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December 9, 2013
  • I live in Knothole Village
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is Saving the world
  • I am male
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Hi, I'm Sonicboom14, I can't tell you any info about my real name, age, occupation, etc. but I can tell you about other stuff.  I am male.  I am a writer, I am a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I am a Christian (and proud of it) I am a voilinist.  I am happy to be on the Sonic News Network, I am a huge Sonic fan.  My favorite movies are: sonic the hedgehog: the movie, Frozen (favorite Disney movie) the lord of the rings and the hobbit series and pirates of the caribbean at worlds end.

a few things about me as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan

Sonic Unleashed is positively my favorite Sonic game (as you can probably tell by the pose) I am a fan of the 4kids TV cast of voices.  I met Sonic when I was three years old at a cousins house, I forgot about for a few years but something rekindled that like, and now I am a huge fan.  I have played every Sonic game that came out for Wii.

my top five favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters (following the video game continuity)

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

2. Shadow the Hedgehog

3. Silver the Hedgehog

4. Miles "Tails" Prower

5. Dr. Eggman

my top five favorite Sonic the Hedgehog male characters (in all continuities)

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

2. Shadow the hedgehog

3. Silver the Hedgehog

4. Miles "Tails" Prower

5. Scourge the Hedgehog

my top five favorite Sonic the hedgehog female characters (in all continuities)

1. Blaze the Cat

2. Mina Mongoose

3. Nicole

4. Fiona Fox

5. Amy Rose (Sonic Boom)

Userboxes and Pictures

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