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About Sonic Blur

I am Sonic Blur(And Speed The Hedgehog. Sonic's bro)

That's Speed. the 1 in the green. My real name is Marcus. I'm 13. I have played almost every Sonic that has come out. Actually the first Sonic game I bought was Sonic Riders.

My favorite Sonic game is Sonic Unleashed. I'm basicly a "go with the flow kind of person" Kind of like Sonic. I love high speed action which is mainly how I started playing Sonic games. You can reach me almost at anytime. Mainly after school like after 3:45 Try the beginning of school at 8:00. When you can reach me depends on what schedule I have. I like pretty much any kind of music that sounds good to me(Mosty songs on video games and songs most people on SNN like). My favorite song is "His World"(Crush 40 and Zebrahead vers.).

Speed The Hedgehog

Speed The Hedgehog is Sonic's younger Bro. He is just like him in basicly every way. Speed can match Sonic's speed. He sometimes tries to out do his bro. Relations:Sonic(Brother)Knuckes,Tails,Amy,Shadow,Silver,Blaze,Dawn(His Secret Crush),Misty(Friends) Transformations:Super Speed Character Type:Speed(Duh!) Idols:Sonic The Hedgehog,Jeff Hardy, and Jeff Gordon Fav.Song:HIS WORLD

SNN Friends

  • Sonicman0123456789
  • Dawn The Hedgehog
  • Misty The Fox
  • S.H.
  • The Chosen One of Water
  • Shadow The Hedgehog 23
  • Mystic Monkey
  • UltimateShadow
  • SunsetTheHedgehog
  • BlazeSonic
  • sonicwindDX92

Speed's Story

Speed was born on Wave Ocean(He learned how to swim there). By the time he was born Sonic was already running across the world unknowing he had a little brother. When he turned 4 he started a journey to find his bro. Along the way he was already stopping villians(unknown but they wern't known worldwide). He started gaining some of Sonic's skills and his own. It wasn't until he turned 8 when he found Sonic. Sonic was fighting Dr.Eggman and was in a deep situation. He had to either give him the Chaos Emeralds or leave his friends to their doom. Then Speed arived. Speed nailed Eggman with his Speed Spear rescuing his friends. Sonic and Speed had transforned into their super forms. Together they made Sonic Speed. They beat the brakes off Eggman. Then Speed told Sonic who he was. At first Sonic couldn't belive he had a younger bro. From then on whenever they needed each other they were there for each other.

Theme Songs

  • His World (Original and Sonic Version) by Zebrahead
  • Wave Ocean "Inlet"
  • Final Haunt
  • Who's Who by Dialated Peoples
  • John Cena's theme
  • Jeff Hardy's Theme


Story Mode

S Rank=Woo,That was sweet

A Rank=Too easy no sweat

B Rank=Awsome

C Rank=Come on Speed step it up

D Rank=Dang,Gotta do better

Sonic Riders:

Won a race=Cool

Lost a race=Dang,no way

Selected=Let's Go, Man

Before Race Start=Woohoo Bring it on

Sonic Rivals:

Before Race Start=Let's do this

Won=That was fun

Lost=Oh man

Catch phases




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