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February 15, 2010
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About me

Hi guys, This is Tails1 here. I love Sonic the Hedgehog but Tails is my favorite character in Sonic and favorite out of everything else. The first time i ever played as Tails was in Sonic Adventure, where i instantly loved playing as Tails and ever since he has been my favorite character. I remember my first time getting a Dreamcast roughly around the time Sonic Adventure was coming out. My cousin had a Nintendo 64 so when they were selling a green one I wanted it. When we got to Sears they were sold out, but they had the new Dreamcast so we got it. When we got home i plugged it in and put the trial disk in and i went through the list, I was bored with all the choices until I saw Sonic Adventure and something just clicked i guess and thats how i started to love Sonic.

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What I would Like to Happen

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I always loved Sonic from the day i first played it when i was 4. Always waiting for the next game like Sonic Shuffle, then Sonic Adventure 2, they always got better and better. Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog and all the handheld games to. Sonic Gems and Mega Collection where you could play the old games as well. Sonic Unleashed was great too, i also liked Sonic Next Gen, as a person who likes to exploit glitches this game was very fun and enjoyable unlike the others who find the game as a deal breaker because of glitches. Personally i think if the people weren't so cynical all the time they would actually enjoy the game. I have started to feel a bit shaky about how Sonic's structure of characters has turned out to be, I dont mean new characters I mean how the main characters are used in the games. Will describe by games and years or era.

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    Classic Era- About Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. They all got treated equally, they had there own abilities that differed from the others and you could be them as you please.
  • Sonic Adventure- About the 4 main Characters Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. They all got their unique abilities, stories, and something that would further develop their character in particular Tails. Tails now has gotten a self-confidence that he feels he can start doing things independently of Sonic.
  • Sonic Adventure 2- About all six of the main Characters. Amy is more developed but not significant in gameplay. Tails feels even more self-confident about his abilities. Shadow's reign of new abilites, extreme character develpoment, and reign over the others is now going to start. This is the start of replacing the 4 main characters of Sonic ,Tails, Knuckles, and Amy with newer characters or other main characters.
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    Sonic Heroes- Focuses on all 12 characters. Sonic's gameplay is now going starting to degrade meaning it is more about everyone instead of just him. Tails is now reliant on Sonic again, and his character development is starting to decline. Shadow's new special abilities are now growing even more and he is going to start having comparisons to the other characters abilities and importance and is going to really start replacing them.
  • Shadow The Hedgehog- As the title of the game suggests its all about Shadow. Basically he has gained complete dominance over the others even Sonic. Shadow has even more new abilities, more speed, more power. Shadow now has a complete backstory, (not even Sonic has a backstory) Tails is really the only other character with a small backstory of what his life was before Sonic. Shadow's character is now majorly developed far past any other character, he (supposively) now surpasses Sonic.
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    SONIC NEXT GEN- It is a blend between Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes. All previous main characters are now supporting characters, except Sonic and technically Tails who can be played as 10 times. While the main characters have stories Sonic and Silver's stories are simple compared to Shadow's complex story. Shadow's story involves helping out the spy in Eggman's base, fighting Shadow's enemy from his past who has now returned. Get back and destroy this new enemy, learn the world's future plan for you and find the chaos emeralds. This is Shadow's Climax where this is the last(as of recent time) where he becomes almost the center of attention and is given high attention by Sega.
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings- Sonic rise back to the top begins now. Gameplay is now shifted to a more Super Speed oriented type of gameplay for Sonic where he has now been the center of attention instead of Shadow.
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    Sonic Unleashed- Originally, Sonic Adventure 3, it is even more geared to develop Sonic's gameplay. Tails has finally become an important character again who now is responsible of doing game changing events like taking Sonic from continent to continent. Tails even gets his own levels and bosses, abeit a Sky Chase based levels. Amy is not very important in story but gets to reclaim her spot with Sonic and Tails as one of the main characters but Knuckles is missing. Knuckles and Shadow were originally confirmed but where left out for unknown reasons but possibly due it being to hard to develop yet another super complex story for Shadow.
  • Sonic Colors- Still geared around Sonic being on top. Tails, while not being playable is now more developed and is a crucial part of the story and its events. All other characters are not in this game.(excluding their minor appearance in the DS version)

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Don't get me wrong I really do like Shadow, but I think his character started to replace the other characters. Tails was able to do almost anything Sonic could do like, go extremely fast, snowboard, and was highly athletic. It seems that Shadow has now replaced Tails, as Shadow is seen doing something first before Tails and Knuckles. I think Shadow has stopped being developed as so many fans have complained about Sonic's gameplay being forgotten, which i do agree with since with all of Shadow's attention Sonic has also been forgotten. The good thing is that Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are now being put back in the spotlight as the four main characters(like in Sonic Chronicles), the bad thing is that instead of just stop extensively using Shadow, they have also stopped using Tails, Knuckles, Amy and the others not in Story but in gameplay.

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Not being able to use the others in gameplay is somewhat of a bummer especially if you are used to using them. Personally I think if you could just play as other characters in the levels that would be fine with me, the character doesn't need to have a story just be playable in the levels. If the other characters were optional nobody would care since theyr'e not "forced" to use them. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Shadow, Espio, and Blaze could all play in the new Sonic Unleashed style of gameplay since they are all superfast. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Sonic all broke the sound barrier in Sonic Advance 2 and 3 when they ran fast enough. I would like it if you could just play as the characters in the levels, they don't have to have their own stories, a clone would even be fine just as long as you can play as them.

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