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January 31, 2011

About Sonic Speed

(I'm currently working on taking a cool picture of the named hedgehog! Problem is, he moves too fast for the camera!)

Blue shoes, white fur, and red scar on the left side of face, this hedgehog is here to combat the ever growing forces evil! While he might not be as fast as Sonic or as powerful as Shadow, Sonic Speed will do his best to live up to the title 'hedgehog'.

Though he has a striking resemblance to Sonic, Sonic Speed is not as 'cheeky' or irresponcible as him. And though he might talk tough to his enemies, Sonic Speed is kind hearted and a good friend.

Sonic Speed recived his scar on his first encounter with Doctor Eggman. The doctor had planned to capture Sonic, but caught Sonic Speed instead. The hedgehog had been on his way to Game Stop and was distracted when he fell into Eggman's trap.

Inraged that this blue hedgehog was not the one he was after, Eggman slashed open Sonic Speed's face and left the young hedgehog to die.

Dizzy and confused, Sonic Speed pulled himself up into a sitting position. Clinging for dear life, and weakly cursing Eggman's name, he fummbled in his backpack for his cellphone. As he did so, his hand brushed up against a seemingly useless gem he had found and planned on selling for more video game money.

Pure Energy surged through Sonic Speed's blood stream. He felt his sence's returning; he felt stronger, faster...

"This IS power!" Sonic Speed cried as his quills turned golden. "Power I can harness and use to combat those who get in my way!" Sonic Speed laughed and he flew up, a blur of golden light, up into the heavens. "Beware, strange man in the red lab coat, for I am not dead!"

Sonic Speed – You'll never be as fast as me!
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Amyroselove made me this ULTIMATE talk bubble!

More About Me

As much as I like video games, that is not all I do.

One of my favorite subjects in High School is German! Deutsch ist sehr gut! (German for German is very good!)

I really would like to visit Europe someday!

I also am working on a sci-fi novel and I draw illustrations for it as well. I am hoping to get it published some time this century! ;)

I also have a female betta fish named Julie. It's so funny how she acts when it's feeding time, almost as if she's never been fed!

Things I Like

My friends. (Ofcourse!)

Shadow the Hedgehog. (Even though my name is "Sonic Speed", Shadow is really my favorite character!

I have liked the Harry Potter series since I was young. (Though, Rowling ended up turning it into a slasher book, and the end was disappointing!) Harry Potter 5 was my favorite movie!

Poke'mon is cool, though I don't like most of the up coming Black and White ones.

Sonic and Blaze as a couple, yeah! That's cool!

My pet fish.

The Lord of the Rings Series.

Hogan's Heroes (Old TV show. It's very funny!)

Babylon 5 (But not everything. NEVER the last 2 episodes of Season 4 and NONE of Season 5!)

Star Wars (Not the cartoon, just the movies.)

The Original Star Trek Series and 2nd Generation (Don't watch Star Trek the Movie, it wasn't much of a movie! And the new movie was too fast, without character development!)

I really like my XBox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii and my Nintendo Ds. The Wii's graphic might not 'look as good' as the XBox's, but hey, don't knock the Wii. It's fun!

Things I Don't Like

Okay, here's what I don't like.

My Novel remaining incomplete due to writer's block.

Messing up on an illustration.

The price of new games. (Don't ask how much I bought Halo Reach for...)

Sonise. (I mean, come on, Elise is a human and Sonic is a Hedgehog!)

Amy's Piko Piko Hammer. (It's gotta' hurt!)

Zombies. (The Living dead are just creepy!)

Covenant. (I have to defend Earth!)

Cyrus. (He treats his followers and Poke'mon like trash!)

Aggresive Betta Fish. ( Two bettas just don't get along...)

The rumor of Call of Duty going to space. Come on, we already have Halo and Metroid!

Winter. (We've gotten alot of snow lately!)

Not understanding German. (I get lost sometimes!)

People who hack their games for unfair advantages in Medal of Honor Heroes 2 multi-player!

Super Paper Mario (Some what.)

Sonic the Hedgehog '06

Sonic X (The English Version being too childish, the Japanese Version being too mature!)

The Werehog levels in Sonic Unleashed. ( I had this for the Wii, and I hated swinging the remote around to attack! If you get this for the Wii, use the Gamecube control instead!)

Sonic Free Riders (Unfortunate and disappointing)

Repetitive swearing in some games and at school.


Voldemort and the Death Eaters

Albus Dumbledore (He's not much better than Voldemort!)

Doctor Eggman

The Sonic character Cast's new voices. (Especailly Tails, Sonic, and Shadow's.)

Princess Elise the Third (for her constant whining and her unhealthy crush on the speedy blue guy!)

Chris Thorndyke (One of the WORST so called Sonic charaters, second only to Elise!)

Bowser Kidnapping Princess Peach

In Need of Friends!!!

Need friends on this wiki! I would really like to be your friend!

If you leave a message, I will respond A.S.A.P.!

(This can sometimes take up to a week, because I'm busy with school...)


User: Amyroselove

User: Burnning Blaze

User: JaketheHedgehog

User: Fly the Fox

User: Speedy the Hedgehog

User: Bunnyboo50

User: Sacorguy79

User: AmyRose14

My favorite pages

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

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