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October 15, 2010
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Remix Robots

Update : 3-5-2011

"Exclusive Sonic Channel custom Japanese Youtube Channel skin for Sonic Wiki"

About Me :

Hello Everyone , Welcome to my page if you don't know me I'm remixrobots CEO of Remix Robots Entertainment (R.R.E.). I go by The A.K.A.Terms Remix Robots , Remix Robots 7 , and Remix Robots 777 , you can just call me Remix Robots. So you may know me already I'm here because I'm a hardcore Sonic fan , not like the those elitists , or better known as Sonic Trolls. You can catch me on Youtube, Newgrounds, And Deviant Art. Look At my Artwork Here!

How I Became A Sonic Fan :

I got a Super Nintendo with Super Mario World thats when gaming really started to become a part of my life , Super Mario World was so fun , but a couple of years later i got a pc i didnt have internet so I had computer games. SEGA Smash Pack II (2) it had Comix Zone Vector Man And Shining Force II (2) all I played religiously , except there was another game on there it was ... TAA DAA... "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" it was my favorite game ever there was this blue thing named Sonic and his hindering , yet helpful best bud "Miles" or his nicknamed "Tails". To this day sonic 2 , and sonic in general holds a special place in my heart. Remember when I said I loved SMW just the fact that I played Mario Then Sonic Pretty much said it all , and that ... Ladies and Germs is how I ... Became a Sonic Fan.

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