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Character of the Week

Every week i like to highlight a character just for fun.

This Week: Fang the Sniper

Sincere apologies. It is called "Character of the week" yet Egg Pawn was up for over 8 months. What a lame character to leave off on too. Anyway, here we have our friend, Fang the Sniper or as I grew up calling him, Nack the Weasel. Why has he been absent for so long? It is great to have a furry Sonic bad guy who STAYS BAD! Jet, Knuckles and Shadow are such wiener butts because they all end up becoming good guys! It is annoying. Nack is way cooler than these new characters and he should definitely come back and join the modern canon. Sonictoast 02:53, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

Previous Weeks

My Favorite Characters

Sonic Dr. Robotnik Tails
Don't know what this is supposed to be Best Picture ever! Tails Flashing the audience

About me

101 0976

Here is my awesome birthday cake that my amazing wife made for me!

101 0978

Here it is after everyone has a slice, (just couldn't hurt Sonic)

Greetings one and all, welcome to my page.

I go by sonictoast, I'm very interested in movies and visual arts. check out my Sonic videos I've made on youtube:

Inspirational Quotes

  • "This just isn't my day" - Sonic (Sonic & the Secret Rings)
  • "Ah, messed up!" -Sonic (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games)
  • "Arrgh! I hate Eggman" -Sonic (Sonic Adventure)
  • "I forget why I hated Eggman so much." -Sonic (The Simpsons Game)
  • "Nah nah, ya butt cheek!" - Daisy (Mario Party 8)
  • "My ears hurty-hurt" - Big Top (Mario Party 8)
  • "If you're tired of Weird Al, that means your tired of life." - Homer Simpson (the Simpsons 411 That 90's show)
  • "I'm not the fig plucker or the fig plucker's son, but I'll pluck your figs til the fig plucker comes." - Earthworm Jim (EWJ Comic #3)

Current Curiosity polls

These are a race, first to 30 votes wins.

Favorite Character in Olympic Games/ Winter Games?

The poll was created at 06:00 on October 21, 2010, and so far 1210 people voted.
Favorite Rival in Olympic Winter Games?

The poll was created at 06:00 on October 21, 2010, and so far 920 people voted.
Favorite Freedom Fighters (archie comics)?

The poll was created at 06:39 on October 16, 2010, and so far 678 people voted.

Past Curiosity Poll Results

Bentley Jones Contest submission

Sonic is05:00

Sonic is

My Bentley Jones Contest entry

This is my entry to bentley Jones' "So Much More' contest in promotion of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. Enjoy.

This video is starring myself as Sonic Fan boy, along with Mat Foley as Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic's 19th Birthday Contest Entry

This is Sonic's 19th Birthday Celebration! (Contest Entry)04:43

This is Sonic's 19th Birthday Celebration! (Contest Entry)

19th birthday video Cut short version

Sonic's 19th Birthday Celebration (complete version)04:56

Sonic's 19th Birthday Celebration (complete version)

19th birthday video complete version - low quality

This stunk. I submitted my video, but then when it was processed by Youtube, it cut off the last 13 seconds for some reason (after it took 7 hours to upload). So I uploaded it again, in lower quality (so it would only take 20 minutes) so people could see the whole thing. If my video makes it to SEGA's top ten, be sure to vote for me. :)

My Needlemouse Badnik submission


For the Needlemouse badnik concept art community challenge, i decided to do Scratch from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. i didn't have a scanner on hand or anything, and it is too hard for me to draw with a mouse, so instead I combined a screenshot of scratch with bits and pieces of the motobug art, to give him an updated look.

My contributions

Every Sonic Games I own

My favorite pages

Dream of a better Absolution

Note: This is an imporved version of Silver's theme, Dreams of an Absolution.

Cause Jaleel White will save your life

And Jaleel White will be with you

Cause Jaleel White still lays awake

And I dream of an absolution

Cause Jaleel White will make it right

And Jaleel White will come to you

But Jaleel White just stays the same

In my dream of an absolution

100 random awesome (except for Chris Thorndyk) characters

Sonic 1 Sonicchannel espio nocircle Sonicchannel omega nocircle Metal Knuckles 1 Robotnik pose 34 Rotor 2 Caterkiller E-10000G Egg Robo 3 Tocky
Mighty chaotix Coconuts 2 Sonicchannel emerl Sonicchannel blaze Dark chao 2 Yuji uekawa tikal 32 Rush eggman nega Froggy 2 Void Metal Sonic 1
Antoine 1 Knack 4 Chaos battle giant Armadillo Crawl 1 Rocky-Joe Sushi Battle Kuku Wave 4 Hero Chao 1 Swatbot 2
Sonicchannel vector nocircle Storm The Albatross 1 Knuckles 12 Picky-Porker-Lewis-2 Sleet 1 Lumina Snively 2 Bean 4 Ray-2 Dulcy 1
Sally Manic Big 3 Monkeyorange1 E-10000R2 Buzzbomber Chris Scratch 2 Fiona Fox no autograph Heavy & Bomb
Flicky 6 Cosmo Vanilla Shadow 7 Johnny 070322 ok Sonia 1 Jet 1 Ella Flicky green 2 Iron king 1
Swatbot Cream 13 GammaBIG Robotnik 41 (King-Shahryar) Sonicchannel charmy Athair Chip 3 Aleena 1 90px Dingo
Shade 2 Cheese 1 Coconuts 1 Amy 9 Needlemouse-enemy Pecky Tux 1 Dr. Finitevus 1 Spiker-(Sonic-2) Bunnie Grounder 3
Rouge 3 Tails 50 Rexon Slicer G-Merl Marine Flicky red 2 Bocoe Decoe Pir-Ix
Clucker Sonicchannel silver E100zero Pocky 1 Scourge 1 Gola-2 Becky Bear Old Man Owl Bartleby (tourny) Chuck-thorndyk

My Featured user interview

Works in Progress


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