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January 2, 2009
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Shadow the hedgehog 23 16:14, 2 January 2009 (UTC) Hi I'm Shadow the Hedgehog 23 i know every thing on every sonic character, item, and some of the vehicles.the only reason i know this is because I am the real shadow the hedgehog. Okay this is an article an Nazo Shadic and Phoenix. Also check out my forums The truth about sonic couples and who wants to part of sonic and inside of them? ( Now Sonic club Signup) a hiddenarticle on SNN, and Shadow's sisters. Also on this page i will say who is new to the sonic club( check out the disscusion page that is linked to this page(click disscussion) Shadow the Hedgehog 18:57, 10 January 2009 (UTC)


Nazo is a hedgehog created from negative chaos energy. he was created back in the time of knuckles tribe then was lock up in the chaos emeralds then returned 3 months after the black arms invasion(see youtube sonic :nazo unleashed or fanfictiom Rise of nazo have different events in them so see both) he is defeated by shadic and phoenix.


Shadic is combonation of shadow and sonic. They use chaos control as hyper shadow and hyper sonic.not much changes about them except he is white with red streaks where shadows are and his shoes are curved on top like sonic an have shadow's hover jets on the bottom. he has all of shadow's abilites plus all of sonics.


Phoenix is a combonation of shadow,sonic,and silver.His gloves have the ring like thing on them like silver and the cuff links like shadow. he is also white and also formed when they are in hyper and use chaos control. he has all the powers of shadow,sonic,and silver. his shoes are white boots like with shadow's hover jets and curved like sonics. Other info:




Unknown because he is Shadow,Sonic,and Silver Fused


Maximum Adrenaline Control

Maximum Adrenaline Blast

Maximum Adrenaline Spear

Maximum Adrenaline Relieve

Maximum Adrenaline Torrent

Maximum Adrenaline Cannon

Maximum Adrenaline Destruction

Maximum Adrenaline Ball

Maximum Adrenaline Rift

Maximum Adrenaline Blade

Maximum Adrenaline Punishment

Super skating speed

Control over fire and earth

Psychic powers

Advanced hand to hand combat skills

Advanced stealth


Animal I have Become, Three Days Grace




Seeing friends and family being tortured or beaten(this usually ends up wioth us killing some one)

Black arms

G.U.N. agents that shoot at him

Loves:Nobody really...


Beating the living shit out of people




Preffered moves:

Maximum Adrenaline Cannon

Maximum Adrenaline Spear


Aura-Arondight(One of the three Aura sworda mixed with arondight,lancelots sword, after a little accident with eggman)


Hyper(normal form)



Angry (Shadow is part Black arms (ALiens from Shadow the hedgehog the game) )


About Shadow the Hedgehog:

Okay it is here!!!!!!the truth about me! 12 years ago me ,and every one in the club, was (and still am) drugged by G.U.N. causing our appearences to change into humans.(read this part like it is a movie commercial)now 5 officials(me,Jet,Shadow Androiod,Black Doom,and Sonic)are on a mission, to get back what we lost 12 years ago and restore peace to the world.further info will be up weekly(probably). Lately the site has had very few visitors,WE need YOUR help to spread the word about the site this is actually alot more fun than it sounds, you get to go around to random sonic fan sites and tell them to go to the site (incase you forgot the address it's I am back mostly editing mine and other forums. Be sure to signup for the sonic club for inside tips and reviews ect... on all sonic games and other crap.Also please note that any one who tries to say iam not Shadow or any attack twoards my family I will not hold back or hesitate to attack you.Now I am the founder of handheld games wiki(!!!!

Shadow's Power Forms

okay I can go up to some where to about 10 different forms (i lost track)

Light(as seen in Shadow the hedgehog)

Dark(same as light)

Dark super (turn blood red and have a slightly lighter shade of red aura around me)


Hyper(Flashes about 7 different colors repetedly, see Youtube: sonic nazo unleashed to see what i mean)

Chaos(i turn a sky blueish color and my red streaks turn gold, also my powers become more powerful)

Dark spine (similar to Dark Spine Sonic except i turn pure black instead of purple)

Fur Change(okay i discovered this when i was on the ARK after the Black Arms invasion,I can turn either pure red or pure Black including my white fur)

Who is already part of sonic club?

Here is who is already part of sonic club:

Shadow the Hedgehog (me)*

Jet the Hawk*

Sonic the Hedgehog*

Knuckles the Echidna

Blaze the Cat

Shadow Android*

Black Doom*


Miles Tails Prower

Nazo the Hedgehog

Will the Echidna

Dawn the hedgehog

Amy Rose

Who's new to sonic club?

FIRST NEW MEMBER! Will The Echidna!

SECOND NEW MEMBER! Dawn the Hedgehog!


Fourth new member: Amy Rose

Fifth:Gosh Dammit who ever edits this section again will not be able to Join the club!!!!(if you are already part of the club you will be expeled)

Incase your wondering what the * is next to some of the names, it is who is in charge of the club (we call them 'officials'.) to join vist our site or leave a comment for me on my forum:Sonic Club Signup

Sonic club news

Good news:

Somebody on imeem joined to become AMY ROSE!

Bad news(for this person):

Silver was banned due to vulgar sex comments,and calling every body in the club an !@#hole.

Sonic Club signup Form

Okay here is the form you need to fill out to be part of the Sonic Club:Note: Copy this from to an email and send it to me at:

Your Name:

Character Name(send me a message for list if you want to see it for complete list):

Email or place to contact you(websites you use often):

The following Questions are not requiered or signup: 1)Okay the officials are haveing an argument over the club name and we want your opinion;

which is better Sonic club(refering to the over all characters and stuff) or Shadow club?(no idea what this one means)

2)How did you find the club?(i.e. someone told me,link on shadow's imeem page,ect...)

3)who is your character's husband/wife and kids(see and search sonic couples/kids)

4)What does G.U.N. stand for?

Thanks for your timeSonic Club official board: Shadow Sonic Jet Black Doom Shadow Android

Friends, Neutral, and Enimies


Any one in the sonic club except Jet and Shadow Android





Static the hedgehog

Spark the hedgehog

Resse Romaro

Luna the Fox






Mysic monkey (user of SNN)

Dawnthehedgehog (user of SNN)



Will the Echidna (Flashfire212,user of SNN)



Black Doom

Nazo the Hedgehog

Darren Romeo Rivers

Karren Purnip

Proffesor Dayd (hedgehog)


Eggman Nega

Black arms



Any ugly prototypes


Jet the Hawk

Shadow Android

Wave the Swallow

Storm the Albatross



Frost(Shadow Androids GF)


Amy Rose(wife)





Ebony(younger sister)

Eclipse(Ebony's twin brother ,dead because of power obssesed,wanting world power, and being evil AKA the Real faker)

Flame(sister,older than Ebony)

Saphfire(sister,youngest of all 4 of us)

Scarlet. my twin but im still older)


okay i have two teams that i own,coach,and play for: the Shadow Darkfires!

Shadow Darkfires:Striker

(a very brute and dangerouse version of soccer)

on the team is:


2)Sonic(left wing)

3)Silver(Right wing)


5)Static(goalie 1)

6)Spark(goalie 2)

Shadow Darkfires; 3-on-3 Basketball

on this team is:

1)Shadow(me,Point gaurd)



Random info on characters

Here is Some info you might like to know:


Age:18(chronologic 30)

Weight:Don't Ask(according to frost)

Height:3ft 1in

Abilities:Frost,Blizzard,Ice Crash,Whirwind,Chaos control,Chaos blizzard


Family:Shadow Android(husband to be),Tide(yet to be born,currently still a fetus)

Occupaton:G.U.N. Speacial Operations manager/ Agent Mission debreifer

Articles and Forums

1)User:Shadow the hedgehog 23/Rings of Chaos(a)

2)User:Shadow the hedgehog 23/List of unknown sonic characters(a)

3)Forum:Shadow's sisters(f)

4)Forum:Soic club signup(f)

5)Forum:The truth of sonic couples(f)

6)User:Shadow the hedgehog 23/Sonic Club(a)

7)Sonic Couples/Kids(a)


which is the best sonic game EVA??

The poll was created at 22:44 on March 20, 2009, and so far 6 people voted.

Chuck Norris Jokes

okay I love to hear chuck Norris Jokes here are some I found:

if you have 5 dollars and Chuck Norris Has 5 dollars,Chuck Norris has more money than you

Chuck Norris can Kill Two Stones w/one bird

Chuck Norris Doesn't wear a watch,HE decides what time it is.

Chuck Norris Can slame a Revolving door

Chuck Norris once ordered a big mac a burger King,He

When Chuck Norris Does pushup's,he isn't pushing himself up he is pushing the earth up.

If you worked in an office with Chuck Norris, Do Not ask for his three hole punch.

Chuck Norris doesn't kill two birds with one stone,he kills all birds with two stones.The ones in his pants.

Chuck Norris once stubed his toe and the whole state of ohio blew up.

Chuck Norris knows the last digit of pi.

He who laughs last laughs best, he who laughs at Chuck Norris...Dies.

Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerkey.

Chuck Norris once went skydiving,he promised never to do it again.One grand Canyon is enough.

Chuck Norris Is the reason Waldo is hiding.

Chuck Norris knows everything there is to know...Except the definition of mercy

Chuck Norris eats beef jerky then craps gun powder. He then turns the gun powder into a bullet to shoot a com to make more beef jerkey. Most people refer to this as the circle of life.

Cool Places to Look!

sonic the hedgehog archive on fanfiction

Jet's Blog

the club website

my imeem page

Contact info

E-mail if you want to e-mail me leve a comment on my disscusion page so i can add it to my contacts(its the way my server works)

AT&T webpage leave a comment

Any of my forums

Club website leave comment as ultimate

Special Thanks

Sonic the hedgehog

For 1)not killing me or amy when we started dating evn though tried and failed BADLY!). 2)helping me set up the club

Silver the hedgehog

Helping get things straightend out when sonic moved to another school

jet the Hawk

thanks for building the website

Shadow Android

thanks for keeping us entertained at luch with the wars and keeping track of our financial stats

Black Doom

For being an awsome secretary!


site builder


For allowing me to spread the word about the sonic club website

And anyone i forgot especilly anyone going to be in or already in the club!

THANKS! Sonic Club Owner-Shadow the Hedgehog 00:14, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

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