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September 27, 2011
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Welcome happy people buckle up as Eggman's Ultra Excelerating Space Elevator whisks you to ShavicShadic12's  User Page. Here is my page where I just have a bunch of stuff so yeah... Enjoy!!!

Pictures with Captions

First Chaos Control

Wait what's this? Made in China?!


Find the Computer Room.

Sonic Rivals 2 - Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Strange Isn't It?!

StH 250 Promo

Anyone voting on giving up? Cuz it looks like we're screwed...


Sonic: Excuse me you did no just call me slow? Well you have another thing coming.

File:Lost World.png


Mario and Sonic at the Lost World Wii U Bros, ummmm

Sonic Trollface

You irritate me


Ummm okay...


Almost there... Darn Ittttttttttttttt

Silver Give Up

This is what happens when you sass Sonic


My Top 13 Favorite Sonic Characters

13. Jet the Hawk

12. Shadow Android

11. Silver Sonic v3.0 (All SilverSonics- Sonic2,Sonic2 8-bit,Archie 1-2, Adventure and Pocket Adventure)

10. Mecha Sonic

9. Metal Sonic

8.  Thrash the  Devil

7. Knuckles the Echidna

6. Scourge the Hedgehog

5. Espio the Chameleon

4.  Enerjak

3. Silver the Hedgehog

2. Shadow the Hedgehog

1. Shard the Metal Sonic

Top 5 Mystery Sonic Characters

5.Purple Hedgechida(aka Crunch the Hedgechidna or Thrash the Tasmainan Devil*Surprisenly*)

4.********** (Wechina)

3. Glitch Sonic (Sonic 2) (Ashrua)

2. Dark Sonic

1.  Nazo

Top 5 Favorite Mario Characters

5. Tie Between Mario and Wario

4. Bowser Jr.

3. Bowser

2. Luigi

1. Yoshi

Top 5 Favortie Mega Man Characters

5. Tie Between Mega Man  and Duo

4. Bass

3. Proto Man

2. Mega Man X

1. Zero

Where To Find Me

I have a facebook page, deviantArt page,and a Youtube account. I'll try to fill you in on them everyonce and a while. So yeah. They all have the name ShavicShadic12 of course.

Sonic Universe 55 and Sonic the Hedgehog 252 Cover01:01

Sonic Universe 55 and Sonic the Hedgehog 252 Cover

Other Stuff

My Jazwares Figures so far

Sonic+ Spinner

Tails+ Sandworm


Shadow+ Mono Beetle

Silver+ Ibilis Biter


Super Pack

Jet the Hawk

Shadow(Shadow that came with broke)+Motorcycle


Shadow(I put with Motorcycle)

Use to Have

Eggman+Metal Sonic(Had two packs, they both broke)

Knuckles+Clear Blue Sonic(Knuckles-Gave away,Clear Blue-Friend borrowed and threw away >:( )

Vector+Espio(Give to friends hoping for new)

Super Pack(Had a Super Pack before)

Free Riders Sonic(broke first day)

Coming Soon(Hopefully)

Wave the Swallow

Storm the Albatross

Chaotix Pack

Sonic and Blaze Pack

Eggman and 2 Egg Fighters

Amy Rose

Knuckles+ Egg Pawn

Shadow and Rouge Pack

My Artwork

Me User Boxes(Ain't my Grammer Good :p)

Userbox- YouTube

I do with the same name as my Wiki Account. Check it out, it has a bunch of Sonic stuff.

Cream and Cheese

Yeah I am


You'll see my Cameos in edits.


I need to blow something up people.

Userbox- Mighty must come back

Come on Sega

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