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August 8, 2009
  • I live in Nunovyobeswacks, MO
  • I was born on June 25
  • My occupation is Illustrator

"I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures."


(June 1829 – February 17, 1909)

Hello there, person who found my userpage. The name's Noodlecoon, formerly known as "Needlemouse" from 2009 to 2015. I'm what you might call a "Wiki Veteran". I've been coming around here since 2009, so I've been a proud user on Sonic News Network for five years (with over 3,000 edits too; my record high in edits!). And now some basic stuff you might like to hear: I am a bit of an eccentric, but I try to be a nice humble guy; I'm a Christian (Assemblies of God) who practices tolerance; my favorite AoStH episode is Robotnikland; my favorite Sonic SatAM episode is Hooked on Sonics; and my favorite movie is Porco Rosso.

Hey Sonic!03:33

Hey Sonic!

One of my favorite Sonic music videos.

A list of all of my awesome friends that I've had over the years.

|Regular = Friend|Bold = Good friend|Bold/Italicized = Awesome friend|

Ultimatedude127 (My best friend, has stuck with me through thick and thin, but he doesn't come here anymore; we now talk mainly through Skype.)

Mighty the Hedgefox (He was formerly my best friend, but then he left this wiki for months and turned back up at another wiki under a new name. And then he left that one, and from what his brother told me, he left because he has no incentive to return to Wikia. While I'll admit that that killed me a little inside, I respect his decision and wish him the best of luck. I hope we meet again someday, Mighty.)

Sacorguy79 (I actually knew this guy back when he first started here, and he has remained here and became an admin even after I fled to Sonic Fanon Wiki. Thanks for the welcome back!)

BlueFlametheAman (A very nice guy.)

BlackFelineDarkness A friend of mine from dA!

Sonicrox14 (A great user and admin who just sorta disappeared one day and now only ever gets on once in a blue moon. What ever became of you and your Sonic Heroes 2 game, Shelly?)

Ty Rezac (He's still active occasionally on other wikis, but doesn't come here much anymore. I made a talkbubble for him.)

GM Tails (A friend of mine who actually got in trouble for plagiarizing a dA artist's work, but then returned later and made up for his mistakes, disappearing yet again not long after. What happened to you?)

Tornado The Hedgehog (Mighty's little brother. He too left long ago, but not before telling me the reason why Mighty would never return.)

BlazeRocks55 (A pretty nice user, really just comes and goes as he/she pleases.)

Leonardo Javier Faneite Freitas (You were such a good spriter. Where did you go? I still think your Eric sprite was good!)

"Rose" ( (An anonymous contributor who frequented here in 2010. She never got an official account though, and so she disappeared.)

AmyRose14 (A fellow SonAmy supporter; she's disappeared and hasn't been seen since 2011.)

User:Pinkyrue (A newer friend of mine.)

A list of the people whom I've been acquainted with, but have never really called me friend or vice versa.

Sonictoast (I don't know whether he considers me a friend or not. We usually discuss Sonic action figures, and he was one of the people who first welcomed me here.)

~Flare (Still active here, once asked to be my friend long ago; we don't talk that often, though.)

Edsta (A fellow Ty the Tasmanian Tiger fan.)

Shadowunleashed13 (Fun guy to talk to.)

SuperMetalSonic2 (Just sort of asked to be my friend and then disappeared.)

A list of people I despise or just plain dislike.

Every troll/vandal/spammer (Seriously guys? Don't you have anything better to do?)

Junior junior (A user who blatantly stated that he was a racist on his userpage and was promptly banned for it.)

Various talkbubbles I've used over the years.

Needlemouse – "Time to kick some Ro-Butt-Nik butt!"
TALK – [ Super Sonic Dance Attack!]
This is my main talkbubble that was made for me by Mighty the Hedgefox back in 2010. I've made many alterations to it over the years, but I try to keep it consistent to how it was when it was given to me.

The Tails Doll
Needlemouse – "Happy Halloween from your favorite Needlemouse!"
TALK – Can you feel the sunshine~?...
This is my Halloween talkbubble that I made myself in 2010. This is a seasonal one.

Run Turkey!
Needlemouse – "Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite Needlemouse!"
TALK – Time to stuff our faces!
This is my Thanksgiving talkbubble that I made myself back in 2010. This is a seasonal one.

Needlemouse – "Merry Christmas from your favorite Needlemouse"
TALK – "Time to get the mistletoe away from Amy!"
This is my Christmas talkbubble that I made myself back in 2010. This is a seasonal one.

A gallery of some videos I've favored in the past.

NOTICE: I don't plan on doing much of anything with Eric anymore. I think I may actually retire him.

A gallery of various pictures; some made by me, others made by friends of mine.

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