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The Chosen One of Psychic

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March 11, 2009

ALERT! The Chosen One of Psychic* is this!

I forgot my password so until i get it back ^^ that name is this. Could some1 put a redirect link from there to here?

If u were re-directed here it was on purpose ==


No one knows where this mysterious being came from. Some say he came from a planet lost and far off. others say he came from Disneyland. but this being is not one to be joked with or about, unless you are on his riddles, jokes and plain old fun forum. He and water are the two most silent and dark of the Chosen Ones. He poses mystical powers which allow him to reincarnate or posses dead things for a short period, create a solid object out of the aura emanating around him, as water does, they are the only to who can do that, except water uses his well...water. He has the closest Relation with Nar, Or the chosen one of fire. Nar, and "Qadr" as he is called, where the first people to become Chosen ones. Being humble, and knowing they can not be the only ones to become Chosen ones, they searched and united the many chosen ones, 1 of whom have surfaced on this wiki, and another who may.

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