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May 5, 2008
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For the Sonic Fan Character (as well as other characters that relate to him), go to Mystic Monkey (fan character) on Sonic Fanon Wiki.

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About me

Template:Infobox I am a Sonic the Hedgehog fan located in the middle of Wales (But really was born in Lancashire, England) and a huge fan of Sonic since the 90s. Yes I am one of those fans who had a Mega Drive and prefer Sega over Nintendo consoles.

Normally, children read comics or watch cartoons from Marvel or DC and as impressionable children are, learn and idolise such heroes from these comics. Me, my hero was Sonic the Hedgehog, the second Mega Drive game I have ever played! (The default game in my Mega Drive was Alex Kidd). Since of my conditions I was not permited to go outside like my brothers could and was always jealous that, the way I see it, my brothers were allowed in the out and open world while I had to stay indoors because they didn't want to be responsable over me. To me, Sonic represents the two core qualities I strongly admired about him. "Freedom" and "Responsibility".

Sonic was not bound by walls or restrictions. He could go anywhere he wanted. The way I see it, his powers were geared to his desire of freedom than super strength, flight or laser vision to purposely be the "champion". He wasn't invincible or powerful, he only had speed which to him was the power of complete freedom. In yet he still chose to "weaponise" his power in order to take responsibility to help others, to be the hero. I strongly admired Sonic for the lesson, which is pretty much the whole Uncle Ben "Great power = Great responsability" lesson but I didn't know of it at the time, thus it was Sonic who taught me this.

It is also because of Sonic I know what I want to do with my life and that is to be a video game designer and producer and be really good at it. Through it I want to make brilliant, memorable games and also, I would love to make the Ultimate Sonic fan game as thank you and tribute to Sonic.


At the moment, I am trying to make that Ultimate Sonic fan game I just said about. However would love to make plenty of games since I see them like art and story telling.

Also, I am trying to make a MLP:FiM webcomic series called Ponytale, I've put that off for too long and been meaning to form a habit out of it. (If anypony interested, my Brony name is Epic Mount.)

But I'm mostly concentrating on making games if I can.

About Mystic Monkey

SonicFanon article: Mystic Monkey

Mystic Monkey is a Sonic fan characters based from the main Sonic the Hedgehog games. He hails from Forest Zone, located in what would be Sonic's world version of Grand Kingdom. He is one of many Sonic's fans and even dresses like him.

Inspired by Sonic's adventures, he wanted to adventure across the world and even be a hero against the Eggman Empire. Mystic understands he is without any form of protection such as Sonic's sharp hairstyle or Knuckles powerful fists, however he does have a genuine sword in which he practiced with.

A Sword Master noticed and found interest in the monkey and agreed to teach him the way of the blade. Through him Mystic became better at swordsmanship that he was able to perform skills comparable to Sonic's agility. However despite his skills, his mum refused to let him out into the open world.

Mystics life as a hero started when Nack the Weasel came to Forest Zone in seeking the Secace, a valuble treasure that survived the ancient times. Finding it as the weapon of the Sword Master, he killed him (it wasn't a Popgun Nack had but a revolver which obviously trumps sword) and took the sword. Mystic vowed to avenge his teacher and against his mothers wishes, left Grand Kingdom to pursuit Nack.

Mystic eventually defeated Nack and returned hime with the sword. His mother angry that he left, but reluctantly agrees that Mystic is capable for his adventures. (She now lives in Green Hill Zone, a beautiful sea side home paid for from all the rings Mystic collected through out his adventures.)

Other adventures

Mystic is a bit of a vagabond and goes where he please and enjoys adventure. He has leadership qualities mostly goes out for his own adventures. His rings he collects mostly goes to his mothers well being who lives near the shores of Green Hill Zone. He meets many friends on his adventures, some recognisable from the games, other fellow fan characters like him.

My Sonic merch

Sega Dreamcast

My favourite Sega console.

The game continuality is the fandom I strongly believe in than all the other branches. This is because that despite it not having much of a plot thats not a game, it is still what I consider actual Sonic.

These are all the Sonic games and DVDs I own:


Mega Drive

Sega Saturn


None yet, but hoping to get Sonic Shuffle


PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360

Xbox Live


Wii U

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo DSi





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Of fan art!

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