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April 29, 2011
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on April 16
  • I am a girl, silly thing, my avi and name needs a looky :P

I am back. Starting fresh on a place I came on a long time ago.

So me of the new.

My thoughts for the current times depending when I edit this

Also, no I won't use it as a trolling station, already learned that lesson once.

  • If I wasn't so busy with 2-3 other wikis I might have more time for here but considering the debate, Imma stay away until clearance, lel.
  • I hope I can watch over the Chao articles, I still have all that knowledge that could help in relation to those :P

History of my Internet life from SNN and others

First of all, I joined SNN in 2011, after I recently turned 13 (the legal age to join Wikia), and I had alot of fun in this place. However, I had an instance where I lost SNN for a while.

July 2012. Bullet and Fly were talking about something to do with Sonic being a pony. I raged at them on this here profile, going even further with this whole place on Yt and others. It didn't end well, and left me crying in tears.

I was alone for months. I got lonely, until I met a Youtube user named Starman3 (known on this wiki as YTRStarman3) and I managed to join his group YTR (Youtube Rangers) and become good friends of him.

It took me months, and I thought of this place constantly. I made 2 Youtube videos of this place in the new SM64 community I joined.

1. To explain the truth about July 2012

2. My 2 year special involved the events of 2011-early 2013, which included SNN

However, looking at the screenshots I had and remembering what I had done bothered me so much. Some afternoons, I wondered if I could ever say sorry, especially with what Fly said on my demotion, it upset me very much.

I realise why everyone had a low trust, and during the time I discovered YTR and left this place, I strived to change. I strived to not force avis, and respect opinions, which was hard for me, but it happened. l did it on order for me to join YTR (in my mind conditions) and I did it.

Slowly, I gained courage to join back, and when Starman3 helped me say sorry, I finally did and I'm back.

However SM3 was mean to me shortly after I returned, so I'm only averagely on here, when I can remember this place exists. I have a tab open in firefox for it but I can never pay attention.

About me

Hello, it's me, Pinkolol16. I am an editor who has had a very crazy internet life. I love Sonic, Pokemon and Mario and try to own current games as much as I can.

I also make Yt videos of a bunch of SM64 characters because of the YTR community being part of the SM64 machinima community, where we make videos with our colour codes, which is an alteration of the colours of mario in SM64 through the use of a GS code. That's basically what you see in my avatar. My colour code.

I'll try and keep this wiki safe, watching the wiki activity. See, I live in Australia, NSW (not saying anymore) so many people who come here usually are at a different timezone to me. I'm mostly a day ahead of everyone until like, a certain time hits. I can do the calculations in my head for the east side of America to my time now so that's a plus (and then just minusing for any other timezone in the same country)

Youtube: Pinkolol16

Skype: pinkolol16

Roblox: Pinkolol1615

Minecraft: Pinkolol16

Steam: pinkolol16

Twitter: @Pinkolol16

Deviantart: Pinkolol16

Those are the places where I'm at. On Skype however, I'm very busy with the other group I'm in (a special group of some of the members, because they became my close friends) so I may not answer calls. However, I'll be content to chat.

I may not come on SNN chat except weekends and holidays because of my changed schedule. I also may not pay attention to the wiki activity as in the past due to the fact I'm helping create another wiki from the ground up. However, I will still come here and talk if you want to start anything on, say, my talk page.

However, if I don't come on at all, I may be making a video. If not that, then again, I may be very busy.

Games I own

Most games I own are Australian, but some are American. System will also be mentioned and if in a rom, I will state so. My cheat card allows cheats from games released 2004-2007 so I'll classify which games. If there's nothing, I just played/am playing the normal game.

Systems I own

Just getting into systems before games.

I have:

  • PC (dur XD no but I actually have a desktop)
  • Wii U
  • Wii
  • DS
  • GBA SP
  • 3DS


Australia - (AUS)

America - (US)

Europe - (E)

Anywhere else - Respective abbrieviation

(If it is not marked with a bracket of sorts indicating region, it's most likely Australian)


  • Super Mario 64 DS (ROM, E, allow cheats)
  • Mario Party DS (ROM, US)
  • Mario Kart DS (AUS)
  • Mario Kart 7 (3DS, AUS)
  • Super Mario 3D World (Wii U, AUS)
  • Mario Kart 8 (AUS)
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Luigi's Mansion 2 - Europe/Australian name. However, I refer to it as the American name, AUS)
  • Mario and Luigi: Dream Team *Bros.* (3DS, AUS, again, I prefer to call it by American name)
  • Super Mario 64 (ROM, US and E, however, is a machinima tool)
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (AUS)


  • Sega Superstars Tennis (ROM, US)
  • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (ROM, US)
  • Sonic Rush (ROM, US, allows cheats (never use them))
  • Sonic Rush Adventure (ROM, US)
  • Sonic Generations (3DS (AUS), PC)
  • Sonic Advance (AUS and US, don't ask)
  • Sonic Colours (DS, AUS)
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Wii, AUS)
  • Sonic Lost World (Wii U, AUS)
  • Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut (3 memory cards for Chao)
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (3 memory cards for Chao)
  • Sonic Heroes (GC)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (GC)
  • Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing (DS, AUS)

Mario and Sonic

  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS, ROM, US)
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (DS and Wii)
  • Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3DS (E) and Wii)


  • Pokemon X (AUS)
  • Pokemon Y (AUS)
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby (AUS)
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (AUS)
  • Pokemon Diamond (US, ROM, allows cheats)
  • Pokemon Pearl (US, ROM, allows cheats)
  • Pokemon Platinum (E, ROM)
  • Pokemon SoulSilver (US, however not a rom)
  • Pokemon Black and White
  • Pokemon Black and White 2
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (ROM and legit, US and AUS)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (ROM and legit, US and AUS)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky (ROM, US)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (ROM, E, allows cheats)

Super Smash Bros.

  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (AUS)
  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U (AUS, 4 Amiibo (Mario, Kirby, Pikachu, Yoshi))

Other Games

I probably got these games when I was just starting games out. Or if not then, for special reasons.

  • Hamsterz 2
  • Dogz 2 (and the 1st)
  • Bunnyz
  • Wii Sports
  • Nintendogs (All 4 versions, (Chihuahua, Dachshund, Dalmatian and Labrador, Chihuahua is my only legit one however)
  • Nintendo Land (Wii U, came with it, I got the black one)
  • Minecraft (PC)
  • Roblox (could technically be considered a game, PC)
  • Garry's Mod (PC, Ragdoll posing only)

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