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June 20, 2009

What can I say? I'm addicted to hedgehogs, robot hedgehogs, and whatever mephiles is! (Though I still consider him hedgehog enough.)

I am also active on the:

Kingdom Hearts Wiki, as Mar1, Hunny Pot, and DiZ iZ COOL

Terminator Wiki, as You Are Terminated

Zelda Wiki, as Ganondork 77

Information about moi:

* I first was brought into the world of Sonic at age four. My grandmother bought me a gamecube for christmas, and my mom got me Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

* I have played and finished every 3-D Sonic game except Sonic Riders Zero-Gravity.

* The 2-D games I've played are Sonic Battle, which I completed, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, also completed, and Sonic & Knuckles, which I haven't completed. I'm looking forward to getting Sonic Chronicles.

*I believe the hardest boss in Sonic history is the Biolizard. The hardest final boss is the Dark Queen ( I don't know why; I just have trouble with her.).

* The easiest boss and final boss is Devil Doom. Providing I don't get distracted by the awesome music, he's fairly easy.

* My favorite non-hedgehog character is a tie between Gamma and Omega.

* I absolutely despise the comics, as they have non-canon information and fake characters.

* Many people believe Sonic games are going down-hill. I totally oppose, in fact, I think that they've gotten better.

* People also think that switching voice actors was a bad idea. Even though I'm not a big fan of Sonic X, I think the new voices are much better. (Don't attack me for sharing my oppinion!)

* My favorite songs are Supporting Me (Biolizard music), and I Am... All of Me. Live and Learn comes in second.

* My favorite game is SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ('06). The one thing I don't like about it is the Sonic and Elise pairing. I mean Hedgehog + Human = ??? WTH

* The character I'm best at using is Shadow, especially with the Shadow Rifle in Shadow the Hedgehog, and the chaos attack in '06.

* My favorite hedgehog is Shadow, without a doubt. Followed by Metal, Mephiles, Silver, and Sonic. I don't dislike Sonic or Silver, But with me it goes: Anti-heroes, Villains, Heroes.

* I think Sega's smartest idea was the Biolizard, and I'm hoping that they'll somehow bring him/her/it back.

*I'm probably the youngest person on this wiki, I'm only nine. Although people say I'm a genius, and a poet. For example, I sometimes say that tornadoes are poetic, themselves. I say, " A man's wandering mind may say, ' Oh, the tennacity of this surreptitiously malevolent, yet maticulous veritable maelstrom of avarice.'" I'm not lying about my age!

Who is your favorite character out of all these choices?

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