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"We will not stand idle by and wait for the day that we defend our freedom and land from the corrupt society that is the Guardian Units Of Empire, that day is here..." - Thorunchav Kimball, "The Torque"

To the admins of Sonic News Network administration, I, SonicAdventure (or alternate identity, Oo_RaVeNgAd3_ChR0n1K_oO) have returned.

The fanfiction that I am working on now is "Sonic the Hedgehog: The Final Draft" (September 07, 2007 - December 25, 2013), as written below. I have to warn you though, the series has only 10 episodes (eight of which are cut up into 4 sections, as episode 7 consists of 2 entirely different episodes), all of them entirely graphic and aimed at the mature audiences. is a character-based fan fiction.

The series is rated TV-MA for mature audiences, however it would be toned down throughout the second season, which goes back to the basics of the series storyline plot (much to SEGA's incompetence at the time), as well as real life issues. The fanfiction centers on the true darkness of the Sonic series.

This is one of the first series to have Queen Aleena as one of the main characters, second to Sonic: War for Mobius. The most notable characters in the series are in organizations or squads of 50 characters apiece.



The series title card for Sonic the Hedgehog: The Final Draft.


The first half of season (“Another Public Service Announcement “- “Power To The Petronas”) one was an adaption of the ten Sonic games listed above (namely Sonic Adventure 2, as well as a few sprite comics and YouTube videos related to Sonic and all things gaming, as it revolved around all 25 of the Sonic franchise's eponymous characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, etc.) and their personal demons, as well as formulating a plan to enter the tournament and win it all. The Sonic Federation consists of 100 characters. However, the organization is divided into groups of 50. The parties in question are known as the Mobian Conference (Sonic Warriors, Leisure Suit GamerZ) and the Darkness Conference (Chess Disciples Ordnance Mafia, Theosis Express), respectively.


Sonic's first battles start with ventures including defeating various lifeforms such as Katamari, former villain Bobby Blabby, owner of a corrupt tabloid empire with the main headquarters located in outer space (next door towards the Space Colony ARK). Later on in Season 1, he settles into the city slums after being banished from Station Square, much to the horror of Queen Aleena. Sonic would also be overcoming obstacles including vengeful criminals like Thorun Kimball, a former terrorist, murderer and con man with an exceptionally low IQ; they later bury the hatchet after Kimball accepts responsibility for his wrongdoings. Amidst all the terror, the evil genius Doctor Eggman celebrates by throwing a cutthroat matchmaking tournament, dubbed as "World Trade" that includes an array of sports (thrash ball, hockey, shooting arenas, street racing, duel monsters, extreme sports, etc). The story was supposed to take place in Station Square; but because of Sonic’s exile from Station Square, that is no longer the case. The setting would permanently transition to Corner Central County.

Sonic's Big Score

As the darkest moments of the Sonic franchise begins, Dr. Eggman enlists the help of the corrupt Guardian Units of Nations; The Pizmatik Ordnance, led by the ruthless and megalomaniacal tyrants known as Napoleon, C.O.B and Pizmatic, who are praised as political figures as their true colors are seeping out for the world to see; the Black Arms, who are led by Black Doom; when these groups band together, they would form the Guardian Units of the Dark Empire; they set up a conspiracy to terminate the human race and destroy the planet as well as to throw citizens of Mobius off the tracks, and so on and so forth.

They do this by simply hosting the EX United Federation Tournament, a tournament of deadly and Machiavellian proportions where sports and recreation activities (football, basketball, hockey, warfare, tribal, hover board racing, or a dangerous combination of the former) are manipulated and profoundly rigged to erupt into a war that would render the world extinct. The tournament is cut into 2 layers: Initially the first layer of the tournament would begin with 100 games; the second layer, the Tournament Playoff Finals would have to limit to no more than 16 or 18 games. If by any chance the contestant would reign triumphant in the first two layers of the tournament, he would have to win the last 16 matches for the prize; However, Eggman had a considerable amount of motives as to why he threw the event in the first place. The empire would manipulate 10 billion citizens (elite sportsmen) around the world into entering this tournament as contestants, Sonic the Hedgehog included; the triumphant contestants of the event in question (or contestants) would win an abundance of grand prizes.

The first two prizes consisted of the Treasure of Chaos, a super treasure containing the most powerful gems, the 10 Chaos Emeralds, 5 Chaos Drives, 10 Sol Emeralds, 10 Power Orbs, and 10 World Rings respectively, as well as an abundance of Power Rings and coins; The World Trade Torch Cup, a grand size trophy with the Master Emerald on the spire and a Dogtag around it; futuristic platinum (the Leisure Suit GamerZ would win the treasure and trophy); Rolex watch and diamond wristband ; and a large scale wrestling belt; all the while gaining the title of "President of the World". However, as catastrophic as the tournament was, it was soon revealed to be a front for his real master scheme: the resuscitation of his ultimate weapon of which he dubbed as Metal Sonic 2.0, an Eggman robot that was obliterated at the hands of Sonic and the gang in their previous encounter as well as to start his own religion, codenamed The Chapel Of Scienthourcultraz, all while working on a technique codenamed Robonetics: Study Of Mental Façade, which amounted to little more than a self help program as he charged several billion dollars to demonstrate.

Sonic gets frozen in time for 1000 years because of permanent Chaos Control to leave Mobius behind for good. Then, His enemies from Mobius return to Station Square, as the Dark Legion plan to return and defeat Sonic. The series began with the episode, Sonic’s Big Score, when Sonic the Hedgehog finds out that Dr. Eggman is constructing a more upgraded version of Metal Sonic. Sonic's lottery victory would seal the fate of him and his friends at some point in time. Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna entered a lottery, and after learning numbers in order, they win a truckload of cash. But the celebration goes awry after Rouge gets fatally impaled by a glowing spear (her body would later be consumed by Terminix the Termite). Even worse, they stumble into Avian Rogues, a duo whose overwhelming grief of Turbo's death drives them to the brink of utter insanity.

During the course of the series premiere, Shadow reveals an ancient power of Ultimate Immortality, a non-traditional form of immortality. Basic immortality is only physical, as in only their body will not age. Ultimate Immortality is overall, as in their body, spirit, mind, and personality. Shadow is the first and possibly the only character with Ultimate Immortality. Although, it could be possible that the Biolizard has Ultimate Immortality, due to it surviving 50 years between its creation on the ARK and the events of Sonic Adventure 2. However, its survival could be due to some form of freezing. Also, the only image of the Biolizard in its young age is not clearly seen (it is a grayscale photo depicting the events of Sonic Adventure 2), so the Biolizard may have in fact aged. But Ultimate Immortality may only be immunity to old age, which explains why the Biolizard WAS killed.

Sonic and his friends go on another adventure to duel Eggman, but Black Doom comes and sucks all the characters in a cursed virtual world. Black Doom approaches to the virtual world, with villain Nazo computerizing the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog in the virtual world as the Black Arms minions masquerade as humans. Sonic and his friends defeat Eggman, who said he was so close to escape from the digital dungeon before dissolving into thin air. Nazo was later defeated, telling Sonic and the others that they have been locked up in the digital prison for 6 years straight. In the face of such failure, Oslo Robotnik routs Eggman in a robot card game, and has Sonic in his sights shortly thereafter; However, Rouge and Shadow jump in the fray, only for Rouge to be impaled by The Super Emperor's sword as she prepared to attack; Shadow was also lightly wounded during the scene.

However, Sonic winds up in another altercation with Prototype the Hedgehog, an ageless immortal created by Metal Sonic, who was revealed to be another life form, similar to Shadow. Blaze was the first to be defeated by him, but was defeated twice in a row after fighting Team Sonic, who later won a red Super Emerald. After this defeat against Team Sonic, he accumulates Blaze's soul first after defeating her in the previous match; Amy and Wave are next and they lose their rematch and hence. Then Silver stands up to him, and gets inoculated and pinned to the walls. Sonic chose to run whilst the other characters took the sand crawler ride home. Little did Sonic know, The Katamari blocks his path and challenges him to yet another duel!

Tails and Knuckles were encountered by Jazz the Hedgehog and Turbo, who was successfully resuscitated. During a battle with Prototype the Hedgehog, Jazz gets killed by a same glowing spear. Meanwhile, a battle of epic proportions between Sonic and Katamari ensued as Shadow and Rouge looked on. Sonic reigned victorious over The Katamari, thus ceasing the impending construction of Metal Sonic 2.0. It was revealed that Rouge's sister died from the glowing spear to be devoured by Terminix. It turns out that the impact of the lights word attack was fatal for Rouge after her altercation with him, as she gets disgustingly impaled and murdered by a spear of light as Prototype accumulates her soul. Her soul was reduced to smithereens and the remains are contained in the coffin. In a bout of pure sadness and disgust, Tails throws the sword in the ejection booth. As Shadow mourns Rouge's death, Sonic and his friends go to the city where Tails and Knuckles park their ship, Eggman, Silver, and Metal Sonic go as well. Eggman declares that Ultimate Chaotic Emperor Iblis Bioverlord's seal has been broken, thanks to Oslo's manipulative antics.

Sonic finishes the race up and heads to earth, suddenly, Eggman and the villains get 10 spike balls (from the video game, Sonic Heroes) and Eggman supersizes them all into one, pours and overuses the Transformer chemical, this makes it turn into a real-life, spike-armored , DNA filled Megaton sky dragon look alike with more intertresium, a robot with more metal, no weak spot, 16 devil wings, 7 angel wings, 8 tails, 5 spider legs and 14 giant laser cannons, and then 20 arms with spikes, and so on. Its name is Sonic Version 4.0, also known as Mega Sonic.

Shadow falls on his knees, crying as Eggman opens the door to see Rouge's lifeless body on the floor. But Team Sonic has an idea to bring Rouge back to life: The Chaos Emeralds. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles find the emeralds and manage to resuscitate Rouge. The Sonic characters track down the one who by far sired Rouge. Oslo is wiped from existence and the virtual world is now destroyed. Sonic and friends have escaped the virtual prison and forget the whole thing ever happened as soon as they return to the real world, as the tournament continues.

Bobby Blabby Investigation

Sonic and his friends go to Grand Metropolis Metallic City on their boards to see a news report. However, Eggman's troubles were not over; he was countered by a brown hedgehog named Bobby Blabby, founder and editor-in-chief of Fork Boy Corporation who sought out to buy the Eggman Empire. Blabby was fully responsible for making up scandalous newspaper reports about Sonic and is the alleged sock puppetry of former treasure hunter Rouge the Bat. Blabby sent Terminix, Clay, Crystalline and Xane to defeat Sonic and his friends. However, they were all defeated, much to Blabby’s chagrin. After our hero Sonic the Hedgehog sat up and took notice of Blabby, a brawl was incited within his own team. They proceeded to kidnap evil scientist and editor, Doctor Eggman in the process. Eggman, Shadow and Silver began to ask the question: "Who the hell is this Bobby Blabby?”

The school tattler became a felonious disaster, and Blabby was then subject to worldwide criticism. Attempting to prove his legitimacy, he escaped imprisonment and started a crime spree, but shot himself when caught and was presumed dead on the spot. He survived and commenced reconstruction of Fork Boy out of titanium alloy for immediate destruction of the Sonic universe, but his plan failed once again because the vessel made a collision course toward the sun, banishing him to a burning capsule in the scorching sun, telling Sonic that he might need his victory. Dr. Eggman is arrested as a result of this. Rouge’s career as a government agent was marred by her inevitable depression, so she resorted to drugs and alcohol, despite her impending pregnancy. But as soon as she gave birth to Sheena the Bat, she started to become overprotective, much to Shadow’s annoyance. However, Silver started to take interest in her throughout the storyline.

At the same time, 25 rivals ride on the Extreme gear Airboards with their Master Emeralds. After a car jogs up one of the rivals' memory chip, Knuckles gets slain. But after he gets 2000,000,000 rings and was born from the Master Emerald, he is inters aid to live forever. Bobby Blabby creates a secret weapon to build a legacy of his own; he puts a chaos emerald into a Forkboy console. He then thinks that Knuckles would waste Blabby’s plans to destroy the world. He said that only to realize that he awakened an anthropomorphic, multicolored monster resembling to that of an echidna with the same dreadlocks and fists, the difference is that his birthmark is different from Knuckles'. The monstrously mysterious echidna names himself Kclaye the Echidna who is awakened from suspended animation. He is ordered to kill Knuckles, and first part to defeat Knuckles is to jab a Chaos emerald, but also framing him for the carnage that had taken place at Blabby’s Armory, the Spook-E-Ville.

Knuckles gets into various encounters with He lets a teal martin named Crystella, the last a member of the surviving generation of the Babylonians, who makes a mysterious entrance after the Babylon Rogue hordes were slain by gunfire, not to mention for the fact that she also has memories of her human friend, Cecelia (albeit how tearful they are) and begins a deal as president of Fork Boy Enterprises) and a chronological rainbow-colored, expert treasure hunting Echidna named Clay, who is also Blabby's most valuable disciple. It is also known that he is The first part of their plan was to pursue Sonic to let go of the Master Drive, a powerful stone which is blue and has power more greater than that of the Master Emerald. Sonic also gave Knuckles his Soap/Light Shoes for racing to defeat Kclaye. However, Bobby Blabby takes a secret weapon of his own after piercing Eggman with a pitch fork and nearly killing him, thus decides to make a legacy of his own. With Eggman indisposed, Blabby, Nazo, Dark Sonic, Clay and Crystella go on a world domination/destruction spree. Blabby would devise a plan to intrude Angel Island to irresistibly obliterate the Master Emerald. But the intrusions and the master plan both end in the same way, as failures.

However, another task for Sonic is at hand: He and his friends use the power of villain to stop Bobby Blabby and new fan character Darkfire, from driving it into the sun, making it easier to detonate. They finally arrive at Spook-E-Ville with the Master Emerald. As Decoe, Bocoe and Hatdog get into a heated dispute with Blabby that Crystella only wants the gems for her plans to detonate their ship. Blabby realizes this and instead gives Kclaye that assignment, and Crystella will lock the master emerald away from Knuckles. They ran into trouble as Kclaye becomes too preoccupied with an impending altercation with Knuckles, and Crystella tries to lock away the Master Emerald from Knuckles. However Tails makes an unexpected appearance to have Crystella engage in combat. The battle becomes just as long and drawn-out as Knuckles' battle with Kclaye, but in the end, she is defeated. Crystella tries to take the emerald from the safe by force, only to be locked in the safe herself. Tails leaves the field with the Master Emerald to put it somewhere safe so Knuckles can find it; what he doesn’t hear is Crystella’s screams.

The Spook-E-Ville is destroyed and the land will be occupied by 50 figures who identify themselves as the future clan Theosis Express. After scooping up the remains of the Spook-E-Ville, Dr. Eggman, Decoe & Bocoe, Metarex, Rummy, Black Doom, and Eggman Nega are plotting to unveil the Sonic 2.0 project, with the help of the Guardian Units of Nations. Sonic races away with his best buddy Tails out of there, which causes Blabby to blow up their own Eggman Aqueduct racetrack, where the EX World Grand Prix was thrown. Sonic and Tails find both Nazo and Knuckles guarding the Master Emerald; all while Blaze and Tikal joining them as Rouge and Wave steal the Chaos treasure along the way.

Sonic tells them what has happened and they split the team in two groups of 25. Espio and Silver spot two Chaos Emeralds, but Rummy snatches both of them instead. The two manage to defeat Rummy and reclaim the emeralds. Subsequently, the Fury team builds another aqueduct racetrack. Sonic and friendsgo on another adventure to destroy the aqueduct, however, the course is torn apart and called off by Sonic and Tails, but Eggman and Eggman Nega duplicate the planet earth and compare the duplicate to the real deal. Sonic thinks, on one hand he has the good people on the real earth, and evil inside of the duplicate. Sonic saves the earth by sparing it (Earth A) and detonates the evil duplicate. Blabby shot a look of discontent on his face, shocked and flabbergasted as he watches his whole plan fail.As the blue speedster approaches towards the final lap, Blabby fell to pieces. Shortly thereafter, our blue savior and his friends face-off against Dr. Eggman, who would later throw a tournament consisting of various party games.

However, Sonic and his friends have paid little attention to their franchises decline, and they have come to grips with their repeated disappointment from their long-suffering fans, for SEGA’s recent additions to the franchise such as Sonic the Hedgehog: Next Gen, Shadow the Hedgehog, Riders and Unleashed, respectively. Meanwhile, Knuckles' secret lover has been revealed; Eggman was then interrogated by superior treasure hunter (and Knuckles secret girlfriend), Armee’ the Hybrid, who met up with the crimson echidna at Angel Island. She introduced herself to the rest of Sonic’s crew. Eggman and Blabby began terrorizing the city (again), and the hybrid reveals her brute strength and endurance as Sonic watches in astonishment. Through many years of separation since the Angel Island years, Knuckles and Armee tied the knot. However, their marriage had bought along new quests.

Leisure Suit GamerZ

SEGA had decided to make a new quality game by the name Sonic: Act Zero, and the development was handed over to Sonic Team, who noticed that development of said game was long overdue. He meets up with to new characters, Kaiser and Azap in the midst of his decline. Soon after, Kaiser faked his death in a motorcycle accident, and two other diehard fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise were found gunned down, with their bodies were tossed ashore after the fatal shooting; on the contrary, it was then that Sonic meet up with the survivors; a dark grey bear identified as Warren; and Lacious Landers, a cerise and violet pink porcupine. They eventually explained that the shooting was a result of a disastrous draft pick regarding Darth Sigma, Overlord Pizmo, Blood Mistress Debiasi and the corrupt Lady Prussia.

To make matters worse, mitigating circumstances and countless renditions caused SEGA to rush Sonic the Hedgehog: Act Zero to launch (a month after the release of Sonic Unleashed). As a consequence, the game was widely panned by critics, as well as his fanbase and gamers worldwide (“The WORST Sonic game EVER, PERIOD”). Sonic was taken aback after reading these reviews, so he decides to test the game for himself in an attempt to prove them wrong. After suffering through the excruciating game play, the disgustingly unfathomable graphics and scenery, and an extremely poorly written storyline to boot, he realized that Act Zero was by far worse than his fans made it out to be.

It would appear that the Act Zero was the most prevalent recipient for high anticipation, but after a while Sonic would realize the mess sitting before him. Having come to terms with the fact that SEGA’s biggest failure is staring him in the face, Sonic arms himself with an Assault Rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle, Squad Automatic Machinegun and a Rocket Launcher, and ultimately goes on a murderous rampage starting by firing his rocket launcher at moving cars. For this purpose, Sonic would be apprehended by the G.U.N and both of his weapons confiscated. He serves his time in incarceration for the murders and is subsequently exiled from Station Square. He goes against the GUN’s wishes as he permanently resides in the crime-ridden, rundown, gang-laden slums of Corner Central County, and his friends have since followed suit.

After his bout of depression, Sonic developed an alter ego, Slim Speedy. He supposedly demonstrated emotions of resentment and fear towards him at first, considering he and Speedy are the complete opposites in terms of morality. However, he becomes too attached to the alter-ego. In hopes for an extra boost for people to join the Eggman Empire (besides Fork Boy Corp. and Black Arms), Eggman introduces Dr. Walker Black III, another badly reputed charlatan and repeated penitentiary escapist, and a clique collectively known as the Leisure Suit GamerZ (namely Neil the Hedgehog, , Ryan Kipland and Noland Weisiel, Jimmy the Rabbit, Travis the Rat, Donna Roba, The Odami Brothers, Kimberly Romalotti, Kaiser the Hedgehog, Yamato, Mephiles etc. just to name a few) to take Sonic out.

However, Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic, and Omega catch onto Eggman’s plan and commence an investigation regarding Sonic’s whereabouts. The heroes then talk it over on Shadow’s next meet and then they formulate a plan with Tails and Knuckles to track him, until Kaiser and Azap announce his imprisonment in Riker’s Island and his wait there before his impending banishment from the Station Square area for the development of Sonic: Act Zero.

Having won all 64 games of Eggman’s tournament, Sonic returns home and sparked a conversation with Amy about the punishment he was about to receive and then the conversation concludes they both go to sleep together for the final time. The next day (Thursday), Amy wakes up and dashes downstairs to see her blue savior escorted out of the house in handcuffs again. The banishment consisted of the guards committing the act of degrading Sonic’s intelligence and then going through the liberty of ejecting the hedgehog from overgrown cannon, and watching idle by as he plummets into the sea below.

He reaches his hand up as he latches onto a rail, knowing he has reached land and sleeps in a nearby stadium. The next day (Friday), he finds himself in a complex consisting of huge buildings and intersections, hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings. However, besides the trap doors, it has a large number of dilapidated homes as well as a public 555 acre apartment complex of 800 units. What would be the future home of Sonic the Hedgehog and friends would also be the current home to the department of the Leisure Suit GamerZ.

The Section 8 residents that Station Square residents had mocked and ridiculed have now stepped into Sonic’s presence en masse. They bring out the fiercest gang in Mobius, The Corner GamerZ, who kidnap him and toss him in a vacant lot. By then Sonic is faced with the realization that he is no longer in Station Square. As he tells them his background and rough upbringing, his interests, etc. The gangsters introduce themselves to him by beating him senseless and introduce him to their leader, James MacDonnell. After he announces his quest to defeat Eggman, the gangsters actually befriend him. Sonic tells Tails and the others to move over to the complex, but they protested the idea.

It also was the former site where the animosity and the cutthroat tactics of the terrorist/drug/fraudster gang The Designated ChessmasterZ, reigned supreme, considering they were the result of their location's rising crime rate. Their ringleader, Thorunchav “Tropical Firestorm” Kimball caused a terrorist attack near the complex with the use of a nuclear weapon. This sparked a 3-way feud between him and J.C. MacDonnell (aka J-Mac), Leisure Suit, and Sonic. The barrages of attacks were initiated by Eggman, So Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Knuckles did little to prepare for the oncoming assault. Knuckles and the others are convinced that they are willing participants of Eggman’s nefarious scheme. While on pursuit of the Chaos Treasure, Dr. Eggman figured out his latest diabolical plan for world domination. First, he secretly plotted to get Queen Aleena (Sonic's biological mother) banished from Mobius, in an attempt to smuggle the treasure. Eggman is angry that he had lost his drawn-out election to Queen Aleena by a landslide, so he plans to have her banished, and The ChessmasterZ (Thorun Kimball; who was jailed at the time; Izzy Evans, Donald Fane, Dezmond Cannon, Walter Tuttles Jr. The Barley Sisters, Spreadfire the Hedgehog, Colleen Glouchester, Peter Waynesworth, Chaos Theosis (Adam, Clyde, Kylie, Duncan) the Drop Shock Team (Derrick the Cat, Evelyn CinderTosh, K.I.L.L. Squad, Oswald Bander, Forkboy Corporation, David Zuul) were willing participants in the plan.

Arthur's Knights had become exposed to cheating but it had become obvious to them ever since they had acted on it themselves in their playoff events. Because of their true colors having been revealed, the knights joined alongside the ChessmasterZ. They stop by after their victory against Station Square, who have been forcing curfews and closing down schools, thus confirming their lengthy corruption and their downward spiral. However, Eggman’s plans for Sonic have been halfway ruined as Tails reveals their real motives and sordid pasts, and this resulted in a truce between all three parties. The Chess Disciples refused to sign the treaty, though and decided to resume their tenure with Dr. Eggman. Of course, Eggman had become disenfranchised with his own plans, so he decided to strike a deal the Chess Disciples' de-facto gang leader, the ruthless Thorun Kimball and break him out of prison. However it would appear to be a desperate move he would soon regret…

The Designated Chessmasters Organization

'The Designated Chessmasters Organization (also known as The Designated Chessmasters or simply the Chess Disciples) is a unit founded by Thorunchav Jaquaan Kimball (now going under the alias, Tropical Depression Kimball, or Hurricane Thorunchav, as he wanted his name placed on the list for the 1997 Atlantic Hurricane Season during his tenure as an antagonist), during his stay in the Security Housing Unit Program (SHU Program) in the Altharcatraz Dungeon, a supermax prison located next to the equally infamous Prison Island of Station Square. Their roles in the Sonic Federation as well as the Sonic the Hedgehog universe in general are primarily as enforcers rather than strategists, compared to the Sonic Warriors.

The Thorun Kimball Saga and The Designated ChessmaterZ LP

Thorunchav J Kimball

Thorunchauv J. Kimball, former enemy of Sonic; manipulative, but mentally dead leader of the Designated ChessmasterZ street gang.

2 Diabolical, 2 Murderous: The Thorunchauv Kimball Saga is the eponymous fifth episode of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Final Draft. The episode demonstrates the story of Sonic taking down the ruthless Thorun Kimball (born Thorunchauv Anwaan Kimball III), better known by his initials, T.K. is a character whose storyline is at the center of the diabolical and torturous storylines in the Sonic universe. Another stranger with more than a few skeletons in his closet and secret motives, 17-year-old Thorun Kimball managed to wangle an occupation as a henchman for The Egg Carrier under the unsuspecting Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.

This episode is where the playoff matches commence as the guys would have to win 16 or 18 games, as a team of contestants would have to join forces with the winning team if they lose the last few games. Sonic and co. would choose around 18 games, as his battle against Thorun Kimball would be his fourth game and his second win of the regular season.

The Thorunchauv Kimball Saga

At a first glance impression, the young Thorunchav was content with aiding mad scientist Dr. Eggman on his schemes of contemplating Sonic's capture in order to build the Eggman Empire for a chance at world domination; therefore his kind and good-hearted behavior and intelligence became apparent. However time would expose him for what he was: a thug who masters pyramid schemes and manipulation throughout underhanded influences, with an unquenchable thirst for guerrilla warfare, counter-insurgency, terrorism, and criminality in pursuit of world domination, cold blood, crown jewels and capital gain.

The appearance of Thorun Kimbul did not look menacing in the slightest. He was a brown, anthropomorphic wolf with brown pigmented fur and orange eyes. His attire consisted of a purple hooded coat and a red cape, red and blue shoes, brown pants, a pair of yellow sunglasses. and a black & red double belt strap with a skull buckle on the bottom. Over his bandana, the henchman also wore a red cap with the gothic style C on it. His place of residence was a money safe attached to race track custom forge, which would later become his base of operations as an adolescent, though he is 17. He would occasionally wear a suit and tie when he owned L. Ron Kimbul Investments, a phony advisory firm in Corner Central Village, United Federation.

Thorun Kimbul's sordid and turbulent childhood consisted of numerous punishments and governmental circumstances that forced his mother (Marisol Kimball) to kick him out of the apartment into the real world at the age of 4. Thorun Kimball forced himself to know when to go to school on time. He knew very little about the real world or his studies, and focused too much on cooking up illegal narcotics and hazardous materials to sell (he stated before that he worked with hazardous materials at the age of 7), as well as constructing his own armory (i.e. make his own guns) in his basement to gain world domination and sell drugs when he was supposed to accomplish the work provided for him. After many major incidents (and straight failing grades), he was subject to referrals and was forced to repeat the ninth grade, only to be expelled shortly afterward. Lacking a desire for leaving anything to chance, he pursued to seek revenge on the school that expelled him throughout the usage of his Nuclear Rocket Launcher. However, he had to find a way to pay fines for the wreckage or face execution, so he decided to get an application for four jobs at once; unfortunately for him, he would later be rejected from each one of them because of his infamous reputation as a murderous confidence artist.

Thorun was slated to have had an extremely childlike impression of his surroundings and started to think that society was conspiring to deprive him of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, despite his fabrication of what very little intelligence he had; however it was shown that this was based off of him nearly choking a doctor to death after realizing that his mother's accident left her in a vegetative state. Because of this, he started to show no sign of mercy for the weak, and was addicted to the thrill of pouring salt into the wound. He was also deemed to be very stupid granted the way he carried out his assaults and his aforementioned lackluster grammar. He was a very skilled architect and a well trained mechanic as far warfare was concerned, much to the courtesy of Eggman. His specialties consisted of constructing doomsday devices, headquarters complexes and firing laser cannon for the purposes of wreaking havoc upon the world, or perhaps as a method of revenge, or murderous intentions.

Thorun Kimball's reign of terror surfaced when he videotaped a manifesto regarding his villainous intentions. He then destroyed an entire city with a nuclear weapon. He pursued an occupation at the Eggman Empire and seemed content to following orders. TK had commenced development of extreme irresponsibility, and began slacking on the job, but seemed to be an intelligent and cunning individual, as his drive to do evil and exaggerated lies about his past in order to make up for his laziness, and he was accepted as the man for the job as a result. Eggman had given orders to many of his henchmen to defeat hometown hero and world champion Sonic the Hedgehog, and hold him captive so he could obtain global conquest. Thorun Kimbul was among the few people to go about the order to have started a dispute with Sonic the Hedgehog, but just like his predecessors he was ultimately defeated on numerous occasions, which lead to prolonged vendetta between the two. But Sonic does not take the feud as seriously as expected. There was something completely erratic about Thorun Kimbul that Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, Amy Rose could not trust and she confronted Sonic about the criminal and his sketchy statistics.

TK then killed Ryan McKipland, better known in the community as Kip throughout the duration of his 12-step redemption course while at a nightclub to put an end to an altercation between Kip and Kevin Odami, one of the Odami brothers from The Leisure Suit Movement. After the brawl, he then proceeded to summon his hordes of hired goons who accept the offer to desecrate Kip's corpse. He then gunned down Leisure Suit GamerZ attendant and emerald dealer, Renegade Vasquez in a dark alley. The same process went along with many others he had murdered because he was paid to do so, or so he thought. He struck two goldmines - The Jessica McPherson Murder and the Maria Robotnik Assassination/Space Colony ARK Raid. Initially, it looks as if TK gunned down Maria as circumstances with this murder were to pin a criminal offense on the GUN, the very people who took him to custody. Jessica McPherson had been badly beaten and given orders by Eggman to sit in a prison cell located at his PAC base after failing to capture Sonic. But TK had convinced Eggman to simply let her rot after giving bad information to him. After becoming a recipient of false hopes as her condition only continued to worsen, the adolescent girl succumbed to a pulmonary embolism at the age of fourteen. TK was finally apprehended after trying to escape the cops, only to realize he was running on a treadmill (which became a running gag in the saga). TK was then sentenced to life in solitary confinement on his conviction. TK then got out on bail after jumping a turnstile at the parking lot where he found Jessica's corpse.

Thorun Kimbul then began his womanizing career as he romanced a tall female anthropomorphic bear that identified herself as Rachael Tabitha Kaplan, an adolescent wealthy heiress with a thick New-York accent. The womanizing process was successful, but he was due in for a long-time relationship. Rachael seemed very loyal to TK, despite being unaware about his sketchy ways; his efforts to end her life and get his hands on her money. Unfortunately, she had finalized the end of their relationship with him shortly after finding out about the diabolical plan orchestrated by her boyfriend. After the breakup, TK had taken her out to the woods and off to Emerald Coast by flight. Although they successfully eluded authorities, it wasn't long before TK drew his pocketknife towards her and repeatedly inflicted ten stab wounds into her (she died as a result of her wounds). By the time of her death, TK then swiped her orange chaos emerald, and tossed it into the ocean where it would be submerged, never to be found.

After years in solitary confinement, Thorun Kimbul then sought solace on Queen Aleena of Knothole (and Sonic's biological mother) after being urged into another part of Eggman's plan. The Knights spot the criminally thought-processed henchman indentified as Thorun Kimbul, who injects steroids inside of their biceps for the big game. At nighttime, TK set up a couple of criminal acts such as to shoot her congressman in her sleep. Then he attacks her senator via a crowbar, while his henchmen ready the bubble bath and drag her unconscious body in the bathtub. She awakens to confront her assailant, only to die by electrocution. Following that incident, TK encounters a windmill and detonates it. After each those criminal offenses, he pulls out a can and spray paints 'ALEENA DID THIS' on the walls (and city floor) in the boldest of red in an attempt to forge evidence at the scene of each criminal offense.

The next day, Queen Aleena has taken the bait for the frame-jobs and is impeached, and her exile from Knothole Village was broadcasted by her former knights, who had been working for Dr. Eggman for their accusation of her alleged corruption. Thoron Kimball was the leader of the pack that began to carry out his assignment, but he had another selfish agenda unbeknownst to the knights. The true reason being as to why he wanted to cause trouble at Knothole was because she was connected to the Chaos Treasure, so he makes various attempts to extort the treasure. Aleena refuses in a reasonable manner: she exclaims that as the mother of Sonic the Hedgehog who along with the people of the village had entrusted her with care to keep the treasure hidden from anyone who could harm it and or use it for fulfillment of their diabolical ambitions. TK was not the brand of individual that could listen to reason, so he domestically abuses Aleena and broadcasted his cruel and despicable actions towards the general public, thus thoroughly defeating the purpose of Eggman's sinister plot.

After the assault, Aleena became unstable. She had barely left her home, always vomited out whether she ate, rendering her unable to eat anything, and she barely slept throughout the ordeal. She just could not stop thinking about all the criminal charges pinned on her by Dr. Eggman and the assault from Thorun Kimball. At night, Sonic and the Corner GamerZ are at a party in their neighborhood. He gets a call from Knuckles, who tells Sonic that he found out that Aleena (Sonic’s mom) had been carted off on a boat to a rainforest and stood near a tree, where she had collapsed due to blood loss and untreated cuts and bruises. While driving in his SUV, TK quickly took notice of Aleena's unconscious body and then tossed it ashore. After Aleena's banishment, he leaves and takes possession of the treasure and they took their reign even further by causing widespread misery forcing curfews and closing down schools, thus confirming their corruption and their contract deal with the Eggman Empire. Meanwhile, Thorun Kimball and The Black Knight had invaded both Corner Central and Station Square accompanied by the Chess Disciples.

Sonic spots TK (Eggman’s mercenary), who bragged about his actions regarding Aleena's condition. This leads to a high speed quad bike chase between Sonic and TK, as the setting transitions from the city into an airborne race track where the finish line is located. However a tiebreaker ensues and it would end with Sonic reigning victorious by default over Thoron, who was struck by transport. Shortly after losing the race, TK walks over to Aleena’s hospital room and feigns an apology, but the former queen cries domestic abuse and tosses a vase aimed at him in a fit of rage.

Shortly after the argument, TK plots an unsuccessful terrorist attack on Corner Central, but the residents were prepared for war, much to the dismay of TK. Making matters worse for him, the Blue Typhoon arrived onto the scene with Sonic in tow. The Sonic Power Cannon fires at TK’s jet engine, and it makes a perfect hit. The jet engine crashes into the Death Egg, which landed into a volcano along with the plane Meanwhile, Eggman was not at all pleased with how TK orchestrated the plot, and how he had broadcasted the abuse of Aleena word the general public. So Eggman walks over to Aleena’s bedside awaiting an answer regarding the co-beneficiary part of the plot that would be held in the event of Sonic’s intended capture. Unfortunately for Eggman, Aleena rejects the offer not only because of his past tyranny over Mobius, but because he had ushered in a new form of treachery and evil towards her, her son, and her people (reference to TK's present actions inflicted towards her). Eggman overhears this and seeing the news was going to ruin his plans, sets out to stand up to TK once and for all.

With this in mind, Eggman had dismissed TK from the Eggman Empire as a result of his actions toward Aleena and how he carried out his assault the previous day. Thinking that Eggman would not get away with giving him the cold shoulder, he adds him to his list of murder targets. TK begins his psychotic rampage through the process of sending threatening crank calls to a laboratory inhabited by an unsuspecting Eggman. However, by the time of the plan’s implementation, he reveals his face to Eggman. TK then pulls out an AK and starts shooting blindly, but stops as he sees Aleena again. He loads his weapon and points it at her with murderous intention, however the GUN Commander caught him red-handed by pointing his Flamethrower in his direction in the midst of TK’s scathing rampage and subsequently apprehended him, and Thorun's reign of terror commenced from there.

The Designated ChessmasterZ LP

After his return to prison, TK complains about the lack of air conditioning and food. Other jailbirds in a neighboring cell agree with him and carry out their escape attempt. After that successful escape attempt, one of the prison escape artists lends a hand to help break TK out of his cell, turned out to be a very close confidant of TK, who gives him countless ideas for schemes. TK then forms a gang called The Leading Chess Disciples, who consist of himself as the gang leader, fellow criminal enforcers Israel "Izzy" Evans, Adam McIntyre, Alfred R. Yuuk, Donald Fane, Walter Tuttles III and Raymond Cannon Jr. After quite some confusion of TK's mug shot with a famous painting, the escaped convicts find land to construct their own a base of operations: an overgrown money vault with a built-in lookout window that looked similar to a fast-food drive thru. He attracts an entire population of unsuspecting individual civilians taking the form of a single file line to exchange money for augmentation narcotics and that was where the platinum bars began to roll in (thus increasing his cash flow). However, that was only the beginning of his Ultimate Ponzi scheme.

TK was also known for his successful maintenance of his womanizing ability and career. As Eggman moved on to find another method to his plan, and TK sought interest in jewel thief, treasure hunter, Rouge the Bat. After hours of incessant courting, the white bat would eventually fall for him despite being informed otherwise by Shadow, E-123 Omega, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose and Knuckles, who are all sensing a grave disturbance in the force, by demonstrating signals of complete suspicion of Thoron's motivations. By the time of Rouge's arrival at Thorun Kimball's airborne custom racetrack forge, Izzy nearly blows their cover at the store by informing her that this was TK's bomb factory.

TK then attempted to serenade Rouge at a local bar, and Rouge had fallen head over heels for TK. Rouge even backed a stadium for her new boyfriend by means to keep him occupied. TK then began espionage towards Sonic while he is trying to thwart another one of Eggman's plans, but when he realized that Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, Amy Rose had been getting in the way of his sinister plot to kill Sonic for world domination and profit, he made observant references of what he would do to her if she didn't cease intervening. Rouge walks in on them, and TK denies all of the accusations, and Rouge stood by him. The next time he and Amy crossed paths, it was at that time that he threatened to cut her face up with a butcher knife if her constant meddling did not cease. Thorun's constant threats confirmed Amy's suspicions so she went directly to Rouge and Sonic to warn them about Thorun's evil plans; however the love starved Rouge expressed her refusal to listen to her. But another source, the Leisure Suit GamerZ, accompanied by the Babylon Rogues (bar Jet) are also looking up true and accurate information on Thorun Kimbul’s sordid past.

He was scheduled to go to a party hosted by Shadow the Hedgehog and Maria Robotnik (who came back from the dead as a hedgehog, although that was already thought up by many masses of the Sonic Fanbase on countless occasions). Rouge gets him dressed up and ready as soon as Sonic called. Whilst everyone was partying, there was a triple-date between him and Rouge, the former married couple Sonic/Amy, Silver/Blaze and Shadow/Maria. TK smugly looked on as he mentioned his nefarious plot. However, as Rouge's former rival, Wave the Swallow of the Babylon Rogues was intent on exposing TK's true nature, and to confront Rouge about her new husband. Upon hearing this, TK knew that one mention of the chaos emerald would make him crack under pressure, so he had to act fast as he attempted to dispatch Sonic with bladed projectiles and electrical death traps.

Consequently, he dispatched Izzy to steal narcotics from a drug dealer and an explosive device from the black market and plant them in the Leisure Suit headquarters in a pathetic attempt to get them of his tail. But after a violent altercation with Team Sonic, he lied about his business plan just to go to the bathroom, but he was pulled out of the party by Izzy and the gang, and he tells TK to give the money back to the drug dealer they stole the narcotics from as Izzy had discovered the drug dealer remained imprisoned. Despite the orders given to them, TK grudgingly takes out his wallet and slams a gold bar on the table, and says he does not want them to return there until Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds are found. After the party ended, Izzy and the gang then began espionage on Sonic throughout the use of credit card receipts under orders of TK. The next day, TK refused his friends the money to give the drug dealer, until Izzy revealed that he was released on bail.

Meanwhile Izzy, Cannon and Fane devise a plan at the Cinema Café to sneak into an R-rated film for a celebration, only to be reprimanded by TK. But Izzy easily talks TK into going into the movie theater to see “Grand Theft Auto XLV: The Motion Picture” and orders the following such as pizza, hamburger w/ fries, hot dogs chili-cheese nachos, etc. They begin to watch the action-packed flick with 3D glasses. The waiter returned to TK's table and the gang received their check, only to have read that they had to pay $400 bill for the food ordered. This had bothered TK to an extent, as he told Fane to pay the tip, which he agreed to do so as their celebration party was on the cusp of being ruined. However, Cannon had formulated a master plan: his scheme consisted of preferring the group to sit throughout the rest of the movie like civilized people, and by the time the movie ends, they sneak out of the theater and steal the check and the waiter is left without a tip. The movie ends and they carry out their fraudulent plan, but they leave a big mess on their table during their departure from the theater. While Sonic and friends return home, they scatter the treasure and double check to see if they have everything intact. Unfortunately, the orange chaos emerald remains missing. After the successful movie theater stunt, TK returned to the bridge with intent to toss the emerald back into the ocean, but was brutally stabbed by Aleena before doing so.

Recovering from the hospital, TK then constructs a game board for his Ponzi game and rigs the game to fit his specifications. With the game board (I mean, groundwork) in place, TK began the second phase of his plan. While on the hunt for the 7 Chaos Emeralds, he learns from a rogue guru about the Chaos Treasure. Once TK hears of their majestic ability of each gem, he claims he could rule the world and even go as far as to surpass the gods themselves. The guru then gives TK the artificial treasure. TK joyfully accepts the offer although he was very unaware that he was being tricked. Soon after, the psychopath would have an affair with Colleen Glouchester, who would later become his partner in crime. TK arrives in his air fortress and targets the Government Building, plotting to destroy it with a nuclear weapon. He would later stage a coup d’état to pave way for his own multinational corporation super city: L. Ron Kimbul Investments And Corporation

In the midst of all this, Eggman is in a much anticipated mood regarding his nefarious plot for The Eggman Empire since he had finally managed to become a co-beneficiary with the former queen. Just in case they announce his name, he activates the television to watch the Global Domination Broadcast with glee. But the entire plot in general would be rendered meaningless as the president of Station Square was shot to death before achieving his goal. TK tracks the cash money down and steals it by gunpoint (as usual). He then unleashed his secret weapon: a simple mechanization consisting of an overgrown missile with a red lighted tip referred to as the Thermonuclear Atom Bomb. Once activated, he dropped the missile and performs the simultaneous obliteration of both the Government Building and the Eggman Empire carnival structure. This meant the throne would be given to TK, who pressured Rouge to draft out a whole new will in order to become the sole heir to the Chaos Fortune and reign supreme as dictator for life; with that, his sordid plan of personal gain was complete. The world is now under the watchful eye, benevolent and murderous hand, and complete and maniacal control of the nefarious Thorun Kimbul!

Infuriated and betrayed, Eggman and could not believe that his former subordinate had betrayed him in this kind of fashion, so he transitions to the Kimball Compound, and proceeded to confront TK (or Maxamillion Kimbul), who bites back with a statement regarding that he should have thought twice before terminating his employment and permanently cutting ties with him. Eggman grudgingly came to terms with the fact that his master plan is ruined completely, and marked this failure as the first time Sonic the Hedgehog was not held responsible. As a result of this, the mad scientist had to sit idle by and watch as his former bloodthirsty errand boy celebrated his sudden luck.

His new kingdom had taken the form of a complex of super tall skyscrapers, the tallest structure being the Kimbul Compound which centered as the home of L. Ron Kimball Investments. TK became a recipient of the following rewards; his slaves erected a gigantic statue of him and lavishing endless but unwarranted praise for his misdeeds. He then arrives at his mailbox to see his credit rating restored. Aleena, Blaze, Amy & Cream attempted to infiltrate his base, but TK catches both of the girls red-handed by a trap door filled with boiling quicksand, and fed them to enlarged mutant scorpions as a consequence. The Egg Pawns, Black Arms, Knights and G.U.N. Troops are being shipped as cargo and are forced to undergo hard labor without pay (now he begins to curb-stomp them while they were down by refusing civilians payment with an actual check). In the midst of his relentless tyranny, TK arrived in with his consolation prize: 20 bags chock full of cash from the Ponzi scheme and brags about it to Colleen Glouchester, who has acquired an occupation as a mailroom attendant. After selling the gold bars to a blacksmith, T.K. would then have another idea: to assemble and make their own high powered weaponry. Fane would create a red-dyed molten metal liquid convulsive to construct three more cannons out of it as well as a whole abundance of weaponry, bombs and ammunition were handmade and assembled by a member of the Chess Pound, although they carry 100 weapons of war in their drop ship; however there are only 50 members of the Chess Pound, so there would be 2 weapons of choice per gang member. He brainwashes the global market in attempt to collect enough land holdings by inheriting from their estate and manipulating their last will and testimony. Now that Kimbul Enterprises had become a fortune 1000 company, it had become very impossible to infiltrate TK’s facility at that point in time.

In an attempt to obtain global domination and notoriety through political means, He had hired shadow governments and secret societies to pull the strings of the political leaders of Station Square and the GUN; simply to dump a vat of red toxic waste on the town's water supply. He would then unleash an Orwellian nightmare of secret police departments and promoted examples of honeycombed subterfuge. TK began the process of enacting laws that result un the elimination of any sort of rights or freedom held by the American people as well as authoritarian fear tactics and shock value, and excuses his behavior by saying he was "tough on crime" by manipulating the capital punishment system. Any individual who commits unannounced intrusion onto his property will be ensnared and murdered throughout the use of methods such as boiling them in lava, killing them with a flamethrower, decapitation, mutilation, crucifixion, disembowelment, dismemberment, hanging, drawing and quartering, flaying, impaling, sawing, used to test snake pits and other death machines (most notably the electric chair), just to name a few. He starts wars with other nations and then bet against his own to clean up, and accepted 100 briefcases full of money to let corporations dump toxic waste on the entire city.

TK's attempted promotion of widespread activities regarding environmental destruction has proven quite effective. He communicated with the government through a high-definition screen, coming to a wholehearted agreement with the government that The Eggman Empire would have done much irreparable damage to Mobius. However, he blatantly deceives them about his “peaceful” and “just” reign and they easily buy into his lies, much to his explosive amusement. While the GUN reach Kimball Investments, the entire Mobian territory had completed its crisis which consisted of numerous oil spills, and the wildlife was completely devastated by a ball of nuclear energy which expanded into a 500 meter radius, which explains the catastrophic condition that Mobius was in at the time.

More educational facilities have closed, unemployment and crime rates are sky high, and TK’s goons had taken Aleena hostage along with the rest of the inhabitants, following the demonstration of his promotion of widespread despair with the successful transformation of Mobius into one giant police state. Alarm bells ring in the heads of our heroes and they realized just how dangerous TK had become. Sonic stated that they need a win to stop the terror of Kimball Enterprises. TK was growing frustrated and angry as he overhears the plan and frames Sonic for his recent crimes. TK then rigs the case to his specifications and Sonic is plead guilty for all of the criminal charges and is thereby sentenced to death by guillotine.

They approached Silver with their fears and they prepare to stall the corporate monopoly of Kimbul Enterprises for as long as they could. While back at Corner Central, Thoron then celebrates by going on a crime spree with his friends. After much complication through failed plans Thoron sneaks into an unknown building by climbing through an open window and attempted to track down Sonic's will, with an outdated lottery ticket at his disposal, and he plans to steal the Ultimate Fortune by hacking PayPal through the government computer. He later finds out the plan was filled with such success, despite Colleen's brash attitude towards his plans (another trait he finds annoying, next to snoring).

Shadow had formulated a plan to save Sonic's life: to infiltrate the vault where the Chaos Royalty is located. Shadow uses Chaos Control to teleport to Kimball Tower. Whilst there, Tails uses his scanner to confirm that the bag on the left hand side has the legitimate content. So they push the vault as it descends. With such success, J-Mac’s truck breaks the vault’s fall, and the Sonic Heroes leave the tower with the legitimate treasure while the unsuspecting TK was fast asleep on his throne. After that, Tails and Knuckles went over to Eggman’s lair in search for true and accurate information regarding the Thoron Kimball report, but Eggman refused to talk. He was still vexed about his plan being intercepted by TK’s talk of “cheating the system”. Knuckles then began to sell out the information to the people in an attempt to break through the brain washing. TK then readies the guillotine so he could fatally mutilate Sonic. Sonic arrives to his gurney donning a red-hooded cape (the same cape his mother had) and his signature spinning rim medallion, which was very small in terms of size. He tells Sonic not to fret about his mother having to bury him for he shows two cremation chambers with both their names on them. As for the citizens, he thinks that they had outlived their usefulness, so he plans to sell them all for slaughter. Aleena expressed her feelings of disgust for TK's constant abuse of his subjects and his plans to sell them for slaughter, so she enters the race to run against him, and both the GUN Commander and a betrayed Dr. Eggman would follow suit.

With this in mind, Thoron then attempted to attack New York City with his next weapon, The Plague of Doom. He sends a threatening message to his slaves after they refuse to do his bidding, and shipped them off to Kimball Compound as cargo. With this in mind, TK and Izzy then plot yet another terrorist attack on Station Square. Amidst the attacks, he pelted a rock at Cream and captured her, and even went as far as to attempt at devouring Froggy, much to Big's horror. While backstage, Izzy and TK simply print paper cutouts with his name on it, and shoving them in the voter ballot, hence explaining why TK is ahead in the polls and getting past his opponents by a landslide with false promises of candy, however this only lead to TK's disqualification from the election when the votes were counted. Sonic had pulled up the heart and bravery to have finally exposed TK’s past and his actions in it, therefore destroying his reputation completely. He then broadcasted the speech on television to the general public, concluding that the public civilians need to stop cheering for him. The general public opened their eyes and came to grips with the realization that they welcomed an escaped convict and his drug dealer cronies into their hometown and blindly crowned them to be overlords only to be subject to slavery and exploitation for his own benefit.

Angry about being badmouthed by Sonic in the courtroom, TK then announces his plans for a kamikaze attack between the sun and Mobius as part of the Ponzi game that would bring about an early Armageddon in no less than 10 days. He equipped his base with a satellite, and an Armageddon clock. But his goons are convinced that they are going along for the ride, but TK no longer permitted this. As soon as Mobius is destroyed, he will make another planet to increase his profits, and by doing so he steals a satellite base for himself and activates it in order to destroy the sun along with Mobius, with Queen Aleena being held hostage again. However Shadow, Colleen, Omega, and Metal Sonic had intercepted him, saying that it will be his base that would collide into the sun, not Mobius. Shadow holds TK at gunpoint, realizing whatever that happened in his past was a get-over planned by TK, as told by Sonic himself. Much to the chagrin of Team Dark, TK admitted to all of his actions in both of the past and present, for if he didn’t invoke his commission of criminal offenses he would not have made a profit.

TK activated the television and listen to the local radio station in order to prove that his reign of terror gained a considerable amount of attention and recognition. But TK also has a contrary to the bet that turned out to be a backup plot. The cannon were activated and it targeted the entire headquarters complex that was constructed to represent TK's tenure as dictator. TK plotted to retaliate throughout the use of heavy artillery, but all of his attacks were powerless to punch through the vessel's barrier. It was time for The Chess Disciples to retreat as Izzy had busted a glass window in the satellite base in pursuit of an escape pod, only for it to malfunction before he would activate it. T.K. had finally discovered that his laziness and irresponsibility had cost him dearly as he forgot to place a built-in exit for the mechanization's cockpit (let alone a doorway), meaning their attempts for escape the crumbling fortress were rendered futile. The Sonic Tornado smashes through TK's headquarters, destroying it.

By the time he returns after the complete failure of an "Armageddon", whatever that was left of the infrastructure of T.K.'s headquarters complex looked irreparably totaled to the point that it had become vacant for months, and its controlled demolition was past due. The landlords finally managed to have accomplished their goal of completing the inside job as TK’s insults fall on deaf ears. TK breaks down as his reign of tyranny had been torn from him and then swore revenge on Sonic for exposing his criminal offenses to the masses. Unfortunately, the GUN detects him inside the debris and they sought out to turn him in. An intense chase began, ending when T.K. retreats to his base hoping it would be a secure place to hide. He then grabs a communication device to give his legion of robed goons an assignment: One half of his goons will steal the Chaos Royalty, whilst the other half will go face to face with the angry mob to fend them off. However, things do not go his way at all as the GUN get closer to his location, he reprimands his minions to complete their assignment and announces his evil ambitions to commit further irreparable atrocities.

In a second attempt to assassinate Sonic, he would later seclude himself in the 88th floor of an abandoned corporate skyscraper armed with a sniper rifle. He carefully aims the rifle at Sonic, who was standing at the tower furthest from him. TK fired his weapon towards Sonic, but Sonic had dodged the bullet. Even worse, the Guardian Units of Nations use their gunshot sound as evidence to Thoron's whereabouts. They eventually burst through TK's hideout and catch him in the midst of his rampage once more, and TK dropped his gun. The weapon lands on the middle of the street, where it was subsequently reduced to smithereens by transport and the remains of the gun swept away into the sewage. He tosses a chair at their direction and jumping out of the window in means of escaping arrest. However, unbeknownst to him, the angry mob subdues him. He attempted to escape the premises, but became subject to a savage beating from the mob.

While recovering from a vicious beating from an angry mob, T.K. was subsequently apprehended once again. But at least he demonstrated his eligibility to stand trial. The court case of People vs. Thoron Kimball had begun, as he is being charged with pimping, assault, robbery, embezzlement, arson, terrorism, sexual assault, reckless endangerment, false execution, torture murder, drug and human trafficking, and attempted assassination, as the commission of these criminal offenses were around the time of his tyranny (before his headquarters had undergone its inside job) and he will be sentenced to death on his next conviction. In his 10-day recess, TK attempted to gain custody of Sheena the Bat, Rouge's infant daughter, so he negotiated with Rouge that if the adoption pulled through, he would take her on a trip to Emerald Coast.

Becoming more frustrated and angry, he confided his plans to Colleen were starting to become nervous but she was scared of TK and stuck by him. The continuous warnings got through to Rouge and she bought herself a gun for protection. The heroes were shocked when the gun fell out of Rouge's purse and tried to talk her out of keeping it but the frightened Rouge refused to relinquish it. Rouge, however remained frightened of what Thoron's reaction would be when he found her gone, as he had plans on taking her and Sheena to Emerald Coast in means for a romantic getaway. The evidence was very solid as far as the crime scene was concerned, although TK tried using his sketchy tactics to convert the system and turn the tables of the court case in his favor and by doing so he attempted to forge evidence for a second time. But the original evidence the witnesses had given out were proven true and accurate due to forensics, and TK's attempts failed as Sonic would affront him with a case reminiscent of the Special Victims Unit.

Queen Aleena had taken the stand once again and explained the numerous frame jobs, the unfair banishment after that resulted, and TK’s unwarranted assault that shed new light into the case. TK had run out of ideas to defend himself and is sentenced to death by lethal injection. However, he escapes custody of authorities when the judge gave note of his sentencing. In a long ride home after a long relaxing day at the beach, Rouge had began contemplating her departure from Station Square after being bothered by warnings from Amy and the gang that TK would kill her and her daughter after the adoption was legalized, now that she had outlived her usefulness. What she had also managed to discover failed attempts of monthly espionage from TK. Rouge began to fear for her life as she overheard these messages, so she goes into TK’s office to search for clues, with Sonic to aid her for a heads up. The curious bat looked down on the floor and saw a red button attachment that indicated that her fiancée had feigned telephone conferences, an empty filing cabinet, a book filled with mostly blank pages, and the lack of clientele. Rouge then began to sneak into the closet and forces herself to listen to the terrible statements being said about her to Colleen: how he was going to overthrow the government, his dislike for Rouge and her newborn daughter, even confessing responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of people - most specifically the nuclear destruction of an apartment complex and the nursing home fire.

This horrifies her for the fact that TK's intentions were to kill everyone (including her and her family), destroy the estate, and leave with cash in hand. Rouge had also realized that TK's original plan was to murder Sonic, mutilate his dead corpse and stuff it into an overgrown industrial meat grinder, and put it up for sale by means of inheriting everyone's fortune. Before TK's leave, she gives Colleen a ticket to Barbados and would make his triumphant return after divorcing Rouge, who makes herself known to Colleen after TK leaves. Rouge realizes that their relationship was a means to an end and nothing more. Rouge lashes out at Colleen for foolishly going about with TK's failed plan to be rid of Rouge and her daughter in an attempt to kill a well known figure for ransom (namely Sonic) and skip town with his fortune, poison the government building and to obtain global domination. After a berating confrontation that left Colleen struggling through an emotional breakdown, Rouge gained more information on TK. Shadow and Maria had begged Rouge to return home, but the bat had ignored their warnings and waited for her two timing boyfriend with gun in hand.

After a celebratory joyride with his fellow Chess Disciples members which ends with them partying on a cruise ship, Sonic approaches them once again, and another confrontation ensues ending with the blue hedgehog being held captive in an electric chair. However, he decides to take cover after Rouge enters the ship. TK approaches and gives her a false welcome, but Sonic reveals TK's plans, much to his dismay. Betrayed, Rouge confronted him at gunpoint. TK attempted to feign innocent of his crimes, but Rouge worked her way up to tell him what he really planned to do, and refused to let him get away with it scot-free. TK tried to convince her otherwise as he tried to escape the confrontation simply by trying to get the bat to pay him $3 million in return for her life. However, as TK admitted to usury as well as his crimes against humanity (i.e. truth serum), Rouge fires 8 bullets into him, and he falls into the sea below.

A stoic Rouge Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy approach TK lying in a pool of blood as Rouge retreated to Amy's house to pick up her infant daughter. Sonic and Amy return home to see Rouge on their couch. They considered a conversation with Rouge, who was in shock that she didn't remember shooting TK but the GUN came to apprehend and arraign her for pre-meditated murder of Thoron Kimball at Amy's apartment, where she had been staying for a long period of time. When Topaz, her former GUN partner asked her a question regarding Thoron, she confessed to the murder, saying that TK deserved it just as the GUN troops escorted her out. While in the interrogation room (the same one that TK had escaped from), Silver and Blaze step in as witnesses to the crime and Sonic informed both of them that he has to provide her a not guilty plea. Shadow and Maria stood by Rouge and took good care of Sheena until Bobby Blabby could come over and take her to the Forkboy Corporation's PAC unit.

Shortly after, Sonic and the Leisure Suit GamerZ clique had received a visit from Thorun's lover, Colleen Glouchester. She had revealed all of Thoron's sordid plan, his tenure as dictator, and his murderous intentions, thus offering her assistance in Rouge's defense. Jimmy's suspicions that Thoron Kimble had been behind his arrest for narcotic possession and weapons of mass destruction two chapters ago was also in confirmation by Colleen. Rouge skipped town after her bail release from Prison Island for fear that she would lose her daughter. With help from Kim (another Leisure Suit GamerZ member), Amy managed to track her down, but she managed to run away again until they persuade her to resume her trial, which was already underway. Things began heating up as Sonic and his friends took the stand. TK is in his hospital bed feigning paralysis watches on, waiting for the right opportunity to make Rouge "beg for it". When Rouge finally took the stand, she had to explain why she fired 8 bullets into TK. Rouge reveals that TK's next step was to destroy civilization and escape with the considerable fortune from Sonic. She would then explain that he was a fortune hunter intending to murder her for the Chaos inheritance and destroy the planet. The grand jury and general public outdoors watching from the high definition screen found her testimony emotionally moving and Rouge was acquitted.

Meanwhile, Aleena was charged with corruption, but eventually the statistics said she was unfairly banished without reasoning by forged evidence and the corruption charges were dropped. However Eggman was to take the stand and admits his involvement in the crime, and had confessed to his evil plan. The scientist instead accepts the guilty plea as a result. Eggman is sentenced to two years community service as a consequence for the Corporate Ponzi Game ran by TK, who was at the hospital using his survival to his advantage in order to feign paralysis and catatonia while trying to avoid questioning from the GUN as attempts to disprove his injuries had repeatedly failed. However, he was desperate for his former fame and recognition and a quarter in an empty jar for a phony donation, he would later feign a fatal illness. Everyone buys into the scheme, but Sonic swipes the jar from them as soon as they have enough money to buy the components to make a nuclear weapon, making him a major exception. After being admitted from the hospital after getting a needle jabbed in his testicles, TK also began writing and cashing in bad checks to 2 Bank of America locations (the first one did not accept his check) while Sonic and his friends observe the blueprints to TK’s rocket launcher. TK begins a habit of drinking after his headquarters had been liquidated. However, he was 10 minutes late for a conference at his compound with Izzy after oversleeping on his couch for 4 hours.

The judge had placed TK on death row sentence, but he managed to have escaped after a few months later, and suspense inside the GUN ensues regarding his fake death. He was seen stealing a deactivated Egg Pawn, tying it to the electric chair and lighting the interrogation room on fire, thereby confirming to have staged his execution. After that, Izzy, Fane, Cannon, and Tuttles were apprehended in his place. They were first introduced to a longtime inmate and former narcotic dealer, Lazlo Stanfield. Izzy, Stanfield, Tuttles, Fane and Cannon had nefariously plotted an illegitimate funeral service for TK, who had went into hiding and still wastes away in his compound. They invite everyone to a room with an empty coffin, as Cannon lay there in the coffin attempting to stage TK's funeral. However this plan failed was well as the coffin had a side door and Cannon accidentally rolls out of the coffin and plummets into the pit, which was intended for TK's "burial service". Tuttles attempted to rescue Cannon but it failed as he accidentally tips the coffin over into the pit; Cannon sustained crush injuries as the coffin fell on top of him. Subsequently, a tractor arrives just in time to dump a huge pile of sand into the pit, thereby burying him.

Paul and Travis had orchestrated a search party for TK, who had recently went into hiding from the federally led angry masses of non-combatants who were too preoccupied with the rustle and bustle of TK's false death at that time. Shortly thereafter, Knuckles arrived at the scene. When he sensed the shattered remnants of the Master Emerald in the vault (indication that TK smashed it with a hammer) and an intense grapple between Knuckles and TK began. He orders Izzy, Fane, Cannon and Tuttles to get their prize, only to find them knocked out cold in the midst of their argument. Sonic approached TK in his base, and confronted him on the rustle and bustle of his false death.TK retaliates by giving the true reason for Aleena's squalid and unstable condition; to make sure her regret ever giving birth to Sonic in the first place:

Throughout the duration of his visit to Knothole Palace, TK was at a meeting with Aleena, who was pregnant with Sonic at the time. She figured that if Sonic were to be born, a new prophecy would be fulfilled. TK thought she was smoking crack at the time, so he decided to see what was up. A stunned TK had realized that Aleena was under labor so he plotted to shoot the fetus in an attempt to stop Sonic from being born. However, by the time he busted the door and drew his gun, it was too late; Sonic had already been born. Sonic uses his psych-out warfare tactics against him and exposes the orange chaos emerald that ties him with the crimes committed, and the assassination of wealthy heiress and his prior girlfriend, Rachael Kaplan.

A trigger happy Kimball drives drunk and attempts to intentionally commit vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol. The police arrive and attempt to apprehend him, but unfortunately for them, TK's retaliation had prompted them to open fire. He jumped into the line of fire and feigned invincibility, but after bullet holes inflicted onto his body, he suddenly falls to the ground realizing he had been shot again. When he got back from the hospital, TK entered the courthouse (the same courthouse where Rouge won her case) and shoves a contract notice in the face of the judge, attempting to cash in a check of $100,000, as it said in the second few sheets in the paper. Unfortunately for him, the judge begrudgingly rejects the contract notice, and TK once again leaves empty handed. In the face of such failure, TK would then begin a manhunt for Amy Rose and his ex-wife, Rouge (who was hiding in his office cabinet). TK had found Rouge and baby Sheena in the cabinet, and had ordered Izzy to interrogate all three. Unfortunately, Sonic had quickly abandoned his clutches and rescued all three of them from his grasp.

TK and his goons infiltrate the newly-reformed Black Comet, and approaches Black Doom and Gerald Robotnik. TK requested a similar procedure known as “The Ultimate Surgery” in an attempt to resemble Shadow and frame him for his crimes, simply by asking: "can you make me look like Shadow the Hedgehog?” Their refusal resulted in TK holding both of them at gunpoint. Before the surgery, Black Doom was ready to make a speech despite TK's efforts to cut him off mid-sentence. After two weeks having awaited the procedure, Black Doom and Gerald Robotnik had heard word from Shadow that TK was his great-grandson's disgraced former mercenary and seeing him on the newspaper seemed to change their minds. Within these three weeks, Black Doom and Gerald put him under a cosmetic machine and proceeded with the surgery as a result two weeks later. Surprisingly, the machine gained a bit of knowledge about TK's nefarious intentions. When the machine completes its process, it had etched the incriminating word KILLER onto his forehead.

This extremely angered TK to the point where he added Black Arms to his chopping block and orders his goons to take them out, but Black Doom had already grabbed his spaceship and left town before they could catch up to him, thus he explained as to why he forced himself to wear a Jason Voorhees hockey mask over his head to conceal himself. But the surgery fiasco did not faze Thoron too much, as he goes over to a makeup artist to cover up his botched cosmetic surgery with prosthetics to begin the first phase of his scheme. Surprisingly, Thoron Kimball was thoroughgoing a more successful transformation consisting of a mustache, yellow fur and a southern accent playing the role of a former shop owner and future businessman by the name of Jim Gear. Whilst entering into the business conglomerate headquarters, he romances a female secretary and takes her out on a date, and later electrocutes her in the pool. After having heard talk of "cheating the system to destroy competition", he was stupid enough to think that meant to detonate the competitor's corporate tower with an atomic weapon. He later arrives to successfully detonate a federal bank in the process, along with pushing a corporate executive off of his building and holding a fast food chain hostage.

With his plans ruined, his criminal past exposed and a horribly ruined face, Thorun Kimball then resurfaced into Mobius with a new mission: To obliterate anyone who had vanquished his tenure as a despot tyrant. His first revenge plan was to cheat Sonic out of the championship. TK had a knack for subterfuge and cheating on sports and recreation as well, and he does this with a stolen Spy gate camera at his disposal by just simply videotaping the opposing teams and plagiarizing their strategies. What's worse is that he stole a NFL playbook, and planted motherboard chips onto his team’s helmets. For example, he cheated his way past Arthur in the Wild Card, and eliminated Aleena in the Divisional Playoffs. As Sonic and his team had defeated the Black Arms, TK and Dr. Eggman have their Conference Altercation to determine whoever would face off against Sonic at the World Trade Championship. Unfortunately, the Eggman Empire is also quickly eliminated by Thoron's cheating spree. And now he will publicly humiliate Sonic with the same equipment to win the Master Emerald. However, Dennis Odami became suspicious about TK's newfound overconfidence. When Dennis found out the equipment that TK was using to achieve victory, he had become more intent on exposing Thoron's dishonesty.

The 16-game Playoffs began underway, as our heroes, accompanied by Corner Squad Territory and the Leisure Suit Organization as the home team, have advanced to the Ultimate World Trade Championship Bowl to square off against TK's squad, The Chess Disciples, located at the newly built Guy Fawkes Stadium (formerly Grafix Stadium). Dennis finally worked up the courage to announce that TK was cheating the whole time, but TK caught up to him first and tranquilized him. Dennis would later be tossed into a prison cell with Aleena. The Chess Disciples win the toss (and the lead). Sonic faked a handoff and dove into the end-zone himself. There was a bit of confusion as to whether or not the blue hedgehog had scored, but he eventually signaled a touchdown, and an interception from Izzy had increased their lead. However, Fane and Cannon have the offensive pass interference call, and scored a touchdown, successfully cutting their deficit to 14-3. Sonic still struggled to make a big play despite his 4-point lead, as every move he made was being videotaped by TK, who was lacking conflict at the time. Eventually, TK would be caught by the Guardian Units of Nations and had to go major AFK due to another arrest warrant. As Izzy overheard the conversation during the start of the second half, he was tackled into submission and critically injured, which cost them the entire game. Sonic informed his team about what will happen now that TK had been caught cheating. Now that the crowd is rooting for them, they believed they could still become World Trade Champions through demonstration of good sportsmanship and fair play, and they prove this by running up the score during the remainder of the game (Sonic 14, Thorun 7).

The Mobian inhabitants had become wholeheartedly ecstatic the moment when Sonic and the pack celebrate their victory, while the Chess Disciples leave the stadium for early crow. Ever since his team had won the trophy, Sonic began saving the world more often and even thwarting the latter of TK's evil plans every step of the way. The next day, Sonic and the gang find another newspaper article. They eventually find out that Kimball Corp. headquarter structures will finally be imploded. While TK was reading the morning papers, he was flabbergasted as far as the World Trade Championship Bowl was concerned. After hearing from Fane and Cannon that Izzy's injury and the disastrous loss after that resulted, about his warriors about the fact that they blew the championship. This lead to the end of convoluting master plans toward him and the abusive and murderous traits dominated as a result. Everything came to a head at an upcoming World Trade Championship block party, located at the Grafix Stadium. As soon as TK gets ready for the event, the military surrounds his place of residence. He rushed out and packed his things to move out on his quest for a hideout at Station Square, Sonic’s former place of residence. However, the police burst the door down to search for him as he breaks out of the back window and steals someone’s car with fake plane tickets on his way to the airport before the military could catch up to him.

Aleena has finally rehabilitated throughout the ordeal and returned to her royal status as queen, but is still unsatisfied for the fact she has not seen her son since the whole ordeal with TK. Soon after, Aleena and Sonic reunite as his friends celebrate their victory, so they decide to get some sleep seeing as they have done enough crime fighting. After two weeks of falling victim to his own insanity, TK then attended a casino and tried to lure Sonic into the casino. When Sonic got there, TK challenged him to a violent gamble of pinball after being caught attempting to kill for a third time. He is unsuccessful at this attempt as well, and Sonic claimed his AK-47 and the Chaos Royalty Inheritance. After the decisive bet, Sonic had set up a meet for all parties on how to split half of their share of the Chaos Royalty.

In a fit of rage, TK tried to catch a flight back to Corner Central, but the airport is closed, and he misses the remaining flight. His griping lasted until Izzy suggested he build a plane of their own after the successful conference regarding his fail He then managed to steal the blueprints for a doomsday device of his own. He later received word that Colleen gave most of their money away to charity. By the time the mechanization is completed, he had plotted to wreak havoc upon the whole town by first sending the city people with a broadcasted message plagued with false hopes of peace and serenity. The World Trade Championship Post-game festival commences in just one day, and Sonic has his doubts about his impending victory celebration. TK would attend the party with the intent to slaughter them all. TK was given information regarding Sonic's inability to show up at the event, which single-handedly ruined his plans. Colleen attempted to talk him out of the plan once more, but TK reached his breaking point and began to strike Colleen, who now realized that criminal activities, weapons of mass destruction, global domination and dollar signs were more important to him than her love.

After much thinking, T.K. later ends his affair with Colleen and hires four adolescent vixens (namely The Barlee Sisters) on his quest to hunt Sonic and friends down, murder them all and take their money. Fed up with TK's abuse, Colleen contemplated leaving Station Square as only her most painful memories lie there. As she prepares to leave, she spotted Sonic wandering around at a dark alley before the party to find his friends. He answers a phone, and they realize that Colleen warning him and his friends about TK's return. However, Colleen has an improvision to intercept TK's murder attempt by cloning the blue blur in means to bait him in. However, it would cost Sonic some of his own fur for DNA examination. The cloning was a success, and Sonic and his doppleganger introduce themselves to one another. Amidst the arrival of the attendants, TK bit his time in hopes for the right moment and reactivated his weapon.

However, Fane uses the blueprints to construct a maze outdoors without the consent of TK, who was really unfazed by his decision although he was in fact complimented for "just doing his job". While Aleena is setting up the decorations, TK enters into the presence of Amy, Kaiser and Azap, who give him an invite to the party, much to the horror of Rouge who tells them that they have made Sonic susceptible to an impending murder. Meanwhile, Thorun waited for Sonic armed with his newly designed Carbinal firearm and spotted him in a dark alley. He would spark a conversation with Sonic. After the conversation, Sonic begins to leave for the party, but TK fires the weapon before the hedgehog could do so. He would then lock him up in an underground basement; and would later plant a nuclear explosive in an underground safe. When the party begins, TK attended the party and is seen all dressed up as Darth Vader with murderous intention regarding his opponents. The next barrage of attacks began whilst the GUN Troops are on a search party for the treasure. TK then approaches the Commander, Black Doom, Dr. Eggman and King Arthur. He ensnared all four of his victims into Fane's maze that leads to an underground cave, where he shot them each twice.

Sonic and Amy managed to persuade Rouge into attending the party with the pack and arranged for Aleena to be her escort as the pack prepared their departure from Amy's apartment. Suddenly, the phone began to ring and Sonic ran to answer it. At the party, the Sonic clone was called away for a meeting with Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Kaiser, and Azap. He went outside and was shot by Thorun Kimball. Thoron had taken Sonic's place at the event and commenced dancing with the unsuspecting Amy. Later on that night, Amy and Aleena seemed to worry when everyone's favorite hedgehog seemed to have vanished into thin air, and she and Rouge suggested that they go on a search party for him. Surprisingly, they screamed in terror and wept uncontrollably when they discovered Sonic's body being mutilated and ground up, and the four unconscious bodies of Eggman, Abraham Tower sliding from the debris of the aforementioned cave and then came face to face with TK, who had no qualms with sniping them.

TK returns to his base of operations and replayed the terrorist attacks in his mind. He wakes up in joy as he is began convincing himself that he had killed all five of his opponents, but his joy came to an abrupt end as he was being held hostage with a gun again, this time by his ex-mistress, Colleen. TK had given Colleen one last chance to give him the grand prize. Then he looked out of his company window and was extremely astonished to see that they were all still alive. Colleen's refusal to relinquish the prize had prompted TK to attempt immediate seizure of the prize by force. However he heard from Izzy that Sonic had escaped from the basement and finally has his hands on the treasure and all of the victims had survived. Even worse, Izzy and the remaining Chess Disciples have been taken back to prison.

TK looked out of the window to catch sight of the explosion, and kept his fingers crossed to find out whether Sonic died in the blast or not. Meanwhile, Aleena wakes up in the hospital again remained mournful of Sonic's "death", but she sees Rouge at the same hospital and informs her that Sonic is still alive somewhere. . At the hospital, Sonic regained consciousness and is freely dashing through the death traps Thoron had placed. He returns to the hospital and they agree to continue the party at home. Thoron escapes captivity anyway, and yet another intense chase began as TK attempted to pursue Sonic with Rouge as a hostage. As soon as he heard the sounds of police sirens wailing and the rotating GUN helicopters, he tossed Rouge out of the window. Rouge would later fall unconscious while being rescued by Sonic, who later reaches the stadium just in the midst of the bedlam and successfully evacuated the party attendants out of the stadium. He then reached the underground cave where the explosive device was planted and easily disposes of the device.

Unbeknownst to TK, Colleen and Sonic swapped the ammunition in Thoron's gun with blanks, and the Sonic that Thorun had killed was a robot clone. Upon hearing into the conversation, Thoron launched a tirade and bolts out of his headquarters and resumes his conquest to hunt him down. He does catch Sonic eventually, but the hedgehog once again reigned victorious over Thorun after a few hours of DBZ style fighting. Shadow begins re-evaluating the Thorun Kimball investigation and the GUN resumes their search. TK foolishly bolts out of his headquarters, having taken the bait as the GUN was waiting for him outside the building. An intense vehicle chase began as Knuckles, Shadow, Kaiser, and Sonic are inside of the building to search for Thorun. They eventually corner him at the edge of a platform. As the other characters reached the platform, he once again manages to elude the law; however, he fell into a scrap-refuse truck and was mutilated in the truck’s compactor as Sonic watches on. Towards the end of The Thorun Kimball Saga, and in contrast to All Access: New Reach City and the beginning of Channeling the Online Battleground, his personality and outlook on life has since changed, as he would set out to atone for his wrongs described in the story.

With the loss to the G.U.N, their tournament season, Sonic Team began their tournament playoffs season at 0-1; however, their first win was against Black Doom, improving their record to 1-1. The Knights would later bump their record down to 1-2; now with their second win of the season, the Sonic Warriors (now Sonic Aftermathers International) improve to 2-2.

Cradle 2 Grave: Channeling The Worldwide Battleground

This episode begins at the corridors of the Egg Carrier, as Eggman would enlist the assistance of the Pizmatik Ordnance Disposal, a rogue super-division consisting of 10 of the United Federation's most sinister and elite criminals: Blood Mistress Debiasi, the only female of the group, as well as the one pulling the strings throughout the entire season; Overlord Pizmo, the co-conspirator; Bruce Hedgehog, the biological father of Sonic and ex-husband of Queen Aleena; Dark Sergeant Archcrux Napoleon, rabid cop of diabolical and Machiavellian world conquest proportions, who is also dubbed as the more mentally depraved individual of the group due to his evilness and his addiction to PCP. Other villainous individuals include Wrauhman S. Bloodspawn, Rummy Lucas Strong, The Juggernaut, Grounder the Ferocious, and Baron Sleet to bring about the destruction of the internet, as well as the consolidation of power.

TK is later released from his solitary confinement cell ("Say farewell to the hole"). He later announces to Sonic that he had reformed from his criminal ways after doing his time in the same solitary confinement cell, and would keep his vow to help Sonic in his endeavors. Sonic would then befriend a banned Chaos Theosis member named Adam McIntyre (who first appeared on The Thorun Kimball Saga, later on the Arby n’ the Chief episodes by Jon CJG, ranging from “Genesis” to “Cradle 2 Grave”, which was also the name for episode 6.5), a foul-mouthed 7-year old boy, and asks Knuckles and Tails to rehabilitate the embittered child.

Sonic and Amy would once again have problems in their relationship, as he tries telling her to end her ongoing feud with Aleena. One day, after deliberately spilling soda on the back of Aleena's limo and striking her with a footstool by the time they get home, Aleena grows sick of the grief and bans Amy from the premises. However more drama ensues as she would call Sonic and lie to him about Aleena throwing her out in the cold (and forcing her to move into a motel). Subsequently, Sonic would storm into the house, retrieves a crowbar and proceeds to repeatedly strike her with it, despite Aleena's efforts at pleading him to stop. Rather than taking her cries into consideration, he spitefully picks up the phone and hangs up after dialing 911. He then retrieves a gravity hammer. However, his efforts failed as he is later apprehended by police. The pair makes a successful attempt to straighten things out from outside of the courtroom after Sonic's reluctant apology to his Aleena. However, he realized that Amy had incited the assault. Enlisting the help of Colleen (who served as the former mistress of Thorun Kimball from the previous episode, The Thorun Kimball Crisis who had provoked TK's own abusive behavior), she manages to find a away to return to cause more trouble and subject Sonic to further manipulations.

Amy welcomes in Wrauhman and Drayman Bloodspawn, Bruce Hedgehog (Sonic's biological father), and The Juggernaut, three members of the rogue unit who would later bully the rest of the GamerZ to the point if annoyance (such as spilling hot coffee onto Tails' head). Wrauman would later continue to abuse Dennis emotionally as he did in the past, only for Kim to strike him with half of a table (Wrauman would harbor hatred for Kim after the aforementioned assault). The team would attempt to tell them off only for Amy to approach them in the defense of both Wrauman and Juggernaut. In the midst of the chaos, Sonic struggles toward the path of hunger and thirst whilst on a quest to return home. When he finally does return, he discovers Amy in the master bedroom with all three of them, and witness the rest of his teammates and friends locked up in the empty basement struggling through the deprivation of food or water. He bursts through the door of the master bedroom in a complete rage, and proceeds to assassinate both of them, and would later pin a defenseless Amy to the wall and threaten her with a .50 caliber submachine gun. He would later strike his father Bruce with a golf club after having caught him smashing Aleena's head through the wall. Bruce would later leave Sonic’s life forever after this defeat.

The abuse comes to a head when Amy's chaotic behavior reduces their private home to that of a police state, her method of taking control of the house, with Aleena and Sonic doing nothing to stop them. Now growing sick of Amy's abusive behavior and newfound tyranny, Sonic challenges Amy to a timed duel, only to be utterly defeated. In the face of such all-around tyranny within the group, Adam returns to the house via a mongoose and manages to demolish the premises with a grenade launching weapon. The Leisure Suit GamerZ survive the blast, and the excruciating sight of the house going up in flames has marked the first time she sincerely acknowledges her abusive and manipulative behavior towards Sonic, as the relationship as a whole would have to end if the abuse continues.

While their wins against Bruce and Whrauman catapulted their record (Drayman: 3-2, Bruce: 4-2), their disastrous losses to Amy and Juggernaut bumped their record to matches further (Juggernaut: 4-3, Amy: 4-4.

Channeling the Online Battleground

Sonic and his friends decide to take out the last few members of the Eggman Empire, starting with the most powerful and well respected member of the imperial clan – Aleena’s captor, Archcrux Napoleon, a ruthless tyrant and rabid cop addicted to PCP. Eggman would continue to further his evil plan - Project: Metal Sonic 2.0; now with Thorun Kimball supposedly out of the picture; then he plans to destroy Corner Central as well as releasing all the prisoners and inciting a citywide riot. Later, he would start to get corrupt and build a machine that could easily devastate any city who attempts to compete (or at least he assumed).

Napoleon’s corruption would cross the line when his transparency becomes absolute; this is evident when he holds Aleena captive. He dispatched rogue police officers to fight Sonic his friends, who was reaching the latter of an onstage performance which would have concluded his tour. They would ultimately triumph against these rogue police, but they would arrest them under false pretenses as they have a reputation oaf being sore losers. Soon, a reformed Thorun Kimball and his Chess Disciples arrive (now known as the Designated ChessmasterZ). All the while being hampered by a complete financial cesspool, Napoleon would later round up 100 of his subordinates and assign them to commit door-to-door murders, falsely promising to pay them 3.2 trillion dollars.

They would park in front of random houses and fire a .50 caliber machine weapon at them, regardless of whether or not they were criminals. Little did they realize that the Federal Beau racy of Government would investigate these violent crimes being committed, and the police force would follow suit. With all the casualties counted, they return to Napoleon's mansion, only to find that it is empty. To make matters worse, Napoleon had moved into a newer, more advanced mansion and just bought a new Mercedes Benz with the classic chrome rim job simply by spending all of the money that he promised to pay his subordinates (the vehicle in question would later make a prominent appearance on the next episode, “Cradle 2 Grave” where he is executed by the Designated ChessmasterZ).

They realize the heart wrenching discovery that Napoleon had lied to all of his remaining subordinates (or shall we say that he lied again to them). However, Napoleon refuses to take responsibility for his initiation of the crime in question, so he decided to leave his subordinates to take the rap. The subordinates are subsequently arrested, and tried for mass murder, in which they plea guilty. They accept full responsibility for their behavior and even denouncing their own actions. They would take the full sentence of 15 years incarceration. They would later be released on parole and would set out to beat up on Napoleon in means of revenge. As a result of this, former members of the empire would join Sonic in the fight against the G.U.N. With the win against the Rogue Police, Sonic’s team would improve to 5-4.

The Diary of Kitten

Even Chaos Theosis struggles, and the evil regime of Kylie, (better known as K1llerK1tten, or Kitten) a former member of the hacker clan, Chaos Theosis would be the principal cause of it. It all started when Sonic, Kaiser, Tails, Adam and Knuckles battle Kylie and three of her bodyguards in the tournament; and all these matches have unfortunately met with their consecutive defeats. As they grow to tire of this, they construct a fort to thwart her further advances and avenge their humiliation. Eventually, her irritation and anger resulted in a downward spiral into darkness and villainy, much to the disgust of Adam's parents and her other fellow members, Duncan and Clyde. She holds Duncan captive and assigns her five bodyguards (unarmed in hacks) to guard the cell Duncan is sitting in; she would later track down Clyde and force him to gargle gunpowder as revenge for his choice words towards her, as well as cutting his monetary agreement with her in the process (Arby N’ The Chief, “Severance”, 2011). They agree to do so under the terms that shoe would perform oral sex on both of them if they manage to pull off an exemplary performance. However, Duncan manages to escape his jail cell. Kylie looks in every cell only to find out that Duncan had escaped; thus she calls them out on their performance and revokes her offer, much to the disappointing performance of her bodyguards.

Kylie soon dispatches rabid dogs to target Adam. It gets worse after Adam had fallen victim to rabies shortly thereafter. Miraculously, The POTUS healthcare law enabled them to cure him even sooner. She is angered that Adam's demise was thwarted, and she would later be arrested and arraigned by police. Soon, Jonathan William Hurtman, radio broadcaster and professional lawyer, agrees to help Kylie win her case; but it is noted that she began a relationship with the lawyer who would later receive info from a mercenary regarding Kylie's past regarding her murder of her abusive father and her involvement in various dead end occupations; such examples include prostitution and blackjack dealing, much to the chagrin of Sonic. Kaiser's involvement in the scheme is more of an obvious game plan; he sets out to eliminate Kylie's criminal enterprise by challenging one of her bodyguards to a Shadow Game where he laces a bottle of Sprite/Grenadine dies from the hidden substances. He later thoroughly outsmarts Kylie in a heated battle.

Adam's older brother, Dezmond McIntyre has been released from prison as he plans to atone for his actions. Although he had fought his way through many overwhelming odds in his time, his past was greatly hampered by a nasty reputation he received in high school. He patched things up with his more obnoxious younger brother after losing to him and Sonic, and successfully attempts to sort things out with his parents as a token of forgiveness. He then realized that he had fallen victim to Kylie's manipulations as well as physical and sexual abuse, bringing Tails to the conclusion that Kylie’s torment of Adam stems from her previous relationship with Dez.

To make matters worse, he winds up fathering Kylie's child, much to the dismay of Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre. But Adam suspects that Kylie would rape the newborn child, so he suggested Dez take custody based on these suspicions. When a long custody battle begins, the tide begins to turn. Because of Kylie's callous outbursts, Dez manages to keep custody of the child. Kylie then initiates the kidnapping of Dennis after her self-inflicted defeat. Although they succeeded in kidnapping him, Kylie would later to seduce an otherwise unimpressed Dennis. Unbeknownst to her, Kim arrives at Dennis' rescue, with Sonic, Kaiser and Grif following after her. Kim easily disposes of Kylie's bodyguards, approaches Kylie and grabs her by her fur and tears a chunk of it out of her head. A fully enraged Kylie's attempt at retaliation is thwarted when Silver shot her in the forehead with a Sniper Rifle; all while TK watches on, doing nothing to stop them.

After waking up in the hospital, Kylie would later tackle depression after realizing her name on the front pages. Unbeknownst to her, Archcrux Napoleon: a decorated narcotics officer and a member of the Guardian Units of the Black Empire, cooks up an elaborate frame job and pays the GUN to commit every crime in the book (such as destroying the United Nations building with an atom bomb) so Kylie would take the rap for it. As a result, she is heartbroken as she gains the title of United Federation's most hated pariah. She apologizes to Sonic and his friends for the pain she had caused them (especially Adam, who doesn't seem so forgiving of her). As the trial began underway, her bodyguards take the job as Kylie's defense attorneys after overhearing Hurtman’s tragic suicide attempt. After going through many witnesses testified (Sonic and Adam included). Kylie recounts the crimes that she actually did commit, and after hearing the Empire had stabbed her in the back was relevant to the fact that her crime spree was in vain.

By the time she apologizes to her victims, she breaks down on the witness stand. The emotional testimony moves the jury and the general public to tears (especially her bodyguards, who have easily forgiven her for the pain she caused them). Napoleon is the last to take the witness stand and states to the prosecution how the following incidents happened. However, one of Kylie’s bodyguards suspects that Napoleon is lying through his teeth and calls him on it. The trial ends as Sonic proves her innocence and recites these final words: "Kitten's been punished enough already"; As a result of this heartwarming speech, the jury find Kylie "not guilty"; this completely exonerated the death penalty and Kylie exits the courthouse a free woman.

Waynesworth, who was watching the court case on national television, abruptly resigns his post as servant for Eggman. Waynesworth is then seen unexpectedly approaching the Sonic Federation (Rouge stands next to Kylie, who has become a member of the Chess Disciples). He apologizes for his past actions, and considered joining the federation. He reveals that the tournament Eggman is hosting has become catastrophic overtime, how Napoleon had spent the entire year plotting the frame-up from the start (and the fact that one of the casualties was Smoke's cousin), informing everyone about Eggman Empire server and its in-and-outs, revealing that Dr. Eggman's evil purposes for the United Federation Tournament was to bring about the destruction of thousands of metropolitan areas around Mobius so he could profit from the carnage.

He had also revealed that there was no real reward to the winning team, which angers both Adam and Grif. He also explains that the real Treasure of Chaos was in his safe as a present for Sonic (the chaos emerald Eggman displayed as the tournament prize was revealed to be a counterfeit) and is planning on constructing a huge trophy (with the Master Emerald on top of the Spire) for the upcoming Championship Smack down game as the legitimate prize, as well as setting up a monetary agreement with Sonic the Hedgehog. With all the info they need, and a new motive, the two conferences combine their efforts and seek out to prepare their attack on the Eggman Empire tournament server, as the taste of the inevitable destruction of Eggman's regime all the more sweeter…

With these four consecutive defeats (Kylie: 5-5; Doom: 5-6; Diane: 5-7; Goldenrod: 5-8), their record would immediately fall from 5-4 to 5-8 in just four matches. However, Kaiser would give their team a victory after a game of his own, improving their record to 6-8, but a loss to Grif bumped them to 6-9. Demonstrating awareness that those four consecutive defeats would have knocked them out of the tournament, the dark realization that their team and the corrupt organizations are in the same division only made matters worse for them, and their third place stand puts them in a tight bind; miraculously though, their choice of an 18-game schedule would tip the tournament in their favor, as they would still have a shot at the bowl. The team would play three Friday night games to make up for these defeats.

The Eggman Empire's Downfall

Sonic’s team (Leisure Suit GamerZ) and Thorun Kimball’s team (Designated ChessmasterZ) finally join forces to bring about the destruction of Eggman’s catastrophic tournament and the would later attempt to infiltrate Eggman’s base; however, they would again encounter the entire Pizmatik Ordnance Disposal. They go on to fragment the unit after all 5 remaining members of the group were defeated and killed; 4 of which were the combined efforts of the world renowned hero Sonic the Hedgehog, although the first four wound up facing various predicaments post-defeat after their breakdown.

Dennis, who dreamt of becoming a narcotics officer, meets up with the evil Archcrux Napoleon at a diner. Napoleon claims to go after the elite drug operations, but training with him would prove very grueling and criminal. Napoleon would put a pistol to Dennis’ head in a very threatening manner, just to make him take illegal marijuana laced with PCP, as well as harassing and bullying criminals and suspects. Even so, Napoleon also seemed to have total domination over his hometown; however, he did not realize that the citizens hate his guts. The week drones on and Dennis realizes he isn’t being given an audition at all: he was being used as a fall guy for another one of Napoleon’s master schemes, as the criminal behavior; his mistreatment and abuse towards victims and murder of suspects; the demonic malice and cruelty towards animals demonstrated by Napoleon, had all proven this fact time and time again. Napoleon having abandoned Dennis to Kaiser, Guardian and Azap (who were blackmailed into the attempted murder of Dennis) was to be the last straw.

However, Dennis gained the courage to stand up to Napoleon and expose his lies and crimes to the world, with the help of Sonic and his teammates. A chase ensues, however Adam fires 3 rockets at Napoleon’s direction; the fist two would miss the target, but the third strikes him. Sonic, Dennis and the other Leisure Suit GamerZ manage to trounce Napoleon and walk away with his payment to Thorun Kimball and his gang. Napoleon breaks into a wave of insults towards the world at large, but they simply walk away. Napoleon would later abscond from the scene.

With a failed mission and no money, a broken Napoleon begins do drive over the speed limit, running a red light in the process; but before he could make to Eggman’s base of operations, his vehicle was destroyed by an oncoming rocket launcher that the assassins fired towards the car during their previous encounter. The car was reduced into a humungous barrage of ongoing flame and the assassins exit their vehicles to witness the destruction. As Napoleon exits the vehicle, he is seen severely wounded and engulfed in flames, crawling away from his wrecked vehicle in an attempt to escape them as the debilitating heat from the explosion eats away at his skin. The assassins take out their flamethrowers and proceed to “finish the job” (i.e. killing him inhumanly). Napoleon’s lifeless body falls facedown onto the pavement and his remains were easily disposed as his carcass is dumped into a plastic vat of hydrofluoric acid in means for sewage disposal.

In the wake of Napoleon’s sudden death, Grounder was given orders to take Sonic out. However, his battle with Sonic led to him miraculously being incarcerated in Prison Island's Solitary Housing Unit after his friends and family were fed up with his abusive behavior and his crimes against humanity, as he took on an a more evil and abusive personality after joining the group. Grounder would later die under mysterious circumstances in his cell, but Sonic remained suspicious that it was murder; Rummy’s battle with Sonic left him currently grounded for a whole year as he is in the basement after a punishment beating from his mother, who learned about her son's expulsion from school. However, she has yet to acknowledge his participation in Eggman's villainous and criminal enterprise. His belongings remain in his room, yet his Xbox 360 was confiscated by federal officials. Pizmo would later go into hiding after a disastrous warfare tank debacle, which left Blood mistress Debiasi susceptible to her own demise; Sonic would just walk past Pizmo without confrontation, and this caused him to break down completely. Within two days of the Sonic vs. Pizmatik ordeal, the Pizmatik Ordnance completely collapsed on itself.

Whrauman would later have a duel against Kim, who would avenge Dennis after knowing he had suffered years of trauma and physical abuse perpetuated by Whrauman. Whrauman was ultimately defeated after attempting to murder her at her wedding ceremony, but after being discovered in the trunk of Thorun's car, he was arrested; but evidence revealed his hospitalization after losing his left eye in the murder attempt, and the ones that followed. Despite this, he was imprisoned after his release from the hospital three months later. Upon learning of his inability to cope with rejection, Whrauman is also no kinder to his wife or his biological daughter, Diabla Bloodspawn, who would soon turn against him.

Whrauman would later form an alliance with Perry Russell Miller, an escaped convict, and together they would decide to commit every crime in the book. A failed attempt to set Dennis up for infidelity enrages Whrauman, thus he decides to commit crimes against humanity such as murder, arson and terrorism, and having a superstar's blood on his hands would suit to establish his notoriety. Whrauman and Miller reunite with the other 3 remaining members of his former clan to commit another perfect crime. while on a cruise/fieldtrip to the mountains, the Pizmatik Ordnance rounded up all 100 people on the ship and proceeds to hogtie them up and place them all in 10 shopping carts each. All 10 shopping carts are tied to a chain leading to an anchor, which he would toss overboard off the cliff - the rope snapped taut - sending the victims into the abyss.

However, after being arrested, Whrauman refuses to attend a criminal court hearing as he was located at Corner Central Pier, attempting to kill Dennis by dropping an explosive crate above his head. The bomb was disabled and he was caught just in time to join his other comrades at Death Row, and a failed attempt at self mutilation doesn't solve matters for Whrauman either. With this, Whrauman concedes the first round to Sonic and the gang.

The Birth Of Scienthorcultraz

Queen Aleena (Sonic’s mother) would win the primary, but would give her crown to Sonic, who runs out of words to express his gratitude. TK would initially promote his former boss, but would turn around and endorse Sonic instead, taking into consideration that they have buried the hatchet seven months ago. Chaos Theosis would form a complete reform, and thus reunite to expose Eggman’s enterprise to the general public. In the International Presidency Election Of 2012, Sonic would hold possession of the wristband at the end of the episode; with Eggman’s criminal enterprise exposed and Pizmatik Ordnance headed for oblivion, the final electoral votes have been tallied, as Sonic storms the election with a total of 500 electoral votes, all the while Eggman remains a sitting duck with a total of 209. Sonic has successfully blasted Eggman in order to obtain international presidency. They would later blast the Eggman Empire in an 88-11 victory in the championship. These sudden blowout triumphs have encouraged 99% of the people around the world to rejoice.

Within a month of his imperial collapse, a desperate Dr. Eggman unveils his Church of Scienthorcultraz to the general populace for the sole purpose of profit and the consolidation of world power. The scam was a complete success and nearly everyone was bamboozleed into converting to his religion. He would spend his later life at sea, on the run from his critics (namely Sonic), all the while forming a group called "Emperor's Messengers", an elite group of warrior-servants, all of them female pre-pubescents, who unquestionably to his every whim. But after reading a disparaging news article exposing his plot for world domination; and the resistance of the people tracking him down, Eggman then started a code of broken rule systems and prison enviornments codenamed "Ethics", and "Retribution Project Force", in which he punishes his subjects for petulate reasons (such as having Adam dismissed to a snake pit for chewing on a telex). He would send his followers to assassinate Sonic in order to have himself elected by default, as well as to perpetuate (as well as instigate) terrorist attacks on other cities with his new arsenal. However, as his evil plans of world domination finally seemed to have succeeded, his physical health and grip on reality began to deteriorate and his mood began to gradually worsen.

After Sonic 2.0's second crushing defeat at the hands of Sonic left him crippled, nearly becoming a belowing tyrant in the process. It got up to a point where he had to be scheduled see a real doctor after simulteaneous battles with a heart attack and 5 strokes. By the time the psychiatrist enters the vicinity, Eggman's overzealous nature prompts him to murder the psychiatrist. He began to greatly show a dangerous case of dust particle phobia, as well as to hear sounds and smell things that aren't there. Eggman's condition gets worse along the way when he attempts to make a movie on his "success". With the Sonic Heroes catching up to him, he hightailed it out of his base and permanently dissapeared from public view, as secrecy has veiled the end of his chapter.

Thermonuclear Armageddon

Diabolus infernus tyrannium

The Wallpaper for the motto, "Diabolus Infernus Tyrannum".

Agenda 21: Whrauman/Pizmatik Ordnance's Last Stand

Taking back to the date of September 11, 2011, four days before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that occurred a decade ago (2001 — 2011). At 05:00:00 am, Sonic finally departs Station Square for good to return to The Corner Central Apartments located at New Reach City, Mobius. But a tragic turn of events unfolds; a remote-controlled jumbo-sized thermonuclear jet engine crashes into the inner core and the entire city of Station Square is demolished – 06:16:32 am. To make matters worse, the massive shock waves of the nuclear explosion causes the hellish fireball to spread from continent to continent, incinerating everything in its wake. Later on that day, several areas have been obliterated by a certain alchemy involving 4 halves of a circle, but it forms into a full circle and the areas burst into a thermonuclear inferno.

Luckily, the continents manage to survive the blast; however, the world’s most known skyscrapers began to collapse simultaneously – 07:14:14am. The biggest skyscraper (and the last remaining) – The Walls of The World - manages to stand for in the hellish flames before finally giving way and collapsing at 08:28:56am; the final nuclear explosion occurs at 09:00:00am. In response to the attacks, the general populace proceed flee the city altogether, and Corner Central becomes overpopulated.

During the destruction, the Leisure Suit GamerZ were traumatized of what she had witnessed the mass destruction of the city and the devastation that followed. She broke down and began crying hysterically, she is plagued with regret that she could have helped the people that were slaughtered in the mass explosion as well as for the fact she had close friends who hang at Walls of the World after learning they died in the carnage. Dennis Odami, (who is exhausted from his battle with the late Napoleon, who was killed and disposed of an episode ago), as well as Travis attempt to help her up to the car, all the while Jimmy continuously cracks wise-jokes about Kim’s hysteria, as they start the car and abscond the scene.

Fast forward to 2013, As he returns home, Sonic finds out the truth about the tournament, which is evident as he looks at the scriptures on the walls. As a result, he starts a general mass revolt consists of Sonic and all of his friends, as well as most of the general population who are just tired of the mind games and want to break through the newspeak, for it is all fork-tongue, and former members and robot inventions of the Eggman Empire, G.U.N., among most who have been betrayed and locked away for their mad scientist, or ousted by their own agency after revealing their share in the con game.

However, Eggman decides to have his collaborate empire, The Five-Headed Dragon contemplate a joint merger with the Illuminati, a complex super-corporation consists of multi-billionaires; influential persons; law enforcement groups; evil empires; intellegence agencies; corrupt governments; transnational corporations; multinational media; bankers; financial institutions; crime lords; military generals; entertainment moguls; think tanks; record label executives; secret societies; religious cults; royal bloodline councils; and unseen space stations; the Illuminati congratulate Eggman on how he built the empire and its infrastructure, he is accepted into the system, and his empire is moved up o the very top of the pyramid, making him more powerful than the 10 Illuminati Bloodlines. He decides to participate in the plot of a global government plan called Agenda 21.

Worse yet, all institutions are deserting their citizens to become millionaires and take over the world. In the quest to take back their minds and join together for the cause, the supernatural forces of good and the downtrodden populace (from the poor; working class; people of modest means and careers; but don't discount the rich and famous carpenters, and the wealthy music artists for they are also downtrodden) for they also for the journey to the human realm, spiritual, as well as to the supernatural realm, where they would receive true happiness and ultimate freedom, independence and justice for all, as the revolutionary battle towards their dream is far from over. They surround Sonic and imprison him for revealing the truth.

After another escape from prison, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy finally get wind of the NWO plan to wipe out 90% of the Earth's Poplulation, and proceed to find a way to stop it. After the end of the Pizmatik Ordnance drug war that resulted in the deaths of both his parents, Thorun Kimball decides to tag along. As Sonic brings all 4 teams together, all of the citizens of said city (as well as the world and its inhabitants) decide to join along for the ride. In a last ditch effort to maintain relevance, Whrauman and the Pizmatik Ordnance are also seen doing business with a mysterious man named Sam Gold (who no one sees, but sees everything). Sam Gold orders them to track Sonic down and initiate into another final battle with Sonic and crew. Whrauman had ditched his wife at this point and seemed to have a british 14-year old anthropomorphic hedgehog, and alongside the Pizmatik Ordnance; he is also among the Illuminati, who want to destroy Corner Central and its inhabitants, and enslave the rest of the world through a global government.

Whrauman even goes as far as to convert to Satanism and believe that he is one with Satan in the process. It is noted that in the past, Whrauman was taken advantage of by Kim's twin sister Ursula (Whrauman's first girlfriend), and then was manipulated into chasing down Kim instead; Ursula would later torture her again in the dungeon room, only to be locked in herself, with Sonic throwing away the key.

Whrauman then challenges Sonic to yet anoother battle; after nearly finishing Thorun and Sonic, it looked as if he was on the cusp of winning in their final battle. Whrauman gloats at his opponents and proclaims that he is better than everyone, even going to the point of saying that he is better than God, and that his opponents are afraid of what he could do. He is later fatally impaled by an oncoming trap door just as he uttered that statement. The Sonic Resistance Force would later arrest all of the groups involved in the New World Order agenda, as well as the remaining four members of the Pizmatik Ordinance. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Thorun interrogate one of the military sergeants in the NWO, who immediately opens up to the truth about Agenda 21. The Great Luciferian Conspiracy to control events on a worldwide scale, as well as everything on the surface will begin to recede completely, and the true story of the Garden of Eden would be revealed as the Antichrist/Satan/Devil and his true role as a mouthpeice in the plan is finally unveiled. All the riches, fame, power and glory in the world will not save them from the brutal and destructive forces that await them...

Enter: Sam Gold — Buisnessman of the Apocalypse

...and thus we enter the notorious and brutal, short tempered and truly evil Sam Gold's true appearance in person - a vermillion, anthropomorphic mechinated fire elemental who is known as "The Tormentor", "Taaulfr", as well as "Black Flame" and is The Ultimate Criminal Overlord of the Underworld. Gold is disproportionately catastrophic in battle, almost to the point of invincibility. His role is rather an enforcer than a strategist, and he favors mass destruction rather than stealth; unlike the majority of the villains on the Sonic the Hedgehog series, such as Dr. Eggman, neither does he use strategic abilities or speed like the characters in the series such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, or characters with street thug fighting tactics such as Thorun Kimball. Gold's combat style is brute force, thermonuclear destruction, and total military intellegence, in which he also has the ability to throw rockets, grenades, musketballs and atom bombs from out of the blue.

Gold is the founder and creator of Indrustrialized Crime Network of Zuron and Helldragon Incorporated, two military oriented syndicates of organized crime located beneath The Gates of Hell; he appears to have an agenda to start a criminal round table, but he would also attempt the modernization, industrialization and urbanization of the underworld. He was infamous for initiation of the United Nations break-in to initiate his corporate takeover of the Illuminati. He revealed even Agenda 21 would be hijacked by him to fit his own end: to fulfill the original plan for the NWO, and proclaims that the multinational billionaires in the Global Elite may be rich an powerful, but they are not as illuminated, enlightened OR all seeing as the public made them out to be; he even exclaimed that Satan is not the actual heir to the throne as the religious right make him out to be, but rather Gold has him on a vice grip - and he does not even realize it!

Gold is best known as the entity who built the entire foundation of the entire establishment in which we live. He is also the inventor of the concept of government, the power pyramid (which he revealed was just a videogame console modeled after the pyramid column, which he only used for purposes regarding role call), both of which accomplishments are what he brags about to this very day.

Gold also admits responsibility for the false flag attacks, the ills of the world (poverty; drug trade; slave labor; censorship; 9/11 attacks/war on terror; shadow governments; mass-media bias, satanism; colonial society; armageddon; politics; corrupt governments and rigged institutions; racism; military-industrial complex, wealth inequality; violence ;crime; rape; prison; the collapsing economy; paramilitary death squads, mass murder; arson, assault, grand theft auto; thermonuclear terrorism; the Federal Reserve pyramid scheme) and orchestrated all the wars around the world. It is also noted that his creation (and his setup at Eden) had given birth to the well-known Seven Deadly Sins, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Gold was also responsible for the conspiratorial plotting and orchestration, and possible ghostwriting of the scenario involving the incident at the Garden Of Eden, who paid Satan in gold bullion to tell Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. This has given the more accurate perspective that the Satan was not the mastermind or the puppeteer of the evil scheme, but rather the puppet on the string (in this case, Hell plays a role as a puppet government, after all).

Gold freely admits to not only have Satan/Lucifer give the Global Elite the illusion of freedom, but they were also given the illusion of power, respect, and the illusion of enlightenment, illumination and influential control over the masses from below, when they are actually the most delusional of the pack, and the ultimate victims of the scheme. The corporations and superstores around the world could only store as much mass product, resources and finance as they can (50%); the remaining majority of the pie (as well as the other whole pies = 100 x 100) are transported into The Gates of Hell as cargo for Gold to store in his hidden chamber for safekeeping.

Gold's real plan was to bring about a dystopian tyranny; consolidate world domination and widespread misery; deadly manipulation of political authority figures; enslavement, blackmailing and bullying the global elite; brainwashing and abusing secret society members by proxy; buying out corrupt governments, empires and cartels through the the Gates of Hell; the atmosphere of hell itself; mass murder; organized crime; taking power from behind the throne and influencing events on a worldwide scale to fit his needs; using methods of world destruction that would cause a biblical apocalypse; rigging the game to fit his end; causing a hell on earth and making money off of it.

Because of these motives, Sam Gold then takes a mission upon himself, just to prove that he is the founder of the system in which we live. And to prove this, he becomes the perpetrator of the thermonuclear destruction of Dow Industries (in short, the destruction of the stock market infrastructure), and drops off 100 billion dollars off at the Country Club, (which is all that was left before the stock market was destroyed; but even that is chump change compared to what he has), the Elite noticed that they had been robbed and they finally wage a full-scale war on Sam Gold as a result.

Meanwhile, Gold is ordering his minions to hijack planes and fly them into people's homes, and watches as the thermite from the nuclear explosion atomizes the houses and the people who inhabit them, while the people notice the attacks on their houses, they escape their homes before the planes could hit them; others stayed to protect their families while they die in the smoke stacks the plane crashes left behind. The survivors mourn the destruction of their homes and show up to Sonic's house in droves. (NOTE: This is an allusion of the attacks on the Twin Towers).

At the war front, both parties rally up their troops and prepared for war. The troops and officers were on the cusp of winning the battle for the Government, but their only interested in fighting and striving for the people they profess to protect, as they realized that all their homes were atomized into dust; one of the soldiers exclaims that the terrorist attack on the suburban homes remind him of the 9/11 attacks thast took place in 2001. The troops return to the front with renewed vigor. However, the Government notices them fighting for a new purpose - for the people, planet and all living things around the world.

In a bout of spite, the Elite pulls them out of the war and decides to take the place of their soldiers, as a way of spitting on their own troops, who evacuate out of anger and sadness, as they really wanted to bring justice for the people as well as to end the phony War on Terror - for good this time ("This is no longer your war!"). The Global Elite fight the battle until they are easily distracted by Sonic, who has their nanochip and they follow him (and easily corner him). Sam Gold was ready to pull a victory out of his hat and names his strategy "The Dumping Glitch". He successfully pulls this off (without planning it out) throughout the use of firebombing, nuclear warfare and chemicals such as spraying thermo-chlouric acid; just to get the upper hand on them. The evil spirits and demons also corner Sonic as well, and Sam Gold demands the hedgehog for the nanochip back - so he could instigate a one-world government and enslave the population.

Sonic, who has already possessed the beforehand knowledge of their evil plan, throws the nanochip in a plastic container, and submerges it into a pit of hydro-flouric acid. This destroying the chip. He then kicks it over to let them see the remains, and takes off; little does he know, Eggman has already completed his ultimate weapon: Sonic 2.0 - and he is chasing Sonic down so he could fight him off. Sonic easily defeats Eggman and his robots, but they send in more robots for Sonic to destroy (which he easily does). The fight was interrupted as Sonic has to run to save the people, as well as his own resistance army from danger. Eggman is angered that he could not defeat his arch-nemesis before he could take off to save the town; however he and his empire notice that Sam Gold is right behind Eggman's machine. Eggman realizes this and fires his bullets at Gold, who activates a vermillion bubble shield to protect himself.

As the shield disappears, Gold activates his Thermonuclear Flamethrower Attachment Barrel, another type of incendiary device — in which he nicknamed "Can Of Flamethrower". He turns the barrel towards Eggman - and easily incinerates the machine in an attempt to weaken it. He uses RROD to trap the robot in the 3/4 of a circle. The 3 columns shift full circle and causing an immediate BLEVE. The mechanation in question would begin its fall from the sky as it is eengulfed in flames, and is atomized into flaming dust particles and blowing smoke as it crash lands into the ground where the Eggman Land Amusement Park is located; and reducing it into what would look like a flame fougasse, except the flames would get even stronger and cause one thermonuclear explosion after another up to the point that it would expand at a 50 meter radius and wipe out the rest of the foundation Eggman had built for the Agenda 21 enterprise.

The battle is over — Sam Gold was challenged by the the police force, the firefighters and the troops, but the Illuminati cast them out and took their place in the battle; Eggman had challenged Sonic for disrespecting the Illuminati (simply by destroying the nano-chip with acid), but since Sonic went back to the demolished homes to save the people from destruction, Sam Gold had taken Sonic's place in battle - and he has emerged victorious, on both counts to be exact.

Gold returns to the United Nations after the carnage with the papers that reveal that he has finished every war that he has instigated and emerging as the victor in the process. The Illuminati are completely flabbergasted - they could not have lost to him this whole time, and they did not even see him back in the 20th century, where industrialization had come into full circle in 1921: and it was all part of Sam Gold's evil plan. In fact, Gold is also the prognosticator of the industry we know today (chemical industry, petroleum industry, automotive industry, electronic industry, meatpacking industry, hospitality industry, food industry, fish industry, software industry, paper industry, entertainment industry, semiconductor industry, cultural industry, and poverty industry) and he has had complete control of it from the very start.

Gold plans to industrialize Hell, but he cannot do it without the rights to the New World Order agenda; so they will have to give up their ownership rights to Agenda 21, or he will take them by force by destroying America. The Illuminati continuously rebel against him and believe they control events on a worldwide scale, so they still refuse to do so. They decide amongst each other, and they still say NO; However, Gold has the given incentive that anyone can be made to roll over on his command. To prove this incentive, he decides to throw a gas bomb to knock them unconscious and with just a few hours work he would later pelt them with their own nano-chip. Just as soon as thy woke up, he would then activate the newly upgraded chip into the bodies of the global elite. They regain consciousness and become mind slaves, and they simply sign away all their rights to the New World Order agenda, which signals that they have finally surrendered to Sam Gold.

One day later, one of the troops from the said war wakes up at his new home, and picks up a newspaper in his front yard, and on the headlines it says, "Agenda 21 Under New Management - U.S. Loses ANOTHER War!". He is completely astonished that his country would lose yet another war. So he would turn on the television, and the aftermath of the war is disturbing: his country (being one of the first-world countries) is in worse shape than before, and the U.S. government is left broken spirited. The soldier's young children wake up to see their father, devastated; and they turn their attention to the television and they could tell by the monotone voices of the politicians that something was wrong, which means they fully understand their father's devastation. The forgone conclusion: The western society has become subordinate to someone more powerful. Worse off, Sam Gold has scratched the underclass citizens off of his power pyramid (lower class, working class, middle class, upper class), and the ruling class are the slaves, just as he originally planned it would.

With their minds reprogrammed, the Government no longer pass any laws that benefit mankind; instead, they began writing and signing laws that would destroy all of mankind – and would only work towards the benefit and protection of Sam Gold, who is cheering on the sidelines about the second phase of his plan being a success. Sam Gold now obtains absolute power and ruthless control, and sends the country into a dark journey towards despotism. In The Gates of Hell, he celebrates his victory with his fellow demons, who chant and rave about his phenomenal plot of world domination from behind the throne.

Zuronist Criminal Network

In conjunction with these successes, his next plan is to terrorize the general public, but the public put up signs and flyers saying "You are a reflection of our ego that brings fear upon us, mother Earth, and you are an enemy of God. We control you, not the other way around". Gold takes this as automatic defeat and aborts the mission as a result. He would later crush half of his 100 men in the contraption called "The Thrash Compactor Unit" and use their blood as an ingredient for his soda pop. He would later celebrates his previous major success with his remaining 50 demons. In alliance with Lucifer/Satan, Babylonia, The Grim Reaper, and the Horseman of the Apocalypse, Sam Gold forms his own super-clan, Diabolus Infernus Tyrannum. The power elite would signaway all thier rights to Zuron, and forge an alliance with the crime network, mostly due to their newfound trance that Sam Gold placed them in.

It was when the Zuronist Criminal Network infiltrated all the shadow governments, secret societies, and influential thinktanks and buys them all out wothout question; is when he will get his ultimate victory. Since then, the 5-Headed Dragon and the Illuminati Royal Bloodlines argue amongst themselves as to who is on top, without realizing that they are going to be bought out by the criminal synagogue. The chief executive officers of the Tournament World Cup would sign a blood contract with succubus Delilah Drake and Lily Mortenson, both of whom are Zuronists working in the mainframe of the crime network. Gold would later plot to buy out the 5 foundation nations of the NWO (United States; Britain; Israel; Australia; and China) - and once that third step is complete, the global takeover will commence.

According to "The Protocols of Zuron", Gold would later plan to transform Zuron into a nation of its own right – “for there would be a nation that would smuggle the resources, a country that would not be the final piece of the puzzle for the Babylon the Great, for it is a whole different puzzle altogether. However, he is angered after he finds citizens that already live there, so he colonizes the country as he simply unleashes a "Plague of Doom" to kill half the population; he later orders his armies of destruction to wipe out the other half- the country's government. He would later obliterate the infrastructure of the country by dropping 10 thermonuclear bombs, as well as flooding the country with lava, hellfire and brimstone. The aftermath of the country would take on the resemblance of hell. Shortly thereafter, he usurps the land for himself and his minions - and then he takes over the country and renames it Zuron, and making himself as the franchise owner from behind the scenes. Satan would later become president of Zuron, but Sam Gold would become the Pheonix Overlord of Zuron, rendering Satan as nothing more than a puppet king.

The new Zuronist Nation is a satanic and bloodthirsty nation through and through. It's ravenous and brutally destructive methods, as well as its repetitive use of thermonuclear anti-aircraft weapons (Nuclear Cannonball, Rocket Launcher, Grenadier), incendiary weapons (flamethrower, as a murder weapon) and laser firing rifles (Zuron Laser), are what makes the Zuronists the most destructive race of living things, surpassing even that of the Thracians”. In a moment of obscene but celebratory gesture, Gold retrieves the cross of Christ and throws it on the floor; he would later crush it into the dirt mound out of spite.

During another raid in the mainstay bridges between Britain and America, Whrauman joined in on the fray; it is revealed that he returns from the dead, but he is no longer with the Pizmatik Ordnance and the Eggman Empire: for knowing that he finds the opportunity to meet the Devil and become a syanim (a Jewish Criminal Asset), he betrays the Pizmatik Ordnance and denounces Dr. Eggman, referring to him as a “clown”. He reveals that all his crimes and atrocities were committed – in the belief that he was serving Satan. Whrauman would later explain to his former team that if they were really loyal towards him, they had better shut up and kick in with the satanic rituals, or be shot dead by the criminal synagogue. They chose neither – but Whrauman fires his grenade launcher at them, assuming they had chosen the latter. It was only then had Sonic and his friends realized that Whrauman was an agent for Sam Gold. Whrauman exclaims that he does not miss the Eggman Empire at all, and would later resume with the welcome rituals and festivities of the Zuronist Criminal Enterprise, and joins in on their missions from now on.

Sam Gold will then put up surveillance cameras onto peoples houses just to interrupt the actions of the people (or get into people’s affairs). Sonic already knew of Gold’s surveillance state at this point; Having already targeted the governments, corporations, associations, broadcasting networks and think-tanks, Gold targets the leading secret society; he infiltrates the temple and kills one of the leaders; the other few leaders stands up for the deceased, and he gets shot as well. Because of Gold's reputation and his volatile temper, the remaining members of these societies are cowed into submission because of these killings.

It is said that both this new dystopian oligarchic cartel and Babylon the Great Nation (America would join together in unity after they grow into full power - and that is the fourth phase of Sam Gold's plan. That is why Sam Gold would remake the system and America in the image of Babylon; so he would later plan out her resurrection in the near future. This reveals Gold's hatred for God and his accusatory statement towards him killing Babylon the Great. And he would enslave the Global Elite for failing to “know their roles” so to speak. He succeeds in the resurrection of Babylon - not only as a nation, but as a living being; and the two unify in marriage.

Gold then buys out the Committee of 300, thus exerting control of them; he then realizes that in order to exert control over the 13 Illuminati Royal Bloodlines/Rothschild Rockefeller Royals; the final part to the first phase of his plan was to kill the World Monarch that controls them. He would order his supernatural creatures to enslave the royal families, whilst his crew would burst into the throne of the World Monarch, who himself is deluded by his own god-complex, and he is very inattentive of his would-be killers. DIT member Yuronza Puston would later shoot the Monarch in the back of his head; soon after, Sam Gold celebrates his sudden luck. The Sonic Heroes finally catch up with the World Monarch, but his team realized that Sam Gold had beaten them to him. Sam Gold feels that he has taken the world for everything it has and later fires his Thermonuclear Missiles towards New York - but the missiles instead began to veer away towards his own state of Zuron, nearly destroying the state and the system of his creation.

Sonic's friends already start to discover the truth about Sam Gold and his influence over the system; he also knows of his control over Hell and the formation of Zuron. Sonic also remembers that the Zuronist Criminal Network had a chance to rule by putting their puppet empire (Dr. Eggman/Eggman Empire) under control of Mobius. That plan was ruined after Thorun Kimball and his goons overthrew them and ran their empire into the ground. However, Thorun's mismanagement caused him to lose power over the people via impeachment, and Kimball Investments went out of business. As a result, Zuronist influence was crippled and their control over Mobius was marginalized, which meant they had to start all over again. As we transcend into the episode, we see the reason as to why Satan’s biggest con is to make you believe that he is in control – the fact that Satan has been hiding Sam Gold behind walls and concrete, and locking him inside the basement. Sam Gold has felt hurt and used by Satan that he feels the need to abuse him in the worst ways possible.

Now aware of the steady decline of his system, Sam Gold then plans to expand Zuron all the way towards the Baltic Sea. Gold’s plan would finally be complete once he does so. He would later attempt to take advantage of the “Illuminati Pyramid of Power”. He invites Kristopher Drach, a promising college student who is critical of the capitalist marketing system; as well as Vanessa Calligiri, his childhood friend. They are introduced to Yuronza and Whrauman. Gold takes them into a tour around the world, as well as the earth’s core, and immediately gives them an invitation to the clan. Upon realizing the fact that they will be the ruling from behind the throne, they accept the offer for the job.

Unsurprisingly, football season is about to begin and the Zuronists would face off against Corner Central. The Zuronists make many attempts to make a comeback in the first quarter with 4 field goals. On the remaining 3 quarters, Sonic’s 12 touchdown passes (84-24) override their chances of a comeback, up to the point where field goals don’t cut it. And of course, the final score is 84-24. They would later lose their next 3 games (13-10, 29-25, 24-17). Sam Gold looks at the first game as an embarrassment; so in a bout of disgust, he tends to his team and says that he will “make men out of them”. The Zuronists later undergo a quick rebound from their defeats, and thus they have improved themselves with five consecutive wins. The Zuronists would later go on a pattern with victories and catapult into the playoffs with an 8-8 record. They would lose the divisional playoffs to Sonic and the crew by the same score.

Upon this second loss to Sonic, Sam Gold gets the news that America is going to be destroyed by nuclear fire in the coming days, much to his horror. As much as he has the Establishment in his grasp, the thought of America’s stance in Bible prophecy leads him to become paranoid. God shows up to see what is wrong with the world; he spots Sam Gold as the culprit. Upon being spotted, Gold would later attempt to run from him. But no matter what path he chooses to go, God would simply get in the way of these paths. Now finally cornered, Gold would later try to strike a deal with God, but God refuses after full knowledge of Gold’s crimes against humanity and his huge monopoly throughout the world. Gold makes a “pinky-promise” not to invade the world, but God is unsure whether or not to keep him at his word. Sam Gold would later flee the scene.

At the business roundtable Sam Gold gets the news that America is going to be destroyed in just a single hour. The Zuronist Criminal Network discuss on how to stop the destruction of America and the effect it would have on the nation of Zuron. Members of the Vermilion Coke Group state that the Illuminati Corporation would go out of business and complaining about it will not really solve matters. Gold deludes himself into believing there is a way to prevent the destruction of Babylon America; little does he know that God had decreed America's destruction.

Sam Gold is then seen writing out the final piece to his ultimate plan of utter chaos, The Sam Gold Act – a "kill anything that moves" bill that enables him and his death squad, Diabolus Infernus Tyrannum to slaughter thousands of ordinary citizens all over the world, especially middle-class American citizens. The bill will also allow them to destroy their houses and cars with incendiary devices and thermobaric weapons; even going as far as to kill the poor by spraying their homes and apartment structures with napalm and firebombing them. When coupled with martial law and the destruction of America, This murderous and genocidal bill would also bring about weapons of mass destruction on such as meteors, armies of destruction, deadly viruses, secret death rays, weather machines, doomsday devices, laser cannons and thermonuclear missiles.

In addition to complete and utter mass murder, the bill will also allow Sam Gold to attain multi-universal domination, the implementation of get-rich-quick schemes, theft of ancient artifacts and treasure, the illegal printing of fiat currency; to gain immortality; to kill God and steal his powers; revenge on those who either wronged him or got in his way (i.e. God, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhummad, Sonic, the general populace), to unleash the other sources of all evil; to start a biblical apocalypse and print money for it; and to create a dystopian communist/capitalist society. On top of this, The Sam Gold Act and the pillage that follows would also mark the beginning of World War X.

All Gold would need is the approval of the United States government to ratify it and pass it as law. He knows that the U.S. Government would do this, because the governments all over the world had been forced to given up the deed to the New World Order. And so his death squad resumes their killing spree. Sam Gold's contempt for the general population is revealed when he refers to them as "game" animals which he can kill for food or sport. As a matter of fact, the congressional hearing for the Sam Gold Act would be scheduled for November 7th, the same day the masses have their “Gauryard Festival"; if the bill is passed as law, he would celebrate by dispatching his four hitmen to kill everyday citizens. However if it is vetoed and Gold's plan fails, he will either run a prostitution ring, or he would simply release a comet that would destroy the entire planet.

Somewhere along the line, Sam Gold finds out that certain people have been making videos (specifically rants) about him on YouTube for the Sam Gold Act (specifically YouTube users Alsangan22, XXBeaurucraticBassXX, and WordofGod). He orders one of his henchmen (Yuranza Puston) to hack into and delete the Alsangan22 account. The second part and assassinate the person behind the screen name. Two out of his five Diabolus Infernus Tyrannum hitmen (Bloodspawn and Drach) dox the YouTuber (ALSangan22/Aaron Cozberg, 1750 W. King St, Carchai, Z.N.), and break and enter into Cozberg house. They kick down the door to Cozberg's room and they try to find the kid. By the time Cozberg enters home after a party, he eventually notices Whrauman pull out his minigun and point it at him. Cozberg runs out of the house; Whrauman and Drach have an argument about Cozberg's escape, and how it would affect their business relationship with Sam Gold/Zuronist Criminal Mafia. The chase between Cozberg and Drach ensues, ending with Cozberg being cornered in his own room by the hitmen. At Drach's command, Whrauman fires his minigun towards Cozberg and kills him. The other two Youtubers have already closed their accounts and have fled the state of Zuron.

In the meantime, Sonic and his friends finally uncover the missing clue for Sam Gold's menacing web of influence throughout the minds of the people - it is held within the Zuronist Criminal Umbrella Organization through BeastMax Inc. and Armageddon Industries - two organized criminal enterprises that own the world. Sonic confirms his acknowledgement of the beast's influence on the material world. On top of this, he also acknowledges where the congressional hearing for the Sam Gold Act will be taking place. Now knowing that this is his only chance to defeat the New World Order and save the Earth from the Sam Gold Act, Sonic and his team set out to shut down these organized criminal enterprises and scrap the man-made legislation in order to beat the system that Sam Gold has created for them.

Sonic understands that the Illuminati/Freemason conspiracy is merely a front: they are just the layer of the onion that is the Zuronist International Criminal Enterprise; and referring to them as the New World Order, Socialism, Zionism, Jews, etc. only lets their supernatural cohesion go undetected, not to mention that the network has been in place long before the Illuminati Corporation was ever put into codification. Therefore, Sonic properly refers to the Powers That Be as slaves to the Zuronist International Criminal Enterprise. Although Knuckles and the Chaotix (along with the rest of the group) believe that there are many common criminals out there, there are also people in all tyrannical governments and Special Forces that have criminal personnel. Sonic tells them to be certain that these criminals serve the will of the Zuronist Criminal Mafia, and the terrorist state of Zuron. By the time Martial Law is declared, all types of policies - both foreign and domestic, will become neo-conservative Illuminati policy. However, the term "New World Order" is only half of the story being told, as they will be fighting off a supernatural gangster and his Zuronist Power Elite, as well as mass amounts of everyday demons who work under his Sayanim network.

Attempting to prove Sonic wrong, Tails and Knuckles decide to investigate the umbrella organization for by themselves. Meanwhile, Sonic and Amy encounter Sam Gold once again. Sam Gold challenges Sonic to a hover board race. After four laps, Gold loses the race, as well as his mind. Amy and Rouge join in on the search to prove Sonic wrong on all of his arguments and theories. After much attempts to disprove him, they soon realize that Sonic was right all along, and even Rouge admits this considering the fact that she thought that this was another one of Eggman’s attempts at world domination for his empire. However, she has found the mad scientist has spent the remainder of the ordeal on a dialysis machine. Sonic and Thorun reminisce about what happened during his tenure with Dr. Eggman before Sam Gold handed him a humiliating defeat, leaving him paranoid. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman wakes up from his hospital bed, and attempts to escape from the hospital, but he sees his nurse and two men from various intelligence agencies, he runs back to his hospital bed for fear that he would be caught trying to escape.

After the race, Gold attends his first meeting for the congressional “Sam Gold Act”. As many hands are either raised as withstanding or in favor, Sonic interrupts the congressional hearing. The second congressional hearing is held on November 5th. As a result, Mr. Gold grows bored of ruling the world and decided to destroy it instead. Gold has also tired of Satan’s excessive tardiness and detests interacting with other people, so out of spite, he fires all of his staff (save for Satan and Armageddon, Inc.) and eliminates all their former positions and jobs.

Unbeknownst to Gold, he has held a mother in captive with her daughter in tow. When they escape, Gold orders Bloodspawn, Yuranza to capture the mother, and for Drach and Calligiri kidnap the daughter. Whrauman attempts to catch and restrain the girl, but she kicks him in the groin and easily breaks free. He later fires his grenade launcher at her, but misses. Yuranza spots the girl’s other iinside of a moving bus. She up going face to face with the girl’s mother and a fight ensues shortly afterwards. Sonic returns to interrupt the fight by bringing the husband in to bring the family back together. Sam Gold reprimands them for their failure, as always. After much drama and subsequent villainous breakdowns, The Sam Gold Act has finally been completed, and Gold makes the decision to wait it out, though Satan objects to this idea. Sonic encounters Sam Gold again and they get into another fight, ending with Sam Gold pummeling Sonic into the ground. The day of the hearing has finally arrived, and Gold looks at himself in the mirror, making a degrading line about his own ego, saying that he would “peak all over everyone” after the hearing.

Sonic delivers a very strong and uplifting message to the general public, coming to the conclusion that if we had left the earth the way God left it, the human race would be much better off, but unfortunately it is part of the selfish human nature to always want more, and because of that (and sin), that is why every attempt at civilization will crumble, and every single idea that mankind has ever come up with and brought into the world will always end in complete failure. One of the citizens comes to grips with this, realizing that all God was trying to do was make them see the errors of their ways and help them, but because of their overconfidence, haughtiness and stupidity, they would not accept truth or God’s Word. Now willing to accept truth, the masses work together with Sonic and his friends to take down Gold and Satan and pick Armageddon Incorporated one by one.

The final hearing for the Sam Gold Act is in place, and the allies and opposition are pretty much tied at this point. At simply 2:45 in the evening, Satan gives Gold a call on the cell phone and informs him that his legislature finally passed by half the vote. Gold is very overjoyed at this news, and they throw a celebration party for the inaugural New World Order. However, he is alarmed that Kris Drach does not show up for the celebration. He is later revealed to have been embroiled in a battle with Sonic. After many shots were fired in the battle, Sonic and Drach finally meet face to face with each other. To end the battle with an instant victory, Sonic demonstrates the “Sonic Palm Technique” on Drach, who reacts by falling on his knees and clutching onto his stomach. Sonic quickly starts to leave the scene while Drach continues to wither on the ground and scream in terrible pain.

After being called over to his office for a dialogue, Gold starts to realize that his death is bound to ruin all of his big plans, and remembers that the “Sam Gold Act” grants him the right to immortality. So he goes on a quest for immortality and believes to have finally seized it by going on a rampage regarding thermonuclear missiles, but unfortunately he destroys the State of Zuron in the process. Zuron International is completely liquidated after seeing its stock go down the toilet. The United States realizes they have been duped into accusing the other five countries and become conscious of the fact that Zuron was wholly responsible for the orchestration of every criminal activity and terrorist assault ever committed. They have also comprehended that Zuron was accountable for buying out every airplane corporation in 1999. With this new knowledge, The Sam Gold Act is eventually rescinded and the celebration is terminated. Subsequently, the satanic plot of Agenda 21 would later be irrecoverable, as the United States and the rest of the world lastly decides to go to combat with the guerrilla firm of ZuroCorp.

The War on Zuron ends with the Earth as the victor, and Dr. Eggman continues on with his tournament. The Diabolus Infernus Tyrannum have been fragmented by Sam Gold and Satan himself; and Whrauman finally decides to change his life for the better, and with Thorun and DIT out of the tournament, the final matchups have been decided (both of which are close quarters matchups) – Sonic vs Eggman and Kaiser vs Satan, in two matchups. Sonic wins after finding out that Eggman had sold his rights to the tournament away, thus it is now Gold's tournament; Kaiser wins after finding out that Satan tried to cheat his way to a home-field advantage. Sonic and Kaiser find themselves in a fight to the championship ring, in which Sonic has won. Sonic and Kaiser then duel against Sam Gold to destroy his influence on the globe. Upon the circumstances of this embarrassing defeat, Sam Gold is later hauled off to the darkest dungeon for one million years in Egypt. He would later chant that he would claim his revenge by hosting a tournament of his own. The world would begin to rejoice after learning that the defeat of Gold has crippled his influence.

At the end of the episode, The Sonic Heroes celebrate the hero on his first tournament championship triumph; Sonic walks over to claim his ultimate trophy, but he decides to give the trophy to Kaiser, stating that HE was the real champion after having defeated Sam Gold in a duel. Kaiser knows this is not the last they would hear of Sam Gold. Unbeknownst to them, a Sonic lookalike with red eyes looks onward at the celebration. He exclaims that Sonic may have defeated the government, but he and his friends are in for an even bigger surprise.

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  1. Sonic The Hedgehog III & Knuckles
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  7. Sonic Adventure 2
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The Sonic Federation consists of 100 characters. However, the organization is divided into groups of 50. The parties in question are known as the Mobian Conference and the Darkness Conference, respectively.

Sonic Aftermathers

  • Sonic the Hedgehog/Super Sonic
  • Kaiser Webb
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Miles “Tails” Prower
  • Amy Rose
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
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  • Armee the Hybrid
  • Becky the Echidna
  • Frost the Polar Bear
  • Chaos Zero
  • Guardian Earth of the Fortress
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  • Ray The Squirrel
  • Bobby Blabby
  • Chip the Dog
  • Kimberly, Angel of the Darkness

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  • Thorunchav Kimble
  • Israel “Izzy” Evans
  • James MacDonnell
  • Ronald Fane
  • David Zuul
  • Walter Tuttles Jr.
  • Renegade Vasquez
  • Grif Lord
  • Clyde the Hybrid
  • Red The Bat
  • Huri the Hedgehog
  • Fiona Fox
  • Exordia The Forbidden Swordmaster
  • Peterson Noah Waynesworth
  • Doom The Dog
  • Clay The Echidna
  • Kevin The Coyote
  • Derrick The Rabbit
  • Smoke The Hare
  • Kip Snip
  • Walker Black III
  • Beulah The Fox
  • Cherry Polmagrate
  • Hannah the Dog
  • Kylie The Cat
  • Lili Erisol
  • Jake King
  • Casey Carter
  • Crystalline the Martin
  • Lacious Launders
  • Colleen Glouchester
  • Diabla Bloodspawn
  • Chocolate the Hawk
  • Dr. Bander
  • Archduke Bellum
  • Coffee the Echidna
  • Diane Fahrenheit
  • Emerl/Gizoid
  • Tails Doll
  • Nova the Hybrid
  • DJ Goldenrod
  • Steve Eschol
  • Dezmond Cannon
  • Hazel the Chameleon


  • Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (deceased)
  • Satan
  • Natika Origan Gothel

Episode List

  • 01. Public Service Announcement
  • 02. Journey To Forkboy Confederacy
  • 03. Leisure Suit GamerZ
  • 04. Corner Central County Chronicles
  • 05. 2 Diabolical, 2 Murderous
  • 06. Multinational Battleground Pestillence
  • 07. Thermonuclear Takedown
  • 08. Eggman Empire's Ultimate Downfall
  • 09. One for the Road
  • 10. Sonic the Hedgehog: President Of The World


Note: All of these were deleted. Oh well, that's what happens after a 6 month absence.

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