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(Yes, this is a fanfiction. It involves the secret behind the strange meme about the "Computer Room" by the character Vector the Crocodile, with some comedy and mostly horror/suspense added to it. You can feel free to add a comment any time at the bottom of the page under the Comments section. Thanks!)

'*Incoming Transmission*

'*NETRICSA Input: Analyzing*

'*Message One: Agent SG79 vocal communication. Play Message? Yes/No*

'*Now playing: Message 1*

'*Kkzt* OK guys, I'm here. There's tons of top-notch security at this old building, the military obviously doesn't want to take chances. Wait, what is that?


There's a soldier posted by the building with an RPG. A friggin' RPG. This is only going to make infiltration worse.

You may be wondering why I'm trying to get into this building, fellow comrades. Well I've got news for you: Me neither. I received rumors from a computer hacker that the mystery behind this "Computer Room" is located somewhere in that building. Curiosity got the best of me yet, so I'm going in... *kzzt*

'*kzt* I'm in. There are a lot of rooms, the labels that were formerly located are missing, so I'll have to guess which rooms contain what. *kzzt*

'*kzt* OK, I've found it. This has to be the computer room!


. . .


...It's the Woman's Bathroom. Looks like I'm not even close. I'm going to have to descend further downstairs into the building, it will be darker in there. *kzzzt*

'*Kzzt* *Scanning, Analyzing* OK, this in the darkest corridors, pretty creepy down here. Hey, some of these rooms are marked "CMP". Maybe one of them in the computer room. What is that noise I keep hearing, too? Is there someone down here besides me? *kzzzzt*

'*kzzt* Alright, I've opened the first room. Nothing but a bunch of old fax machines. Pretty useless...

Let's try number two:



Well, that leaves me with one final room, which is number 3, it's on the right wall. *kzzt*

'*Kzzt* It's even darker in here. I don't like this, stay in touch guys. Shotgun and knife are ready. *kzzt*

'*kzzzzzt* Alright, I'm in a closet. Why? Let me explai-*kzzzzt*

'*kzzt* Sorry, some reception is bad in here, Fixed, now. Anyways, I turned on my flashlight and began to hear groaning noises. I could've sworn I saw the silhouette of a crocodile, so I ducked into a nearby closet and closed the door. I'm surprised he didn't even hear me.


I bumped my head into somethi-


...I found it.

I found the so-called computer room. *kzzt*

'*kzzt* All of these computers are dead monitors, but they are all somehow still running. They all have pictures of Vector the Crocodile, a character from a former Video-gaming company "SEGA", but something's wr-*kzzzt*

'*kzzy -ong: They all have pictures of the character with his eyes out of their sockets. Ew... *kzzt*

'*kzzzt* Ok, I'm going to write down a second message here, to be safe so that this gets to all of you. Wait a few minutes... *kzzzt*

'*kzzzt* Crap! The groaning is getting louder! Hang on, I'll be out soon *kzzzzzt*

'*kzzt* *BOOM SHANK-SHANK! BOOM SHANK-SHANK! *kzzzzzzzzzt*

'*kzt* HOLY SH- *kzzzzzzt*


'*kzzt* Ugh...



Ugh, comrades. *kzzzt*

'*kzzt* I'm *gasp*, outside th-the computer room...


...Locked the crocodile on the other side of the door... *kzzt*

'*kzzt* Me-medi-*BAM! CRASH!* *k-kzzzzzzzzzt*


F-find the comp-puter, rooom....


'*Message Recording Ended. Current Whereabouts of Agent SG79: Unknown*

'*Files Extracted*

'*Files Playing: Message 2*

"It's a crocodile, alright. Anyways, the secret behind the computer room apparently involves a worker at SEGA. He had written a message than an anthropomorphic crocodile was supposed to say in a game called "Shadow the Hedgehog". Beats me why it wasn't released."

"However, after many voice sound tests for the crocodile from the voice actor, the employee began to hear the same sound and lines ringing through his head, I'm reading this from an old recorded document from a previous survivor."

"Some say the employee was subjected to PTSD, but how it's connected to a talking crocodile is beyond me."

"Upon the next few days, he barely spoke a word. However, by next week, SEGA was shut down, the company who kept this character. Some people have told stories of what had happened, some say the guy made an awkward transformation into a crocodile, others suggest he went insane, murdering many of the staff members and dressing up as a crocodile."

"At any rate, this may explain why this person/thing has the horrifying delight of keeping pictures of the character with its eyes gouged out. The voice rings in his head, he continues to moan, paces the room, and we still don't know why he's here."

"Hey, there's an old thing here in the back of the closet. It's a plush, a few to be precise. They're all plushes of Vector holding a laptop."

"The pieces are coming together. What has happened is the insane man began to suffer obvious mental issues, and created a strange crocodile suit, but an old file here suggests that the man's blood had made a strange transformation into cold blood, like a reptile. They were forced to keep him in cold temperatures, but this proved to be a mistake, as he managed to escape one night with no evidence of what he look like, but the security cameras caught glimpses of what looks like a crocodile..."


"Then, the military must've caught him and placed him the lowest depths of the building. No wonder it's on such strict security."

"Now, the trouble is how do I get out of here whilst avoiding the guards and this psychotic freak. I hope this message gets to you. All of you. I'm making it pre-break-out so I can get back to direct communication, I want to at least hear your voices again before I die. I tip my hat towards you all. See you later..."

'*Files Extracted and Ended. Replay Message? Yes/No*

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That was awesome! A lot like the one we did on chat. The Shadow Of Darkness 23:45, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

Creepypasta much? LOL! Scary and weird and funny. Actually, take out scary. UltimateSilvrFan 3:23 AM August 6 2013

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