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About me

I was a Sonic fan ever since I could remember. Belive it or not, my first memories were bits of a sonic cartoon, Sonic Underground. As I grew up, me and my brother played the old sonic games. I was always Tails, and he was always Sonic. Then, our older cousins, which I absouletley worshipped, gave us an old game they had, Sonic Adventure Battle 2. Me and my brother played this as much as we could, taking turns playing the game and watching. My brother is 18 now, and even though he outgrew Sonic, I wouldn't doubt he still thinks this is a great game, even though I would never dare ask him.

Then, I played Sonic Heroes, and spent months beating it, and I loved it. Even though I liked the gameplay, I loved seeing all my favorite charcters all in there more. The next game was Shadow The Hedgehog. I was a little scared of it at first from the introduction, still being young. My brother was thrilled with this game immideatley; he was always the bigger fan of shooter games. my brother liked it even more when he saw the game intimated me a little. But as soon as I played the first level, I was hooked.

Then, as I got older, and Sega released more and more of those dissapointing titles that we know today, (Sonic Riders, Sonic Unleashed,e.t.c) I kind of lose intrest in the games. By this time, Sonic Underground was released onto DVD. I got the first volume for christmas, the second one my brother bought for me genoursly. I still liked Sonic, but moved on to the cartoon I had. I read more of the comic books, but there is too much of them for me to ever catch up. Then, only last weeked, two video rental stores in my town were closing down for good. Me and my mom went to one of the locations and I re-bought Shadow The Hedgehog. (By then, my orignal copy had long since broke) And my love of Sonic was re-born. I vow to collect some of the other games, and complete Shadow The Hedgehog. Over all those years, I only unlocked one storyline.

My Top 9 Favorite Sonic Characters

1-the most liked 9-the least liked



3. Shadow





8. Sonia

9. Queen Aleena

My Opinions On Some Of the Games

Sonic Unleashed

This has to be the worst sonic game in history, in my opinon. The tutioral takes forever to load, and then the level only lasts for a minute, then it loads some more! The first few levels are entertaining,with the usual top speed. But everything comes crashing down once Sonic turns into a werewolf. Even when he charges, he's unbearably slow! The fighting sequences are long and boring, and pop up way too often. What is this kind of fighting doing in a sonic game anyway? That's like, Edward of Twlight not being a vampire! It doesn't fit! (I hate Twlight and Edward, by the way)

Then, when I am not fighting enemies as a werewolf, there's puzzles to be solved (which also doesn't belong in a Sonic game) and fustrating parts that you have to climb to progress. And then, when you have to talk to people in the village, it's just really pointless. All you have to do is find the right person, skip over the dialouge (the people who made the game were too lazy to put in voices) and go to the next stage. What's the point? The people's words don't point out any clues, there's no level, there's no puzzle. There's no reason for this!

The main problem with this game is that it's not really a Sonic Game at all. There's too many things thats diffrent from regular sonic games, and overall, the game is just boring. It follows the same pattern, over and over and over again. Yet, something else I don't re-call in a Sonic game.

Sonic Riders and Sonic Rider's 2

The same problem with Sonic Unleashed; it's too diffrent! These games are as pointless as the Sonic driving games. Sonic, and some other characters, can run faster then a car and a floating board, so why would they ever need to use them? They could use them if their ankle was broken and they can't run, but technically, you need feet to operate both of those vehicles, so that just puts us back to square 1. Some of the gameplay, like mulitplayer mode and certain levels, are fun to play, and the story is well put together, but mostly, the story mode is impossible to compelte. It took me and my brother at least a two hundred times to compelte the story mode. I understand that games should be challenging, but not too challenging! The most pathetic part is that you can't even catch up t the race if your board is out of gas and you have to run. It makes no sense, and there's no purpose for these games to exist! The saddest part is that Sonic Riders 1 was made for Sonic's 15th birthday. Listen Sega, when you want to celebrate a birthday, here's what you don't do; make a stupid, pointless, fustrating game for your most loved mascot that doesn't fit him at all. So bassically, don't make Sonic Riders!!!

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

I honestly don't know why some people hate this game so much. Unlike the recent games, Sonic's levels are speedy and entertaining, just how they should be. Shadow's levels are similar to that of his own game, Shadow The Hedgehog, except you can't use guns anymore. Silver's story mode is probaly the most challenging and fustrating, with it being a new style of gameplay. But with practice, you can get past those tricky levels, unlike Sonic Riders. (ugh) Sometimes, you get to play as other characters for a certain amount of time in one's storyline. (Tail's for Sonic, Rouge for Shadow, and Blaze and Amy for Silver) ((There might be more here, I haven't completeled the game)) The boss battles are equal in entertaining and challenging. You can even re-play your favorite levels. The biggest problem is that it's too hard! No matter what, i always get stuck on one level for which I can never get past. For Sonic, it's that volcanic level. For Shadow, it's.... the first level. And for Silver, it's that most awful jungle level. Even if I get past that, I can never get past the desert level. Due to the difficulty of this game, I never got to the end. What irritates me most is the end. (I looked it up) I don't care what excuse they have, erasing the games events was a stupid idea! It erases the chracter's hardship's, it erases anything they have learned, and it erases how they have grown! It was a bad idea! I understand why the chracter's erased the events, I just figure that there was a better way of making a happy ending without erasing any moral. But despite that, it's a good game, ad I would love it if somebody would just explain to me why they think it's bad. (Even Nintendo Power didn't explain why this game was dissapionting)

Other Seris/Video Games

Sonic The Hedgehog wasn't the only video game character I ever liked. I don't try new video games often, but I'll explain the ones I like anyway.

Spyro The Dragon

Next to Sonic, Spyro is my favorite hero, and he was the one I looked at more when I started growing apart from Sonic. I first played Spyro Ripto's Rage as a kid, and only remembered tiny bits throughout my childhood. I played Spyro Enter The Dragonfly when I was a little older, but I was a little dissapointed with it, and hadn;t played a Spyro game for a long time. Years later, I saw a commercial for the new Spyro game, and remembering that tiny bit of Ripto's Rage, I decided to give it a try. I've been an offical Spyro fan since. Despite the plotholes and the obvious lesser lack of effort on the company's part, I prefer The Legend of Spyro to the original. I've always enjoyed a darker story, and the Orignal's humour and friendleness toward's kids didn't amuse me the slightest. But I can't deny the fact that TLOS ( The Legend of Spyro) does not add up to the orignal seris. For starters, the orignal had more female characters and character's with, well, more character. In TLOS, every character had their own personailty, but all of them seemed to act brave and noble overall. Only Sparx's, Cynder, and Malefor showed a personailty rather then of a "perfect hero" most of the time. And even Cynder had her downfalls. Her personailty changed through out every game. The gaps are so huge is somebody said "I like Cynder," it would make sense to say, "which one?" Another downfall to TLOS is the romance between Spyro and Cynder. I don't really mind it, but this area is a soild, air-tight example of the companies carelessness. On the gameboy version, The Eternal Night, the second game in the trilogy, claimed that Spyro and Cynder were brother and sister. Buy yet, Cynder says to Spyro, "I love you," at the end of Dawn of The Dragon. Not a brother\sister love, but a romantic love. Ewww....

If I had to choose my least favourite Spyro game, it would have to be The Eternal Night. Enter The Dragonfly was pretty bad, but this was a hundred times worse. It's long, boring, fustrating, and unbeliveably cheap,stupid and makes me want to rip my hair out. Every checkpoint is way far back, so if your in the middle of fighting a millon enimies and die, you have to fight all of them all over again! The fighting is boring too, when it's not scream your insides out hard. The game is packed of it, and the moves are repeated o much I can barely play 20 mintues of it in one time. The story is well put together, but that's the only good thing I can say about it. But this is an awful game, and I can gaurntee tat you will regret playing it.


I played the first game, but really didn't enjoy it. It was kind of boring and I could never get past any levels. The second one was epic, though. My brother always layed as bomberman, and I played as Pommy. I loved Pommy, so I never minded being second player, My brother always tried to abandon me in a level, so i would just teleport. I had a lot of good memories from that game.

Book Seris


I haven't known warriors when I was little, but then again, Warriors didn't exisit when I was little. In case you don;t know what it is, since Warriors isn;t as widely known as Spyro or Sonic, it's about four wild cat clans living in the forest, sometimes at war with eachother. My dad recommended the first book to me a long time ago, but I wasn't intested. Years later, I found the book in my school libary, and decided to try it out. I absolutely loved it, and evn though the second and third book was out, I got the fourth instead, I loved it so much, i had to have more. By the time I finished the first seris, I was a die hard fan who vowed to read every single book there was and learn everything there was to know about the seris. My dad could have never predicted that when i was eight and unintested in warriors would later become one of the most loyal fans there is.

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