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August 8, 2009
  • I live in a place to the north of the Ozarks.
  • My occupation is cartoonist.
  • I am the Sheriff.
Well guys, I think the time has come for me to make my return. So expect to see me around. -Needlemouse

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Hey it's me, Needlemouse. My username comes from the codename for the original design for Sonic called "Mr. 'Needlemouse". So anyways, watch out for my work here on "Sonic News Network".  
Hey Sonic!(03:33)
One of my favorite Sonic music videos.

I be 17.

One of my favorite Sonic games from the 1990's is one made in 1997... SONIC R!!!

My real name is Eric believe it or not.

My favorite AOSTH episode is Robotnikland.

My favorite SatAM episode is Sonic Boom.

I am a Christian (First Assembly of God).

I have high-functioning autism, so I tend to act a little weird, but I try to be nice.

My favorite film is Porco Rosso.

I have reached my 3,000th edit!

Here's a blog of mine.

I just have 3 basic rules for people using my fanchar:

1. Don't make him look stupid.

2. Don't use him on bootleg item covers.

3.Don't draw him in sexual situations.

My fancharacter pages:

User:Needlemouse/Ricky the Ninja Wisp

User:Needlemouse/The Emperor of Dark Spirits

User:Needlemouse/The Kaonashi Monks

User:Needlemouse/Ricky the Wisp: Dark Spirits Unleashed


Pages I created:

The Odd Couple

Dr. Robotnik's Or Else Protection Service

Keiko Utoku

Super Peel Out

Sonic Electronic

Gerald Robotnik's Diary

Sonic the Hedgehog (album)

Andrea Husak

Hoot-n-Toot Garlic

Great Eastern Entertainment

Burning Way Past Cool

Sonic Live in Sydney

SegaWorld London

SegaWorld Sydney

Sonic's 6th Birthday Celebration

What Are We Waiting For?

Thank You For Being You

(Lots of pages, ain't it?)

My 3 favorite game companies and series done by them (in no particular order):

Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic 67

Nintendo - Super Mario Bros.

Mario 56

Krome Studios - Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

(image not available)

Here's a URL for one of my favorite Crush 40 Songs, and a theme I just, for some reason, find suitable for Eric the Hedgehog

Here's a site that shows Sonic toys:


--Eric the Hedgehog

My List of Sonic Games

Sonic Adventure DX (GameCube)

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube)

Sonic Heroes (GameCube)

Shadow the Hedgehog (GameCube

Sonic Mega Collection (GameCube)

Sonic Gems Collection(GameCube)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Wii Virtual Console)

Sonic 3-D Blast (Wii Virtual Console)

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (Wii)

Sonic Unleashed (Wii)

Sonic Colors (Wii)

My Buddy List

Ultimatedude127 (My best friend, has stuck with me through thick and thin, but he doesn't come here anymore.)

Sonicrox14 (She just disappeared one day and only ever gets on once in a blue moon. What ever became of you and your Sonic Heroes 2 game, Shelly?)

Mighty the Hedgefox (He was formerly my best friend, but then he left this wiki for months and turned back up at another wiki under a new name. And then he left that one, and from what his brother told me, he left because he has no incentive to return to Wikia. While I'll admit that that killed me a little inside, I respect his decision and wish him the best of luck. I hope we meet again someday, Mighty.)

Super Guy 100 (He got banned on SFW and then he disappeared without a trace)

Ty Rezac (He's still active occasionally, but mostly gone from here)

GM Tails (What happened to you?)

AmyPinkRose (Just upped and disappeared without any trace or reason, much like Super Guy)

Tornado The Hedgehog (Mighty's little brother, he too left long ago.)

BlazeRocks55 (Really just comes and goes as he/she pleases.)

Leonardo Javier Faneite Freitas (You were such a good spriter. Where did you go?)

Fly the Fox (Still active here, we don't talk that often.)

"Rose" ( (An anonymous contributor who frequented here in 2010. She never got an official account though, and so she disappeared.)

SuperMetalSonic2 (Just sort of asked to be my friend and then disappeared.)

JaketheHedgehog (Much like BlazeRocks, he just comes and goes as he pleases nowadays.)

AmyRose14 (We both approve of SonAmy!)

Bullet Francisco (Never really talk with him much, but once long ago I made him artwork of his fancharacter.)

Sonic the Hedgehog (I know this guy was merely some random person posing as Sonic, but it was fun to play along while it lasted.)

Sacorguy79 (I actually knew this guy back when he first started here, and he has remained here and became an admin even after I fled to Sonic Fanon Wiki. Thanks for the welcome back!)

MintsyWinterBlue (She understands my raccoon-ious habits.)

Edsta (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger FOREVER!)

Shadowunleashed13 (Fun guy to talk to.)

My Neutral list

Sonictoast (I don't know whether he considers me a friend or not. We usually discuss Sonic action figures, and he was one of the people who first welcomed me here.)

My enemy list


Junior junior (that racism crap is unacceptable)

My Talkbubbles

Needlemouse – "Time to kick some Ro-Butt-Nik butt!"
TALK – [ Super Sonic Dance Attack!]
This one was made for me by Mighty the Hedgefox back in 2010. I hope you'll return someday, my friend.

The Tails Doll
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This is my Halloween talkbubble that I made myself in 2010. This is a seasonal one.

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This is my Christmas talkbubble that I made myself back in 2010. This is a seasonal one.

Video Gallery

Click here for a preview of a 3D version of Sonic CD!

Eric the Hedgehog

Eric the Hedgehog
Eric's New Look
The Artificial Organic Creation himself

Eric the Hedgehog: Rise of Metal Sonic

Ricky the Wisp: Dark Spirits Unleashed

Ninja Adventure 3

Tornado Adventure

Tornado Adventure 2

Mighty the Hedgeox 2012

Mighty the Hedgefox: Tag Team

Eric the Hedgehog 2

Red Prower: Worlds Final

in other media

The Eric Chronicles (comic strip)

Real-world designer(s)




Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Miyu Irino (in my head)

Biographical overview

13 (when Neo Metal Sonic was at large) 15 (when he met Ricky) 20 (Future)


A DNA Combination Chamber

Also known as



Caitlynn (future wife)

Physical description

African-Pygmy Hedgehog






180 lbs


Cobalt Blue, with red stripes on his spines




Black (caused by an error in the DNA Combo-Chamber's computer)


Old generation Sonic's sneakers(original), Soap shoes(new) black sweat pants(new), Sonic's gloves, and a t-shirt made of synthetic, mood-sensing cotton with an emoticon that changes to match his current mood on it.

Alignment and character traits


Favorite Food

Chili Dogs


Training, videogames, chilidogs, an adventure, and Sunny D.


Losing a video game or challenge, jeans(they constrict him), Dr. Eggman, and Metal Sonic

Skills, abilities and powers

Spin Dash, Homing Attack, Super-Form, Super Speed, Spin Attack, Super Peel Out, Chaos Control, and Hypnosis

Ability type


Eric the Hedgehog is a male artifical organic lifeform with no parents or siblings. When people hear that he is artificial, they think he is a robot. But he is not. This is true. He even took DNA tests, and X-Rays to prove it. He is 15.


One day, after Sonic, Shadow, and an innocent bystander fell into a DNA Combination Chamber, an organic hedgehog dubbed Eric the Hedgehog, was created.

Personal Life

After being created, he gained white gloves and White-Strapped shoes from Sonic, and a T-Shirt with the Awesome Smiley on it from a t-shirt salesman. (they said "MAKE YOURSELF DECENT MAN!!!") He then met Caitlynn (on a blind date), Rachel (at a bachleor party), Mighty the Hedgefox (while he was kicking Ro-Butt-nik butt), and Ricky (a cyan Wisp with ninja skills and powers whom Eric met at a meeting of the "Fast and Furious").

Metal Sonic

Later, a dying Metal Sonic upgraded himself back into Neo Metal Sonic, and empowered Tails Doll into the demonic, soul-eating, scythe-bearing Neo Tails Doll. When Metal saw Eric, he confused him for Sonic and Shadow. He changed the machine that brought Eric into the world into an organic life form creator that needed no DNA samples to make things. He used it to make false Repo Men and Gunmen to attack Eric. Eric warded them off. Metal now angry sent Tails Doll to suck out Eric's soul, which backfired. Neo Metal Sonic now seething with rage used his robotic powers and Tails Doll's demonic powers to cause the Robotic Apocalypse!

The Robotic Apocalypse Cometh

Eric noticed dark clouds swirling in the sky and jumped outta his shoes! He realized only Neo Metal Sonic could be responible for "dis crap". When Eric approached Neo Metal Sonic, Metal used his powers to cause the skies to send down a giant serpent! Eric, realizing he was still part Sonic and Shadow, called them and then, with the 7 Chaos Emeralds, they went super and killed the serpent. Neo Metal Sonic then used all of his powers to turn back into Metal Overlord. Of course, he was still defeated by the 3. After the battle, Metal Sonic was seen missing an arm and a leg. He was also leaking battery fluid. His last words were:"I... FAILED... AGAIN...". His eyes then dimmed. He Died. RIP Metal Sonic. Eric was also hurt. He passed out.

Win143px-Metal form3

After The Robotic Apocalypse

Eric was later hospitalized and released after 2 weeks. He bought a meat-eating Pooka Plant from "Namco Con 2009". (Pooka Plants were meat-eating plants that appeared in the Namco game "Pac-Man World 2".)

Current activities

File:Reformed Roller.png
He looks different doesn't he?
Eric has now found "The Lightning Staff", and reformed the AOSTH version of Roller.

The Future...

Eric one day entered a time warp and saw the future. Metal Eric has been killed, Eric is married to his girlfriend Caitlynn, Sonic is married to Amy with a son, Sonic Jr, Mighty is 1 of "Mobius' National Heroes", Warp has settled down, G.U.N has been terminated, and Rachel is now hypnotized into being the slave of a new menace... Cire the Hoghedge! Eric's evil double from Moebius has now become a dictator of South Island and West Side Island. Eric and Sonic's families however, now live on the safe haven of Angel Island, up high and surrounded by a barrier of severe thunderstorms that Cire can't penetrate or even navigate thru for that matter. Only Sonic and co. can get thru, with the use of a pendant with a certain emerald that belongs to a certain Mobigyptian that was an ancestor of Sonic.

The Glitch Zone

One day, Eric found an entrance to the Glitch Zone. (a glitch-filled zone made from the result of a failed project with a Sega Genesis) Anyways, he entered and saw how crazy and warped it was. However, he met Ashura and Wechnia, whom Eric became friends with. But just when Eric began to like the Glitch Zone, Nazo arose and began to fight Eric, Ashura, and Wechnia. They won though. Eric then said he had to leave. But when he left, Ashura and Wechnia followed him, wishing to stay with Eric. He agreed that they could stay.

Do Eric's Pockets have access to Hammerspace?

Eric has been known by Ricky to pull a Sega Dreamcast from his pants pockets. This would hint in that Eric's pants pockets have access to a storage dimension sometimes known as "hammerspace". A group of floppy disks have been found in the pockets and they are labeled:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Godzilla Movies
  • Milton Fludgecow Prank Calls
  • Internet Memes
  • Unpaid Bills (Eric you'd best pay those later! :D )
  • Subliminal Stimuli (subliminal messages)
  • Owl City-Ocean Eyes
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Spirited Away
  • Ponyo On the Cliff By the Sea
  • Pong





Mighty the Hedgefox

Warp the Hedgehog

Distuctor and Volt

Amy Rose






Totoro Jr.

Sergeant Master Capt. Bangkok (Ally)



Neo Metal Sonic (arch-nemisis, mortal enemy, deceased)

Neo Tails Doll (for trying to suck his soul out)

Eggman (for building Metal Sonic)


Cire (Anti-Eric) (Future)

Metal Eric (an android made by Neo Metal Sonic before his death, recently activated and awakened)


The Emperor of Dark Spirits


Caitlynn (girlfriend and future wife)

Rachel (she seduces him)

Amy (slight attraction, and she points this out, much to Caitlynn's chagrin)

Theme Songs

So Much More - Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing - Bentley Jones

Endless Possibility - Sonic Unleashed - Jaret Reddick

What I'm Made Of... - Sonic Heroes - Crush 40 (Super theme)

Running in the 90's - LOL Internet - Maurizio Di Jorio (Hyper theme)

Hikaru Michi - Sonic X (The theme of Eric and Caitlynn)

Cass' Crest - Ty the Tasmanian Tiger - Krome Studios (Theme of both Cire and Metal Eric)

Memorable Quotes

"Time to kick some Ro-Butt-Nik butt!" - Eric's catchphrase when he fights Eggman.

"WHAT THE CRAP?!" Said when Eric comes across something bad.

"Aw geez!" - Said whenever Amy points out Eric's slight attraction to her.

"YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS YOU SON OF A GUN!" - Said when Eric's enemies gain the upper hand.

"Not now Rachel!" - Said when Rachel tries to seduce Eric.

"Time for a Chilidog!" Said when Eric gets hungry.

"CRIPES!" - Said whenever something goes wrong.


The Eric Chronicles

(They're all lost forever since I left for a few months. Please disregard this section. :( )

Know Your Meme userpage

My favorite funny Sonic Video

"Former saiyan is Sasuke"?! MFF...BWAHAHAHAHA!
Sonic Adventure DX Reversed (WITH SUBTITLES)(01:19)

Heavy Sprites


Sonic Says template

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