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March 27, 2008

Hey, all. This is my place-holder userpage. Maybe it'll be better in the future, huh? Regardless, you can also find me at Wikia's "Animal Crossing City," where I am an admin and the "Super Mario Wiki," which isn't hosted by Wikia. My username is the same on all of these.

Current Projects on Sonic News Network

Tiara Boobowski

Almost Complete.

I think the page is pretty much done. I suppose I could add in the thing about how the team came up with that wild name... Chris Senn has actually commented on it... but I don't want to touch it again for now.

There's also another storyline that involves Tiara that can be found on Wikipedia, sourceless. I hope to find out where it comes from and put it in our article if applicable.

Sonic X Episodes

I recently got permission to go ahead and make articles about individual episodes of Sonic X. Let's see what we can do...

Honey the Cat

Honey, a character found by hacking Sonic the Fighters, actually has a bunch of information at Sonic Cult, along with some pictures. She's mentioned on this Wiki, but I think she could use a whole page.

Random Musings that Have Nowhere Better to Be

  • Sonic X Episode 29 -- Robotnic says, "blow them to Timbucktoo!" <-- crazy spelling error... wonder if that means Timbucktoo, however you spell it, exists in the continuity of Sonic X?
    • Same kind of thing: Sonic the Hedgehog episode -- Sonic Conversion. Robotnic mentions Topeca, then says, "wherever that is."
  • Chris Senn, on the "Tiara!" thread noted that her father was originally named King Cyberooski by Michael Kosaka. A tidbit for when/if we make that article.
  • Sonic X Episode 47: in the recording from the Seahawk, a crew member says, "Oh my God!" breaking the English dub's track record of not using the term. Hardly noteworthy, but maybe good if we write about the language used in the show... maybe alongside mentions of the "punniness" and alliteration we could talk about the fact that, "crap," "sucks," and "dang," (?) aren't used, and OMG was only used once.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic's Nightmare" confirms that Cluck is a chicken: Robontik takes offense to Sally's use of the work chicken, as it is "slander to Cluck's species."

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