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October 14, 2009
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Sprite Artist and part-time reviewer
  • I am Male
Super Sonic!
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InuYasha's All Special Attacks02:22

InuYasha's All Special Attacks

The yokai blood that flows through my viens is in a class of their own. And my claws and Tessaiga will turn you into a bloody pulp if you mess with me.



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Dance Dance!

About me

I am a MAJOR Sonic fan hence the name, I'm also a major Sonic and Amy fan, I can also be known as the Sonic Geek, SSM, The Scrab Master, and more importantly FTA's rival. I only wish to give every fellow Sonic fan the best info I can give. I am a huge SonAmy fan. If anyone reading this has a YouTube Account, go to FTA's user on YouTube, tell him to come to this site and get a user on this site, and contact me, because i have something great to tell him. I am also a huge fan of the Archie comics but hate Fleetway because it messed up everyone's character. And since i'm also a Scrab Master, I highly respect and worship the Scrab and can translate what they say. And I also got this song in holding for later uses. My birthday is also on March 14th.

Favorite Shows

InuYasha (favorite series I like it better than Sonic, doesn't even come close to the famous hanyo)


Sonic Underground

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic X   (4kids version)

Afro Samurai


Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Ranma 1/2

The Simpsons

The Jeff Dunham Show

Super Mario Bros. Z (flash by Alvin-Earthworm)

Favorite Games

InuYasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask

Sonic Unleashed (I love the new speed and the Werehog)

Sonic CD

Sonic 1

Sonic 2

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Sonic Heroes (introduced me to the series)



Knuckles Chaotix

Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario 3

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Super Mario Sunshine

Legend of Spyro

Gears of War 1 and 2

Crash Bandicoot (new series)


Deadly Creatures (ironically I have an Arachnophobia)

Sonic Chronicles (I think the music is great)

Shadow the Hedgehog


Sonic FGX (fan game)

Sonic 1 Megamix

Super Mario RPG
Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze Song Rawest02:43

Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze Song Rawest

Super Mario RPG. The best RPG game ever.

Favorite Couples

Sonic and Amy

Sonic and Blaze (I'm not for it, but i'm not against it either)

Knuckles and Julie-Su

Knuckles and Shade (based from Julie-Su)

Knuckles and Tikal

Tails and Cosmo

Sonic and Sally (SatAm and Archie only)

Inuyasha and Kagome

Silver and Blaze

Spyro and Cynder

Sonic and Elise

Theme Songs

  1. I Am All of Me-Shadow the Hedgehog
  2. Toot Toot Sonic Warrior-Sonic CD
  3. Throw It All Away-Sonic Adventure 2
  4. Animal I Have Become-Three Days Grace
  5. Scream, Aim, Fire- Bullet for my Valentine
  6. It doesn't Matter-Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
  7. Open Your Heart-Sonic Adveture 1
  8. Live and Learn-Sonic Adventure 2
  9. Dreams of An Absolution-Sonic 06
  10. Endless Possibilty-Sonic Unleashed
  11. Almost Dead-Shadow the Hedgehog
  12. We Can-Sonic Heroes
  13. What i'm Made Of-Sonic Heroes
  14. Wrapped in Black-Sonic Rush
  15. The Chosen One-Shadow the Hedgehog
  16. His World (zebrahead, Zebrahead Remix, and Crush 40)-Sonic 06
  17. Unknown from M.E.-Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
  18. Knux's themes in Sonic Adventure 2
  19. Fight the Knight-Black Knight
  20. Knight of the Wind-Black Knight
  21. Vela Nova-Sonic Rush
  22. Guide you Home (i would die for you)-Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
  23. This Broken Soul-Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
  24. Never Turn Back- Shadow the Hedgehog
  25. This Machine-Sonic Heroes
  26. Through the Fire-Black Knight
  27. Sonic Boom-Sonic CD
  28. Cosmic Eternity aka Believe in Yourself-Sonic CD
  29. All Hail Shadow (Crush 40)-Sonic 06
  30. Believe in Myself (Tails' theme)-Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
  31. Live Life-Black Knight
  32. Supporting Me-Sonic Adventure 2
  33. With Me-Black Knight
  34. Blue World Prelude-Bently Jones aka Lee Brotherton-Summer of Sonic
  35. They Don't Really Care About Us-Michael Jackson


  1. Shadowfan99 (my little sister)
  2. Tails6000 (best bud, almost like a little bro)
  3. Hika-senpai
  4. Silver877
  5. Famotill (other best bud)
  6. Shelly the Monkey
  7. Sunny the Hedgehog
  8. Kagimizu (like a teacher but i highly respect him)
  9. Genesjs (other best bud)
  10. BlazeRocks55
  11. Pixel-brain
  12. Grand Admiral
  13. Sapphire


  1. Maldgiatos (i just don't like him and he insulted our president)
  2. Kagimizu (friendly rival)

Pages I created


  • I am a skilled fighter, but I prefer not to fight. I only do so when I have to.
  • Unlike most people, I don't hate other characters on any Sonic media (except Fleetway), in fact, I don't even hate Chris Thorndyke from X. And Eggman, I just hate him because of the mutual good and evil hate.
  • Since I am also a Scrab Master, I can translate and speak with Scrabs from Oddworld. So, if you have any problems with Scrabs feel free to call me. my number is 1-800-S-C-R-A-B that's 1-800-7-2-7-2-2.
  • I have a DeviantArt Account.

Wikias I'm part of

  • ArwingPedia/Star Fox Wikia
  • Sly Copper Wikia
  • InuYasha Wikia
  • Sonic Fanon Wikia
  • Mario Wikia
  • Gears of War Wikia
  • Bioshock Wikia
  • Eternal Sonata Wikia
  • Sonic Paradox Wikia (created this wikia)
  • Scott Pilgrim Wikia
  • Oddworld Wikia
  • Panty & Stocking with Gaterbelt Wikia/Panty & Stocking Wikia

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