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July 29, 2009
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About me

I'm one of those die-hard fans for sonic games.My cousins and I each have a favorite character.Cousin 1=silver the hedgehog,cousin 2=shadow the hedgehog,Me=sonic the hedgehog (weird,all three main characters from sonic 2006).I think that sonic is almost unstoppable (sonic sad death at the hands of mephiles:( I also think sonic is the fastest thing alive (hence the song fastest thing alive)

My contributions


My Fan character

By the way,no one is allowed to use any of the Fan characters on this page without my permission,thanks----Supersonicman

These are the fan character's I made on the Male furry dollmaker and the female furry dollmaker .Tell me about the fan characters and tell me how I can improve them.Later I will put up more fan characters.

Ace the hedgehog.

Ace is the 14 year old son of Sonic and Amy.He is a lighter shade of blue than sonic and has pink on the tip of his quills along with three pink hairs on his forehead (similar to Amy's)He also has green eyes and gold ring bracelets on his

wrists.His older sister is Rose the hedgehog who he takes great pleasure in annoying.He has the strength of Amy and the speed of sonic.Just like Sonic, Ace can't swim and he gets distracted to easily.He also has a short temper like both of his parents.He is always fighting the older looking eggman who is still trying to conquer the world.He also has confronted other types of villians.His main objective is to be as fast as is Father,and wants to be as great as a hero as he was.He has a crush on shadows daughter Maria (not to be confused with the maria from shadow's past or from one of my favorite fanfictions Generation Beta)


  • Ace used to have pink fur but it changed to light blue at the age of 10 except for the tips of his quills and three head bangs.
  • Is shoe's were given to him on is 13 birthday.

Rose the hedgehog.

Rose the hedgehog is the daughter of Sonic and Amy and the older sister of Ace who is always annoying her.She is 19 years old and has the strength of Amy and has light blue on the tips of her quills along with three blue hairs on her forehead (similar to Amy's).Though she doesn't have any type of super speed like Sonic,she has Amy's Piko-piko hammer.She usually wears a headband with a Blue line running through the middle of the headband.Though she's not some type of full time hero,she still fights evil when she needs to and no matter how annoying her brother can be,she will always help him out.

Nexxis the hedgehog.

Nexxis is the son of Shadow and the brother of Maria (not to be confused with Maria from Generation Beta).He has the power to control the chaos energy from the chaos emeralds like his father,meaning he can use chaos control,chaos spear,and the deadly chaos blast.He basically thinks of Ace as Shadow thought of Sonic.He doesn't show it but he really wants to be a gun agent like Shadow is.He usually calls himself the next ultimate lifeform.Nexxis knows Ace has a crush on his sister and usually threatens Ace when he talks to Maria.

Maria the hedgehog.

Maria is the daughter of Shadow and the sister of Nexxis.At first look,you would never think that Maria was related to Shadow or Nexxis at all.Unlike shadow and Nexxis,she usually acts kindhearted to all of her friends.But that doesn't mean that she can't handle herself.She can overpower almost anybody that tries to stop her.She has a crush on Sonic and Amy's son Ace.Since she doesn't have the same fury like Shadow and Nexxis have,her chaos abilities aren't has strong as theirs.

Anti-Rose -Thorn the Hedgehog

Anti Rose or Thorn the Hedgehog is the daughter of Scourge and Fiona (if you have any questions about the relationship with Fiona and not anti-Amy,don't hesitate to ask)and the Sister of Anti-Ace.Unlike Rose who is nice and sweet to her friends,Thorn always abuses the people around her (can't really say friends) and constantly angers her brother and dissapoints her parents.She usaully insults anybody that has anything to do with saving the world and would rather vandalise many things and usaully steals what she finds valuable.She is usaully portrayed as a double crosser often bertraying anybody she is working with, even her own father.


Anti-Ace is the son of Scourge and Fiona and the Brother of Anti-Rose-Thorn.Unlike Ace who respects his friends and fights without cheating, Anti-Ace usually cheats in fights and even uses his partners (not really a friendly family) for his own greed.He usually does the worst of things and usaully does what ever Ace doesn't do.The only person he actually respects is his father stating that he is just as powerful.The only thing that Ace and Anti-Ace actually have in common is that they both like the Maria in their dimension, only in a different way.Ace likes Maria for her personality,while Anti-Ace likes her for her looks.


Anti-Maria is the daughter of Anti-Shadow and Anti-wife and the sister of Anti-Nexxis.You would probably think she was Shadow's daughter but she isn't.She looks nothing like maria.She acts like shadow before he became a gun agent only more ruthless and deadly.She also never works with anybody except anti-Ace saying "I would rather fight a giant killer lizard than work with [Ace] you".She constantly insults everyone,even Anti-Shadow.She also has a bitter hate for Maria because she thinks she is better than her and cooler.


  • When she says she would rather fight a giant killer lizard,she is refering to the biolizard.

My favorite pages

Music Requests

Everyone,can you all do me a favor?I want you to tell me your favorite sonic song.If you do,I will post it on my profile page ok.Thanks. is a wiki that me and SuperSonicRider made.It is really cool but it still it needs improvement.So if you like music from games,go to this wiki by using that link above.

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