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Manga Apperances = Sonic Unleashed(Part 1),Sonic Unleashed(Part 2) IQ = 105, DOB = March 24, Residence = Clan Camp,New Mobius City, Social Class = Warrior,Average person, Economic Class = Middle Class, Top Speed = 190 MPH

Background Info

Shady the Hedgehog is a decendant family member of Shadow the Hedgehog.She's mix with Amy Rose and Shadow,having both of their apperances and personality,also having Sonic's and Silver's abilities and personality.

Shady is the sixth generation of Shadow,and works under Scourge the Hedgehog's rule over New Mobius City.Shady and her friends Flight the Fox(mix w/ Sonic and Tails),Stealth the Echhidna(mix w/ Knuckles and Tails),Flower the Rabbit(mix w/ Tails and Cream),Vanessa the Bat(mix w/ Knuckles and Rouge),Shadic the Hedgehog(mix w/ Sonic and Shadow)and Diamond the Cat(mix w/ Silver and Blaze)meets Sonic and his Friends and Shady faces a dilima:To stay her world or Sonic's world.Shady the Hedgehog 01:34, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

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All About Shady the Hedgehog

Shady is a female hedeghog from the future.

Sonic Unleashed Manga(my version)(gonna change)

Sonic Unleashed-Past Future:The Star Prophecy

15 years ago,before Shady was born(in her time,and same thing for Sonic,sort of)the Clan of the Stars had sent a new prophecy and it goes:The kin of the shadows will save the world. Now its up to Speckle the Hedgehog to help fullfill this prophecy.

Main characters:(Ages are at this time)

Speckle the Hedgehog-14 yrs-old.She brought a rogue name Mephiles to the Clan,and began to learn some stuff that might change her life and the unexpected comes.

Spottedleaf the Hedgehog(Leaf)-16 yrs-old.Sister of Speckle.Early in the story,she lost her lover,Fire the Hedgehog,and has a great depression.Learns also whats going around the 4 clans.

Yellow the Hedgehog-28 yrs-old.Left the clan earlier in the story.Before leaving,she was the Clan's medicine healer.Has a terrible secret to might affect the Clan,will be revealed.

Golden the Hedgehog-17 yrs-old.Yellow's apprentice.A full medicine healer,has an a apprentice of her own,Dapple the Hedgehog.Has a terrible fate upon her.

Dapple the Hedgehog-14 yrs-old.Golden's apprentice.Good friends with Speckle.Learns the fate of the prophecy.

Mephiles the Dark-15 yrs-old.A rogue.Brought into the clan by Speckle.A terrible quest is to come upon him.

Star the Hedgehog-28 yrs-old.Pregnant with Thorn's 2nd child.Part of the prophecy,will be revealed.

Crooked the Hedgehog-30 yrs-old.A rogue.Brought into the clan by Yellow.Father of Scourge.

Dawn the Hedgehog-29 yrs-old.Deceased,verified member of Clan of the Stars.Tells prophecy to Nightstar,Dust,Speckle,Spottedleaf,Yellow,Golden,Dapple,and Star.Died before the story started.

Fire the Hedgehog-17 yrs-old.Deceased,verified member of the Clan of the Stars.Died saving Fern,who was almost was attacked by the Clan of the Shadows.Along with Dawn,also delivers prophecy.

Thorn the Hedgehog-29 yrs-old.Husband of Star.Learns how his wife is in the prophecy,will be revealed.

Minor characters:(Ages are at this time)

Blue the Hedgehog-2 yrs-old.Star's and Thorn's 1st child.

Vanessa the Bat-2 yrs-old.Sasha's and Black's child.

Shadic the Hedgehog-2 yrs-old.Hazel's and Spike's child.

Brook the Cat-28 yrs-old.A nursery mother,will give birth to Diamond very soon(Mate:Talon the Hedgehog)

Sand the Fox-27 yrs-old.Friend of Star and Speckle.Recently been with her mate often.Soon a year later she was pregnant and will have a son(which is Flight)(Mate:Smoke the fox).

Robin the Echidna-28 yrs-old.Friend of Star.Nursery mother,will give birth to Stealth soon(Mate:Red the Echidna).

Sorrel the Rabbit-26 yrs-old.Friend of Star.Mentoring Shay the Rabbit.The following year,she will give birth to Flower(Mate:Ash the Rabbit).

Sasha the Bat-29 yrs-old.Nursery mother,friend of Star.Still taking care of Vanessa until she's ready to be apprenticed(Mate:Black the Bat).

Hazel the Hedgehog-27 yrs-old.Nursery mother,taking care of Shadic until he's ready to be apprenticed(Mate:Spike the Hedgehog).

Fern the Hedgehog-28 yrs-old.Nursery mother.Early in the story,Fire died saving her from being attack from the Clan of the Shadows.Will give birth to Fire the Hedgehog(Shady's cousin),naming him after the deceased warrior.

Sonic Unleashed-Present and Present Future:2 Chosen Ones

15 years into the present.This is where Sonic comes in and meets his friends and enemies:Tails,Knuckles,Amy,Cream,Rouge,Shadow,Big(some parts of the story),Sally,Fiona,and Dr.Eggman.Later in the story,he meets Shady,along with Flight,Stealth,Flower,Vanessa,Shadic and Diamond.Also,he meets her clan,which is rule by Scourge.And Mephiles,along with his henchmen,are planning something and Shady's the target.Secrets revealing,prophecies to accomplish,and things are going crazy.Then Sonic and Shady meets Jet,Wave,and Storm.Then,during the Sonic Unleashed era,they meet Chip,who lost his memories.Two prophecies are sent by the Clan of the Stars and the first says:The chosen ones will save the world.(the chosen ones are Sonic and Shady),and the second one syas:The kin of the shadows must pick one the 3 stars,and he will be her lover.(Shady must find her true lover).Can Sonic and Shady complete these prophecies befor time runs out?

Main characters:(Ages are at this time)

Sonic the Hedgehog-15 yrs-old.The fastest thing alive.Sonic is fast,and cool.Along his life he meets many people who became his closest friends.He repeatedly defeats Dr.Eggman every now and then.Then,after meeting Shady and her friends and clanmates,and the other 3 clans,Sonic is part of a prophecy and he,along with Shady,must fulfill it.His life is challenge up and down,and one night,could change his life forever.

Miles"Tails" Prower-8 yrs-old.Tails had been picked on for two reasons:his inventions and his twin tails.Grew up without his parents,Tails lived,thinking that he's part bird,since he could fly.After meeting Sonic,his life change.He had become Sonic best friend and mechanic.He had built many airplanes,such as the Tornado. He knows that Sonic will need him always.Tails is also determine to find his parents(in the special story,Lost Memories,he takes off to find his parents),whereever they are.

Knuckles the Echidna-16 yrs-old.

Me and Shady

Hi I'm Ashley and I'm really happy to make my charcter.Shady is a cool character and she simple minded,like Silver the Hedgehog,has bad temper,like Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose,somewhat impatient and cocky like Sonic the Hedgehog.She has Sonic's super fast speed,Shadow's attacks,and Silver's powers.

Speckle the Hedgehog is Shady's guardian,protecting in every way,since her parents are busy,cause of Scourge.When she was about 14,Speckle met Mephiles the Dark as a rogue,who was badly beat up,so she nurse him back to health.The next day,Mephiles and Speckle became fast friends.She decides to take him to her clan camp,so that Golden the Hedgehog,the clan's medicine healer,to cure him.So she did.Her leader,Nightstar the Hedgehog,welcomed him and invited him to stay with the clan,so Mephiles agrees.He stayed in the medicine healer's tent,for a few days.Meanwhile,Speckle decides to go and see her sister,Spottedleaf the Hedgehog(also known as Leaf).Spottedleaf griefs over the death of her mate,Fire the Hedgehog(not Shady's cousin),who died saving Fern the Hedgehog,who was pregnant with Dust the Hedgehog's child.Everyone had mourn for him,knowing he's with the Clan of the Stars now.After a few days,Mephiles had already felt better,but Speckle worried if he's not well train to be a warrior,so she asked Nightstar,if she could be Mephile's mentor,since she knew him better,and Nightstar agrees.To know more,go to the forum titled:Speckle and Mephiles:Forbidden Love,since I'm not done with the forum yet.But I recommend that you should go,because it has more detail facts between them.Shady the Hedgehog 01:11, 12 May 2009 (UTC)


  • Even though she's related to Shadow,she has Sonic's super speed
  • Originally Shady was supose to be:
  • In love with Sonic and/or Knuckles-0_o
  • Have 3 people on her team
  • Suposingly appear in Sonic Adventure 2 and on
  • Sort of have Shadow's additude
  • Probably dump Sonic and Knuckles for Silver or JetT_T
  • If this wasn't really happened(which it never will!),she was Shadow's and Amy's daughter(which will never happen!)
  • Shady and Silver do have some things in common:
  • They both come from the future
  • They have telekinesis
  • Probably in love with their partner(Silver-Blaze,Shady-need to make up one)(manga only)
  • Fought Sonic before
  • Dislike Shadow at some point(manga only)
  • Are the only hedgehogs who could fly

Sonic manga Trivia

The 4 clans have diff.types of species:

  • ThunderClan:Hedgehogs,Foxes,Echidnas,Rabbits,Bats,Cats
  • ShadowClan:All bats,half though are vamp.
  • WindClan:Hedgehogs,Foxes,Echidnas,Rabbits,Btas,Ctas:all in were-forms
  • RiverClan:All cats

Shady and her clan are going against Scourge,because of his abusing power

  • There will be 2 more clans:RogueClan and SkyClan

  • Sonic and his friends will go under challenges (Part 2):
  • Sonic:dealing that he's a were-hog,his love life
  • Shadow:his need to impress Amy,but falls for another person
  • Silver:dealing with Shadow"s teasing and picking on him,need to impress Amy also
  • Tails:that he's in love w/ Shady
  • Knuckles: that Shadow is pushing Shady too hard on her life
  • Amy: wants to impress Sonic(duh!)
  • Rouge: that she's in love w/ a were-hog we know
  • Blaze: falls in love Sonic,then Shadow
  • Cream: to see her friends suffer
  • Jet: that he's madly in love w/ Shady
  • Wave: begins to fall in love w/ Shadic
  • Storm: that he's not in love
  • Dr.Eggman: wnat to destroy Sonic and take over the world
  • Sally: in love w/ Sonic
  • Fiona: in love w/ Sonic
  • Mina: in love w/ Sonic
  • Shade: in love w/ Knux,jealous that he hangs out w/Shady
  • Scourge: wants to conquer the world
  • Mephiles: wants to kill Shady and Sonic,dealing his love for Speckle
  • Crystal the Bat:wnats to protect her bro from Mephiles(she had to join him)
  • Rosalie the Bat(Rouge's sister): in love w/ a were-hog we all know
  • Chip: his desire to protect the Earth

  • Shady and her friends will also go under challenges(Part 2):
  • Shady: her dilemma to stay in Sonic's world,her love for Knux,Tails,Jet,and Yusei,issue w/ Shadow
  • Flight: trying his best to help Shady
  • Stealth: to protect the future Master Emerald
  • Flower: not wanting Shady to leave her own time
  • Vanessa: wants the future Master Emerald,her friend Shadic is against them
  • Shadic: supporting Scourge,wnats to be deputy,madly in love w/ Wave
  • Diamond:not wanting Shady to leave her home
  • Speckle:That she wants Mephiles to return back to good
  • Yusei the Hedgehog:He wants Shady to know that he loves her and has nothing to do with Amber
  • Amber the Bat:Shady's rival, wants to get rid of her,wants Yusei to herself
  • Blossom the Bat(SC):that the fact Amber joins Mephiles and Dark for their quest of conquring Shady's powers
  • Breeze the Were-Hog(WC):
  • Rain the Cat(RC):

  • Other people will also go thru challenges(Part 3):
  • Exter:
  • Extho:
  • Light the Hedgehog:
  • Dark the Hedgehog:
  • Carbon the Hedgehog:
  • Sony the Hedgehog:
  • Snowy the Bat:
  • Princess the Hedgehog:
  • Project the Hedgehog:
  • Misty the Hedgehog:
  • Twister the Fox:
  • Lily the Rabbit:
  • Moon the Cat:
  • Hazel the Hedgehog:
  • Cloud the Hedgehog:
  • Frost the Hedgehog:
  • Misty the Hedgehog(Speckles child):
  • Wing the Hedgehog:

Others also have challenges(Part 4):

  • Sony the Hedgehog:
  • Misty the Hedgehog:
  • Project the Hedgehog:
  • Princess the Hedgehog:
  • Yuki the Fox:
  • Duke the Fox:
  • Daisuke the Hedgehog:
  • Ice the Hedgehog(TC):
  • Flame the Bat(SC,Vamp):
  • Bliss the Cat(RC):
  • Coal the Were-Hog(WC):

There are 6 chosen ones:

  • Sonic(Part 2-4)
  • Shady(Part 2-4)
  • Light(Part 2-4)
  • Carbon(Part 2-4)
  • Ice(Part 4)
  • Flame(Part 4)

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