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June 20, 2012
  • I live in Hobbiton
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is populating Antarctica
  • I am Snail Male

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You are valuable... not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are.
Max Lucado

Welcome to the personal profile of Shadowunleashed13. Some call me SU, others Shadowunleashed, and a few users even know me as "Bob", but you can call me Unleashed. I am an administrator on this wiki, and I have been on the Sonic News Network since 20 June 2012. I used to be a frequent visitor here, but times have changed since then. I still haven't forgotten about you boxheads, though, I check up on you from time to time and I help run this wiki's Twitter account. I'm not active on other wikis.

The Sonic the Hedgehog series is my favorite video game series of them all, but I also enjoy the Rayman series and the occasional Mega Man or Super Mario game. Aside from video games, I am an avid Tolkienite (which means I'm a Lord of the Rings fan). I also enjoy watching television, but I only watch sports, Nova, or some old comedy from the mid-twentieth century. Most importantly, I am a Christian (Southern Baptist).


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Dat wisdom



I know it has become a trend to list the users perceived as friends on one's profile, but I think maybe I should avoid this in favor of the following.

When I first joined the wiki, it was to edit. Don't disturb other editors, and they won't disturb you. Nothing to it. I soon realized it wasn't the case. Still, I tried to avoid everybody else: too much hassle talking to them; it's a distraction from the work that must be done. But over time, I came to appreciate the fact that there are other people out there. They were there to reprimand me when I misbehaved, to help me when I needed guidance, to teach me when I needed to learn.

And there are the jokers who raise the corners of your mouth, the optimists who rub off on you, the lesser liked users whose good qualities are all you see, the dedicated editors with whom you are pleased to work, the friends who want to hang out "just because", and the close friends who stick by you no matter what... all of whom you will remember after they move on. And even if they hate your guts, you can't help but love them, simply because they are.

No matter who you are, thank you for being you.


Height: 5' 7''
Country: United States of America
Favorite food: Pumpkin bread (I know it's weird)
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite book: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Favorite movie: The Dark Knight
Favorite TV series: Doctor Who (don't look at me like that)
Favorite Sonic game: Sonic Colors
Favorite video game: Team Fortress 2 (It's divine)

My life in a nutshell


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Wiki History

The first time I visited this wiki, I was looking over the shoulder of my next-door neighbor, Nitronack369. He came here regularly for information, and it rubbed off on me. I joined about a month or so after I my first visit. Although I joined for the sole purpose of editing by myself, I soon realized that social interaction was inevitable... not exactly the best thing for an unsocialized homeschooler. Unfortunately, I ended up making some early mistakes on the wiki, having not paid attention to the community when I visited as a wikia contributor. I got into arguments and came out looking like a jerk. It took me a while to realize how important the SNN community was, and I determined to have better interactions with users I met.

I quickly made some friends, and began to edit more frequently, which went on for a while. I met SilverPlays97 when he started an art contest for his birthday. I noticed a user named Le Solace on blog comments and decided to introduce myself on his empty talk page. I bantered with BlueSpeeder on chat with a YouTube music battle (one of the most memorable moments I've ever had on the wiki). These three friendships have since grown and lasted a long time, and kept me on the site longer than I had originally intended.

After only a couple of months, I decided to run for rollback. I wanted to make up for my mistakes, and I foolishly thought user rights might make me a bit more popular, but the community said I wasn't ready... which was indubitably true. A little set back by the way my nomination was received (that was a slight understatement), I removed my nomination after one day. I edited slowly for the next couple of days, but after realizing that my "failure" was for my own good and that the oppositions were nothing personal, I started editing more than I had before, determined to earn respect with my actions, not my dreams. But on chat one day, I was asked about running for rollback again. I explained that I thought I wasn't ready yet, but other users apparently thought otherwise. Eventually, I decided to run again.

I received many positive votes; things looked a lot better. However, the vote that I would have wanted the most in my favor went the other way. I was upset, despite my pending victory. After how hard I tried to earn respect, someone found so much fault in me that he wouldn't support even my rollback nomination. When the week of my nomination came to a close, 13 users supported and only one opposed.

A new year rolled around, but on the wiki, things weren't going the way I had hoped. Conflicts with my friends and a lot of editing was causing me to feel a bit stressed. I was trying to edit so much that I completely missed the point:

As long as your having fun take a break though to much of one thing will make it not fun. Also a word from some one who crashed head first into this. Enjoy your childhood while you can by the time you reach 18 and your last year in highschool some much changes so fast and you have lot forced onto you so be ready... Sorry if I scared you but it's a harsh truth.

After I made myself a failed administrator nomination (it was really weird, a bunch of supporters, only a couple opposing votes, and a million "neutral votes"), I was so frustrated. This wasn't how it was supposed to work. I had done everything right, I had done literally everything. If I couldn't win by my actions, how could I win it at all? What kept me back from accomplishing what I had set out to do from day one?


I had acted for myself, I had edited for myself, I had spoken for myself, it was all for me. The entire eight months I had spent up to this pivotal moment had been all about me. I deserved more than anyone else, I needed more than anyone else, I had to be more than everyone else... no, I was already more than anyone else could ever be, because I was me, more important than anyone else. I took a short hiatus from the wiki, hoping it would solve my problems. It didn't. And so I gave up. The dream was over; I had already tried my best and failed.

Little did I know that giving up was the best possible reaction. My "dream" was not something to be pursued. It doesn't work that way; it can't work that way. When I dropped my main motivation, a truer, fuller one took its place. My goal was no longer to seek attention, I would work for the community, for the readers, for my peers, not for myself. I'm not important, and I can't go back to my old mindset. This changed everything... and whaddya know, I got what I wanted most when I stopped trying. Bullet Francisco, only three months after my previous nomination, nominated me for adminship himself, along with a few other nominations. I was an administrator before my first wikiversary.

But it wasn't over. After my promotion, I started acting different. More "official". I tried to be more "professional". Expectations for me had been raised, and I didn't realize that I was promoted for who I was then, not who I should be later or whatever. Everywhere I went, I was stiff, overly formal, and overall awkward. One day, I joined chat only to see that those present had been wondering aloud about my recent strange behavior. That's what it took for me to realize my mistake, and I spent the next month or so trying to define my personality. I spent a few more months as a very active administrator, until taking a summer break, but I never quite came back in full force.

Don't worry, I still love you guys. ^_^

Why am I here?

Short answer: Sharp cheddar cheese.

Long answer: In the beginning, editing was all I had to do on a wiki. The "Edit" and "Publish" buttons were the source of my enjoyment. Just make this wiki the best fan-made source of information about the Sonic the Hedgehog series; I can do that. But eventually, I felt I could serve the wiki best elsewhere. After my promotion to the rank of administrator, I used the tools and the authority for maintenance, for behind-the-scenes work, for anything I could do. I got very busy at times. But now, I think it's more balanced. I edit some days, socialize others, and it works out well. The basic point: I'm here to serve this wiki wherever I can as best I can, whether I should edit, or make friends, or keep this place alive. And this place is kind of addicting, too. ;)

With Sonic

My first adventure with the Blue Blur took place back when Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the latest thing. A friend gave my brother and me a chance to play it together. We both chose Sonic, since "he looks funny". Needless to say, I won the brawl. XD My next encounter with Sonic, although I wouldn't realize it for years, was with Sonic Rush Adventure. A friend was playing it, and I was watching over his shoulder. It was simple as that, but I didn't remember the characters or story, only the gameplay.

Eventually, a new neighbor moved in next door. This guy was obsessed with Mario, but now he was starting to expand his video game interests... and Sonic was next. As he tried to learn more about Sonic and other video game series, he would tell me about what he'd figured out. It didn't take long for him to incorporate Sonic into our routine of letting each other borrow video games. Before long, I'd played the first two Sonic Riders games and Sonic Unleashed. By now, I was hooked on the series, and eventually I started buying games like Sonic Colors and Sonic and the Black Knight on eBay. This led me to the Sonic News Network only days later.

As for my opinions on the Sonic the Hedgehog series in general, I am content with the way Sega's going right now. Something different, something fun, something Sonic is all I need, and as a "tolerant gamer" who can see the good in almost any gameplay, Sonic is perfect for me. As I once said in defense of Sonic Lost World:

We're not giving Sega the credit they deserve. They keep changing, moving forward, making bold moves, and always improving, instead of keeping the same gameplay for seven games in a row. They're not afraid to take the heat, and if you ask me, Sonic Lost World is a great move.

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