The corridor opened up into a large, dimly lit, room, with a large circular table, with various figures sat around it.
“Hey, you finally decided to show up, where’s you friend?” Scratch look towards the Rhino, casually draped on one of the chairs.”
“He’s still in the ward. He got busted up pretty bad fighting the Gizoid.” Scratch replied. Talon the Eagle leaned forward resting his elbows on the table.
“That thing can hardly be called a Gizoid. It’s pathetic.”
“Heh.” The Rhino chuckled.
“And yet fiedo and the kitty-cat here couldn’t capture him. What dose that say about you two?”
“You all talk Horn.” The group turned around to the entrance. Brute stood there, now shirtless with bandages wrapped across his chest.
“You couldn’t capture Shadow.” Brute retorted. The Mole leaned forward.
“You look a lot better, I take it that’s the machines doing?”
“Indeed, it’s not perfect though, we need more power.”
“Perhaps we would have more power if you were all less incompetent.” The group’s attention turned to shadows the other side of the hall.
“Oh Boss, you’re here, how have you been?” Brute said, welcoming the shadowy figure.
“There is no need for pleasantries. Brute, Scratch, please sit down.” The two walked towards the empty chairs, Scratch sat down, leaned back and put his hands in his pockets. Brute sat on one of the chairs, firmly folding his arms across his chest.
“I must say, I am disappointed in all of you. Not one of you fully completed you mission.”
“Hey, I caught that dam Fox didn’t I?” Horn addressed the figure in the shadows.
“Indeed, but you failed to capture the ultimate life-form. His capture was integral to our plan.” The Mole stood up with haste.
“With all due respect, it’s not exactly easy and it’s not like you’ve done anything to help-“
“Sit down Drill.” The shadowy figure said, not affected by the Mole’s outburst.
“Why should I? Why should I even listen to you?” Drill shouted back, becoming annoyed. The figure's hand began to glow a faint green. The figure then said again, in the same tone.
“Sit down Drill.”
“No! I will not!” Drill charged towards his so-called boss, the figure calmly lifted his hand from out of the shadows, suddenly, a burst of green energy shot of his hand, hitting the Mole straight in his chest, knocking him back into his chair.
“Ah, good, I see you decided to sit back down.” Drill coughed and spluttered as he tried to gasp for air.
“Aha! Have you already used the device?” Horn asked, seemingly enjoying the recent display.
“Yes. The transfuser is working. But we need more power. The workforce did an excellent job getting the Emeralds and Chao, but there’s one more mission I have for you all. Including you, Drill.” The Mole looked up at his secretive master, still winded by the attack.
“... Fine.” Drill said with reluctance. Brute looked up.
“So, what is this new mission?”

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