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January 22, 2007

Sysop here & at the RuneScape Wiki, so don't hesitate to ask for help.

Today is Saturday, the 28 day of November, 2015.

Currently, we have:

10,470 articles,
298,465 pages, and
7,962,124 registered users (collectively from other wikis).


Before you do anything, be sure to look at these Wikipedia articles, as they apply to everyone and every Wiki. Feel free to tell me to add any articles you feel will help new/misguided/neurotic users.

These are the rules simplified into two handy-dandy li'l pages.

If you feel as though you must go in depth with your reading/research, I bring you these.

To Do List

  • Finish making all heroes' and villains' pages.
  • Make templates for all categories, such as games, heroes, etc.
  • Clean up all previous pages (if needed, of course).
  • Make all articles relevant to the Wiki.
  • Upload many, many more pictures.
  • Get more users on and get a Sonic community started!
  • Get 500+ page edits.
  • Get all needed templates on this site, and working.


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