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When Sonic was 8, his house was attacked by terrorists and he escaped by running, which is when his powers manifested. His parents died in the fiery accident and he has felt responsible ever since. He lived with his uncle until he was 16 when he moved into GUN HQ. When he was 15, he saw terrorist mastermind Ivo Robotnik traveling Green Hills, thus to set a forrest fire. Sonic fortunately caught him, and made him cower to Westwide Island to destroy the suburban area there. Sonic caught up with him and also met a fox named (Miles) Tails Prower on the way. Ivo once again cowered to Angel Island in the sky. Sonic and Tails used the Tornado to get there and were attacked by the Guardian of the Master Emerald, Naklis (later called Knuckles). Knuckles was tricked by Ivo, whom he called the "Egg-Man" (of which the name Eggman was coined from) to attack Sonic and Tails, but before they got over the misunderstanding, the Master Emerald was lifted, plunging Angel Island into the sea. Sonic and Knuckles reconciled after narrowly escaping. They decided to look for the seven Chaos Emeralds to have the power. When Sonic, Tails and Knux met up, Sonic became Hyper Sonic after finding Eggman's plans of sending missiles into the recently flooded Station Square. Hyper Sonic shared his power with Tails and Knuckles and together, they stopped the missile.

This account is an alternate account of Jakethedude (talk) (contributions)

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