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September 5, 2012
  • I live in Merasmus' Magic Carnival
  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is Demoman
  • I am Awesome

Template:Infobox Hello, everybody! I'm Nitronack369, for those of you who forget my name is at the top of the page! My neighbor, Shadowunleashed13, convinced me to get an account on here after browsing these pages for months on end. I'm an avid fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, but I'm also fond of the Mega Man series and I dabble in the occasional Mario game. I love to draw (I've been told I'm artistic), hang out with friends, and enjoy a good movie or two.

Sonic Games I have played

Debug Mode

If you have read the sprite comic Debug Mode, then you probably know that is was created by Shadowunleashed13. I happen to be his neighbor, so I had an inside look. See, before joining SNN, Unleashed told me about sprite comics. I got an idea: a Matrix parody where Sonic goes to White Space, and SEGA tells him that he is a computer program, take the red or blue ring, blah blah blah. Unleashed liked the idea, but didn't want a parody, so he asked if he could use the idea. Since I wasn't a user yet, I let him use the idea. He turned the idea around, made Vector and Espio the villains, and around the time of the third comic, he decided to name the comic. After his contest, he decided the name "Debug Mode" was the winner. Every few days, we get together and brainstorm ideas for Debug Mode. However, I'm pretty sure Unleashed would be pretty mad with me if I leaked chunks of the next comic, so don't ask.


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