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aka Gurahk

  • I live in Boston
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is Cart-Carrier
  • I am male

RayxCreamMaker (also called Gurahk) is a user in wikia who is ab bit of an emo and crossover guy. He is a huge fan of Thomas & Friends, Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Star Fox, Bionicle, Transformers, and sports and often creates crossovers with all except the latter of them. However, everyone treats him like a piece of shit and believes that no one likes him and wishes he were never born (much like Void). He lives in a seemingly poor and weakened town of Stoneham, MA.

Sonic Couples he supports:

  • SonicxDawn (OC)
  • Taismo (TailsxCosmo)
  • RayxCream (the name probably gave it away)
  • Shadouge (ShadowxRouge)
  • KnucklesxJulie-Su
  • SilvAmy (SilverxAmy)
  • EspioxBlaze
  • AshxMina
  • JetxWave
  • ChrisxHelen
  • Fan Couples made by friends and myself

Sonic Couples he kinda supports:

  • SonAmy (SonicxAmy)
  • Sonally (SonicxSally)
  • Silvaze (SilverxBlaze)
  • ShadAmy (ShadowxAmy)
  • VectorxVanilla
  • SonicxElise

Sonic Couples he despices:

  • Knuxouge (KnucklesxRouge)
  • Taiream (TailsxCream;get it through your heads:Cream is too young for Tails! CAPEESH?!)
  • Sonaze (SonicxBlaze)
  • Gay Couples and couples lacking evidence and commen sense

Favorite Sonic Characters:

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