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Nack the Weasel
Debug Mode
Debug Mode is a sprite comic made by Shadowunleashed13 that debuted on July 25, 2012.

Concept and Creation

The comic was originally an idea Nitronack369 came up with, a Matrix parody he planned to make as an animation. Shadowunleashed13 asked if he could use the idea, and took it in a different direction, making Vector and Espio the villains and turning it into a sprite comic. Ironically, the ninth comic was a Matrix parody called Matrix: Rebooted.


The series was originally not intended to have a name, as it was simply an experiment upon creation. Instead, each comic would have a separate name. But when faced with the challenge of coming up with a name for each individual comic, Shadowunleashed13 proposed a contest, which only NomadMusik entered. The winning name: Debug Mode.


Main Series

Debug Mode

Reject Riot







Supporting characters

Minor characters


The Story So Far

Debug Mode

One day Sonic is running through Green Hill Zone, when he unexpectedly hits a spike trap that kills him. Unfortunately, Sonic is out of continues, 1-ups, and rings. So he gets a game over. But instead of being sent back to the title screen, he is thrown onto a sheet of paper in Japan. A mysterious being approaches him, whose name Sonic learns to be Sega. Sega reveals that it created him as a video game character. Sonic has a hard time believing this, but suddenly discovers that "Sega" is actually Vector the Crocodile and Espio the Chameleon speaking into a microphone.

Vector and Espio lie to Sonic, saying that they need the Chaos Emeralds for a job Sega hired them to do. They explain that because Sonic keeps collecting the Chaos Emeralds, they cannot get the Chaos Emeralds they so desperately need. They also tell Sonic that Tech Support is working to get Sonic back into his video game. So, with a parting farewell, Vector and Espio leave Sonic trapped on the sheet of paper.

As Vector and Espio do not know how to use the Chaos Emeralds, they accidentally send every Sonic character onto the sheet of paper. Suddenly, the real Sega shows up. They explain that they have hired a new Tech Support. However, they refuse to do anything about Sonic's situation. Meanwhile, the characters are stuck arguing about how to escape the sheet of paper.

During the first night on the sheet of paper, Amy scares Sonic, who runs away from his friends in fright and gets himself lost. Suddenly, he finds himself on the other side if the sheet of paper, where he runs into Mighty the Armadillo. But before he can size up his situation, he finds himself held at gunpoint by an old enemy, who demands he handover the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic explains that he doesn't have them, but Fang is unperturbed, thinking that the whole thing is a lie. When Fang is finally convinced, Sonic steals his gun and turns the situation around.

Meanwhile, the others are falling apart without Sonic. When they elect Shadow as a leader, he starts a string of parodies, including a Matrix parody and a Tron: Legacy parody. This madness ends, however, when Sonic arrives holding Nack at gunpoint.

Nack trips and falls down, and Sonic demands an explanation, but Charmy interrupts. After an unexpected cameo, Sonic gives a short speech, which seems not to boost Mighty and Ray's spirits, as both are still angry about being forgotten for over a decade on the sheet of paper. Fang doesn't seem to be bothered much by being forgotten, however...because he has other plans.

Mighty is unable to control his emotions, and much to Sonic's dismay, he starts an ugly fight among Sonic's friends. Even Tails and Charmy join in. His intention is to keep Sonic on the sheet of paper forever so that he will not be the only one without hope of escaping.

Mighty explains that after Sonic the Fighters, the Chaotix were going to be scrapped. On the sheet of paper, Mighty formulated the plan Vector and Espio finally executed in Debug Mode 2. However, he was left trapped on the sheet of paper with Ray, and when Sonic arrived, Mighty took out his anger on Sonic and his friends.

Then he reveals another secret: Debug Mode. It was only in the earliest Sonic games, but it lasts even today. When the order in the Sonic universe is disrupted, Debug Mode is activated. In Debug Mode, the game gets confused and allows the craziest things to happen, eventually locking down. Since Vector and Espio were never meant to have the Chaos Emeralds, they activated Debug Mode by stealing them. Now the games are locked down, and as long as Vector and Espio have the Emeralds, Sonic is trapped.

Sonic, with the same mindset he must've had in Sonic and the Black Knight, dukes it out with Mighty. However, he remembers his experiences in Debug Mode two decades ago, and utilizes his hopeless situation. During the fight, Mighty places a static monitor, which Sonic breaks. Now facing Hyper Sonic, Mighty dodges his opponent's attacks...until he leaps over Hyper Sonic, who places Big Arm in his path. Before Mighty can be crushed, Vector, Espio, and Emerl arrive with the Chaos Emeralds.

Vector and Espio, while in the game, attempted to use the Chaos Emeralds but failed, as they had no experience. After Emerl had absorbed one of the Chaos Emeralds, they went to Casino Night Zone and attempted to gamble for funds, but were blocked by a Crawl. Abandoning the plan, they warped using Chaos Control (yeah, now they can use the Chaos Emeralds) to the airport in a nearby city. However, the airport was abandoned because they had accidentally warped every non-robot to the sheet of paper when they had first tried to activate the Chaos Emeralds. Depressed and regretful, Vector, Espio, and Emerl wandered into Star Light Zone, where they met Heavy. Heavy explained that they could reverse their actions and deactivate Debug Mode by returning the Emeralds to Sonic. The trio then did an internet to return to white space, which brings us back to the current time.

Vector explains the situation, and Sega suddenly returns, announcing that they have arranged for the entire gang to be returned to the game. But before they leave, the heroes take a bathroom break...leaving Nack alone with the Chaos Emeralds.

Nack manages to restrain himself from stealing the gems he's always wanted, but when Sonic returns from learns that he's not going to be returned to the game. Desperate for freedom, Nack steals the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic tries to stop him, but Nack uses Chaos Control to warp away. Due to his very close vicinity to Nack, Sonic is also transported, but he is thrown off in Emerald Hill Zone. Nack, however, warps to the file cabinet where his best friends Bark and Bean are, rescuing them and escaping into the game.

Reject Riot


Sonic and Tails, now separated, assess their situation. Tails determines that Nack is hiding in the Sonic Triple Trouble Special Stage. Their plan is to find Nack and then defeat him once Sega gets the crew off the sheet of paper. However, Nack stealing the Chaos Emeralds triggered Debug Mode, and Sega is unable to free Sonic's friends (and enemies).

As Sonic explores Emerald Hill Zone, he finds that there are no badniks in the area. Vector and Espio met plenty of robots when they triggered Debug Mode, so why are there no robots now? Sonic relays the issue to Tails, who puzzles over this development.

Meanwhile, Nack is kidnapping all the "rejects" of the Sonic the Hedgehog series: the characters who no longer have a part in the games. However, Bark mistakes Silver for a reject and kidnaps him as well. Bark returns Silver upon Nack's command. This is a big mistake: now their enemies are aware of their plan.


All interested users have commented positively on the series. Users such as Le Solace said, "...It's a great comic so far! Nice original idea and it's funny", while others described it as "hilarious stuff" and a "nice comic". Considering Matrix: Rebooted, PKMNthehedgehog commented, "That was genius!" Battlelord7 commented that Debug Mode 15 was "surprising creative...If I could, I'd grant you an award for Best Sprite Comic."



The Sonic characters and objects listed below belong to Sega and the Sonic Team. Sprites are used with permission from the artist.

  • Amy Rose sprites ripped from Sonic Advance by Daniel Sidney.
  • Bark the Polarbear sprites were custom-made by Cylent Nite with help from Akuma the Hedgehog
  • Bean the Dynamite sprites made by Spyridon. Credit goes to Rathe, Drshnaps, Gardow, Xeric, and Ragey.
  • Big Arm sprites ripped from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 by SupaChao.
  • Blaze the Cat sprites custom-made by Dark Burraki, using materials from Cylent Nite, Ryuki TH, CyberSonik, and Gabriel/Frag.
  • Charmy Bee sprites custom-made by FroggyMudd, using sprites by Daniel Sidney, CyberShadow, Choatia, Grim, JoeT.E., and Ren "Foxx" Ramos.
  • Chip sprites custom-made by Leaozx, modified from Cheese sprites ripped by Neo.
  • Eggman sprites custom-made by Dr. Grey, FinalBeyond, MetalMask, Skr8rhog, Tonberry2k, Solink, Dr. Helix, and MattiFS.
  • Custom-made Emerl sprites used in Debug Mode were custom-made by Scrapthehedgehog, using sprites ripped/made by Fox Omega, Yoshindo, and DP.
  • Espio the Chameleon sprites custom-made by Chaos X3, using Sonic sprites ripped by Amakay.
  • Nack the Weasel sprites custom-made by Silverbolt.
  • Hyper Sonic sprites ripped from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles by SupaChao and Hybrid.
  • Knuckles the Echidna sprites ripped from Sonic Advance by Daniel Sidney.
  • Metal Sonic sprites custom-made by CyberShadow, using base sprites from S-blitz, JoeTE, Gussprint, Deekman, Shawn, Phaze, Arens.
  • Mighty the Armadillo sprites custom-made by Dante-Stein using Sonic sprites ripped by Zong. Additional credit goes to
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel sprites custom-made by Scrap the Hedgehog.
  • Sea Fox sprites custom-made by Tonberry2k.
  • Shadow sprites ripped from Sonic Battle by Ryu. Email address is
  • Silver the Hedgehog sprites ripped by Master using Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance sprites ripped by Deekman and Daniel Sidney.
  • Sky Deck sprites custom-made by SkyLights.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog sprites ripped from Sonic Advance by Daniel Sidney.
  • Sonic the Werehog sprites made by Dabbido with help from Silence-is-loud.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower sprites ripped from Sonic Advance 3 by Dave (Hypero) Edwards.
  • Tornado sprites edited by SilverBolt from base sprites by Daniel Sidney.
  • Vector the Crocodile sprites custom-made by Dark Burraki.

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